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08-31-2013, 06:58 PM

Welcome the the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us.


08-31-2013, 07:10 PM
I just want to let you all know that due to circumstances beyond my control, the last couple of months have been a bit of a write-off for me. Hopefully things are back to normal (whatever that is:confused: ) and I will be able to participate here more. I feel that when I am unable to paint, it is kind of hypocritical to participate in a thread that is dedicated to goals.

Anyway, I hope everybody will continue participating in the Goal Post. The more, the merrier!


09-01-2013, 01:13 AM
My goals for September are:

1) Finish the oil pastel painting I am working on by September 3.
2) Start and complete another oil pastel painting by September 12.
3) Take photos of the above paintings by September 13.
4) Submit two paintings to the OPS online show by September 15.
5) Paint four paintings using oilbars.
6) Clean and organize the studio. My wife and daughter said they would help me with this goal. Too much lifting for me to do by myself.

The first four goals are all related to one another, but by being broken down into individual goals, it should help attaining them. I have never entered an art show before. You don't know until you try.

Playing with some new toys (W&N Oilbars) should make goal 5 fun and doable.


09-01-2013, 03:18 AM
Hi Doug, I thought something must have interrupted you with your goals. I hope you have better luck with them this month. I did manage some of my goals but the month went by so fast that I missed yesterday completely. I managed a start on the pastel box (I hear the hoorays from here) and finished a gouache that's been hanging around for months. It's the lobster boat on Seaford shingle beach in gouache corner. I have also reorganised our art spaces so that our art room can remain a dining room for a while. This meant rationalizing some of my art equipment. I did the underpainting of a portrait in acrylic and I hope to complete this in oils this month.
I took my wife up to see her brother's change of house yesterday. It took virtually all day as he lives in London.
My goals for this month are to do:-

a) an acrylic painting
b) an oil painting
c) a watercolour or gouache painting
d) a spotlight
e) a CP image
f) some more on the pastel box

Non art goals are:-
g) Over see the fitment of new electric meters
h) continue archery practice
I) get a new reverse indicator fitted to my car (warranty job that necessitates a trip to Seaford)

09-01-2013, 12:52 PM
Jim- I checked out your gouache painting. You did a very good job on the boat and the sandy beach has great texture. Gouache is a very under rated medium that a lot of people don't even realize that it exists.

You have a good variety of goals that should keep you busy and entertained this month. The rearranged dining room/painting area should help make it easier to paint when you want. It is easier to be creative when you have a designated painting/drawing area. Good luck with your goals.


09-01-2013, 03:32 PM
Doug, your first art show? How exciting! :thumbsup: Best wishes in achieving your goals this month. And thank you for this monthly thread - even if you have an off month, remember that your contribution here helps keep other artists on track and thinking about making progress :) It is appreciated.

Jim, one of the pastel box "hoorays" was mine :clap: I hope you'll post a photo when it's done.

I surprised myself today by doing a Spotlight, so I will stun myself by crossing something off of the list I hadn't even written yet. (Do a Spotlight: CHECK!) It's not at the level of a finished piece, and it's way out of my comfort zone subject-matter-wise, but it got me to the drawing table, so that means it was a success.

Beyond that, I hope 1) to do at least one more pastel exercise, whether from the WDE or another Spotlight, and 2) to make some progress on my next portrait project. I have to go easy on myself because this will be an unusually busy month at work, so any progress on it at all will make me happy. Hats off to everyone with warm wishes for September!

09-01-2013, 04:19 PM
Grinner- Thanks for the kind words. I just did a search to find out how long I have hosted the Goal Post. August 2008!:eek: Five years! Where does the time go?

Congratulations on your Spotlight painting! One down and two to go! I hope you find time to paint during your busy month. Good luck.


09-01-2013, 07:58 PM
Hi there, Friends!
Doug, Good to see you back....hope this month is good to you.
Jim, you always amaze me at all that you have to do....
Grinner, I love you Spotlight! Good to get you out of your comfort zone.

Like Doug, last month was a bummer for me. I am hoping to get back into the swing (painting) of things this month, but medical issues get in the way.
So goals will be slim this month...but I intend to:

get 2 paintings done for the next art League show (Oct).
do one Spotlight

That's about it....anything more will be gravy...

09-02-2013, 12:16 PM
Thanks Doug and Judi! :)
I've just decided to add something to my goals list. You know the 100 Variations thing that Marla Baggetta did in 2009 (http://marlabaggettastudio.com/GalleryMain.asp?GalleryID=74281&AKey=3YH3YL29)? She did 100 paintings of the same size and same composition, but using different colors/values/schemes/underpaintings/.... There was a story about it in The Pastel Journal in Fall 2009 if you have issues that go back that far. Anyway, I thought that was such a cool idea when I learned about it in the past year or so. What a wonderful way to 1) get painting, period, 2) do it with no pressure given the size and the 30 minute timeframe, and 3) get creative/try new things - same composition but different approaches. How many different ways can you paint the same scene? It's like a brain challenge.

So, I've decided to try something like this. I won't say I'll go to 100, but there's no reason I can't commit to 20 and see where it goes from there. As such, my additional goals for this month are:
1) to do the prep work: choose a photo reference, sketch out the composition that I will use for the variations, tape that sketch to my drawing board, decide on a size, and set aside 20 sheets of paper/support at that size,
2) List some ideas of schemes/styles/techniques I'd like to consider trying,
3) Pick one and get started! I will aim low and say one painting per week for now just because I don't want to set myself up for doing this daily and then disappoint myself. I already noted that this month will be crazy. But setting aside time on a weekend day each week is very doable. A nice, calm, achievable goal. If I do more, great!

I see that Deborah Secor started a thread (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=585905) in '09 asking who else in WC might like to try, and here are some of the results (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=591013).

09-02-2013, 11:03 PM
Hi Doug , thanks for commenting on the gouache. Yes not a lot of peeps realize its potential. I didn't pick up on the show you are entering but grinner highlighted it so I hope that goes well for you. So you have been hosting 5 years - do you get a badge for that:clap: :wave:.

Hi Grinner, lovely spotlight. I do like that orange and blue. 20 paintings is a good number to commit yourself to. And do-able at one a week. I wish you lots of luck with that.

Yes I think everyone deserves a viewing of this pastel box. Although the sides that I have glued together do not all come to the same height..... Practice was what I was doing I think :lol:. Come to that the hardware store I got the ply from do not cut square either. I may have to get some more cut and sand down to size. If this is not ship shape I'll have egg on my face :angel::clear:.

Hi Judi good to see you with some goals too. I'll look forward to seeing your spotlight then. I hope you are picking up on the health side and getting back into the swing of things.

I have managed one of my goals today which necessitated a trip to Seaford to get a reversing indicator replaced. There are four of them on the car and another has gone so, another trip and, if the part was as quick in coming as before it will be before the month is out.

09-03-2013, 03:18 AM
Judi- I hope your medical challenges are soon behind you and you can get on with the things you like to do. Health problems are no fun and can sap all of our energy. Good luck with your goals and thanks for the good wishes.

Grinner- Yes, I remember the article in the Pastel Journal, and I think it is a wonderful challenge. Good luck with it. With more time at the easel, it can only be a good thing.

Jim- Is there a five year badge????:clear: ;) I just can't believe I have been doing it that long. I used to participate in the thread when Piper hosted it. Time just flies.

Good going on a non art goal. Now where is that box?:evil:

I haven't been able to do much painting. My body is just not cooperating, but I have done a few things. I worked on the first painting for a while this afternoon and did the under painting for the second painting this evening. I also had help from my wife to move some things around in the studio. So even though no goals have been achieved, there has been some progress made. Little steps.


09-03-2013, 06:12 PM
Grinner, I remember that article and all her wonderful variations. I've been tempted all this time too. Will definitely be looking forward to your version. It might even work for other subjects, like a nude or my cat.

Doug, wow! Looking forward to seeing your OPS paintings, they sound great.

Jim, great goals! Congratulations on the pastel box progress! You are so lucky. I have a non-assembled pochade box but I didn't manage to get that into any of the boxes already sent to San Francisco, so that project is procrastination by distance. I probably would have done it already if it was in the boxes I got.

Last month despite getting thrown offline twice, I did accomplish my art goal and did much more than one per week sketching.

Art goals:
Draw or paint at least weekly...
Continue doing oil pastels pieces to go on the outside of my door (first three are posted in Oil Pastel Studio)
Paint at least one Spotlight piece
Organize my art supplies.

That last, I started doing it while I was offline and discovered cool things I had trouble getting at, put them in reach again. Now continuing to sort and organize to see what I have and make it all a bit more usable. This will be a slow process throughout the month, being physical-intensive. It's about time though, the clutter was getting ludicrous.

Non-Art Goals:

Fill out the paperwork for the work plan business proposal. I found out how they do it, not pay my expenses out of what the business produces but they pay all my startup costs until it's supporting me. So now I am rewriting all my plans with that in hand and trying to plan it to get self supporting as fast as possible. Things like hiring a professional to do the formatting instead of doing it myself, hiring my editor, and of course site starts for more like the Oil Pastels site.

So that and continuing to edit my old books and stories are my non-art goals. The proposal tops the list, the sooner I send it in, the sooner I could see these things start happening.

09-03-2013, 07:23 PM
Doug if there isn't a five year badge then we should design one. A place where my father worked used to do this in increments of five years. I think piper must have been before I saw this page. Ok on the little steps and they are in the right direction.

Hiya Robert, I'd have liked to have seen your pochade box. They can be so individual and different, fascinating. I wonder which spotlight you will go for – no cats this month. I totally agree with putting stuff within reach. It's so much of an effort (and off-putting) to have to go look for something I need at that awkward moment – or even to start something. I think – no, I'll do that again. Unless I have a pressing goal it wont get done,
I also like that you don't have to bear the start-up costs. What a good way to do it.

I did achieve another non-art goal today. My smart meters were installed. One for the gas and another for the electric. So we lost sources of energy for a while but only I was up and noticed.
Methinks I'll have to redo that start of the pastel box as it is an unprofessional finish. Perhaps I can take a photo that highlight the inaccuracies of the sides and the un-squareness of the base/lids. I am the first to admit my non-carpentry skills but even I can see these are out :angel::clear:.
I did expect this so have plenty in reserve, besides I only get asked to do a job once :lol:.
I am in the middle of up-grading SWMBO's Dell Studio One from Vista to W7 but have hit problems. The chaps at FreePChelp are helping me.

09-04-2013, 12:29 AM
Jim, thanks for the kind words about the Spotlight exercise! Meanwhile, now I really want to see photos of the pastel box! ;) For the record, I maintain that perfect right angles are overrated.

Robert, congratulations on achieving last month's goal! That is always something to celebrate. And though it can be tedious, organizing the art area/supplies is always fun in a way. Hope you enjoy the process as well as the result. :)

Doug, thanks! I'm on my way - I did number one, but realized I don't like the composition much, so I'm going to tweak it and start over. But I feel great that I've gotten started :cool:

09-04-2013, 11:30 PM
Robert- Good luck with the work plan. It sounds like you are onto something that will help you be self supporting. Good luck. You deserve a break or two.

Your door is looking great with all your oil pastel pieces. Cleaning up can be a fun experience when you find things you forgot you owned. That's how I got onto oil pastels. I found an old Reeves set and had so much fun playing with them, I had to order some good one. So I guess cleaning up can be costly too.:lol:

Jim- Yes, Piper has been gone from WC for a while. She popped in here a couple of years ago to let us know she had some changes going on in her life, but never returned.

Good luck with that pastel box. It will be a big tick when you get that thing done.

Grinner- Getting a composition you are happy with is a very good idea when doing any painting, but even more important if you are doing the same painting over and over. I think this will be a great exercise.

I worked on both oil pastel paintings today and don't know if I like either of them. I will continue on, but time is running out to start another painting, so if I am going to do another one, I better decide in the next day or two. It is a learning experience and I am painting every day, so I am not upset. I am enjoying the process.


09-05-2013, 11:22 AM
Grinner, it's good that you have a good design to get you started on the marathon paint of yours. Best of luck with it. I have a love/hate relationship with oil pastels, some fine, others? Yuk!

Hiya Doug and are the OP put up anywhere? I have done work with them that I am very satisfied with but a wee dog has me beat in OP.

It took most of yesterday to get W7 on the Dell that SWMBO is donating to her grandson who is off on a TTC next week. We finished after 12:00 midnight last night and the chap helping me online from freepchelp was down in France. He came online after his work had finished.

Well I took a photo of the 'out of square bottom and lid & unequal heights of the sides' to show you and because there is little going on I have included a photo of them clamped. Notice the extra lathes of wood just in case my woodwork is as bad as I remember it :lol::angel::clear:

I cheated and used a circular saw to go along the length of the lathes.
A pity I didn't have a saw bench.:o
Next they had to be glued together one needs a lot of clamps or

failing the clamps test use bricks or anything else weighty to keep them in contact for whatever time is prescribed by the glue manufacturer.


And of course they are all over the shop, out of square, uneven height sides etc. So will have to have another start - just like my paintings.


Well I hope this kept you amused for a little while :lol: it did me:D

09-05-2013, 07:39 PM
Good luck, Jim. That's so frustrating if the pieces keep going out of true. Looks like a fun project, thanks for the photos! I hope the one I've got in Arkansas in pieces didn't warp when it got stored, that could be ugly when I finally get it back.

09-06-2013, 03:05 AM
Ooh, I love the process photos, Jim! Congrats on making the effort, and on learning along the way. If it didn't work this time, I hope you are having some fun working with the wood!

P.S. I am using soft pastels for my challenge - haven't touched oil pastels for years! But maybe that would be a good alternative to add to my little list of variation possibilities... hmm...

09-08-2013, 10:48 PM
Hello everyone. Popping back in to report that I got two variations done this weekend - one yesterday and one today. They look terrible, but 1) I did them, and it's meant to be a learning experience, so I'm still happy, and 2) I like the second better than the first, so just think how I'll feel about #20! :D

09-09-2013, 03:08 AM
Hi Grinner and thanks for the encouragement. Ok on the oil pastels, I feel that they are quite a bit different to soft pastels and require a technique all of their own. Robert is the resident expert on these though so listen to what he says. Have you posted up the two you have done yet? We are a curious bunch and like to see these things.

I have done something toward my non art goals and one not mentioned at the beginning of the month. With freepchelp I was able to get W7 on the Dell Studio one that SWMBO is giving to grandson. Glad that one is finished, I think she has also finished with Windows as she is now talking Apple Mac.
I cannot remember how high the sides have to be, about an inch (25.4mm) plus the width (3mm) of the ply used for the compression plate. And another mm for the swing hinges that must be below the lid level. That means the sides are too high at present so may be able to save those lathes I've done :) by planing to size.
I'm off to Seaford this morning to get the other reversing sensor fitted. I said the part might be here early and it is.
Jim (off to Seaford)

09-10-2013, 07:24 AM
Jim, I haven't posted any shots - the plan is to maybe post a composite once the whole series is done. Even then, I might just keep this as an exercise... like the warmup that no one else ever, ever needs to see :lol: Will report back. And I hope you had a productive trip to Seaford.

09-11-2013, 04:59 AM
like the warmup that no one else ever, ever needs to see :lol: Will report back. And I hope you had a productive trip to Seaford. Hiya Grinner.
Yes thanks and was home before SWMBO woke up :lol:
She looked alarmed and inquired of the time, I re-assured her it was still early (09:20) and gave her her early morning cuppa :angel::).

"like the warmup that no one else ever, ever needs to see :lol:"????
Oh I know - like the CP of the NB that I did last month. It went into bin 13 :lol: So I'm doing it again this month.:clear: How does one do tree foliage in CP?
Last month's attempt was not up to SWMBO's standard "push the darks" she said and of course I do what my critic says.

Crumbs, summer did not last long here. It's cold and wet out. Bright but cold and wet. Looks like that pastel box is a long term project if the summers last only a few days :lol::lol:

09-12-2013, 12:43 AM
Jim- I know your woodworking skills must be better than mine. All your photos make it look like you know what you are doing. I am sure you will enjoy using the box when it is finished, knowing you made it with your two hands.

Too bad summer is finished over there. It was 30c here today and I think it is supposed to be nice for a while. I'll send some heat over to you. We can spare a few degrees.

Grinner- I always say it is better to enjoy the process more than the outcome. That helps take the pressure off and you can enjoy the process.

Regarding oil pastels, Jim is correct that they are very different than soft pastels. There is a lot of blending with tools. I use color shapers and use them to paint with, just like a brush. If you use a sanded or textured support, you can scumble the last layer or two. Trial and error and lots of fun.

I started another oil pastel landscape today and it is coming together quickly and I actually like it, which is very different for me. I usually hate my paintings from start to finish, but I enjoy painting them. Weird? I am starting to do things without really thinking about them, so I guess that is a good sign. Now I just have to finish it in the next day or two and hope it turns out alright so I can enter it in the show.

Things have been a little busy around here. Yesterday I spent the day with our daughter. She had to have oral surgery to have three wisdom teeth removed. We had to drive over an hour to the medical office and then I had to sit and wait for her to wake up and sit though an info session. We then had to get the prescriptions filled, buy her a smoothie and sit in the car while she drank her lunch and took her meds. We left the house at 9:00am and got back home around 3:30pm and then I had to go buy ice cream for home made milkshakes. After dinner I sat in my recliner and fell asleep very early. She is doing fine today and she might even try some solid food tomorrow.

On top of that, a stray cat decided to take up residence under some small branches we cut from some small trees and shrubs in our back yard. I thought it was just her, but my neighbor said he had been feeding a stray cat because she was hanging around his house and she look pregnant. Pregnant!!???:eek: I walked towards the pile of branches and I heard the squeaking of kittens. Now I am trying to find someone who will come and get them. The SPCA is full and they are looking into some way that they can help. I told them that we do not have any pets, but I don't want anything to happen to them and if we just leave them, then there will be wild cats roaming the neighborhood and they won't be spayed or neutered. I am waiting to hear from them.

Never a dull moment and all I want to do is paint.


09-13-2013, 02:14 PM
It is never a dull moment in the life of an artist!

This forum helped me so much in July preparing for my shows (sold 6 pieces!) that I'm doing it again to get me moving for September:
Art Goals:
A . Do a painting of Bon Jovi my boss asked my to do over a year ago. Hard to say no to my boss, I just need to do it and get it DONE. Listen to some hair metal and get back to my Jersey Girl roots…
B. Do a painting of "Dead Animals" as I affectionately call them - dead pets - for a coworker. Its an honor to do this, but I never met these sweet things and the photos aren't the best ( esp. the one of the fluffy black dog). Its a compositional challenge with 3 animals, ...once again I am just making excuses....
c. A beach painting for mom-in-law for holidays. This will be more fun, I did one for her 5 years ago and everyone loves it.....but I've moved on stylistically. I don't want to paint that tight anymore, so representationally, but she wants them matchy-matchy....do you sense my whine? As my hubby would say, "Do you want some cheese with that whine?" Ugh.

Because once these 3 things are done I can start:
D. Portraits of my daughter and son. I got the vision - oh, you know the 3am feeling when the vision hits - and I need to work them out. I see each as a diptych, but not equal in size, somewhat tight, but moody than my current colorful work. Their portraits might not even end up in the actual finished paintings. Many of Wyeth's paintings were portraits, even thought in the editing and study and repainting process more and more got left out. If I could I'd be working on these now. Love love love painting people.

And yes, after committing and saying yes to projects A B C a year ago, I have learned to say "No, I’m sorry I can’t do that at this time. I know another artist who might be able to help you, if you’d like!" Thank God!!!![/quote]

09-14-2013, 12:23 PM
Hi Doug,
I think this is a great idea. Here are my goals for September.

1) Finish my mix media piece before
2) Prepare and frame at least three pastels before October 1
3) Make at least two more pastels before October1

09-15-2013, 03:40 PM
Jennifer- Great to hear that setting goals helped you out in July. Sales are always a good thing.:thumbsup: That is quite a variety of paintings you have planned. And yes, I KNOW that 3am feeling. lol You can't get back to sleep because you are so excited about the new idea.

Good luck with your goals.

Robert- I am glad you like the idea of this thread. Goal setting can be a very valuable tool. Good luck with your goals. It sounds like you are going to let the dust fly in the next few weeks.:thumbsup:

I finished the second oil pastel painting yesterday and I took some good photos of the paintings and tweaked them in PS this morning. I am happy with the paintings, considering I have only been using op's for four months. I will post a link when I post them in the OP Studio.

Now I just have to prepare and send the email to the OPS and that will be the first four goals done.:D


09-16-2013, 08:02 PM
1) Finish the oil pastel painting I am working on by September 3. Done
2) Start and complete another oil pastel painting by September 12. Done
3) Take photos of the above paintings by September 13. Done
4) Submit two paintings to the OPS online show by September 15. Done

I did it! The paintings were submitted yesterday and I got confirmation that they received them today. I thought I would feel nervous about this, but I don't. I guess posting painting here on WC where the whole world can see them helps make you ready for entering shows. I don't have much hope in winning anything, but it's a start. It helped get me painting, so I guess I have won after all.;)

Here is a link to the two op landscapes is you are interested. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1329257

I hope you are all painting up a storm!


09-17-2013, 09:58 AM
Congratulations, Doug! Taking the first step is the hardest....

09-17-2013, 06:48 PM
Thanks, Judi. One step at a time.:)


09-18-2013, 10:23 PM
Great job, Doug! Congrats :)

09-20-2013, 12:05 AM
Boy here it is nearly the end of the month and I haven't put in one single goal or comment.

Doug thanks for sticking with us four five years you have helped a lot of artists shape up in that time. If you have an off month not to worry as we all do.

I have been adopted by a new furry friend and he does not alway appreciate the time I spend on the computer! We have had him three weeks and he is a four and a half month ball of energy. The last couple of days he has been haring around the house over and under things in mad cat fits. My husband the cat hater plays with him a lot. He is going to get fixed tomorrow. ( the cat not my husband) so things should be quieter tomorrow!

I have been making Halloween paintings to turn into cards for a fund raiser at our art studio. The cat has a staring roll. Did I mention that he is a black cat!
So I have been painting just not talking much.

Good luck to everyone with a their goals. Mine it to finish the last painting and turn all four into cards to sell.

09-20-2013, 06:20 AM
Is the site still playing around? I thought I had posted which I thought had showed- then disappeared - then returned but now is nowhere to be seen :(.
Never mind, we'll get by :wave:
Hi there Jen, so you have a new cat. Glad it serves more than a tinned food gobbler - a model once a year at Halloween is better than nothing.

Hi there Doug and great on the goals achieved. Also that you have braved a show. I do hope all goes well.
As to the woodwork, I am hopeless - but I have confidence and I have some tools. Looks good doesn't it :lol:

Hello Judi, some good goals there and I do hope you have some good luck with them.

I have not concentrated on my goals, I have been pulled every which way. I did start a new art class on Tuesday last and have since done a gridded graphite of a portrait of the model we used - oh did I say it was a portraiture class? It will prepare me for doing a residential class later this year hopefully.
OK, I'd better get on with some goals :wink2:

09-21-2013, 12:37 PM
2/3 through month report...

Art goals are wobbly though I did get one more Oil Pastels piece up on my door. I did the gator from the OP challenge and really like him. Have been doing little sketches occasionally but think I may have missed a week to being too immersed in writing.

Art goals:
Draw or paint at least weekly...
Continue doing oil pastels pieces to go on the outside of my door (first three are posted in Oil Pastel Studio)
Paint at least one Spotlight piece
Organize my art supplies.

Non-art goals was the Work Plan proposal. Working on it turned into a full time proposition, I've been immersed in it. Trimmed off some expenses on account of not working in that direction. Decided not to do more sites like the Oil Pastels site because the best start will be to put all the novels and stories I have done that are workable into online commercial-quality sales first. But then put a good done-by-someone-else professional Author Site onto the expenses.

Been making decisions, juggling it and changing my mind as I work out the best direction. Turns out the best thing to do with my art is use it for contest prizes and promotional items rather than try to do cover paintings when i'm nowhere near James Gurney's skills - and if I did, the cover painting would take as long to finish as the novel. Try to do that for every short story and it'd take too long to be independent, because while I could do one that good now, it'd take much more than a month. Like maybe a year of preliminary pieces to get ONE book cover that good.

The whole reason I could not live on my art career was that no matter how good I get at it, I can't produce enough new pieces to live on at the size I do, thanks to the disabilities that limit my working time. Writing is the thing I could do full time around my limited time and body energy, because I can work on it during moderately bad days at no loss of quality and even really bad days can do some and rework it later when I feel better. It goes to full speed with all those editors doing the part that doesn't come easy.

So that proposal is going really well, it's just taken a lot more time than I thought. I've still got 8 or 9 days to do a Spotlight, so I might get that done. Want to because I love the theme and photos.

Eh, I hit my limits again. Big deal, that happens. The cool thing about the proposal is that every round makes it more solid. It's not a matter of if I can become self supporting again so much as When. I set a long term goal of "by the time I'm 62" so I don't need the smaller check of "early retirement" and can let the Social Security mature completely, get it at 65 or 68 or whatever the "full amount even if you're working" threshold is.

09-21-2013, 12:47 PM
Jen, congratulations on getting a new young black cat! Did you know they are extra loving and cuddly? It's something tied to coloration, black cats tend to be sweet. Kittens of course do that insane rocket kitten thing at that age, he's just being normal for his age group. Mad cat fits are standard, he's just playing, Ari did that as a kitten. Neutering may calm him slightly and sooner. Ari got late neutering after he'd gotten up to his full huge size and was a bit crazy right up till it happened. He was aggressive with anyone who didn't like me or was scamming me, violent sometimes, and stopped doing "pre-emptive clawing" after he had that. Now he just snubs annoying people but deliberately rewards anyone who's nice to me by head bumping and friendliness.

Your little fellow will live longer too, the lifespan of a male cat increases by a dramatic number of years with the procedure. So glad the cat-hating husband plays with him and is getting to like him as an individual. I don't like dogs but I've been won over out of it by well behaved ones and lovable ones in the past, down to where it's just "I don't like ill mannered dogs especially if they are so large they're a physical threat."

And of course he'll settle into the role of furry muse so fast! They do get jealous of computer time. Ari always slithers into my lap while I'm on the computer and relaxes watching the screen, but I should be scritching him and he'll let me know that with mews and head bumps and loud purrs.

Jim, sounds fun in that portraiture class! I remember doing gridded portraits, it helps so much. Go you!

Doug, wow! All goals done! What a sweep! Way cool.

Judi, good goals! Onward!

Ari purrs and sheds cat hairs of inspiration on everyone.

If I don't have time to do the "misty hobbits scene" turning the red boat gray on Spotlight, I'll probably at least do pears before the month ends.

09-23-2013, 09:28 PM
Grinner- Thank you!

Gen- A black cat for Halloween! Sounds spooky! I bet those cards will turn out great with the little black fur ball as a model. Glad to hear it's him how is getting fixed and not your husband. :lol:

Thanks for the kind words, Gen. I was just shocked at how long I have been hosting this thread. Where does the time go?

Jim- I think the post you are thinking of was posted over in the OP section in my two landscapes thread. Not to worry. This place is so large it is easy to misplace a post.

A portrait class? A brave man! I have heard that if you can draw a portrait and get a likeness, then you can draw anything. That's why I like landscapes. No one know what that tree actually looks like.:evil: Don't feel bad about being pulled every which way. It happens to all of us. Keep at it!

Robert- You are getting more and more organized with your plan. You are the only one who knows what you can accomplish and how long it takes you. It sounds like you are giving this a great deal of thought and it will be great to see you become self supporting.

It is nice to see you are still squeezing in some art. He will always find time to do art, and like me:clear: , you have art supplies on hand to use at any time. Good to see you back here, Robert. We missed you.

I haven't done thing with art since the last OP show painting. I have been too busy looking after that stray cat and her kittens on our back patio. Momma is starting to trust us and lets us pick her up at pet her. We took over the feeding from the neighbour and she comes into the house to eat and she wanders around. We have boxes with towels in them set up around the basement, hoping she will decide to bring her kittens inside. We are feeding her a lot of kitten food and she loves it. We think there are four kittens, but we have just caught glimpses of them so far. They have gotten sturdier on their feet since we started feeding the mother with kitten food. Kitten food is higher in protein and helps produce more milk. Good old Google!;)
The plan is now to keep the mother cat, if she lets us, and one of the kittens. We have one of the kittens spoken for already and maybe one more. When we get back from my daughter's job interview tomorrow, I think I will phone a vet and see what they think we should do. I am afraid to disturb the branches and pull them out, because I don't know what Tuffie (yes we named the mother already) will do. In 32 years of marriage we have never owned a pet and now we have at least five! Unannounced! I even went and bought a litter box today! :cat: My daughter is calling the cat and her litter "the crazy cat lady starters kit.":lol:

So that's what I have been up to. I hope to have a studio cat or two in the near future.


09-24-2013, 03:38 PM
Doug, congratulations on your cat Tuffie and her four kittens! They should really name it "Kitten and Mama food" since it's recommended for pregnant cats and lactating mothers as much as for kittens themselves. Bit convenient too as she will start sharing with her kittens when they start weaning. What a beautiful story!

Tempting the "Crazy cat lady starters kit" indoors is going to be the tricky part. It's so fantastic you have one or two kittens already spoken for. That's the way to do it. They will all have a better life than they would out in the wild. It helps to handle the kittens, talk to them, spend time with them.

As they get out of the nest more, playing with them is very good for them. Get them adjusted to the "house cat" way of life, help them understand human body language and affection. Tuffie too, the more often she sees you coming out with the food and helping her with this and that, the greater trust. This is incredible.

Cats in the studio are a tremendous help. They bring peace, inspiration, and develop a refined sense of exactly when to interrupt. Ari has never jogged my elbow when a painting or story is going well. He comes up and demands attention when I'm getting frustrated and haven't done anything but glare at it for minutes. He's a skilled muse at 13 years old but as a baby kitten he had to learn that and I indulged him.

I hope you can get a photo of Tuffie and her kittens soon. Try to get lots of good photo refs, kittens grow very fast and they're a great subject.

Jen, you too, I would love to see your rowdy young mini-panther! He'd be fun to paint, I see some striking black cat paintings created just with highlights on black surfaces.


Yesterday, managed my weekly art with an odd little watercolor. I waited outside for my appointment having a smoke and studying a pigeon as it walked around. As soon as I got inside, I pencil sketched and then watercolored two gestures from memory - fresh memory. Successfully captured the things I was trying to memorize about him (body proportions and where the iridescent head feathers changed from teal to purplish). Very simple small painting but another small breakthrough.

Painting or drawing from memory is one of my current challenges, it's one small step from that to painting more distant memories of things long gone and places I'll likely never see again. I went on lots of long road trips with my family as a kid to beautiful places. They linger in my memory and get sharper with every improvement to my art. Also it's a very small step from memory to pure imagination, gryphons that look as if they're real and so on. I still want to do some self illustration, it's just become a promotional thing rather than its own income stream or a necessity.

Progress on the work plan too. Got it critiqued and am doing another possibly final version this week. Therapist is going out of town, so I'll have a week without any appointments. Either time to rest up or at last, a chance to go out without having somewhere to go and something specific to do. Roam my neighborhood in the power chair or get on the bus and find out what's on its route, depending on cash.

The more I work on the Work Plan, the sounder it looks. It's not a question of if it'll work but how long it'll take. Hard goal, worst-case, I want to be self supporting again before I'm 62 and not cash out Social Security old-age till I'm 65 or 68, the age when I'd get the full amount.

09-24-2013, 04:16 PM
Jen, sounds like you've got your hands full, but best wishes with the new cat, and the cards!

Doug, cats for you, too! Cats for everyone! Have fun - I bet this will inspire some interesting artwork down the line.

Robert, how nice that you were able to get your plan critiqued. That must have been so helpful. I hope you enjoy your added you-time this week.

Jim, have a great time in the portrait class! I look forward to hearing what you learn. About to take one myself, so maybe we can compare notes.

I did another painting today after a while away from the drawing table due to totally foreseen work obligations. But I am now up to three paintings in my series, and my goal was one per weekend. There have been three weekends in September, so I am technically on schedule! Hooray for averaging. :D One to go...

09-25-2013, 05:00 AM
Hi there Doug. Well done on the cat front. The “Crazy cat lady starters kit”!! I like it, what a name. So you may well have some studio company then. Ok until holiday time then you'll have to find somebody to house sit or some other solution. They are fabulous company though as Robert will testify. We do need to see photo's though :lol:.

Hi Robert, sounds like you are narrowing in on the effectiveness of your goals. That is those goals which best fit your aims. And Ari seems to recognize when you are busy doing art stuff. Well trained eh? Thanks for the encouragement with the portraits as I can do with all the help possible :angel:. Good on you for doing the watercolour of the pigeon. Yes committing things to memory is a good exercise for the brain. Certainly to draw from.

Grinner, ok on the portrait class as well. I have tried and tried in all mediums and have yet to get a likeness. The closest has been with charcoal. Next week is Conte pencil again, after that we go to pen and ink. Where/what is your class? Is it a weekly one or a one day thingy or what? If you put them up give us the reference or URL please. I'd like to see them although the one you have already done that I saw looks very good. Way better than anything I have ever done.

Jen, the end of the month gets closer – today is the 25th of the month or 5/6 of the way through. OMM not a lot of time left then...... it would be nice to see a photo of your addition to the family. A bundle of fur is always good for the pastelists.

I have been taken away from my art goals this month.
The car has had it's reverse sensor fitted at Seaford. It didn't take long either.

Last week I took SWMBO to the portraiture class and when we got home I did a grid of the photo I took and sketched it out on a canvas. It is more like the model than the one I did in class :lol:. I think I'd be good at dreaming up what aliens from another planet look like :lol:.
Last week was graphite and this week it was Conte pencils and we did a male model which is up on another site I visit.

Now that it's up I see that I have made him too European looking. His bottom jaw is too far back.
I wasted a lot of time drooling over art gear online (hey I'm addicted – it's official :angel:) Well first off I have no Conte pencils, then having ordered them I realized I had nothing to carry them in! I have also been watching you-tube clips on portraitists. I suppose I could say my goals have changed......this month :wave: and at my visit to my Dr I had to take on board that I am overweight and it will affect my health if I do nothing about it. The chest xray, the ECG and the blood test all showed me to be clear of any problems. So I have another goal! Lose more than a few Kg (Lbs in old money).
Ah well, the end of the month is closing in.

09-25-2013, 05:31 PM
Doug, glad to see You experimenting with those Oil Pastels.
My beginning of the month was nothing pretty, so i didn't even have a chance to participate in "goal post". Maybe next month.

09-26-2013, 12:47 AM
Ugh. Know what's a not-at-all awesome way to spend an evening? Shaving the skin off Rembrandts. I'm working on a new pastel box for travel, and my studio area has half #1 of my Remmies. Sanded those down a while back, and it was TEDIOUS. Necessary, but tedious. Now I'm hoping to put the other halves to good use, but MAN. This is reason enough to buy another brand when it's time to replace these. It will take a long time for me to use them up, and I do like them once sanded, but I am not putting myself through this again. No more new Rembrandts for me unless they stop making them with this blasted coating! Grr :mad:

Jim, nice job on that portrait! I think you're better at this than you think you are.

09-26-2013, 12:58 AM
Doug sounds like you have gone cat crazy too. As soon as you can start handling those kittens so they will get socialized to humans. You are doing the neighborhood a great favor if you can get them all good homes but be sure and see that they all get fixed!
Ha, ha my husband is already fixed!
Here are a couple of pictures of our little black trouble maker. he has gained two pounds since we got him. I am feeding him kitten food and giving him what he should for his weight but was worried I was over feeding but the vet assistant said he is just in a growth spurt. He loves chasing mice (toy ones) and anything that moves and is so much fun to watch.
I have completed four Halloween cards. So not a wasted month.





09-26-2013, 04:59 AM
Hello Tatiana, well we sure know you have enough to do without writing out goals. It'll give us a rest from reading it all :lol:

Hi there Grinner and thanks for the vote of confidence. Perhaps I'm improving? Friendlier aliens? :angel:. I'll keep on trying, perhaps a new pencil case will help me draw better :lol:. Sorry to hear that the Rembrandts are a hassle to sand off. I've never had that problem – never had Rembrandts.

Hello Jen and that is a beauty of a black cat. I can see that he is going to love living with you, a lovely 'stretch-out' warm carpet, a tummy full of kitten food, a toy mouse – what more could a kitten need. Yes I can see what you mean by being worried about over feeding, explained by the vets assistant. Your painting made me chuckle though. It is funny.

Had another non-art problem to deal with this week, a toilet overflow was flowing. This was a new thing to me as it was one of the new types - the push button ones. It took a little working out and the diagram - courtesy of Google - was of no help. It was just a shred of plastic that was fouling the valve seat and when that was cleared all was well.
Time for a cuppa.

09-26-2013, 02:17 PM
Jen, love your painting! Cats for everyone! We should make Doug's description a new challenge thread "Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit" thread with lots of cat sketches, portraits, paintings, pastels that have been walked on by feline painters (yes a couple of my paintings got interesting cloud patterns, like, four toes and a pad shape appearing in the clouds.) And everyone contribute cat photos for the enjoyment of crazy cat ladies and cat gents who are currently catless.

I love that little black fellow. He is so handsome! His little white cravat is striking and in portraits makes a good contrast to his chin, helps give his face a touch more definition. Love those eyes, that expression. He looks so innocent, in exactly that "The stuff in the living room all rearranged itself by itself, it was some bloke from Hogwarts showed up. Honest." way. Cute Halloween card too!

Jen, may I please draw and paint from your little black kitten? He's so gorgeous and inspiring, you posted great photos.

Of course on Halloween itself, he needs an orange ribbon and bow on his neck to greet trick or treaters. The perfect greeter. I'll bet he'd love to chase a toy bat on a string. We had one back in Kansas, both Ari and Gemini loved it because the string was elastic, they liked jumping for it. Easily improvised putting felt bat wings on a toy mouse if you don't find one.

And yes, kittens do eat a lot and grow very fast. It's good to give them as much kitten food as they want. Fat cats show up fat later in life unless a kitten is so restrained it won't get exercise. All that tearing around making mischief turns it right into size and muscle. If you keep him entirely on dry cat food, good or best quality dry food, he won't get fat and will fall into a habit of eating exactly what he needs instead of overstuffing and getting fat. Most people who overfeed cats are doing it on canned food plus treats plus human-food treats that aren't as nutritious for cats. Ari has never gotten fat but he insists on his bowl being topped off several times a day for flavor (from the bin still has strong scent) and eats maybe four kibbles at a time - every few minutes as long as he's awake.

Jim, excellent portrait of Ivan. He's got a bit of a long jaw, measured his facial proportions and they're interesting. Great dimensional rendering and you got the difficult features splendid! His nose is perfect. Noses are a huge pain in portrait drawing, so take that as a big compliment. Getting eyes to look good is important but getting a nose to look like a nose is seriously tough (and will ruin good eyes and mouth if you don't get it right). Great mouth too. I like his expression. You captured an interesting moment and expression for him too.

Still working on the final version of the Work Plan and refining it. Today might be the big day for my Spotlight painting too, starting to get a clear idea of what I want to do with the pears and which pastels and paper.

09-26-2013, 04:41 PM
Yes, Jim, You are right... I have enough without writing it down. We finally lost my mom-in-law, went trough hospice and all sorts of things. I feel like I was skinned alive this summer. I guess the goal now will be - get over of all this and get a life... some kind of different one. May last 5 years were shared between my art and 2 old people who pretty much hated me and now they both are gone and I'm not sure what to do now with my "freedom". It will take time, to get use to it, I guess.

09-26-2013, 09:41 PM
Robert, thanks for the cat advice and please feel free to use my cat pictures. He is a cutie. I give him 1/2 cup of dry and a third of a small can of kitten food., with a few of treats a day so he will always come when called. He seems to be thriving. Sorry to digress non cat people!

09-26-2013, 10:19 PM
Jen, thank you! He's so beautiful and your photos have enough strong highlights that he'll be easy to paint. Adorable boy, such an innocent face, how could he ever get in trouble? (hahahaha) Great diet. I never measured the dry food but that does make sense with mixed like you're doing, that is so cool. I always just gave dry on demand, any age of cat.

Having rested and napped I'm going to do my Spotlight. It's crazy I waited till this late in the month to do one, especially when pears are easy.

09-26-2013, 11:32 PM
My cat days are over. It was all too much for me, so I phoned the SPCA again and told them I can't look after them any more. They arranged a foster home for them, so they are with caring people who know how to handle cats and kittens. I was sorry to see Tuffie go, but I did all I could for her. She still let me pet her in the crate at the SPCA, so I think she knows I meant well. Better than the idiot who owned her and dumped her off in a strange neighborhood. The staff at the SPCA said what I did was a very good thing and most people would have just let the raccoon's get them. Not MY cats. I chased a raccoon out of our yard at midnight, cursing and yelling while throwing lawn chairs and rocks.:lol: :lol: :lol:

So now I will have time to paint again. And sleep. Oh, and they do not destroy any animal. I bet Tuffie will end up staying with the foster family. She and the kittens will be fixed so they will not add to the unhealthy cat population in the area.




09-27-2013, 06:39 AM
Oh well done Doug! That sounds like a good idea. At least you know they will go to a home and not be put down. What lovely pics! Oh they do look cute! Thanks for the photo’s.

Sorry to hear of all your troubles Tatiana, and yes having to deal with, and do for ungrateful old peeps earns you lots of brownie points. When SWMBO retired early (ill health) and I asked her what did she want to do – she said she had no idea. She did do a stint at the CAB (citizen's advice bureaux- a voluntary post) until she she was no longer able. Then took up art and as her carer I went along with it. Well it was my favourite subject at school.
What will you do? What have you always wanted to do?

Robert you are honing and fine tuning your goals. Best of luck with them. I can quite see the point that it would pay better to write than to paint. A painting will only be sold by you once, after you have completed it. A book on the other hand may sell many more copies – especially online.
I hope all goes well with it.

Hi Jen, sounds like you have got that kitten's eating regime catered for. He'll grow up very fast so take plenty of pics now. :wave:

I look around my room here and I have so many unfinished images.... I really should make a separate set of goals just to complete them... ah well perhaps I'll procrastinate a little longer..... mustn't jump into anything now without any thought :lol:.

09-27-2013, 08:29 PM
Thank You, Jim!
I have plenty of things I like to do in my life... I just didn't have a way to do it for a while, the way I want to do it. For instance taking care of in-laws needs didn't leave much time for doing anything with my horses, other then give them some extra carrots. And whole bunch of other things was limited. I need to re-train myself to do things the way I did it BEFORE, not the DURING period of living with not-happy relatives. It will take some time. But having them here had its positive sides too... As this was an exact reason why I went back to painting. What is good.

09-27-2013, 10:37 PM
Only 3 days left in Sept. Guess I dodged having to set goals and making progress on them. Whew..... Have read the postings and everyone is doing so well, Robert with his financial/writing/art goals, Doug with his great good deed taking in Tuffie and her kids (they are so cute) and his painting, Jim with his portraiture (I took a peek and it looks good...people and florals are not my friends...), Tatiana for coming through a tough time and now taking a good look at where you next want to go, Grinner working on your challenge and Jen with your new muse for the Halloween cards. You're all an inspiration to me. I'll set a goal for Oct. for sure. (I know I've missed some posters...sorry...just this old brain)

09-28-2013, 12:27 AM
Doug, you did a great job of feeding and protecting them all when they were so vulnerable. They will now go on to have happy lives with good people. Toufie looks a sweetie and the kittens are adorable. If only people would get their pets spayed tree would not be all these problems with feral and unwanted cats and dogs.
Robert, I hope you post any sketches or paintings you do of Jinx on here. He is just such a rascal dashing about then sitting on my lap purring. He has the biggest eyes that were quite yellow at first but are starting to turn a bit green. Good luck with the writing. We love having you here and you always have wise advice so I hope you continue to pop in.
Tatania, I too looked after my MIL too but happily she was a sweetheart. It is hard work but at the end of it you know you have done your best. Take some time for yourself and give the horses lots of attention until you are ready to move on. Being a main carer for someone is overwhelming and draining and no longer having to do it is an adjustment.
Getdusty, if you are looking at and getting inspired by our goals you are on your way. You will get here.
Jim, good luck with the old paintings. You can look at them and maybe paint over and start over or finish a masterpiece. Lots of possibilities! I was told you have to paint at least 100 portraits before you get it so you are on your way. Each one gets easier. Note I did not say easy!
Grinner, way to go with your daily paintings.

09-28-2013, 05:48 AM
I have been up for some time this morning and realize that because today and tomorrow are fully booked one way or another I am unlikely to finish any more goals before the end of the month.

Welcome to the new Robert in Ohio. You may get mixed up with our resident Robert so I'd better refer to you as Rsako until told otherwise. I wonder if you managed any of the three goals that you listed? I'd be interested to know when you retired from teaching. I retired (early at 54) in 1996 (thanks go to Mrs Thatcher)

Hi Jenifervs, did you manage any of your goals this month. Sounds like you was quite successful last month. I have a pastel painting of a dog on my 'to do' list. It isn't dead yet though – but maybe by the time I get around to painting it :lol:.

Well done on your goals Doug. Yours were completed almost at the start of the month – or soon after. And you had time to sort the cat and her kittens!
JudiB, no need to be amazed at my goals as I am invariably pulled every which way to do other jobs and have to let goals slide. Did you get your two paintings done the next art league show next month? I have not watched the spotlight either so did not know if you have managed to do one.
Grinner well done on getting a couple or more of the practise ones done. You should be quite up to scratch when you have finished 20 of them.
Jen, I hope all is still well with you and your new cat. It's ok here as I have been a cat person in the past. We don't have one now as we do not like to be tied at holiday times etc. At least you have some cat cards done for Halloween.
Hi Tatiana. Phew you can let go that breath you've been holding :):clear:. I wonder which way/what will direct your interest/s? It will be interesting to hear.
Hello Robert, I wonder if you have managed to complete your 'back to writing' forecast yet? How does one do that? Do you start with a business model or something? Presumably draw up a time line of events maybe?

My goals for this month was to do:-

a) an acrylic painting FAILED
b) an oil painting FAILED
c) a watercolour or gouache painting ½ DONE - UNFINISHED
d) a spotlight FAILED
e) a CP image TICK
f) some more on the pastel box FAILED

Non art goals are:-
g) Over see the fitting of new electric meters TICK
h) continue archery practice ½ TICK AS RAIN STOPPED PLAY
I) get a new reverse indicator fitted to my car (warranty job that necessitates a trip to Seaford) TICK

I had to upgrade SWMBO's Dell Studio One from vista to W7 and messed it up but the chaps at freepchelp.co.uk sorted me out.
A WC (toilet) overflow was leaking and it took a bit of working out. Managed to sort it as it was a shred of black plastic on the valve seat causing the leak.
Went to a son's 10 year wedding celebration party.
Today off to Shoreham airport to give them all a scenic air flight – as a 'mark the occasion'.
Tomorrow is arrow slinging again :angel:.
PS It's now gone 09:45 and I started this hours ago. Phones etc.etc.

09-28-2013, 03:52 PM
Jim, may I ask...what is SWMBO?

09-28-2013, 04:44 PM
Jim, may I ask...what is SWMBO? Hi there get dusty. Sorry I didn't mention you. You new here so we'll let you off no goals this month :lol: Thanks for the favourable comments on my portrait.:)

SWMBO came in and hurried me up to go to Shoreham. Well she likes to drive slowly from the front passenger seat :lol:. I go too fast from the drivers seat :wave:
SWMBO is an an-acronym for She Who Must Be Obeyed. In other words her indoors or my wife :lol:. She prefers me to refer to her as SWMBO than her proper name. It gives her a bit of anonymity in this medium.

09-28-2013, 06:35 PM
Jen, it is really great when our older relatives founding their way to accept their age and just plane being nice. Didn't happen in our case, but let blame it at the fact of VERY advanced age and VERY deep dementia. I wish it would be any different, but Mom didn't know where she is, who we are etc. This is makes me feel better, perhaps it was not that personal after all. Yes, last 5 years of my life were nothing I was dreaming about, but I got my best out of it painting wise and it is already great. No I'll have more time, more room (look like I finally will have own studio and will not have to work on kitchen all the time!), I even have place to do lessons with few people, when time will be right for it. That my.. long, very long term goal. Not this September, not even October. Last month was a mess... I entered few shows on a run, don't even remember what shows, what did I enter etc... Silly, funny, but it is what it is. So far got two acceptance letter back, what is way better then beginning of the year, when I flanked just about every juried show I tried. Happens. Right now have one piece juried to Pastel Painters of Chicago (yes, Pastel, I still need to frame it too) and another one into AAPL Grand National (what thanks Lord is online this year, I don't actually have to ship anything anywhere).
Yes, I got to ride my horse yesterday... first time for the last two years and this is my biggest achievement of all AMHO.
Looking forward to spend more time with my two mares and make some systematic sense of all my art activities (if that is even possible). Spending more time out is another long-term goal. That is about all.

09-28-2013, 11:10 PM
Thanks, Jim....love the acronym

09-28-2013, 11:46 PM
Well, got this wek's art in, painted a still life in watercolor. Meant to pastel or oil pastel over an underpainting but the paint carried me away and it wanted to be a watercolor. Still working on the final version of the Work Plan, have an outline now and a clear idea of what it needs to be concise. Lots of work going into this, it's almost like grants writing or something. I think I've made good progress on it.

Jen, of course I'll post Jinx here. He's so beautiful. I was meaning to do him in pastels anyway. :D

Doug, so happy to see photos of those adorable kittens and their mum. I'm glad they came out all right, that you've got them taken care of well and they're all getting spay-neutered. They are so beautiful! Lovely box of kittens. Always goes right to my heart.

09-30-2013, 07:09 AM
Congrats to everyone on their progress! And Doug, bless you for handling the cat situation with such care.

I did my fourth variation of the landscape scene exercise, which covers me for September :) I am starting to hate the results less, too, which must mean I am improving! ;) Four down, sixteen to go...