View Full Version : Orange Hibiscus in Strong Sunlight

10-06-2013, 06:33 PM
I wanted to enter 3 paintings in the Bucks County Gallery 6 x 6 show, since that's how many the jury fee covers, and I only had 2...so I painted this one today. It's oil on gessobord, and of course, 6" x 6".


I thought I was finished yesterday, but somehow, as often happens, when I looked at it this morning, there were some tweaks I just had to make. This is the tweaked (and final) version.

Comments and critiques are welcome.

Cheryl Nielson
10-07-2013, 01:51 AM
A very nice painting! It looks very realistic...you got the highlight/shadow just right...

10-07-2013, 04:03 AM
Love the way the petals curl. Good luck with the show.

10-07-2013, 11:13 AM
I may try to go back in and lighten the shadows on the bud in the background...the contrast is too strong for it being a background item...but how much I can do will depend on how dry the painting is... We'll see.

10-07-2013, 06:11 PM
Beautiful painting! it really glows!

10-08-2013, 09:08 AM
Thanks Agnes, that glow is exactly what I was most trying to capture!

Vivien Maloney
10-08-2013, 02:55 PM
Wow Lea, you've certainly caught the light and shade with this one!
I agree with you about the background bud. You could make it recede a bit into the background, because it's so bright, eye does travel straight to it at the moment, which takes the focus of your wonderful flower.

Charlie's Mum
10-10-2013, 08:18 AM
The blossom is beautifully lit - you've handled the strong light very well:)
Good Luck Lea:D

10-10-2013, 09:39 AM
Thanks Viv and Maureen. I'll probably go back to it this weekend to fix that background bud...been giving some thought to exactly how to tone it down, and I have some ideas. Of course, I've already created the disk for the jurying, but I haven't mailed it yet. So I may wait long enough to get a new photo after I monkey around with that bud! That's IF the weather cooperates enough to get a good photo after the tweaks are done...

10-14-2013, 06:16 PM
Lea, you got the light and shadows perfect! the flower simply glows!

10-15-2013, 09:01 AM
I pushed back the bud this past weekend, but forgot to post the change until now...


I think that's better, but perhaps I should have left some lighter highlights on the bud...comments are welcome.

10-15-2013, 02:40 PM
Lea, this is gorgeous and I love the vibrant glow you have achieved! It makes a huge, dramatic statement for a small painting.

10-15-2013, 03:06 PM
Thanks LinettaLee