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09-04-2013, 06:37 AM
I'm new to watercolours having only done a couple of small bird studies before, this is my first 'proper' painting :) I'm using the caran d'ache museum aquarelle competition pack of 6 wc pencils, colors are Lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow, Vermillion, Magenta, Ultramarine and permanent blue. I dissolved the leads and painted the background, hat and skin tone, and used the pencils dry in layers to do the swimsuit and holes in the hat. I've got to the point now where I'm not entirely happy with it but scared to do anything else in case I make it worse! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m93/abijones_2006/Art/IMG_2872_zpsd2777ef3.jpg (http://s102.photobucket.com/user/abijones_2006/media/Art/IMG_2872_zpsd2777ef3.jpg.html)

09-04-2013, 07:01 AM
This is a very nicely done watercolor. I find watercolor pencils so hard to work with. I find your handling impressive. I love the way you painted the woman, although I think she would look much better if she were off center. Try a paper or digital crop and see if you agree.

09-04-2013, 07:09 AM
Thanks Jan! i completely agree about the composition, I thought that once I'd started painting but it was too late by then! Maybe I will do another one with her off to one side : Is the water ok though? is there anything you would do to improve it?

09-04-2013, 09:02 AM
Abigail, I think it's GREAT! I like her elbows, great shading there and with the highlights on her back. Jan makes a good point about the composition and a minor crop would solve that.

09-04-2013, 09:08 AM
Thanks! I think the colours are a bit off, my pc is broken so had to upload to my laptop where it looked completely different to the original so had to adjust, but looking at it on my mobile it looks awful!

09-04-2013, 12:58 PM
SUPER figure Abigail. Maybe the water ripples could be softer.


Deborah Secor
09-04-2013, 01:04 PM
This one is quite good. Don't touch it! The lady is beautifully painted--and I agree, watercolor pencils are hard to make behave well. You did a good job. I love the way you handled the shadow from her hat.

If you do another one with water, take into consideration that you create a sense of flat water moving away from you by letting the "ripples" be wider in front, and closer together as they recede. Distant water is almost like tweed cloth, becoming just dashed strokes very far off. You've done that, of course, but maybe a bit of exaggeration would pay off, making what's in front even wider next time.

09-04-2013, 01:41 PM
Thanks Doug and Deborah, I will definitely take your advice next time. I didn't have a clue about painting water and the ripples in the ref photo were quite complex so I simplified it a lot, hopefully I'll get better with practice! :)
Is the composition better in this crop?http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m93/abijones_2006/Art/ac5fe422-d79a-4344-a8cd-691d3e42523b_zps3f087ba3.jpg (http://s102.photobucket.com/user/abijones_2006/media/Art/ac5fe422-d79a-4344-a8cd-691d3e42523b_zps3f087ba3.jpg.html)

09-04-2013, 04:29 PM
I like this! The swim suits creates a nice contrast..my opinion is redo it and try a darker background which would make the figure stand out. As it is the water is to busy but I still enjoy seeing it as is also.
When in doubt save this one and repaint another using all these great suggestions from the crew.

09-04-2013, 11:24 PM
I like it, Abi! Feels like I know her somehow. :thumbsup:

09-05-2013, 02:37 AM
Hi - I am late :wave:
IMHO You have 2 problems ;)
1 The line where body and water meet is not stright - ist a curve - following the body
2 There is a little part of the body visible under the water - or a reflection ????


09-05-2013, 04:09 AM
Thanks for the comments :)