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10-01-2013, 12:27 AM

Welcome the the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us.


10-01-2013, 12:28 AM
Sorry I am so late starting the thread. For some reason I was thinking we had another day left in September.


10-01-2013, 02:33 AM
Hi there Doug.
I hope that this month has fewer distractions than last :wave:. My goals will be limited to trying to complete some of that which I have started.
Yesterday I spent taxing SWMBO to Brighton to view the Apple Mac's. Apart for a stand for the ipad it was a wasted journey as the screens are to big and are 'in your face'.
This month I hope to do

1) the colouring of the 'Portrait of a lady'
2) the acrylic of the graphite portrait of Bernie
3) a Conte portrait of Ivan
4) finish a watercolour started last month
5) a pen and ink portrait
6) finish one side of the pastel box.:clap:

Non art goals will be
7) attend four indoor sessions of archery practice with the longbow
8) have compound bow wound down to my poundage
9) choose and have an arrow rest fitted
10) get a set of arrows for the compound bow.
11) continue with a weight-loss programme :angel:.
and pigs might fly :lol:.

Ah well I can only try :wave:

10-01-2013, 08:47 AM
Here's cheering you on, Jim!

Sept was another 'dead' month for me. But I am done with my daily treatments as of today, so hopefully Oct will see some activity on my part!
(Never did do a Spotlight, Jim...)

So....this month I am kinda keeping it open to creep back into the Spotlight scene...WILL do at least one! and whatever else catches my fancy...

10-01-2013, 12:27 PM
Jim, LOVE You posting format.
"Art-related" and "Non-art-related", ha?..
OK, I'm gonna do the same thing.


1)Ship accepted art works to shows with all stuff related to be done (usually bunch of papers involved). At list one of shows is National show for pastels only.

2)Deliver paintings and attend a show for local Plein Air group... Do a gallery demo (pastels).

3)Paint 2-3 studies weekly and trow those on e-bay or DPW.

4) Hopefully get out for few Plain Air sessions.

5) Continue setting up studio in "used-to-be-mom's-room".

Everything else is not the goal, but "bonus"


1)at list 3 times weekly work with both mares. Hopefully by the end of month have filly ridden, if she will be ready.
2) Make sense out of the jungle on back yard.
3)Try to get to local park walk the dogs at list once weekly.
4)Set up the blog for my finches

Everything else is a bonus, not a goal.

10-01-2013, 12:47 PM
Great idea to put our goals "out there". Maybe I won't be so likely to let them slide.
I have only a couple....better to start out small...baby steps, you know....

1. Figure out how to reclaim rescue cat's room for my art space.
2. Paint more often then just at my classes which should be easier once I reclaim the room)
3. Put my gardens to bed; plant bulbs and groundcover.

Good luck to all on accomplishing their goals this month.

10-01-2013, 01:40 PM
Hi there JudiB, thanks for the cheering me on as I need it all I hope I can keep my nose to the grindstone or should I say colouring sticks to paper :angel: I hope to get to the spotlight this month as there are some trees about :thumbsup: I am glad to hear you are back in the pink more this month and might have a go at the spotlight. I'll look forward to that.

Hello Tatiana. Yes I've put my goals up like that mainly to remind myself what needs to be remembered that month when I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do (as if I could get away with that) :lol:. SWMBO keeps me busy one way or another :clear:. Getting outdoors to do some sketching/drawing or painting is a luxury to me and a breath of fresh air. Much as riding with your mares/filly or out walking with your dogs.
It would be nice to see your studio set up when it's finished.

Hello Getdusty, ok baby steps if you like. What has happened to the rescue cat that you can reclaim it's room? I understand painting more often whilst classes are ongoing, and I'll cheer you on from behind the window whilst you do the garden. I am NOT a gardener. Plants see me and shrivel back into the ground :confused:.
The best of luck with the goals all.

10-01-2013, 03:33 PM
Purr, hey all! What a month! I think this month I'll try to keep it simple. Jim, I really like your format.

Art Goals
Paint/draw/sketch, do art thing weekly
At least one Spotlight

Non Art Goals
Finish "Work Plan" final version
Work on editing Vaumuru's Curse, which got held up for Work Plan.
Work out new routine with new home carers, sorting out who they are and deal with it if any of them are incompatible. I've had some substitutes who were completely incompatible. So it's pot luck now till something settles out. Going to take a fair amount of time, effort and distraction.

10-01-2013, 06:45 PM
My goals for October are:

1) Paint for 60 hours.
2) Start an oil pastel blog.
3) Clean and organize my studio
4) Put together the studio storage unit I bought three month ago.

The soft pastel society I belong to, Pastel Artists Canada, just announced an online juried show with the deadline of January 31, 2014. I would like to have two paintings that I think are worthy enough to enter.

5) By January 15, 2014, I will have two paintings ready to enter the PAC show.
6) I will check my photo collection and compile two scenes for the above paintings.

I want to get more serious about my art and the only way to do that is to put the hours in. I figure painting for an average of two hours a day shouldn't be that difficult. Just paint simple things or spend a week on a larger painting, putting in a couple hours a day. Mileage at the easel!!


10-01-2013, 06:53 PM
Here's to baby steps and flying pigs! (clink)

1) I'd like to continue my goal of completing one new variation each week on my landscape theme (based on Marla Baggetta's 100 variations idea - I'm going for 20). I don't see framing these, but I am enjoying the process a lot. It is a great way to experiment, and get to know my pastels and my surfaces better.

2) Complete the portrait I started this week, or complete a Spotlight/WDE. If I do both, bonus!

3) Enjoy the heck out of my portrait drawing class, and learn as much as possible by picking the instructor's brain during the breaks :) Let's hope she doesn't start running away when she sees me.

Best wishes, everyone!

10-01-2013, 11:48 PM
jim, I guess I should have phrased it better. I need to figure out how to cohabit the room with the rescue. She's confined to that room...long story short...some 7 months after recovering from her injuries, she started spraying, hence the confinement. I love gardening; there's just something about playing in the dirt. Last fall I took a master gardener course through our local cooperative extension. Do you hunt or is it sport archery? Bow season just opened around here today.
robert good luck with the art and work/$ goals and with the home carers. My daughter is a supervising RN for a home health care agency. I know how important it is to have a good match.
Doug Really interested to see pic of your newly organized studio with its storage unit. I'll be checking in Oct. 31st to see them (if not before). Always looking for ideas. 60 hours! Don't think I could manage it. Maybe when the weather turns. I have no idea how one would even start a blog.....looking forward to seeing it.
Tatiana also looking forward to pics of your new studio space. Enjoy your time with the mares and dogs.
JudiB looking forward to seeing your work. Although I am new here, let me join in with the "welcome backs".
Grinner, enjoy the portrait class. I find something very intimidating about doing a person, unless I could pass it off as cubism, abstract-ism or some other ism where it doesn't have to really look like the person. To show how new I am, I just recently came across Marla B. I've enjoyed her video. She recently held a workshop nearby. Variations...100 or otherwise... sounds like an interesting proposition.

10-02-2013, 12:33 PM
Robert thanks for the comments. Perhaps your non-art goals should be in front of (priority over) the art ones. I would say though that art is a relaxation even though it taxes me. It is very cathartic, you can't think of anything else. I hope all goes well on the carer front for you.

What a nice set of goals there Doug. Yes I'd add my name to those wanting to see a photo of your storage unit. I hope you have better 'putting together' skills than I. I get called away for several small things every day so 2 hours a day (with out interruption) is unlikely :clear:.

I hope you manage your goals. It sounds like they are achievable.

I do like your sense of humour Grinner baby steps and flying pigs? :lol:

I had not known of Marla Baggetta before so thanks for the intro. Best of luck with the portrait class, what I like about our tutor is her willingness to demonstrate and get it right first time! Best of luck with your twenty.

Hello Getdusty, and quite understand not wanting the whole house getting sprayed. Equally the cat will not like you doing oils......
Hmmmmm.... I wish you was next door. A master gardener? Mine is grassed and patio'ed and a local calls in when that gets too long the grass that is.
My archery is target only, here (In the UK) hunting is illegal with bow and arrow. I believe that guns are allowed for animals classed as vermin i.e. rats and rabbits etc one is required to have a permit from a landowner for that.

10-03-2013, 03:52 AM
Getdusty, there is definitely something intimidating about portraits... but that is part of the fun. It sure is frustrating if you don't get a likeness, but that makes it doubly satisfying when you do! :) And yes, the Baggetta variations idea is an inspiring one. It can definitely promote some outside-the-box thinking, and a creative, more experimental approach, which is great for discovery. Anyone looking for a good exercise, or a warm up, or a go-to project for a day when you don't know what to paint, might want to give this a try. I'll repost this from my September goals post for anyone who wants more info about it: "Deborah Secor started a thread (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=585905) in '09 asking who else in WC might like to try, and here are some of the results (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=591013)."

Jim, we are both fortunate - my portrait class also has a good instructor. I'm so glad yours is able to do a good, strong demo! What a way to inspire confidence. I hope you continue to enjoy your class.

P.S. Doug, I'm not an oil pastelist, but I still look forward to seeing your blog :thumbsup:

10-04-2013, 01:58 AM
Wow lots of good goals both art and non art already. Good luck to you all especially Doug with 60 hours of art!
I hope to get something more done after my Halloween marathon last month. Got all four paintings made into cards now and they came out nicely. Hopefully they sell at our Fall Festival on the 19th. Still looking at making games for the same thing. I also bought some clay and may go back to hand building for while. I stopped when my art teacher got too sick to fire the ware and haven't done any in three years now. I made gnomes and other critters. I have probably forgotten how!

10-04-2013, 02:10 AM
I have 2 goals:

1. Paint something every day, even if it's just a stroke.
2. Register for pastels class. Before it's too late!

10-05-2013, 01:18 AM
Oil Pastel blog?... Sounds wonderful, Doug!
60 painting hours... maybe not in my case... just too much to do of other things.
Had some progress today. Room is coming along, need even more light, how I just found out... Also went to reception of our Plein Air group exhibit. Very nice. Very crowdy for my total like.
For all who want to see studio room coming, here it is! Just one view so far.


Morning and evening... I managed to paint a bit today too.

10-05-2013, 07:35 AM
Ooh, Tatiana! Lovely space and nice setup! Congratulations :)

Jen, wonderful news - very happy that it worked out with the cards. I hope you have a great time at the Fall Festival!

10-07-2013, 09:16 PM
My goal of 60 hours of painting time works out to be about 15 hours a week. The first week I did 12 hours and I am fine with that. Three days I did 3 hours, which seems to be my limit. That is good to know. The two days I that I didn't paint was because of having to drive my daughter to a town an hour down the highway and back. It was an unexpected trip and it was during my prime painting time. The next day my back just wouldn't allow me to paint, so I rested up.

This one goal is helping me realize a few things. One is that my prime time for painting is late morning and early afternoon. I just can't seem to be creative in the evening, but I can do things like preparing surfaces, cutting paper, selecting photos and things like that. Two is if I ache too much, rest up and paint tomorrow. Three is if I feel good, three one hour sessions with rests in between is a great day!

I have also started with the studio cleanup. I actually used a table to cut paper and do a watercolor under painting yesterday. It felt good to have a clean surface to work on. Still more work to be done, but it is a start.

I have been thinking of the oil pastel blog and I am even taking photos of different steps of the paintings, when I remember.:lol: It is hard to do because when you get painting that's all you are thinking about. I have a name for the blog, so it is just a matter of setting it up. I set one up last year, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

So far, so good.


10-08-2013, 05:05 AM
Doug, please give me the link to your oil pastels blog once you start it, so I can link to it from my oil pastels site. It's a valuable, wonderful link for me! Nice if we exchange links but I'd list it either way on pure relevance.

Go me! As of today, the Work Plan is in its final form. Came in at about 800 words, plain language, simple, clear and persuasive.

As soon as I finished, I got the idea for this year's Nanowrimo (http://www.nanowrimo.org) novel. My high goal this year is Write A Better Book. Improve on every habitual writing flaw that I have to edit out of my old books in the rough draft of this one, so it can go more directly to edit and release than the old material.

It's going to be Steampunk. I wanted it to be but wasn't sure if I could come up with a good idea or a plausibly Steampunk character. Now I've got two, a brother and a sister, along with their dad - and an opening premise that puts it in "fantasy steampunk" because it's got a Muse granting the boy his wish to become a greater writer. Muses inspire, so she'll show him more about the world than he could have imagined.

And that of course got me back to thinking about art too with that stress over - the book's solidly in place and now I can relax and sketch. Very glad to be done with that tonight! Also to get back to editing Vaumuru now that the Work Plan is done.

Tatiana, wow! I love your studio. Yay glad you're painting again!

10-08-2013, 11:06 AM
Wow, you guys are really moving along.
TATIANA, the room looks good and inviting to paint in. Good job!
DOUG, the biggest step is to figure out what works for you and you've done that. You know when your most "productive" art time is and how to deal with any physical limitations that might come up. Although I have only used oil pastels briefly many years ago, I'm looking forward to your blog.
ROBERT, you. too, are making great progress. Work plan finished, book idea nailed down....sounds great! Are you allowed to put a link to your blog on this thread? Would love to see it.
For myself, I've been a slug as far as my goals go. My daughter's wedding is now over (it was Saturday) and my brain is now cleaning all that wedding buzz out. Today I woke up feeling energetic and ready to get re-organized. The change in weather may have helped, too. Cool, low humidity and no rain. (Of course that's after I do my mother's financials and make a vet run with one of the cats....it's always something.....)
Keep up the great job. Hoping my next post shows some movement toward accomplishing my goals.

10-08-2013, 04:28 PM
I'm not sure about links to blogs that aren't art topics, but my oil pastels site and two art blogs are in my signature. OP site is still free to readers and I'm thinking of doing some more demo projects and technique articles for it. I've been tempted for a while now, also to add an "Other Mediums" section to it so that when I want to write about watercolor or pastels or watercolor pencils I've got a place to put the articles. Though those could go in Rob's Art Lessons anyway.

I'd like to get back to writing about art too along with all my fiction, try to keep balanced that way. Hehehe - I have to do something else till November 1st or I'll wind up outlining the book in too much detail! Every time I think about it, I realize something else new and cool that I could put in.

Aww poor cat having to go to the vet! I can see why you haven't been painting much. Daughter's wedding is an immersive event and it would be hard to focus on anything else while that's going on. Mum's books and the vet trip though, you could always bring a sketchbook on the vet trip and do a few thumbnails. Or paint the cat! You could embarrass your cat for the rest of its life by snapping reference photos while it's miserably in the waiting room or getting its shots, or capture a sweet expression before catching the cat to get it into the cat carrier... does your cat hold a grudge afterward or get clingy and relieved it's over?

Tatiana, didn't mention this before but I love your studio trays too. They are so well organized and the wooden trays are gorgeous. Are those the Dakota ones with the dust catcher underneath? Cool water glass for doing washes on first layers, I finally realized why you had that much clear liquid handy whether that's water or rubbing alcohol for an alcohol wash. It would make a pretty still life object by itself, it's catching the light lovely.

10-08-2013, 08:17 PM
Dough... 15 hours a week... possible. But require some planning and plenty of self-discipline.
Robert... I'm running into this Steampunk word too often now... What basically it stands for and why it is Your choice for the new novel/book ?
getdusty... wedding is a disaster!.. We had one last summer, I talk from experience (and we did try to keep it simple, but there is no way to keep anything simple, when Bridezilla comes in picture). You will need some time to get Your senses back, but it will get better, believe me.

As for myself... First week of month is gone. I had some paintings done. Some are still in progress, therefore I'm not sure is I'm staying with the program quantity wise, or not. I'm one schnauzer painting shirt for now. Did ONE Plein Air session, what was good, but #2 was a total failure, due to the weather. Horses are going so-so. Need to play with them less and work more... or do I?... On a good note - just found out that my other painting (pastel) included at other National show, what makes it 3 for this year. Auction sales are slow and for this month are "0". :confused: Well, here is another week, will see how that goes.

10-08-2013, 11:47 PM
Ack, I lost my post. Clicked wrong and whoops, closed the tab. Not happy about that.

I had a hard time understanding Steampunk too, Tatiana. A lot of it is clothing styles, music, a certain feeling about technology and progress. It's not a return to Victorian morals and ideas, not promoting some rigid class structure, massive conformity and repression. Movies like Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and music like Abney Park are steampunk.

It comes up in both fantasy world versions with magic and no-magic alternate universe science fiction. The main thing is that either Victorian styles persisted and ballooning and dirigibles developed instead of planes, or, it's set in those times and they're about to diverge away from oil. The gadgets are important - the idea of inventors and inventions as important and exciting is right up there in it.

Why I'm going that direction - first off, with a lot of study I realized it wasn't what I thought it was. It's not bringing back Victorian ideas about life, the nasty ones. It's more a reaction to disposable stuff and plastic. Gadgets hand crafted from brass and metal and glass instead of factory-made in plastic that you get rid of in a year or two by obsolescence.

The other thing is that the big old science fiction conventions, people are reporting that they're so gray. The famous authors in their seventies or eighties, obituaries every year. Meanwhile you get steampunk conventions that are full of young people dressing up in cool costumes and partying and having fun, getting into it the way people did when those oldsters were young. The younger crowd tends to be more liberal too. It used to bother me that science fiction conventions would be all or almost all white, but the steampunk isn't always like that and you get a broader mix of people in it. You get the cool black character in a top hat or a corset.

I thought I was out of step with it, but I thought that because half of what I liked about it I took for granted as being "Stuff I like" without connecting it to the steampunk movement. Trains are a fun way to travel. Ballooning would actually be a lot more of an adventure on vacation than getting on a plane. I could see getting into that stuff. I was into it for a long time anyway - things like fountain pens mattered to me and were a lot cooler than just using the nearest ballpoint.

So now I'll do it and see where that goes. I just needed to get my character and get a handle on what to do with it, since I never imagined myself as someone like Edison or Tesla. But my main character's sister is and she's standing up insisting she's the other main character in the book. I've got siblings each on their own adventures and I'm sure by the end they are going to have to hold on to each other to make their lives come out well facing their obstacles.

A lot of books I've read and enjoyed turned out to be steampunk and I do like the music. I think I've been soaking it in background long enough and can do it now - it's a style like impressionism is a style, there are some things about the stories that have to fit the style. It's a subgenre. But I saw most of those movies and read the books and got the feel of it now. I just had to get the right characters and story for me to get into it.

10-09-2013, 11:40 AM
Doug...please let me know the name of your oil pastel blog when you get it up and running. I tried oil pastels in the past and am interested in getting back into them. As posted in a thread about paper I am worried about pastel dust around my parrot.

Robert...I often visit your blogs and web page. You seem to be an expert with any medium you decide to use. I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with you through your blogs...like keeping in touch with a friend.

I have been doing a lot of sketching in the last week...my step back into art that I have been away from. I also decided that on top of doing a daily sketch I was going to go back to basics on drawing since I have been away from any kind of art in so long so I have been doing that everyday now as well. I found that it is making me more enthused to get back into art which I always enjoyed so much.

10-09-2013, 03:53 PM
Hey gang - love reading about everyone's goals, and everyone's progress!

Robert - I've been to a few fairy festivals and the Steampunk thing is huge - and cool. I had no idea what it was; I just saw a lot of gals in corsets and guys in hats with glasses strapped on like a WWI fighter pilot. A guy explained Steampunk to me as "imagine everything you have today, but made in the 1800s." I googled some images and it all clicked. So I love your idea!

I finally finished last month's portrait of Jon Bon Jovi, which was The. Hardest. Painting. I. Ever. Did. Man oh man, that taught me a lot - which is that my focus for next year is back on figures/portraits! I used to do them so well .... I was so disgusted with the painting that I didn't even sign it - is that horrible? It's well painted , but I was just so mad at the darn thing that I was happy to say, Bye Bye to it.

That being said, here's October's goals:
Art related:
1. Finish portrait of my daughter, E. Started her last night, and thank the lord and all that's holy, she looks better at this early stage than Bon Jovi did. Maybe it's because I see her every day, and I love her. I did not, and do not, love Jon Bon Jovi.

2. Start & Finish a much longed for, and year late, painting I affectionately call "Dead Animals" for some much loved, dearly departed pets of a friend. This could be fun, except for a black fluffy dog. That, and the composition of 3 animals, are what's on my mind, even when I am painting E.

3. Begin painting of NC Coast. My mom-in-law loved a painting I did for her a few years ago, and wants a companion piece for a holiday gift. Problem is that the one I did earlier is much tighter, and my style has evolved. It will be interesting to see how that one goes.

4. Start switcheroo of studio/playroom. It occurred to me the other week that if I switch rooms, I will be at top of stairs and be able to keep an eye on the gate, while my little ones are in the more enclosed area. This will require me to be neater (oh dear) and do a big purge. I mean a HUGE PURGE.

Non Art Related
1. Costume for E's Halloween. Her brother is happy to be a bat, but E is at the delightful 15 month old stage where she shrieks or sounds like a happy exotic bird all the time. So I think she will be a parrot, or a screech owl.

It's only October 9 - I have 3 weeks, I can do this, right???? :lol:

10-09-2013, 05:22 PM
Thank You for the great explanation on Steampunk thing, Robert!.. Sounds partially... like me. I like to live in alternative world, because modern one makes no sense to me at all... I go there to shop. And I wish they would sell there more of those Titanic-era dresses instead of that nonsense what some modern young singers are putting on... I'm so much looking to get one of those dresses for my art receptions... mean while I'm dropping in in the horse riding outfit or whatever... unless it is some very special event...
BTW, just found out that one of my Oil pastels going to be sold on SCNY auction this fall... Maybe after all I need that outfit to attend the gathering?... Hmmm.....Maybe.

10-09-2013, 06:56 PM
Hi to everyone, the pigs are flying high here Grinner. Cl-i-i-i-nck. Ooops no, no alcohol. Have to be the dieter's refreshment H2O! I hope your 40 variations on a theme are going ok. I quite agree with the theory behind it and if one loses one's muse.

Hi there Getdusty, weddings are a roller coaster. For mother and bride :wave:. I think that everyone might agree that a daughter's wedding tops all goals for the month. I can see that you'd be glad that's all done and dusted. Yes also that it may take a little while for it to clear.

It is September weather here today and dare I say it, I saw my first advert for Christmas on the TV today. WHAT? In October?

Doug I did see your orange in the OP forum today and it looks vibrant. If you do a blog then I hope you will let us know it's URL and perhaps I can follow along. I will also make my way to Roberts blog and make a start on my own OP. I have a set of Sens here languishing away some where.
It is good that you have realized your best time to paint.

Hello Jen, so you might might be dabbling in sculptures again. Has your teacher got her heath back or what? I hope so. I hope all your cards sell on the 19th.

Hello Christinal. You have two goals this month. Good on you for putting something here, it is a start to do that.

Oooooh I like the room Tatiana, is it real pine clad or is that paper? All that space just for art! It's lovely! It looks as if you have partly moved in :lol:.

Your horses do need your company and presence so some time spent with them would do you all some good.
Nice to hear that your other pastel was accepted for a national show.

Robert, I am very pi**ed off when I lose a post. To ensure I don't do that I write them in a word processor and don't erase it until it has posted successfully.
You have got your work plan down to it's final form. That is good.
I too knew nothing about steampunk so thanks for the 'cue'. Now that you have your thoughts on steampunk settled some, you can relax with a little art. Well done.

Hello Bchlvr (Linn), nice to meet you. You are getting back to art. It seems that many of us enjoyed this subject most when at school. You will have to give the location if you put anything up on the web.

Hello Jennifer. You managed to finish Bon Jovi and didn't even sign it!
You have some good goals for this month, and I expect you will do that costume before Halloween.
Best of luck with them.

I am off to Gloucester for the weekend this Friday, on a portrait course and will be back late on Monday evening. Who knows I may have something un-alien enough to put up somewhere for you all to C&C he he :lol: :eek:.

10-09-2013, 09:48 PM
Hi Jim...nice to meet you. I will be posting some soon. Haven't decided on a medium yet but I know I will post some pastels also and just be very careful with the dust. I was very enthused in art (pastels mainly at the last part) a few years ago but work took up too much of my time so I quit. Now I am starting again I decided to work on getting a good foundation first.

10-09-2013, 11:47 PM
@ Jim... Partially moved in... Very partially. But will attempt to do painting#2 there tomorrow... it should be raining whole day and I do not have any other planes outside of the house. Hopefully will work on another pastel.
And noooo... it is not the wood. Cheap panels paper covered, but doesn't look too bad.

10-09-2013, 11:53 PM
I'm happy to report my #2 goal is knocked out. Registered this evening. Online. The whole world could be online ordering and drive-thru as far as I'm concerned. :D Almost accomplishing my other goal. Almost. :cool:

1. Paint something every day, even if it's just a stroke.
2. Register for pastels class. Before it's too late!

10-10-2013, 12:55 AM
Yay, Christine, congratulations on registering for your pastels class! That rocks. Go you for painting every day! Gesture sketches are good for that.

Today I sketched a plant down at the clinic, but haven't painted it yet so it wouldn't show up on a photo. It's just penciled. I need to finish the painting and I wound up so tired I wasn't up to anything but sleep when I got home. This weather's been rough lately, something has got my joints clenching up and frustrating me about doing anything. It went from back, hip and knee to right arm and wrist earlier and then the pain left me too tired to do anything but sleep.

Grr days like that are frustrating. But I might get to it tomorrow, or use it to work a little larger in a different medium.

10-10-2013, 09:41 AM
Robert - sorry to hear about bad day. Hopefully today is better!
Christine - way to going on class!
Jim - have fun at portrait workshop. Workshops are a 2014 goals - take 2 workshops.
Everyone else seems to be trucking along.

Got some work done on E's portrait last night. Color is off - I need better studio lighting since I seem to paint at night now. But anytime at the easel is a good thing. Goal is to wrap it up tonight.

10-11-2013, 03:11 AM
Hi guys :) Im still alive :lol:

This month art wise I need to finish two commissions and then Im hoping to do 2 really big scratchboard, a smaller one and a couple of pastel on velour pieces.

Non art I need to get rid of the last of the clutter as I hope my desk arrives next month. Yay for not having to work on the floor anymore!

That and dealing with a mischief of a puppy and going over my business plan.

10-14-2013, 03:52 PM
Hopefully th puppy is providing joy, as well as NOT eating your business plan!
Thank goodness my portrait of E is done... she's posted in the What's On Your Easel thread over in Acrylics. Yahoo!!!!!!
Next up - switch studio with playroom before Mother In Law visits next Wednesday. I work so much better with external deadlines - why is that???
Hope everyone else is making progress!!!

10-15-2013, 04:32 AM
Wow, there's lots of interesting stuff going on here! Jim, I'm intrigued by the archery, and Tatiana, I'm so envious of your mares - I would love to work with animals. Getdusty, do you look after the rescue cat forever, or until he gets a new family? Maybe I could do that, too... I'd love to be a "streichelpater" at the berlin tierheim - it literally means 'stroke patron' and the job is just patiently petting troubled cats. But it's two hours away. Maybe husband wouldn't mind me fostering cats? He's reluctant about the committment of having our own cat.

My art goal is do do a little sketching every day, and if that leads to painting, then good. I also aim to post here regularly, because it helps me feel like art goals are worthy and shared.

My non-art goal is to clean the kitchen every day first thing, and to read new books every day. I'm cursed because it takes me only a handful of hours to read a novel, and so I need a new one every day or two if I read as much as I'd like. So I haven't read much for years but I want to change that with the help of cheap ebooks.

10-15-2013, 04:39 AM
Does anyone know about posting images? I'd like to post some of my work to keep me accountable, sort of thing. But I only have a camera and internet on my tablet. Does anyone know how to cut pictures down to the right size and format for wetcanvas on a tablet?

10-15-2013, 11:45 AM
Sorry I haven't been around. Like Robert, I have been having a tough time with my pain and haven't been able to do any painting. When I can't paint, I get frustrated and don't want to talk about painting. I don't know if that makes any sense at all, but that is me. I did manage to tone a piece of Uart yesterday for an oil pastel painting I am planning on starting today. I think I just might be able to paint today. I hope this is just a temporary setback, because I signed up for an online soft pastel workshop with Dedora Stewart. This course is called, Creating Abstracts in Pastel, and is four weeks long. I want to loosen up my style and I figured this might do the trick. Abstract paintings are not usually my cup of tea, but I have always admired Debora's paintings. She used to be quite active here on WC.

While I wasn't having the greatest of times this past week, I did receive some great news. I won an Honorable Mention Award in the Associate category of the Oil Pastel Society online show! I still can't believe it. Anyway, if anyone is interested in taking a look at the show, here is the link the the OPS home page. You will see the links to the two different categories for the show. http://www.oilpastelsociety.com/


10-15-2013, 01:45 PM
Doug, congrats on the Honorable Mention! Will check it out as soon as I am done writing this. It seems as though there are several of us with chronic pain issues. It's difficult to deal with daily life, much less feel "creative" when that flares up. Met with a doctor yesterday and am now mulling over having back surgery. Have an appt. for a second opinion scheduled for the end of this month.
Elise, A couple of people were very helpful to me when I was struggling to reduce the size of my pics for uploading to WC. Robert? Doug? Don? Ruth? Jim? Just can't remember who specifically, but they introduced me to GIMP and then walked me through it when I had a hard time with that. Check the Sept. Spotlight thread. I think that's where you'll find my struggle and the help I received. As for the rescue, I think she is here to stay, unless I can find a home for her where she will be the only cat. (I came upon her in my mother's yard approx. a year ago and she was injured....fractured pelvis and emaciated) The local SPCA/Humane Society is always looking for volunteers. Is that sort of what you mentioned? And finally, I also read a lot and got tired of buying books and then giving them away. I now get them from the library. I can go online and put in my request for particular books and when it comes in to my local library from the library system, they send me an e-mail and I just go pick it up.
Hope all are doing well. Not making much progress on my goals. Seems like there is just so much work to do in the yard and gardens to "put them to bed". At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it :) Maybe I'll just roll my Oct. goals over to Nov.

10-15-2013, 06:57 PM
Hi there Linn,I'll look forward to seeing your goals. It is also important to remember what other commitments you have in the month as well :angel:.

Hi Tatiana. It was your mentioning the light that made me think of the pine effect as whilst that looks warm and cozy it is apt to darken a room. White lightens but white is cold benefits photos though :)

It's good that you was able to register online Christinal. Also that you have almost accomplished the other goal. Well done.

Fine business on the plant sketch Robert. Sorry to hear that you are affected by the weather well you didn't say that but I inferred it it's been rough all over the globe though.

Hi there Jennifer, thanks for the good wishes re the portrait class, I did enjoy it. So you managed to complete E's portrait. Mother -in-law visits today (unless you are reading this tonight) so bet you are busy busy busy hehe! Hope you get finished in time I always leave things to the last minute SWMBO calls me lastminute.com LOL.

Hello there Doug and sorry to hear that you also have had a bad time of it. Also that it keeps you away when you are having a rough time. Congrats on the Honourable Mention Award for your oil pastel work. It's that much more exciting if it wasn't expected as well.

Hello Getdusty, I am sorry to find out that you are also suffering from pain. In your case awaiting a possible spinal operation. We'd call that serious here so I hope all is well with you.

Elise, archery has many facets here in the UK. I enjoy mainly three. The English long bow. The re-curve bow (read Olympics) and the compound bow. All (in my case) are target oriented. Usually over a distance of 20 yards to 100 meters. Different distances have different names and scoring is different one being metric and the other being imperial. We shoot every Sunday afternoon.
If you want to re-size a painting/drawing then the easiest is to download a freebie like Irfanview. Give me a shout and I will talk you through it's use if you cannot understand Getdusty's reference. I find that irfanview is easier and more user friendly than gimp, also free to download and use, although not so versatile as gimp.

My goals so far are not going so well. I have enjoyed the portrait course and completed a portrait of my grandson. I also learned a lot. My gosh the artist's work is exemplary.
The journey back was terrible. Tipping down rain and the spray on the motorway was atrocious. The red rear lights and break lights were blaring and I did not recognize junctions that I knew until after I passed them thank goodness for Tom Tom!
I have attended the Tuesday portrait group bar this morning's, SWMBO wasn't up to it (that should have been the pen and ink portrait)
Likewise the archery on Sunday because I was away on the portrait course.
A visit to the archery shop got the compound bow reset and a rest fitted. No arrows yet, perhaps next month.
Weight loss is going well. Averaging 2.4Lbs/week. Grinner the pigs are flying high!

10-16-2013, 03:51 AM
Jim aha, the long bow, which the english invented and used to defeat the french at agincourt (I think that's right?)! It sounds very mighty and medieval.

I will look for an app for altering piccies. Then I care share my new stash of unisons which is lovely and colourful.

Getdusty - or should we call you Peg? I live in Berlin, Germany, where there is one major place called the tierheim. They house many animals, rehome them, do fundraising and the like, so I guess it's equivalent to the spca. I don't think there'd be enough english books in the libraries here. Good luck with your back - sending healing vibes from berlin.


10-16-2013, 10:27 AM
:lol: The pup is pretty good. He copies what ever I do so if I paint he just tries to join in. I should sell his paintings :lol:

Sorry to hear Robert and Doug that you are having problems :( Hoping you both feel better soon.

Well done Doug on the Honorable mention :clap:

I haven't been able to do too much other than the commission work. Its been one of those busy weeks and now I'm too tired to stay up and paint. I have managed to source some images I like that I can use though so that's something. I really, really want to do this painting of a male lion snarling. I just have this image stuck in my head like where they lift one lip a bit. Don't ask me why buy I MUST paint it! I just don't have the reference photo I need :lol:

10-16-2013, 04:42 PM
Doug, visited the oil pastel website. Very nice paintings.
Elise, Peg is fine. Good luck on the app search.
Ligerwolve, can't wait to see the lion painting. I have always had a soft spot for the big cats.
Jim, longbow makes me think of Robin Hood and knights and tournaments. I'm only familiar with compound bows as my ex-husband bow hunts.

10-17-2013, 09:12 PM
Doug, congratulations on your Honorable Mention! Just looked and I love your entry - can see why it won Hon. Mention, it's fantastic! Way cool. Sorry to hear you've been stuck with the pain too. I've been a slug till today when I got my Spotlight piece done, it's posted.

Ligerwolve, purr, love big cat paintings!

Jim, archery is awesome. Wish I could get into it again sometime.

Elise, so happy about the cat! Here's what I use to resize photos: http://www.gimp.org is the download site. It is as good as Photoshop and free. The function you want is on the Image drop down menu on the toolbar. Choose "scale image" and it brings up a dialog that shows the image's size in number of pixels, linked. Choose the larger number and retype 800 in it, then it'll resize proportionally and put the other figure in place of the smaller one. Watch that it doesn't bump up to 801 or the site will resize again over just one pixel and take forever - to do that, just change it back to 800. It does this if the resizer doesn't know whether it should be one pixel off or not on the smaller dimension.

It's not that hard to use. Play with it and you can do lots more things with it, including changing color and contrast and so on to make the image closer to the original painting.

10-20-2013, 10:07 PM
Congrats to everyone :) And we still have a few weeks to go!

Hey Jim! I knew the pigs would fly for you this month ;) Well done!

Doug, wonderful news! Congratulations :D Lovely piece.

Jennivervs, have you considered an Ott light? Joann Fabrics (www.joann.com (http://www.joann.com)) often has the lamps on sale.

I'm behind by one on my 20-variations challenge, as I've done two so far this month and there have been three weekends. Let's see if I can squeeze out two more by the end of next weekend and then I'll be back on target. I'm enjoying the process a lot, and it's fun to see how different they all are. I'm up to 6 :) Woo!

Haven't worked more on the separate portrait I'm working on, but may get to it this week or next. We'll see. But my portrait class is going well, and I'm getting used to having a formal studio session with an instructor once a week. I might have to sign up for another one when this one is done! Hope that works out with the schedule and the budget :)

10-21-2013, 05:26 AM
Yeah, it's got to be the weather slowing me down. I've been sleeping like my cat. I've even had a bit more time off than usual but done so much less than usual. I've been spending a lot of time reading though, which may help me produce a better book in November.

Grinner, congrats on your 20-variations challenge! It sounds awesome. The class sounds cool too, hope you can get another one later that's both affordable and timed well for you.

10-22-2013, 02:41 PM
Hi Elise, we don't really know who invented the longbow as we got it from the Welsh. It seems with a modern day analysis of the battle at Agincourt that victory (unpleasantness) had more to do with the weather and terrain than the prowess of the English archer.

Hello Janet, I have read of the carers selling elephant paintings. Why not puppy paintings? :lol: They would probably sell better than mine anyway. I hope you can find the image of a lion that you are looking for.

Hello Peg, hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK. We make do with 3D models and images or targets. I do enjoy the three main kind of bows but only with targets.

Hi Grinner, well done on keeping almost up with your target on your 20 variations challenge. Keep at it and you will probably catch up by the weekend. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it.

Hiya Robert, yes I agree that archery is awesome. I do thoroughly enjoy it. We have moved indoors again for our winter and seeing the rain these last couple of days I'm glad about that. SWMBO did think about doing archery from her wheel chair but I knew she hadn't the strength in her arms. She wouldn't reach the 20yard distance with the little strength she has.

I have had distractions from my goals this month again! My computer has stopped working many times when watching you-tube clips of artists demonstrating etc. The CPU fan switches on and the CPU then stops working until it is cooled by the fan. So a tube of thermal paste is needed to ensure that good conduction is achieved and as Firefox (my browser of choice) is now bloat-ware, an increase in RAM would not go amiss. So four 1GB memory sticks will replace the 512Kb sticks currently employed. A BTW is that this did not show itself until I updated my browser. It took time to sort out help and suppliers to get the stuff here. Now I need to fit them. I am still awaiting the thermal paste.

10-22-2013, 04:05 PM
Hello, I'm a relatively new WetCanvas member, and I've signed up for the pastel painting "Gourds" project. This will be exciting because I haven't worked much in pastels but I like it. I've enjoyed reading the pastels posts, because of course this new project calls for some new colors. My goal is to do at least one painting, even a small one, by the end of October and another before Thanksgiving.

10-22-2013, 08:30 PM
Hi CCDoc! Nice to meet you! So glad you're getting into the Gourds project. I'm still planning my painting for it, which might be tomorrow or today, it'll be some time this week. I have my reference picked out and everything.

Yay for your goal! That's a good sensible one. Do a small one before end of October and then do one for your November goal, doing that twice may make it easier for you to start painting every month, whatever day or time opens up and makes it easiest. That's a level of goal that everything beyond it is gravy. Also count it every time you say hi to your sketchbook or do thumbnails or preliminaries.

I might do that today, make some thumbnails or color studies for my painting.

Yay for the RAM upgrade, Jim. It always makes a huge difference in how well everything runs to boost the RAM. It should help solve the problem with the YouTube instruction videos. I love those. There are so many good ones, and every now and then I get emails with even more that just got posted by artists I subscribe to.

I smile every time I read about your archery, because it was one of the few things I ever enjoyed in gym as a teenager. There was one archery section in gym and I did well in it through patience and careful aim, compared to cocky, stupid kids who assumed they'd be good at it because they were good at completely different sports. Shooting and throwing and firing a bow are all completely different actions. A happy memory of an unexpected triumph that dragged my total grade that semester up to D instead of F.

10-23-2013, 05:56 AM
Hi CCDoc.
Welcome to the goals page. i hope you are successful in your's. I frequently am unable to finish mine usually because something intervenes - and that's SWMBO :lol:

Hi again Robert, this is being typed on SWMBO's Ipad so I hope nobody expects too much of it. I took the main rig apart last night and the heat siink on the CPU was clogged completely, to the extent that the fins could not be seen by the fan.
I have cleaned it with the vacuum ckeaner and cleaned off the old thermal grease. I will get some rubbing alcohal (sp?) from the chemists today then refit it. The four GB sticks have gone in the RAM.
That's enough one finger typing and anyway i want another cup of tea lol.

10-23-2013, 11:44 AM
Oh wow! Your computer should be running clean and cool again soon, Jim. That rocks. Up side of having a desktop, getting into it easy for something like that. If the fan still doesn't work, you can tell right off and a new fan isn't that expensive. Cleaning it like that would usually solve the problem. If you can't see the fins, it's not working.

Hope you don't get distracted too long by SWMBO.

10-24-2013, 08:47 PM
Hello Robert. Unfortunately I have fried the CPU. It was my fault, I know Better Than to do what I did. It means I get a new updated Computer with go-faster stripes on the processor and RAM. And with bit of luck it will be here tomorrow, that is Friday the 24th October. We do have a wedding to attend but that is only the ceremony bit as SWMBO can only make that. What is the betting it will arrive between 2:30 and3:30?
It has taken me a while to research the options and a bit of travelling to vist some shops but they cannot hope to compete with the internet whilst they still operate in shop-mode. That is keeping all of their options to themselves and not being so transparent as internet sites are.
Anyway hopefully I will be operational torrow with a new rig all being well, also that the deliverer chooses a time when we are home.
Best of luck with your goals all, I hope to get some more done by the 31st!

10-24-2013, 10:54 PM
sorry, Jim. On the upside, you have anew one coming!

10-25-2013, 07:17 AM
sorry, Jim. On the upside, you have anew one coming!
Hiya Peg,
I'm sat sitting here in best bib and tucker with SWMBO's ipad awaiting delivery.
I hope it's before we go off at 2:30 :wave:

10-25-2013, 12:57 PM
Answering my own post, we got back from the wedding which went ok. No computer but SWMBO's printer ink had arrived. A closer look at amazons confirmatory emil cleared up the delivery date - it's next Saturday - the 2nd of November:eek: :eek: :eek:
If I knew it was going to be that long I would have chosen differently.
Ah well, never mind, perhaps I can get on with my goals.

10-25-2013, 09:04 PM
Aww Jim, that's so frustrating to have to wait. But so cool that you're getting a new computer. That's always such a joy. Spend some time painting while you wait, then you'll have something cool to post with it!

Got my package today! So happy with it, first Blick spree in ages, all things I have drooled at for so long (okay, only drooled at silver and gold Pan Pastels since I knew they existed but STILL...) and having so much fun with. Even have new foam brushes for priming sanded paper and replenished my Canson Mi-Tientes with two new pads. Regular Assortment and Earth Tones have different colors, even a look alike orangy color turned out to be two different values so I'm happy with more colors. Now have all my favorite M-T colors to paint with, since two must-have browns were in the Earth Tones pad.

10-26-2013, 01:55 AM
Jim, sorry the computer delivery date is so far off........actually, in my mind, next Saturday cannot possibly be November! Glad the wedding went well. Like Robert's suggestion that you be a painting fiend (well, not really his words) so you have lots to post once the new computer comes. What brand/model did you decide upon?
Robert, isn't it wonderful to open up packages from Blick (or Dakota or Jerry's...) Enjoy all the new fun things!

10-26-2013, 02:59 AM
It is! It's such a joy, like a birthday or Christmas or something. I had so much fun tonight sharpening the Prismacolors and organizing them. I also got sorted out my other supplies to do my planned Pans paintings, both of them. Don't know if I'll start with the copper object or the gourd on a gold background but I know I want to do both in full Pans. Soon.

And a dog, my neighbor's dog died and I wanted to do a portrait of Baby for her. Borrowed her best photo of Baby. That won't be a difficult portrait but it'll move her so much.

So that's three paintings I want to do before November. It's a bit late to set extra goals, but hey, I've still got a week!

10-27-2013, 10:13 AM
Hi there Peg, yes next Saturday is November 2nd. Doesn't time go fast when you are enjoying yourself :lol: Last night we put the clocks back, it's winter already!
One of my lads (this one has an interior design business) rang yesterday and asked me if i wanted a computer as he needs to update his :eek: if only he decided that a week earlier:clear: or i had waited a week to clean mine up.
Such is life, any way i'll borrow it for the week as i'm quite lost without a computer.

Hello Robert and i think you can alter/add to goals as it is you who is in charge. I hope you have time do your friends dog. That would be doing her a favour.

10-27-2013, 11:59 PM
Jim sorry to hear about all your computer woes.
Robert sounds like you have a full schedule and some new toys to play with.
I am at the grands for Halloween so keep your fingers crossed that my back does not go out.
I did manage to make a clay bear this month and lots of signs and work for our art groups Fall festival but that was it. Hopefully I can get some painting done next month!
See you all again in November. Where did this year go!!! ??

10-28-2013, 06:55 AM
The storm has blown down trees across the tracks so SWMBO has had to postpone her Wales trip until next week. luckily the hotels are being generous and just rebooking her. Also the railway by the sounds to date.

my lad is bringing the computer across himself later this morning after they (him and his boys) have been to the skate park.

thanks for the commiserations Jen, They should be solved partialy today. I hope that my keyboard and mouse fit other wise it will be a trip to a shop about ten miles away.
PS thought I had wiped this message from the Ipad then but it was lurking all the time behind that window.:eek:

10-28-2013, 09:38 AM
So glad you've got a loaner to use for this week. I'd be very surprised if the mouse and keyboard don't work with it, mice and keyboards are pretty standard. I even have a spare Mac and my mouse worked fine with it, so you should be all right on those things.

Yesterday was a bust, I slept all day, was awake maybe all of four or six hours. Slept like my cat. Then found out on waking up that the sluggishness was my catching a cold. Now trying to pamper it and sit very still, cancel today's appointment to save body energy for immune system and knock it out. Eat lots of oranges. Might even get more from downstairs tomorrow, the little store next to the hotel usually has oranges and apples and bananas. Not a huge variety of fruit but the standard common ones. Much more than most corner-store places do.

10-28-2013, 01:14 PM
I was surprised today by white van man stopping outside of the house. Would I be surprised if it was my computer? You bet I was! 6 days early and just as well we were in to take delivery. I have put in W7 home premium 64bit and everything is different. I am on a steep learning curve - again. I thanked my son for bringing his pooter around which he had to take back with him, and then got on with filling up this new one. So I'm back on air so to speak. :clap:

10-28-2013, 10:48 PM
Congratulations, Jim! That rocks!

Best-laid plans and all that... progress on new goals dashed by catching a cough with a nasty sore throat. Ugh. Been sleeping a lot because it left me drug out, reading a good book, not up to anything else. :P

Ari has been really snuggly today though looking after me. He washed my arm, sat in my lap several times for a good long time each time, purred and shedded a lot, head butted me. When I go back to bed he lays half on my arm and half on my shoulder with his chest on my collarbone where I can reach to scritch him one-handed, purring sort of heart to heart without making it hard to breathe.

It's an incredibly comfortable position versus his usual splay down the middle of my body with hind feet poking my tummy. Did I mention some nausea and digestive problems were involved? He is a very sensitive, considerate, gentle cat.

10-28-2013, 11:58 PM
Jim, glad you are back in business. I hate the learning curves involved in updates! Glad you survived the storm relatively unscathed.
My husband was over in the UK just after the big storm in the 1990's and he drove my folks around the Worthing area to see all the damage. Lots of trees downed on the Downs that changed the look of the countryside.
Rob, bad luck getting a cold this early in the season. I am glad you have Ari to take care of the needed TLC.

10-29-2013, 06:00 AM
Sorry to hear of your cold Robert, at least you Have Ari for company. It will also delay your goals.

Thanks for the encouragement Jen. New software always bugs doesn't it. It's like wearing in a new pair of shoes - just as they get comfortable they get changed for another pair - equally uncomfortable! :rolleyes: I'm just glad to be back on the air.
It's the 28th already - not many goals reached by me this month.

10-29-2013, 11:34 AM
Jim, glad the new computer arrived...shocking that it was early! :) I don't know that that has ever happened....usually I get the "further delay" notices. Mine has W7 on it and it was a learning curve from WXP. Enjoy!
Robert, sorry to hear you've been hit with a cold already. Let Ari do what he does best, take care of you. Hope you feel better soon.

10-29-2013, 11:34 AM
Rob, feel better soon! And congrats on the new haul from Blick :)
Jim, hooray for the delivery man!
Jen, I hope your back is still treating you well.

I did one more piece for my "20 Variations" exercise, and might do one today, which would make me right on target for this month! Did not succeed in working on the portrait, but I have a feeling I'll be back to work on that soon. Here's to November! :D

10-29-2013, 12:33 PM
Grinner, awesome that you did another in your 20 Variations. That always seemed like such a cool idea. I have to do it someday. Not During November, but someday.

Jim, I feel for you getting used to a new Windows iteration. I hated Win7 when I first got it but I'm used to it now. I hear Win8 is even worse. But its always nice when a new computer is lots faster and runs better.

Finally starting to get a break on the cold. Last night I used Vicks VapoRub on my chest, remembered I had it and wow. Forgot just how effective that stinky goop is. Ari was fascinated and had to sit in my lap sniffing at my chest for about an hour understanding the stink. I was a little worried about his licking it through my t-shirt, whether it was bad for him if he rubbed his head on it and so on. But he always gets fascinated with it.

What is it about cats that they want to lick, chew and eat things that could be really bad for them? I love my little guy but protecting him is sometimes hard! Does anyone know how toxic Vicks VapoRub is for a cat?

10-29-2013, 09:56 PM
Thanks Peg. SWMBO also gets delays on things she orders but either I'm lucky or there really is somebody looking after me :lol:.

Grinner well you have kept ahead of me in your art goals this month, that's for sure. Well done on that and you might possibly get your final one for the month done between now and Thursday. Good for you! :angel:

Hi there Robert and commiserations with the cold. It is doing the rounds as we have SWMBO's grandson and partner staying with us, both attending uni, plenty of germs and one has been coughing and the other sneezing. :crossfingers:. So far we have managed to stay free from it. It sounds like the Vapo rub did you some good but I don't know how good/bad it is for cats. I don't think they are all that good at sussing out these things either as we had a cat that ate rat poison.

Tomorrow I'll have to go to Eastbourne and take SWMBO with me to get some sea air. If she stays here too long with out that she goes stir crazy.......

I am used to W7 Robert but when I tried opening my usual software I was getting very unfamiliar results. Google was trying to set me up with an account when I was trying to get in to read emails etc.


10-30-2013, 11:51 AM
My abstract pastel course started yesterday and even though I thought I was prepared, something always sets me back. Once the course was opened online I went to print out the handout and, you guessed it, the printer was out of ink. Off to Staples I went. I also went to our local newspaper office to purchase a couple of newsprint "end of the rolls" for $5. I now have enough cheap, disposable drawing paper to last me a lifetime. It will come in handy to use as filler for protecting packages being sent via couriers and mail as well as protecting table tops.

My studio is still a mess, but I did clean it up enough to work on the course. I felt that it was more important to spend my good time painting instead of cleaning and I was painting for 3 to 4 hours a day for the last half of the month. Nothing really worth showing the world, but I feel comfortable using pastels again. It has been a while since I used them and they felt a little strange when I picked them up. I am looking forward to creating some abstract painting s with them. I will post some of my results once we get to painting. Right now we are working with charcoal and creating small, quick black and white designs.

Robert- Hope you get better soon. My eyes started watering as soon as I just read about Vick's VapoRub. Brings back childhood memories. Have fun with your new toys from Blick.

Jim- It is always a hassle when you get a new computer. Nothing is ever the same. You just get used to something and then it is changed. I just updated from Windows 8 to 8.1. Most things are the same, but of course a few thing have changed. It took me a while to get used to W8 and I hated it at first, but after a while it just became normal to me. But we all hate change. They have to keep updating things because that is how they make their money. The only reason I have W8 is because this computer was on sale for a good price when my old one bit the dust. Anyway, have fun at the coast.

Grinner- Good job on your "20" exercise. It is a great way to get you painting almost daily. You don't have to worry about what to paint. I am sure November will be just as productive for you.


10-30-2013, 05:51 PM
Doug, enjoy the course. I don't think I've ever done anything abstract (or at least not on purpose)
Jim, sea air...sounds wonderful. I really like the ocean, but haven't gotten there in a few years, even though it's only a couple of hours away.
Robert, hope you are on the mend.
Grinner, I am impressed that you keep working at your "20".
As for me, I have accomplished nothing, don't have my room set up, didn't paint outside of class and didn't even make it to class as often as usual. One more day left. Thinking it's not going to happen this month. Onward to November. Ought to just cut and paste my goals each month until I actually make progress.
How did everyone else do?

10-30-2013, 07:33 PM
Peg- Don't worry about not hitting your goals. It's okay if it takes another month or two. Life gets in the way of art sometimes. We don't like it when that happens, but..... that's life.:) November is almost here and it will be a fresh start.

My abstract "drawings" seem to be a bit looser today than they were yesterday. I guess I have done around 40 of them so far and will be doing more tomorrow.

Here is a sampling. They are about 4" x 6".



10-30-2013, 09:50 PM
Hi there Doug, thought you had gone astray LOL. We haven't seen you about at all so something has kept you. Yes you only need to look around you to see what would stymie you if it could not function for want of something, ink! I keep a couple of cartridges here spare, a black and a colour, blow me if the black one wouldn't work! They had to send me another that did work. So your studio is still a mess but you have plenty of paper LOL. Your abstracts look like abstracts! Yeah that's it. Abstracts! When you get to understand them perhaps you can enlighten me.

I hope that vapour rub has done you some good Robert. It clears the bronchial tubes for sure.:angel:
How is Ari fairing? Not affected by licking the rub I hope.:clear:

Hi there Peg. Don't feel bad about your goals- it'll make me feel bad about those I've not done. Besides there's always the next month, and if there isn't we wont be about to care. :rolleyes:

SWMBO sits at her computer hunched over too long and frequently wears that perfume to sleep.

Well it's 50 minutes or so past the witching hour here. I am more than a little tired having to reconcile my bank statements with my computerized spread sheets. I saved them to a memory stick but failed to update them since March last.

Lots of goals have not been done by me. Never mind, I'll not enumerate them tonight too tired. Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow the last of the month.

10-30-2013, 09:55 PM
I had a message saying the post had not posted and to tell the admin peeps. Then I try again - lo - two of them appear. In mind of your sanity I have erased one, computers...... what would we do without them!:o:evil::eek: :lol:

10-30-2013, 10:31 PM
Jim, so right....when they work it is wonderful and when they don't, it's worse than never having them at all. I don't envy you having to reconcile from last March.
Doug, this is a very unenlightened question, but how do you start doing an abstract picture. I'm used to having a reference (either photo or real life) and the name of the game is to try to evoke the feeling engendered by that reference while having the subject matter recognizable.....so I ask, how do you begin an abstract work? (see, I'm way too tied to reality...)

10-30-2013, 10:41 PM
Well, this is the end of month already... (where did it go anyway?!)
Don't think I did that great with all my goals, but I reached some,what is already good... So let put check marks and see what did (or did NOT) work out for me in October...


1)Ship accepted art works to shows with all stuff related to be done (usually bunch of papers involved). At list one of shows is National show for pastels only.

Well, this turned to be a bit more.. TWO Nationals (Chicago and Arkansas).
Salmagundi Club Fall Auction. All is shipped! (check mark!)

2)Deliver paintings and attend a show for local Plein Air group... Do a gallery demo (pastels).

Done that... went OK. Especially enjoyed my painting session.


3)Paint 2-3 studies weekly and trow those on e-bay or DPW.
Yes, that pretty much worked out too...

Down part - no sales on e-bay this month. Up part - sold one of big pastels to the facebook client what is in love with that piece...

4) Hopefully get out for few Plain Air sessions.
Just one or two times... nothing much really.

5) Continue setting up studio in "used-to-be-mom's-room".
That is rather working... Did few paintings there, all pastels.

Everything else is not the goal, but "bonus"


1)at list 3 times weekly work with both mares. Hopefully by the end of month have filly ridden, if she will be ready.
Nop. Not enough time, not enough done. But I did what I could.

2) Make sense out of the jungle on back yard.
it is GONE!!!!

3)Try to get to local park walk the dogs at list once weekly.
Not a single time... me bad.

4)Set up the blog for my finches.
What blog ?... But on a good note - we have a healthy clutch of new--born finches!!

Otherwise... perhaps best of all news - got my acceptance letter from PSA this Monday. I finally have my Associate membership. :) Very happy!
It was not that bad month after all!

10-31-2013, 10:02 AM
Congratulations, Tatiana, on your associate membership in the PSA! thanks for sharing the painting session.

Doug...thanks for sharing your abstracts....reminds me that I have considered making abstracts of the shapes in the vinyl tile in my bathroom! I can see various images in them....(May become a goal for next month, as so far I'v only thought about it!)

Robert, hope you are feeling better soon. I've had a few 'under the weather' days here, myself.

Here's looking forward to a more productive month in Nov.

10-31-2013, 10:18 AM
Hi Peg. I did manage to complete my personal account ones yesterday (early this morning really). I still have the budget account ones to do, but that one should be easy. Fairly regular payments in and out.:angel:

Tatiana, you have done well :thumbsup:. Fancy getting two into the national shows! I don't get the meaning of your back yard jungle having gone! Do you mean that you cleared the jungle away? That is definitely a TICK then. I'd call that a good month.....:wave:
Congratulations on the clutch of new born Finches and the significant PSA membership.

My goals were:-
to do

1) the colouring of the 'Portrait of a lady' FAILED:o
2) the acrylic of the graphite portrait of Bernie FAILED:o
3) a Conte portrait of Ivan TICK
4) finish a watercolour started last month FAILED:o
5) a pen and ink portrait FAILED:o
6) finish one side of the pastel box.:clap: FAILED :o

Non art goals will be
7) attend four indoor sessions of archery practice with the longbow HALF A TICK (only attended 2)
8) have compound bow wound down to my poundage TICK
9) choose and have an arrow rest fitted TICK
10) get a set of arrows for the compound bow. FAILED:o
11) continue with a weight-loss programme :angel:. TICK

and pigs might fly :lol:. GAVE THIS A MISS AS IT MEANT MAKING A TRIBUCHET :confused: :D

Interjecting issues was a wedding, a portrait course in Lechlade with Mike Skidmore and the loss of my computer and trying to sort it's problems. When I decided it was past redemption it was a matter of sifting through a mass of info deciding which to get - computers are a very competitive market. And having to update data now the computer is up and running with W7 (which I had to put in). I also lost a hearing aid mold and needed to go to an audiology unit to have an impression taken for a new one. I will be getting a letter to have another done for the other ear - what a palaver!

Jim (promising to try harder in November)

10-31-2013, 11:43 AM
Jim, you got a lot done! I'm still impressed. And no, I guess building a trebuchet to make pigs fly wouldn't quite be on a par with your archery, fun as it would be it's more a summer project.

Though I keep thinking of that Geico piglet with a parachute coming off your trebuchet...

With everything you had to do, getting anything on your list is huge.

Tatiana, wow! Love the painting and that is so cool about your demo and your shows. Also about your finches! I hope you can get good finch photos for the RIL sometime. They are probably wonderful models if you've got a high speed camera. Probably harder to sketch asleep though. I always thought finches were beautiful, but, I couldn't have any birds with Ari in our room. He'd either be terrorized by them or he'd get over it and hunt them.

10-31-2013, 04:46 PM
Hi there JudiB, I am sorry to hear that you have been under the weather this past month, and that you haven't been able to get on top of any goals. Health is important so you need to take the rest needed to get you back to par. I agree about looking forward to a more productive month in November.

Hi Robert. Yes I did manage to do a bit except towards what I set out to do at the beginning of October. I am pleased with the portrait I did of my grand son even if my Son says 'a good effort Dad' :lol:.

Next month I'll probably use the old computer as a learning tool and go through the sequence needed to diagnose what is wrong with it. I know that I'll be closely looking at the motherboard to see if I cracked it or perhaps I bent the pins on the CPU.

Tatiana, I failed to mention your pastel painting. It is lovely especially those trees. I spent ages looking and trying to do trees and I was hopeless until I had a workshop with Graham Cox. I used his method and it worked for me as well. Your trees look so realistic and a part of the landscape. Very well done.

Today is the last day of October so roll on November. I hope I get the bit between the teeth this time.

10-31-2013, 06:22 PM
Tatiana, ooh, that is lovely! And congratulations :)
Jim, well done! Your lists are so long that you might lose sight of your accomplishments, so here's a handy revision:

- a Conte portrait of Ivan TICK
- attend four indoor sessions of archery practice with the longbow HALF A TICK (only attended 2)
- have compound bow wound down to my poundage TICK
- choose and have an arrow rest fitted TICK
- continue with a weight-loss programme :angel:. TICK

As for me, I did do my final variation for the month, so I'm officially caught up at least on that goal! That's something, so I'll take it :) Thanks for the encouragement. Congrats to everyone who accomplished even part of what you had in mind for the month, and onward to November.

10-31-2013, 06:38 PM
Peg- I guess I should have said how we started the exercise. I converted a couple of my landscape reference photos to black and white and used a small view finder to look for abstract shapes and cut them out in rectangle shapes. They were small. Maybe an inch to an inch and a half square. I then used these as references for the charcoal drawings. They are just a starting point. You start adding marks intuitively. It is difficult when you start, but it becomes addictive and easier the more you do. It is all new to me. Most of the people taking the course are landscape and still life painters who want to loosen up their style.

Tatiana- Another successful month for you! I loved that painting the first time I saw it on FB and I still love it now.

Judi- I hope your health is better. You should give abstraction a try. It is totally different than anything I have ever done before. You might enjoy it. Here's to painting up a storm in November!

Jim- Don't be too hard on yourself. You had a lot of obstacles in your way this month. Look on the bright side of things! You got a new computer out of it!:thumbsup:

Robert- Hope you are shaking that cold. It can really sap your energy. Get healthy soon!

Worked on my course again today. Tried a small abstract pastel painting and I had so much pastel on the Uart 400 paper the tooth was full. Light touch. light touch, light touch!!! Heavy handedness is hard to shake.


10-31-2013, 06:47 PM
Tatiana, beautiful painting and congrats on the PSA membership. (How does one know when it is okay to apply?) Love finches. We had two (once upon a time) Called them Bud and Lou (for Abbott and Costello). Our cat at the time would launch herself at the cage, which was on a stand. I still stop and watch the finches when I am in the local PetSmart.
Jim and Grinner, you are so far ahead of me on accomplishing your list.
Congrats to you, two, too.
Judi, hope November is better for you.
Doug, no hints as to starting an abstract painting...do you focus on form on color or......?

10-31-2013, 07:47 PM
Thank You to all!
Jim, YES - the jungle is gone. Amount of weeds was unbelievable (about a good track load, ow two). It is all out now. Real reason to celebrate.
Robert, idea about putting some finch photos to image library sounds great. I do not know why it didn't even cross my mind?... Hmmm... As for now - I'm loading picture for next month WC landscape challenge what I'm hosting. Hopefully moderators will approve it soon.
Peg... I can't really tell You how does one know. Speaking of procrastination ... I'm fabulous with that. I almost waited out another year... and BTW officially my membership with PSA will be starting from 2014, so it IS another year. What is fine.

10-31-2013, 09:12 PM
Peg- This is just the first week of the course and we haven't done an actual painting yet, so there is still a lot to learn. Right now we are looking for interesting abstract shapes in b & w photos and using them as starting points. Just like painting a landscape from a photo, you do not copy it, you use it as a guide. All my drawings were done from little pieces of photos of trees and grass. Simplify the shapes and put them on the paper and after a while you loosen up and start adding marks intuitively. Not all drawings will make paintings. Just like doing a landscape, you don't just rush into the painting. These are like thumbnail sketches and are just the start of the process. So far I have done at least a dozen at a time. You want a good composition to start with. If you have
n't seen Debora's work, here is a link to her site. http://www.deboralstewart.com/

You don't have to like every abstract painting, just like you don't have to like every landscape painting. I am drawn to certain artists and Debora is one of those artists.