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09-15-2003, 09:17 PM
October Edition of International Art Treasures Web Magazine is
now online. (We are live the 15th of the prior month).

Americana is the cover story - Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms.

A constant refrain is that regional/contemporary/emerging artists do not receive publication / promotion.

Two cities - Auckland and Toronto - will host Arts weeks. In Auckland - corp., gov, artists have united to showcase their city to the world. Toronto is in the middle of a mayoral election campaign - the leading candidates will meet for a special debate on arts in Toronto - and each provided their arts policy to International Art Treasures. Holding a special debate on 'arts' in a contested mayoral race (incumbent is not running but retiring) is an indication of the importance of emerging / contemporary artists within the city.

International Art Treasures - October Edition (http://www.internationalarttreasures.com)