View Full Version : New Studio - Easel (Lobo, Halley, etc.)

08-30-2013, 11:29 AM
Well, I've read the history of easels for pastel studios on Wet Canvas, and most of them are over five years old. I have browsed through the various studio setup pictured in Pastel Journal and online. I'm an experienced plein air guy, but I've not done much in the studio. Now's the time.

Generally, I work on the larger pad-size Wallis sheets--those are 12x18 inches with a masonite board behind. I suspect I will move up to 18x24 in the studio (max size).

In the field, I use a Jullian half-box, and I'm happy with it, but a studio easel should be more substantial, and besides, my Jullian is kinda beat-up. I'm not a fan of Soltek or Anderson. I like wood.

I remember liking the BEST Lobo easel, and I know that there are size-of-panel restrictions. I suspect this is my first choice. I really like the BEST Halley, but that may be too expensive and too massive for a first studio--if you use either of these easels, please tell me everything you can!

Acknowledging that a pastel easel must be able to tilt slightly forward, I wondered about other suggestions.

Lobo is the smaller, less complicated picture below.

Guidance is welcome.



Judy Manuche
08-30-2013, 08:45 PM
I have the Halley easel, I bought it second hand from an artist who was moving. I like it, it is very sturdy. It tips flat and fully upright. It is very heavy. My only dislikes are that sometimes the tightening screws holding the supports slip, which is probably more my fault than the easel. You have to really turn the screws to hold the work. The small tray that holds the stainless cup slips, too...don't put your arm or anything else heavy on it. Otherwise it is a good, stable studio easel....alas, I covet one that has pulleys! Someday.....

Kathryn Wilson
08-31-2013, 10:28 AM
I also have the Halley and love it, although I have experienced the same slippage that Judy mentions. A small price to pay for an easel I love. I bought my easel at one of Jerry's Artarama's Art of Carolinas and the price was very affordable.

I also have the first pictured easel, but it is not a Lobo, but Creative Mark daVinci and it's my every day easel for smaller works. It's stood the test of time, folds up easily to be moved - something to consider if you don't want to spend the bigger bucks for the Halley.