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Wayne Gaudon
09-16-2003, 10:46 PM

Title: Spring Left Overs
Year Created: 2003
Medium: Oil
Surface: Board
Dimension: 30 x 40 Inches
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

Found an old picture from an outing last spring and decided to give it a whirl.

Dr. Jerry .. is that bug still killing me or am I gaining ground?

PS .. thank you all for your wonderful comments on Little Miss Brit's work .. she was so proud and she just loves to get in the studio and paint.

Alan Cross
09-16-2003, 10:50 PM
Nice one Wayne my only nit is the light trees on the left when they hit the sky their gone....maybe a bit more dark on the trucks..
Alan :)

Wayne Gaudon
09-16-2003, 11:01 PM
thanks Alan .. I did that on purpose .. I'll see how others react .. I was going for that disappearing into the light effect ..

Alan Cross
09-16-2003, 11:05 PM
LOL well it worked!
Alan :)

Wayne Gaudon
09-16-2003, 11:17 PM
Wife gave me the same line as you Alan so even if it worked it isn't working for anyone else LOL

Changed it.

09-16-2003, 11:25 PM
absolutely gorgeous colors and composition, Wayne

Did you carry this one in the new box???;)

09-16-2003, 11:30 PM
So much DEPTH in this one.....a break through for you, in my mind.
resonates warmth and cool..dramatic...:clap:

09-17-2003, 01:18 AM
one of my top 20 faves! superb Wayne! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Alan Cross
09-17-2003, 02:09 AM
A very slight change but I think its way better...what about the wife?? :D
Alan :)

09-17-2003, 02:57 AM
seems to have wiped out perspective in one swell foop, but we are facing composition problems and an orthogonal funk.
you might have to ask miss Brit to kick your butt. (I mean that in a good way)
horizontals all on the horizontal? that is what boxes it in orthogonally like a grid. a flat one.
take the top line, sky or more snow? or both whatever it is whitish. let it quickly diminish so that by 1/2 across from left no more sky effort. that would help.

some trees do fractal off quickly but I think these are imaginary trees rather than trees from live or photo source because they are in canada and yet the branches keep getting shorter before branching again too fast so they seem squished on top like african trees.

Wayne Gaudon
09-17-2003, 07:22 AM
Thanks all ..

I removed the sky from the approximate center over and then I removed some of the snow on the viewer right so that the grassline makes an arc and carries you into the tree line. I will amend the tree branches when I get home as I get up at 4:30 for work and only had 10 or 15 minuites to try and adjust. Will rephoto this afternoon. Didn't realize how cruddy this photo was in color .. guess I was tired as the color is much brighter and warm than this photo shows.

Little Miss Brit always gets all the attention. LOL

Rabbit Twilight
09-17-2003, 10:48 AM
Good one Wayne! At first I wanted more lights on the base of the trees on the left, but then I realized that you wanted me to travel to the right to the lighter patch of weeds, and the snow behind. At least that's where I see the center of interest.

09-17-2003, 12:04 PM
I like it fine Wayne, composition, colors everything. I am not just being nice either! I have a soft spot for birch trees, not that I have seen that many! Lorijo