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11-29-2013, 02:18 PM
Some time ago Jackie came out with a warning, which was good.

This will not apply to you (if you dont live in Sweden and have the same
teleoperator) but I Think I should tell you anyhow.

Someone was Calling me with a number starting with 024...
I didnīt answer. I was then told that someone from a certain country in
Africa has hijacked the register of a certain teleoperator Company.

So when I wanted to send a message with my mobile surf device, the
message was directing to an 'Anonymous' person. You dont see it Before
you click on the send button.

So after that I called the teleoperator and they said that I have to reinstall
the device as it was from the beginning, factory.

All the photos etcetera Went into the computer. After that I reinstalled it. The
different phonecalls I earlier had still appeared. Different Telephone numbers
all the time.

I called the teleoperator again and said that I wanted to change my Telephone number!! After that call I thought that now I have a new number.

I checked it, but noooo I had the same number. I called them again, and
they answered they could not find the new number I have received. Haha
I said I got it for 5 minutes ago!! After checking (because I was resistent)
he said that -it is strange but your Telephone number is not connected to your phone, but your broadband, even he thought it was strange....that
happened twice with 2 different new numbers...

So now he had to find Another number. Ok, I called with this new number
to a person which was in the same Place with me here to see if it worked. Now something very strange happened.

During the ringtones sounded I Heard someone speaking in engligh, like
the people from Africa!!!!!!! It sounded sooooo strange. Can you imagine,
that in the same time you here that you are Calling someone that doesnt
answer the phone, someone else is speaking in the background in English?!

I called the teleoperator again, and this was too much for them. Yes I said
that it sounds very strange but it was a fact.

So now I have restarted my mobile surf device and didnt have a call since
then, around 4 hours.....

All the people that I had sent messages too had disappeared from the device
so I have warned those people.

It takes a lot of time!!!! And we all know what they are after...

11-29-2013, 04:26 PM
Oh, poor you, AnnaLisa, how horrible! Of course it is the telephone company's job to sort that out. I hope they do, and soon.