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08-23-2013, 03:23 AM
Nondescript AKA usual Friday here. Dump and providoring. Not at the same time of course.

Thinking heavily of Lyn Artmom today. Always were the same words echoing in my head, Grace. Courage. GRACE. Admiration. GRACE. BEST.:heart:


08-23-2013, 03:29 AM
Yes, Lyn and her lovely husband and family have been on my mind and heart all day too. How courageous..... :heart:

08-23-2013, 03:30 AM
Good morning Annie and all to follow.

Yes, a brave woman and I am privileged to have known her.

Well, a overcast but bright morning here, a breeze has got up and I think we are due for some rain.

I shall be provindering myself this morning too :)

PS Hi Lulu.


08-23-2013, 03:34 AM
Morning all.

Just read the Artmum thread...sad

Enough for now


08-23-2013, 05:05 AM
Hi Doug, Geoff......
Mild day again, 15C. Have hardly had a winter this year.

Just feeling too sad ..... I like that Lyn 'liked' my birthday wishes on my fb page the other day, bless her. :heart:

08-23-2013, 07:25 AM
Lunch with Tania nd Mandy..

Lyn and family are continually on my mind. :grouphug:

08-23-2013, 08:16 AM
I'm just so sad:crying: today. My heart is heavy because we will lose a good friend in Lyn who's been one of us and always will be. Her spirit will live on in all of us who she called "friends.":grouphug: All my thoughts and prayers are beaming their way. (((LYN & FAMILY))) May they find the peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

It's sunny this morning and mild. Upper 70's they say for temps. But next week HOT, Hot, hot...ugh...and humid too. Larry is not liking that forecast much. And the end of next week we are going north for our annual Labor Day weekend. Last Labor Day we scattered Dad's ashes at camp, this will be our 2nd Labor Day celebration without him. He would be so pleased that we are keeping up the tradition.:thumbsup:

I'm SO GLAD it's TGIF!! Both Larry and I are ready for the weekend. He's got this one off and we are planning on finalizing some purchases for the basement.:smug: FINALLY....moving forward.

We have to make a run to the landfill/dump with a couple of mattresses, one from our sleeper sofa that became toast after the flood and one that Justin has had in our garage for years. Plus the huge rug/carpet and underlayment we had in the family room.

There are a couple of festivals going on near here and we might go wander around and see what kind of things excite us.:thumbsup: I love this time of year, harvest time, cool crisp mornings and evenings, warm days, turning leaves...it's all coming.

Larry really has our lawn looking beautiful but our back yard will soon be a muddy mess.:confused: We are getting a new drain field put in and then it'll have to all be re-seeded and such.

I hope you all make the most of your day and accomplish somethings you really want to!

G'DAY:wave: :heart:

Scene Chaser
08-23-2013, 08:50 AM
Good Day All,

Art Mom is all about encouragement. She would PM me with concern about my forced retirement or my balance problem or to just tell me how much she liked her Kindle. Any question about her health was always returned with concern for me. What a proud family she must have.

A lovely and sunny day here. Could use some rain. My garden is drying early.


08-23-2013, 08:55 AM
Good morning from very sunny and warm SW of Ontario... we know that swimming will be on our agenda!

While my heart is so heavy with Lyn's decision, I'm sure that she wants us to remember our friendships with happy memories... we all have them! When I read her thread to my husband, Ted said that her post was incredibly Classy.

Darla, as we've been clearing out to renovate the basement for Magoo's new apartment, the dump has been a regular destination... it's amazing how much *stuff* we've accumulated just in case we needed it... :rolleyes: I can empathize with your effort... all that darned flooding is keeping you from keeping so much, eh?

Our Girls have a play date this afternoon at our house... I have to plan some activities for them (Lord knows it's tough for them to amuse themselves)... The internet is my friend.

Please have a great day, everyone... and hug your loved ones a bunch of times... :heart:

EDIT: Bill... you've posted a wonderful memory!!! :clap:

Here's mine... when my Army Son was posted overseas, she would send me a note or even telephone me to make sure that he (or me) was ok... She gently supported me through three terrible Afghanistan tours.

08-23-2013, 09:04 AM
Good Morning!!!

Another beautiful day in the making.

Laundry is done so today I need to do some housework. I should also have a go at my eight boxes of books in the basement because the library is once again accepting books for their massive book sale. Trouble is, I don't want to spend those lovely days in the basement.

Anne, I felt for your husband riding his bike in 70 km wind. He must have major stamina:thumbsup:

Nancy, I sooooo hope that this operation will fix your sciatica problem. Would be sooo nice, wouldn't it:crossfingers: :crossfingers:

Doug, I am so sorry your sciatica is playing up again.

I too am very sad about Lyn's health deterioration to the point of having to make such a decision.

Sending white light and thinking of you Lyn :heart:

:wave: to all here and all yet to come!!

P.S.: Char, yes, entertaining kids is WORK:lol:


08-23-2013, 09:12 AM
:wave: Provisioning here too....going to be hot, A/C on already. About to dash off.........

Thinking about Lyn, encouragement indeed Bill, just a few kind words that she enjoyed reading my posts, but it means a lot to me, thank you Lyn.


08-23-2013, 09:38 AM
Good morning everyone. I still have a lump in my throat from Lyn's post. I was at the office when I read it, and I had tears in my eyes. It is such a hard decision to make, but I understand why she made it.

Uschi, I have my fingers crossed, too! There is never any guarantee with surgery, but it helps when your doctor is considered the best in the area by other doctors. The fact that he is the doctor that they go to when they have their surgeries really puts me at great ease. I just want the numbness and pins and needles to go away.

Doug, I am so sorry that you are having sciatica problems, too. Your upcoming test is a very easy one, I have had it three times over the last 20 years. Mine turned out to be GERD with the added fun of a hiatal hernia which runs in my father's family.

Darla, I echo your TGIF. It could not come fast enough this week. I love Fridays, because we can wear jeans to work.

Hugs to everyone in need, and special white light to Lyn to lift her through her journey.

08-23-2013, 10:25 AM
Good Morning all,
It is 10:10 a.m. (I enjoy symmetry sometimes) here in muggy but sunny Oakwood. As predicted, as soon as the temps went up to normal for August, the tomatoes are turning red with a BANG! Have four sitting on the counter and I can see more beginning to turn in the garden. More eggplants are ready to be picked, the small Italian kind. So I'll be making some eggplant parmesano this weekend. :D

Look what was sitting outside when I went into the kitchen at 7:00 a.m.


Sorry for the reflection, I had to shoot it through the window or they would have gotten spooked. It looks like a mama deer and her fawn with the speckled back. They are so beautiful, but we really don't want them hanging around because of the danger of lyme disease which is responsible for even more illnesses than they thought before. :eek::eek:

Larry is a happy camper this morning...he ran half his normal route for the first time in more than a month...and his calf didn't cramp up on him. He got the report back on the doppler scan of the veins in his leg and it looks like that wasn't what caused the problem because they were A-OK! So he isn't going to schedule the appointment with a vascular surgeon until he sees what his primary care physician thinks next week. Things are looking rosier for him (and me by extension). :smug:

Starting to put the cast shadows on my bouguet painting. It is taking me so long because I am only working on it at home. I didn't want to take it to class because the florescent lights are so different than the natural light coming through my north facing north where I paint at home. The paint colors look radically different when I start a painting in class and finish it at home. :rolleyes:

Char, Have fun with the girls on their "play date" today. Somehow, I don't think my mother would have ever understood the concept. Times were a lot different when I was a kid. :lol: I'm sure you will come up with something fun though. :angel:

Darla, Yikes, two mattresses to get rid of. Hope you have a truck to haul them in. That's decluttering with a mission! :thumbsup:

Nancy, Sounds like you have the right surgeon for the operation. :crossfingers: it will take away all the pain and tingling for you.

While my heart is so heavy with Lyn's decision, I'm sure that she wants us to remember our friendships with happy memories... we all have them! As happens so often, Char said exactly what I was thinking this morning. Lyn touched us all in special ways because she is such a special lady. :heart:

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



08-23-2013, 10:34 AM
Good morning, everyone, even though it feels like afternoon! I was up unusually early this morning.

We had a forecast of rain, but only received a light drizzle off and on throughout the morning. My flower beds are drying up and starting to go to seed also, Bill.:(

Nancy, good luck with your operation. I always like to imagine how good it will be to get the procedure over and done with, and visualize a good outcome. That is my coping strategy!

Uschi, my Don does have excellent stamina! He does the ride around the Point on very windy days because the road is sheltered by stands of trees in many areas, providing some much-needed relief from the wind. The open areas have beautiful views of the river.

Darla, your family's Labour Day tradition sounds wonderful. That's so great that your Dad will always be a part of your annual get-together!

I know Lyn only from the reading I have done on many very helpful threads on Wet Canvas, but I also feel sad today and very much in awe of her courage. You are all right that she will live on as long as artists continue to search Wet Canvas for help and inspiration.

Have a wonderful day, one and all! The sun just emerged outside my window. It's going to be a warm afternoon!:thumbsup: :wave:


08-23-2013, 12:37 PM
Back from groceries....and a few extras! Got another little three drawer set of plastic drawers, will help with the creative clutter.

Yes, Sylvia, harking back to yesterday, at least I had the cell phone so I could check with my friend, who luckily has kept her land line. Makes us realize you have to think outside the old box where emergency preparations are concerned. Beautiful deer in your yard :rolleyes: we have them here too, but the 6 ft fence seems to discourage them. I know they could jump over easily, but apparently they don't try.


Anne, while I was away I caught a glimpse of the wedding photos, your daughter is lovely! and what a wonderful place to get married. I was a student at UBC, so I know the site, if not the building which is new since then (a looooong time ago!)

Hi Uschi, no, you shouldn't miss this lovely day, Margaret and I are going to the RBG to paint but we didn't decide until today, I hope you can join us sometime if we give you better notice....of course if you see this, and have nothing to do this aft, do join us! I'll PM you.

Good for you both, Char and Darla, doing your purges....very satisfying! Unfortunately it does creep up, I need to do another 2 years after my move.

Hi JJ, Doug, Lulu, Annie and all to come!

Scene Chaser
08-23-2013, 12:56 PM
Lovely to have that picture in your yard, Sylvia. Glad Larry’s calf is getting better.

Lynn, that's the kind of garden I need. Nice and neat, too.


08-23-2013, 02:15 PM
Hi, all! Just waiting for sunscreen to kick into gear; seems like a nice late afternoon for a walk!:thumbsup:

Thank you, Lynn, for your nice comment about the wedding photos. UBC does have a beautiful campus. Our son spent several years there doing his Post Doc.

Sylvia, lovely photo of Mummy Deer and her fawn. We have a Mum and baby also; they have "trimmed" my mock orange shrubs, all of my phlox and a new potentilla that I bought this spring!:mad: :rolleyes:
Great news that Larry is running again. I know what you mean about his exercise "joy" extending to you yourself. I have the same circumstance with my resident cyclist!;) :D



08-23-2013, 04:00 PM
Just a quick check in. I have been cleaning and a little bit of purging along the way.

Sylvia, wonderful photo and I too am cheering for Larry:thumbsup: Really looking forward to your bouquet painting!!

Anne, oh how disappointing and frustrating, even having raised beds wouldn't help in your situation.

Lynn, is that the community garden - very nice and what a view you have.

Gail, are you recuperating from your vacation????:)

The kids and in laws have been at the cottage since Tuesday, I was asked to go but over three hours of driving is too long although I wouldn't have to do the driving. Also, it is a bit boring, can only get there by boat so stuck on the little bit of land and the water is nowhere near as nice as at Char's:lol:

Anyway, they are coming back this afternoon, Ava is going to her riding lesson in late afternoon and I enjoy watching the young riders and the horses in this nice outdoor environment, so I quite often go along - I will today because it is such a nice day.

Time for a nice coffee!!

Thinking of you Lyn:heart:


Ellen in Ont
08-23-2013, 04:05 PM
:wave: everyone,
An up and down day. I'm still exhausted from work the last two days but resting today. I also just turned down a shift tomorrow when they called a few minutes ago.:rolleyes:

The down part of the day was thinking of Lyn and her family many times. I hope I can have the grace and strength she has shown when my time comes.

The up part of the day is finding out that just a few minutes ago the funding target was met (with just hours left in the deadline) for raising money to produce my son's next film. :clap: He is the producer as well as a lead actor. They start filming in 3 days.

I also took my scarves to our local museum for approval to sell them at their Christmas craft show in Nov (they have to pre approve for quality and types of items as all have to be handmade and no two tables selling the same type of items). They liked them so much that they want to sell them in their gift store. I see lots more dyeing in the next few months.:D I'll get some photos this weekend of what I have done so far.

The sun has come out and it's finally warm enough to open some windows. I'm up and moving again. Have a great start to your weekend everyone.

08-23-2013, 04:49 PM
Good afternoon! I'll need to cook dinner soon, but I have a few minutes to put my feet up till then.

The Girls' play date was lots of fun. They played outside chasing dragon flies; worked on a craft and swam in the lake... all in all a great day.

Their craft was really kind of neat. I printed off free colouring pages from the internet. They painted the lines with white glue. Then, we went swimming while waiting for that to dry. They painted watercolour over their pictures when we came back indoors. The pictures were really pretty!

Uschi, I like to take my books to the Used Book Store downtown... The owner gives me a credit against the purchase of some of her books... It's a great deal. The water today was pleasantly warm... :)

Syl... I love that the deer don't feel in the least threatened in your urban environment...

What a nice idea for your gardens, Lynn!

Congratulations, Ellen! You are an Artist on so many levels!

:wave: All... Wishing you a nice evening...

08-23-2013, 04:50 PM
Morning all:wave: sunshine on my shoulder as I type, heading for 16C today apparently.
Love the photos - dear deer! and yes, what a lovely garden pic Lynn.

Just about to have breakfast here, then the great NZ purge continues!! Loving it, and very cathartic I have to say. Even paintings I no longer want/like are coming out of their frames and going. :thumbsup:

08-23-2013, 06:04 PM
Well, we had a lovely afternoon in the gardens, and shared a biscuit tea, but no masterpieces :rolleyes: I'll post some photos. Lots of wedding photos being done, too, and an actual wedding as we were leaving.

Yes, Uschi, it is the community garden for our building. They offered me one of the raised beds, but I am not ready to look after something all summer.....too often away for a while. I understand your feeling about the cottage over water. My cousin has a place on Lake of the Woods, just like that, you need a boat to get to it, and there's no trails to get away, and no other cottages nearby. Lovely old lodge, but a bit claustrophobic.

It is nice to look down on the gardens, and people do keep things pretty tidy, Bill. But it would be a major investment for you to fence your garden....might help with the vandal, though.

That's an interesting switch on the white line prints, Char, would very effective!

Congratulations, Ellen, on having the scarves in the Gallery, but I'm not surprised! I'll look forward to seeing them.

Yes, Lulu, the gardens are great especially for some of the less active residents, they can still get at the raised beds.

Have a nice evening, I'll see you in the morning.