View Full Version : Figure Drawing Full of Energy

10-18-2013, 11:49 AM
Join ArtistsNetwork.TV (http://artistsnetwork.tv) and Dan Thompson to discover the fun in figure drawing! Capture the poses and motions to imbue your figures with life and energy. You’ll learn about proportion and shape, how to set up both your materials and your model, lighting, shape making and more.

Preview Figure Drawing 1I: the Gesture with Dan Thompson (http://artistsnetwork.tv) below to learn how to set up your drawing station and choose the best model for creating accurate proportions and dynamic poses. You’ll also discover how to adjust and account for slight changes in pose as you’re drawing, and why Dan likes to draw first, measure second.

Then, stream the full-length video at ArtistsNetwork.TV (http://artistsnetwork.tv).