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08-27-2013, 11:45 PM
Pastel artist, Harley Brown is still talking over in book club forum. His username is Makinart. Some great thoughts there. If you haven't been there, come and read. Its a loooong thread, so I recommend starting at end and reading backwards for a bit.

Harley has an idea of getting some good conversation going, other than himself. Meaning, for 'us' to participate more in that thread. Here is partial quote of his latest post:

quote by Harley:

Wetcanvas has the ability to have artists compare their lives and
approaches. Freely back and forth within moments of one another. Often jumping
in to other conversations. Always with a positive attitude and in good nature.
(The "mad" artist who threw his canvas into the corner and screamed his angst
always came across to me as a bit overacting. Movie artists.)

Wetcanvas, there are many areas that can be explored: how to approach dealers,
pricing, the right materials, hours in the day, working a job with art, knowing
how and when a "style" is coming forth, lighting, family, differences in parts
of the countries, world; the good art schools, workshops, how to get the
inspiration going, what to do when a painting doesn't sell....is sent back, how

to work color, designs,......oh, well you know.

I've rambled on
here quite a bit over the years. There are a good bunch of people visiting this
section. The "rugman" steps in and shows some real life and a couple of others.
Here's the thing, this bunch would be ideal to get into some real down home art
chatter......both heavy and light. All of it will mean something to a degree.
Actually might make a difference.

I'd like to stand over in a corner and
maybe once in a while listen in. Perhaps walk over and join a good round of back
and forth. This has been a relative solo act for quite some time and now we can
bring in a "full company." A full fledged Broadway show with extemporaneous
happenings. Get a topic or two, or whatever, going and see where it takes us.

It is important just as it is in other chats going on with Wetcanvas.
Showing art and discussing everything under the sun and beyond.

-Harley- @HiyaHarley

here is link to his latest post, #792, page 53

hope to see some of you there......

08-29-2013, 01:42 PM
I followed that thread a while ago for a couple months. It tired me out, the conversations there are a bit too high minded for this simply guy. I looked at it again just now and if anything it's gotten even more esoteric. My hats off to you people that are deep enough to make sense of all that.