View Full Version : The Meditative (and Satisfying) Art of Zentangle

09-16-2013, 01:25 PM
While Zentangle is fun to view, it’s even more pleasurable to create, in my humble opinion. Painting can be intimidating to take on as a hobby (although that shouldn’t stop you, but that’s a different topic!), but drawing is accessible–all you need is a writing tool, let’s say a basic pencil that you already have in any drawer of your house, and paper. You just sit down and start drawing, right? Well, not always; but when you have a book that offers prompts, it becomes easier. Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall (http://www.northlightshop.com/zentangle-untangled-ultimate-collection-t1145/?lid=CHarnsm091613) introduces the concept of this meditative form of drawing, and gives you guidance on how to draw the basic lines that come together to create intricate works that pass the time in a satisfying exploration of shapes. The results? Relieved stress, in my experience, and a sense of satisfaction–the instructions are easy to follow, and leave you feeling empowered by the ability to draw. Read more at ArtistsNetwork.com! (http://bit.ly/Zentangle0916)