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Paul Hopkinson
09-28-2013, 06:30 AM
Firstly I apologise if I should have posted this somewhere else, I looked but was unable to find the correct thread for adding these images for everyone to use.

I've copied Colleen's recommendations from Larry's the Waterfowl & Birds Photo Library, hope you don't mind Larry but the wording was perfect. :)
Photo Library
These photos for our forum artists are not copyright free and are loaned for your use in the following way:

Photos posted are intended for reference material for the creation of original artwork (which may be sold or used in competitions), but the photos may NOT be sold or used in any other way in their original photographic format. Please remember to credit the person loaning the photo when you use it.

Helpful Hints
Brief comments and descriptions by the person loaning the photo are encouraged, however we request that no other comments about the photos be added to keep the thread easy to use and more compact. when you post a photo, please think of searchable keywords. For instance, instead of putting ducks as a descripiton, type up Mallard, or Ringnecked Duck etc., This will make it easier to find photos for specific subjects, because WC has a search function for each thread, by typing in a word it will pull up all the posts that match.

If you require a larger file, then you are welcome to use the Wet Canvas Private Message tool which you can find by clicking on the underlined name of the person posting, ask for a larger file to be sent and then if it is available, you can have it emailed to you. Plus please add your own here as well, they are more than welcome! :)
I can be contacted for larger versions of the photos I've submitted if need be.

1/ Keeled Skimmed, 2/ Keeded Skimmed, 3/Migrant Hawker, 4/Migrant Hawker, 5/Small Tortoiseshell