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08-05-2013, 07:43 PM
Well, here I am, I know I have not been a Daily contributor for awhile recently, and I appologise for that.

I hope you don't think me too Cheeky opening the Wash today. I am awake very early as basically haven't slept most of the night, and Mont slept very poorly as well. We made up a Ploughman's Platter for our Dinner last night, eating cheese really is not a good thing to eat for an evening meal, this seem's to happen each and every time.

I lost the opportunity to spend yesterday weeding, and certainly won't get it today or possibly the rest of the week. It has rained most of the night, and is doing so now, I'll tell you what our Rain Guage says later on.

Anyway, I'll come back later on to say Hi and give you some of my recent news, unfortunately not all good. However, don't panic as far as I am aware everything on the Health front seems to be behaving itself for the moment.

Take Care.
Lots of Love Carolynn. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :) :wave: :heart: :heart: :clap: :thumbsup: :heart: :heart: :heart: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

08-06-2013, 01:33 AM
Morning Carolynn,

Always nice to hear from you Wash starter or not.....

Dull abd grey here but no overnight rain which allowed a reasonable sleep....hurray.

Probably into Lincoln today but back later.


08-06-2013, 02:51 AM
Good morning all.

Lovely to hear from you Carolynn, I await your news.

Hi Geoff, cloudy but pale sunshine this morning, scheduled to be in the mid 60's today - perfect!

May be going to Southport for more wool this morning and bowls this afternoon. It was an old Probus bowls buddie 's funeral yesterday, former local bank manager.


08-06-2013, 03:55 AM
Hi Carolynn. Good to see you back. Weeding is the bane of life. IWe are trying to get things weed free.

Geoff and Doug :wave:

Latest updates on the project. By golly I like the contractor and all his mates. They are such interesting people. Already friends.

Here is the latest ...


The steppes in evolution .... leading down to the future orchard :)

Then ...


Note the seating platforms :lol: and a future herb garden in the small triangle. Geocloth under the gravel ... lets water through but suppresses weeds.

Then there was the Sunday purchase.

Thirty, Roger said twenty, I said thirty, he did not object ... I think he was being considerate ... bales of spoiled Lucerne, no good for horses anymore but best thing in the world for kick starting soil ... pleasantish squabbly evening moving them from the drive to close to Terra Cognito, enough to roll them over the cliff, which is just down the Steppes, and just above the Great Wall. Beyond that lies every gorgeous and gorging living thing that is going to try and come into feast. We shall defeat ... maybe ... whatever. It is fun
:) Truly ruly FUN and exciting.

08-06-2013, 04:10 AM
Cripes! I would need a stair lift :lol:

What a slope Annie, no wonder it fell into disrepair.


08-06-2013, 04:38 AM
That rain Doug, in 2011, there was a waterfall over the drystone wall which survived. the old Guantanmo Bay was sheeted with tin and of course had no drainage. So all the soil we had very laboriously built up washed out when the aluminium gave way. As did the rotting timbers of the beds. Then
the weeds took over, I would go down and brush cut at times but it was quite dangerously inaccessible. It was just offensive and a waste.

Lay day tomorrow for the men. Tidying up, outside of course, filling more steppes (pronounced steppies) with gravel. Thirsdary will be a day of rest. The finale will be Friday when 15 metres of topsoil will arrive, along with the diggy appliance. We shall all have to wield shovels.

Then will be forking it over, adding lime (Aus soils tend to be acid... We can take a punt on it) Then after many and varied and non printable conversations, we will spread the thirty bales, cover the orchard area with geocloth and top dress it with sugarcane mulch. Planting trees .,, cut a cross, dig the hole, plant the tree, replace the cloth and won't the parrots eat well:lol:

08-06-2013, 04:44 AM
Take care Annie, all that exertion would kill my fragile back. Yes geocloth is a wonderful invention.


08-06-2013, 05:55 AM
Evening all:wave:
Wow, Annie, that is a major! Going to be fabulous when finished and planted.
Reminds me of our previous big farm garden which we opened to the public occasionally for fund-raising. Hard work but very enjoyable.
Now we have a smaller garden, lots of fruit trees and still a lot of work, and also very enjoyable, but now we have reached the decision together that it's time to move on.....
Don't know where yet, except the same area, with less work, don't know when, lots to do to prepare, but we know it's right. Kind of exciting, not knowing what's around the corner...

Scene Chaser
08-06-2013, 06:28 AM
Good Day All,

Hi Carolyn, we think of you if we dont hear from you. The last great cheese platter I had was at Geoffs three years ago. That long?

Hi, Geoff, glad you slept well. Rain helps me sleep, but down pours do not.

Doug, its hard to lose friends. Enjoy your trip to Southport. Lovely seaside town.

Annie, such a big project. You and Roger will so enjoy this new paradise. I would need a railing on that staircase.

Hi Lulu

No rain yesterday, but it looks like it today, for sure. Ms. Feral is in and out, in and out for pettings. Shell lay on her chair if it rains.

08-06-2013, 07:01 AM
Wow the Mt Nebo ski slopes are certainly getting the treatment.....do you cats have short front legs like mountaun goats do??

Breezy little sun so doing our dhobying.


08-06-2013, 07:56 AM
A bright morning on the lake in New Hampshire. It has been a rainy,cold few weeks but nicer the past few days. My GD is visiting us which has been a treat.

My meager agricultural attempts are not going well. The deer eat everything, so I am reduced to a few pots of herbs,tomatoes and hot peppers on the deck. The rain has not been kind and some are succumbing to fungus of one sort or another. Annie's earth moving efforts appear Herculean.

I have started a new painting...trying to compose an array of fish in a Barcelona market into an allegory on death and the futility of life...all with a cheerful bright palette no less. Is it any wonder my paintings often don't work?:) :)

Because of my automobile odysseys with my son this summer we have had very few visitors to the lake...but that is over beginning this week. We love guests but it does detract from my painting and I do all the cooking (except for a few restaurant nights). We don't get as many visitors as before. Perhaps it is due to our 4 night limit and some of the subtle signs around the house. One plaque in the guest bedroom says..."Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast...guests make both." :) :) (No emoticons in real life). Of course, any WC visitors in the area are always welcome, for 4 nights.

This has been all about me; only subject I am expert on. Seriously, I have been following all of your travails and wish I could lighten the load. Special white light to June,Henry and Leslie and anyone else who could use some. Pat seems to have things under control in the UK, hope it stays that way.

08-06-2013, 09:01 AM
Good Morning!!

Dullish but supposed to get sunny with temps in the mid 20's C.

The only plan worth putting in the calendar is my bi monthly lunch date with friend Lynn.

The white rose that was too creamy looking for client's taste is now looking bluish:lol: she won't like it:lol: As mentioned before, it isn't just the flower but I am also trying to keep the background similar to the first painting:rolleyes:

Karl, as Char and Gail can verify, four nights is the absolute longest I will visit no matter how wonderful the breakfasts are:) I hope the transferal from your mind to paper goes well:crossfingers:

Annie, what a big difference!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: What a lot of work and so good that you can still do it.

Lulu, wow, you are actually looking to move from this bit of heaven. Is it the garden that is too much work??

O.K. waiting for two promised bits of news - 1. Geoff's conversation with his mother and 2. Carolynn's news .

Hungry, breakfast time. Doug, Geoff, Carolynn :wave: to you!! BBL.


08-06-2013, 09:05 AM
Good morning! Cloudy and cool per our autumn summer. It may rain later on. The garden is suffering from the lack of sunshine and warmth.

The kids made lots of progress yesterday in cleaning and prepping the basement. The carpet may just be salvageable with a good shampoo which will certainly help our pocket book! The next step will be to wash and paint the walls, replace ceiling tiles and lower the fluorescent light fixtures. They have moved all their belongings here, so it's tight quarters until the rooms are completed.

I began working on my little alpacas... they are such funny animals and make me smile even before I've given them their eyes. I hope to do that today.

We may do some thrift shop hopping... the kids need a good couch and we'd seen one at Bibles for Missions. They had a futon which they left behind with their former roommate. It was really uncomfortable and (dare I say it) skug-ugly. :lol:

As September barrels down on us, I have to get a Lesson Plan ready for my first workshop at the Cultural Centre. I've been signed on for two sessions that'll take me right up to Christmas. Wow, eh? The months seem to be flying by at warp speed.

Carolynn, I'm glad you checked in. It's always a worry when we don't see you for awhile. Waiting for your next post...

Glad you managed another good night's rest, Geoff... perhaps the secret is the mattress in the caravan... or the fresh air...

Doug, I'm sorry about your friend's passing.

Annie, that's such a gargantuan project and your pictures are wonderful... thanks for allowing us to be part of this in a small way.

Lulu, I know what you mean about moving on. It's a very positive approach...

Hi Bill... perhaps by winter, Ms. Feral will be comfortable sleeping indoors! :crossfingers:

Karl, it's not been a good growing season here either. I have to say that when any of our Wash Buds stop by to share their day, it helps to lighten our loads... like visiting with friends at the coffee shop.

Uschi... say *Hi* to Lynn... please share your rose here and perhaps we can ooh and ahh over it before it gets sent away... :)

My coffee cup has somehow emptied (speaking of coffee)... and it's time to get on with the day, anyhow... So, I hope that everyone has the very best possible one... Thinking of Lyn, Henry's Lesley and all who're under the weather... :heart:

Strawberry Wine
08-06-2013, 09:38 AM
Good Day Washers from another cool (autumn summer, an apt discription, Char) Cloudy here as well.

Karl, our veggies are doing poorly as well due to the unseasonal weather. We have a deer fence around the garden which not only keep them out but the racoons, rabbits and the squirrels as well.

Uschi, I too would like to see your rose.

Char, I thought you might be taking the girls on a camping trip while they were with you. They would probably love that. Glad that Magoo and Brittany (sp) are getting organized quickly. Hope they can get the painting done before they are completely set up. Our tomatoes are refusing to ripen too. Usually, we are mid August before the tomatoes come on in great quantities. Just a little heat would be good.

The summer of 92 or 93 was very similar to this one except with much more rain. Mark came home from 5 months in Thailand and never took his fall jacket off for weeks. September was the best month of the summer. I live in hope. :rolleyes:

Annie, your project is coming along. Keep sharing update photos.

:wave: to Carolynn. Good to see you posting.

Dan has taken the vacuum out to the camper for me. We are heading out for 6 days this coming Sunday. I will pack lots of cool weather clothes but hoping that I will be able to get back into shorts and T-shirts for most of the time. Balsam Lake has a beautiful sandy beach that I am hoping to enjoy even if the water will be too cold for swimming. There is also a Pet Beach that Pearl will enjoy no matter how cold the water is.

so I better get cracking and give the camper a quick vacuum and floor wash. I do like to start off with a relatively clean camper.

:wave: to all I have missed.



08-06-2013, 09:52 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost quarter to nine on another beautiful morning here in Oakwood. Temps going up to the mid-80F/high-20Cs this afternoon. Just gave the veggie garden a good drink to hold it over until the next rain.

There are lots of eggplants ready to use, so tomorrow or Thursday I'll make sauce Norma with the long Japanese-type ones. Planted a new variety this year that is a small version of the Italian-type eggplants, so I want to do it just breaded and fried to see how it tastes "naked" so to speak.

Annie, The great steppes project is coming along great! Hope you took lots of before photos to show along with your after ones. ;)

Bill, Slowly but gradually you are getting Ms. Feral to become Ms. Acclimated. Hope she will be comfortable in her box facing the patio door from the inside this winter (and letting you close the door against the cold).

Lulu, Hope you find a smaller place that fits you and John as well as this larger one does. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that we just don't have as much vim and vigor as we once did. ;)

Karl, I can commiserate with you about not getting all your goodies you grow in the garden. Haven't seen the deer around lately, but have found at least four green tomatoes laying on the ground that the squirrels have picked. They don't seem to like eggplant or peppers though. Larry has set up a little watering "pond" at the base of the tree where some of the squirrels have their nests. I actually saw one come down the tree the other morning, go to the tray, stand up on his hind legs, hold on to the tray and take a drink. We're hoping that will keep them from picking the tomatoes for their juice when they are thirsty. :rolleyes:

Uschi, I think the problem with commissions is you are trying to paint something that isn't really what is in your "heart", so it is a chore rather than a joy. Bet your rose is beautiful.

Char, When I was in 8th grade, one of the girls in my class said her parents would let us use their basement for a meeting place/party room if we fixed it up. We spent several weekends cleaning it and painting it to make it festive. I think we had one or two parties there and then moved on to something else. They got a nicely finished basement out of the deal though. :lol: Happy thrift shopping, hope you find a nice sofa. Looking forward to seeing your alpacas painting. You are so right, they are so darn cute, it just makes you smile looking at them.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.

I'm off to do my morning PT exercises.



08-06-2013, 10:07 AM
Good Morning from Maryland! Our lovely spate of early autumn-like Canadian air, which gave us several days of blessed relief from our normal August summertime heat and humidity is departing; leaving us with the prospect of cloudy skies and at least six days of rain and increased humidity and sticky warmth closing in. Oh, but it was heavenly while it lasted, and a most unusual break for us in what are known as the "dog days of summer" with sweltering heat and "feels like" 107+ temps, and definitely unladylike dripping!

Unfortunately, today is the day I need to make and bake a pound cake and an almond-paste-filled puff-pastry for our Book Club themed-dinner meeting for twelve on Wednesday. I hope the pastry will survive the warm kitchen and still manage to be flaky and crisp despite the humidity! I'm also the "presenter" this month, so have some more research and preparations still to make on that score.

Carolynn, it is always a treat to hear from you. I remember when you routinely began The Wash each morning from your hospital bed. Although we miss your daily reports, your absence due to work and projects is a happy improvement! A little nervous about your not-so-good news to come, but glad it isn't health-related. Don't keep us on tenterhooks!

Annie, your Terra Cognita (Great suggestion, Kay!) is going to be simply splendid! I agree with Doug -- hope there will be banisters; if you don't need them now, believe me, you will! And I was wondering if you are putting in a ramp of some kind for wheeling huge loads of "stuff" down (or up) as needed? Or a hoist! Where does the little lane go that lies at the bottom behind the gardens? Is that your turf, or a neighbor's? Can you hack back the underbrush below the future gardens to keep scary and slithery critters at bay? So interested in following the whole marvelous project! Can't wait for the Chocolate fruit Have you tasted any? Is it really like chocolate? I read that a tree can have hundreds and hundreds of fruits in one season! I wonder why they are not exported like Kiwis and mangos. Maybe they are too tender.

Tell your young helper to take ice and a face cloth with him in a zip lock bag in a cooler for his wisdom tooth extractions. He should apply the ice-filled bag to his jaw(s?) as soon as he gets in the car to go home, not a minute later! I did that for all three of my children, and it works miraculously. When my college-student son was attacked and left with a broken eye socket I asked the plastic surgeon about using the ice therapy, and he said "Well, no one will do it for him in the hospital." True enough, but I sat up all day and all night applying the ice 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, and despite a long surgery and the broken facial bones, there was absolutely NO swelling at all! The surgeon was astonished! And no swelling translates as you know, into very little post-op pain. I did the same after the surgery to insert the interior brace screwed into the arm bones to hold my shattered wrist, and again -- no swelling and virtually no pain by the time i stopped using the ice the next day : )

Lulu, you and John may be contemplating a future move to a more manageable estate, but I'm not sure the rest of us are ready to give up our daily visits to your paradise!

Doug, keeping fingers crossed for your Dr.'s appointment on Friday. Your pain and nausea do sound suspiciously ulcer-like. Happily, that's easily corrected! :::Ouch!::: on Ruth's toe. Hope it's better today.

Public thanks for your PM'd aid in my access problem. My Safari is the latest version, and my relatively new iMac desktop computer has enormous capacity, barely dented; nothing had changed when I suddenly experienced the frustrating impossibility of accessing anything beyond the first of any of the WC screens in Watercolour. Your advice to switch to 40 posts from the 15 at a time I had before has "cured" the problem, or at least keeps it at bay, since Palette Talk, and The Studio threads etc., now arrive complete on one long page. : )

Bill: New pictures of the lovely Ms. Feral in her indoor mode, please! Hope Janet's back is better!

Geoff: Hurrah for better sleep sans severe rainstorms. Do let us know whether your mother has made another dream-visit! I had a series of three such dreams in the weeks after my son, also Geoff, died; in each he grew older. in the first, he was a child; in the second, a teenager; and in the third a young man. He was thirty-two when he succumbed to a particularly virulent form of lymphoma. The dream-vists were so real and so personal that I was wracked anew with shock and mourning after each when I awoke to reality. and remembered he was actually gone; but after the third, he never appeared again except as a "bit player" in dreams in which he didn't have a particularly emotional role. I think that series of dreams was really cahartic and somehow healing.

You and Eileen will soon know every little village in your surrounds! What do you and your fellow travelers do during your frequent caravan meet-ups? Who plans the itinerary? Are you all together for meals and nightly entertainments, or do you mostly stay in your individual shelters and just camp separately in a neighborly fashion? You have mentioned arriving in a hoard of 40 or so souls for meals at a restaurant, and given my experience in coping with large groups at banquets, I shudder to think how difficult that must be for your chosen restaurants. Or is it like a banquet event where you arrive, long-expected, with everyone having the same predetermined meal or buffet?

Anne, lovely wedding, beautiful venue and bride -- but where's the Mother of the Groom? <G>

Anita, enjoy some self-directed respite care on your own! Your family is unconscionably demanding of you.

Char and Uschi, my daughter and I tie-dyed ten tee shirts one evening just last week (one for each member of our small extended family). It was fun, and easy, and the results were amazingly professional looking! Have lots of strong rubber bands on hand, and if possible do it outdoors!

Karl: Love your guest room plaque. I must say I'm happy to make my own bed and breakfast as well as to cook dinners and pay for restaurant meals for my hosts when I visit; but it's hard to go far and stay just four days. My California family has a similar three or four night rule (though it goes unstated as a rule, the invitation makes it clear) and I have scarcely recovered from the whole long day's uncomfortable plane travel and the time change when it's time, after just three or four days, to leave. To say nothing of the expense of travel for such a short visit!

Your ambitious plan for your next painting leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

I'd better sign off and start my mixing and baking before it gets any warmer, although I've not come close to asking or answering all I have on my mind.

((((June)))): hoping for a good update on Louie's condition -- just a word or two, since you certainly have no time for reading or writing just now.

As always, ((((Henry & Lesley)))) are also uppermost in my thoughts. I hope the family visit is comforting and the long-awaited pain-reducing chemo treatments will soon begin. Pat, hurrah for getting that nasty tooth taken care of; and sympathy for all the bad backs out there! We really were not designed for bipedal life; but on all fours, how would we use our opposing thumbs to paint?


Clara McArthur
08-06-2013, 10:08 AM
Good morning! We have had 5 sunny, warm days! Perfect timing for the local Pow Wow Days. The art Show was well attended, very successful. It was worth all the effort. Back to normal now, company coming next weekend for an overnight stay. We're not getting as much company as we used to. we've lost several good friends to cancer recently.
Doug, I'm sorry to hear of your friends passing.
Annie, your landscaping project is amazing, what a lot of work! it will be beautiful.
Lulu, I'm ready to move on but DH is not, a lot of friends are moving to condos or to BC where the climate is so much better. We have a small house so there is no need, but I admit I'm feeing restless lately.

Now out to walk Bessie and start my day.

08-06-2013, 10:18 AM
Hello Washers,

I'm back at work this morning after getting home quite late last night. I didn't want to get up this morning. We felt a 30F temp drop form Nashville to home here in Michigan.:confused: We had lovely weather while we were gone, if a bit hot and humid.

We enjoyed what little time we were able to spend with our boys but got most of the girls school shopping done. We toured President Andrew Jackson's mansion, The Hermitage; which was fun. They enjoyed the Hotel's pool a lot. We took the girls go-karting and to a nice BBQ restaurant and a good Mexican restaurant too. It was a nice time but we are glad to be home. It NEVER gets easier to leave my boys. I don't let them see me cry but get weepy after leaving them. It's just that we hadn't seen Justin since last Christmas; I just wish they didn't live so far away. But they are doing well and for that I'm thankful.;)

I dropped in and did actually read the washes but didn't have time to reply.

The weather here is quite COOL and dull. I haven't seen the forecast yet and maybe don't want to. :D Our tomatoes aren't ripening yet either and I'm hoping my beans are ready to pick.

Char, I guess I missed that Magoo is moving back home. It's awful that the kids cannot find work these days, at least full time work. I sure hope things pick up real soon and jobs start opening up for the young generation.

LuLu, moving to a smaller home with less responsibilities will be good for you and John. It's hard but a home is what you make it; a house is just a building. Yes we do get attached to them though.

Gail, your upcoming trip sounds great, I hope you get some nice weather for it.

Sylvia, those darn squirrels!

Bill, I bet Ms Feral will do just fine in her new box.

Annie, those steps are steep; will you have a handrail at all? That is going to be a really nice looking hillside when you are finished. A lot of work; but worth it in the end.

Carolynn, congrats on starting the wash! I'm glad you are dropping in and saying hi occasionally.

Geoff, I'm glad you are enjoying sleeping in the Caravan.

Doug, I'm sorry about your friends' passing, have a good day in Southport. Tell Ruth we said HI!

Hi there Karl, yes our trip to the UK just flew by and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me that we actually went. I'm glad you are painting.

Uschi, show us your commission!

Hello there Lynn; it's great that you dropped into the wash!

Waving to you Clara!

Anne, the wedding pics were GREAT! I'm glad it all worked out well for everyone.

I hope you all have a great day today and make it a creative one!

BBL:wave: :heart:

08-06-2013, 11:26 AM
Lynn. Dream has not tesulted in anything,yet The dream I was having was interupted by a phone call in which someone saud ' Yoyr Mother has just left a message' I will keep that a secret but it was a Beware type!!

Our caravanning falls into separate types depending which association we are with.... this current one has nothing organised at all but we do sometimes socialuze with another couple in the evening. Next week we meet a small group and have a Pub Quiz and meal one nighr...The one after that we will make our own entertainment fir a couple of nights......But we are quite a solitary couple really.


08-06-2013, 12:37 PM
"Gudday" Been up and out for my walk, a bit windy today, but sunny.
I have had a large(ish) breakfast, (one egg on toast followed by a blueberry/vanilla protein shake) so am good for hours.

I worked on the painting, and have the people blocked out and will begin to put in colors later today :crossfingers:

Weather here is cooler than usual and windy, wore a sweater on my walk a nice change from 90 degrees + which will probably follow, hopefully while we are gone, but Nebraska can get warm as well. This should be fun Sidney is small for a county seat, about 6000 population. They do have Cabela's (they started in Sidney making fishing lures) and a Walmart so that should do me. The kids have requested we try to find the place where we bought the most favorite sleeping bag we every got, I will try but do not hold out much hope.

Good to hear form you Caroline, please keep us informed


08-06-2013, 01:41 PM
Geoff, very odd, but good

Not long after my Father died a Psychic wind blew on me when at my drawing board, it lasted around 30 seconds, no windows or doors open and the paper was fluttering


08-06-2013, 02:24 PM

First New Years Eve after my Dad died we were all sitting near the Christmas Tree at midnight when one of the baubles 'jumped' off the tree onto the floor in front of us......we all knew who it was.


New Gamboge
08-06-2013, 02:32 PM
Hi everyone - another 3 hours of doing the trim - 3 windows and the door at the front - plus half the porch posts.

Annie with that side hill you are going to have to import sidehill gougers from here (Google to see what they are)!

Carolynn, nice to hear from you.

Too tired to respond to everyone - have a great day. Betty :cat:

08-06-2013, 03:13 PM
Good Afternoon!!

I hope I didn't mess up the width of the screen so everyone gets annoyed but tried a way to show the three paintings next to each other.
1. The original one she bought some time ago, photographed through glass.
2. The one shaded in warm tones, that is the actual colour of my rose (bush)
3. The one shaded in cool, so it can be "whiter" but looks bluer:lol: :lol: I bet it would look white if I could put a really dark background.


Geoff, neat dream, I hope you are in a position to heed the suggestion.

I definitely believe in an afterlife (not necessarily the religious version) and in the spirits being able to communicate. There is a program on Vision TV here in Ontario called "the Long Island Medium" who is besieged by people's departed spirits wherever she goes and gives spontaneous readings. They had her on Dr. OZ show and measured her brainwaves when normal and when "spirit" was communicating through her and the brainwaves changed dramatically.

Darla, glad you had a good trip and good to have you back!!!

Betty, I grew up in a log house and it was my job as a teen to "oil", can't remember what was used, the whole outside of the house. Was not a problem, I had lots of energy then, still, a LOT of work!!!! I bet you are glad you are done!!!

Clara, property in BC is sooooooo expensive and they have a lot of rain, gray in gray:eek: :lol: and although the temperatures are milder the cold goes right through your bones (reminded me of London England) , and then there are the earth quakes:eek: :eek: :evil: :lol:

Lynn, I have to go and get a bread and butter and jam right now because I have no cake for my sweet tooth that you awoke:eek:

O.K., I am back, sweet tooth satisfied. Lunch was unsatisfactory, I chose a "chicken with caesar salad dressing" wrap, didn't know they would fill it with actual chicken caesar salad including the romaine lettuce, served with more green salad:rolleyes:

Sylvia, Gail and Char, sorry your veggie garden isn't producing as it should.

Char, now your basement is being cleaned, see, all your wishes are coming true:)

:wave: Uschi

08-06-2013, 04:16 PM
Hiya... we didn't get to the thrift shops... but we did get more organizing done in the basement. For one thing, I want to get rid of the big old refrigerator down there. It's a HydroHog and just not worth keeping it. I had to empty it, though and find room in our chest freezer and fridge on the main floor for the bit of food that was in it.

And, I've been working on my alpacas... they are so darned funny.

Dad Visitation Story:

Ted and I married in January, 1987 during the worst snowstorm in a decade. Cherrywood United Church was a beautiful little Chapel with big, heavy oak double doors. Trudging through deep drifts and fighting the driving snow, we finally all made it into the vestibule (it was a tiny wedding). The men tugged the big doors closed and barred them against the wind! :eek:

My two sons walked me down the aisle and just as Ted took my hand, the doors blew open with a flourish! (Remember, they were barred!) The men got them closed again and we worked our way through the ceremony. Our Minister turned us around to introduce us as a married couple and just as he announced Mr. and Mrs. McGill, the doors blew open once again!

Ted believes to this very day that his Father came to see us get married.

End of story.

Uschi, I agree with you about your newest rose. It's beautiful, but doesn't look as white as your Client thinks it will... and yes, I'm very happy about getting rid of of the collection of *stuff* that's filled our basement for years.

For the rest, I'm going to say "what Uschi said" because she did it so well. I have to think about what to put on the table for dinner... sometimes, I just don't want to cook...

08-06-2013, 04:33 PM
LuLu, moving to a smaller home with less responsibilities will be good for you and John. It's hard but a home is what you make it; a house is just a building. Yes we do get attached to them though.

We're not down-sizing our home, just the surroundings. Definitely haven't lost our vim and vigour for doing what's needed here but feel the time is right before we do! Still planning on buying something large-ish. I've never got attached to a house though, have lived in three places since we have been married. When it's time to go it's time to go.
Will see what we can find.
Lynn, we will create a new paradise.:)

Karl, I once had a friend who had a visitor's sign 'Fish goes off after three days". lol
BUT if we had that rule, think of what we would have missed out on with Doug and Ruth's visit. We LOVED having them stay, can't even remember how long it was now, but we definitely didn't want them to move on after 4 days and missed them when they went.
We enjoyed their hospitality for more than four days too when we were touring in 2010!
On the other hand, we've had the 'visitor from hell' too, just like Doris, and never ever, in a million years, will they ever come back.....

Lynn, (again), I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. Such wisdom! You may not post often, but you certainly keep up with us all, you're like a beloved aunt who keeps her finger on the pulse and visits occasionally. :heart:

Uschi, all three are beautiful paintings!
I avoid commissions like the plague... but in saying that, the few that I have accepted have challenged me, and that's a good thing too.

Carolynn, do come back and tell us the rest of your news!

Well, it's time for breakfast here, Judy's one sounded so good!
Better eat then get into my day. Going to be another mild one, around 16C I think.


ps the family are in London now for a few days, am feeling very very nostalgic....