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08-05-2013, 03:30 AM
Hello! I am on vacation and I would like to begin a series of pastels on the motif. Here is a view of the Parc of confluent, and I'm going a few days the sea and the mountain.


08-05-2013, 04:24 AM
Lovely! What a peaceful summer scene. Serenity comes to mind.

08-05-2013, 05:15 AM
Thank's Ruthie. It's true...for me, painting is a meditation which brings a serenity.

Donna T
08-05-2013, 08:05 AM
Such a beautiful plein air painting! Enjoy your vacation!

08-05-2013, 09:42 AM
Thank's Donna.
It's a plein air, but...in three times. Monday, tuesday and wednesday...2 hours every day.

08-05-2013, 09:51 AM
Alain: This has such wonderful impressionism. Every area sparkles.
Enjoyed very much my friend.

08-05-2013, 10:12 AM
Thank's Derek.:)
For a painter it is easy to find the happiness: he just has to paint.Isn't it ?

Terry Wynn
08-05-2013, 07:29 PM
Lovely! All the little points of color. And you water is perfect!


08-05-2013, 10:19 PM
Beautiful painting. On my vacations I take bad pictures and come home with a few unfinished sketches. Looks like you come home with masterpieces. Have a happy! Pam

08-06-2013, 12:37 AM
Beautiful plein air, this sparkles!

08-06-2013, 04:42 AM
Beautifully done ! Bravo !

08-06-2013, 10:10 AM
Beautiful painting. Love the light.

Peter Forster
08-06-2013, 02:27 PM
So beautiful. Monet came immediately to mind. I just love this piece.

08-07-2013, 03:58 PM
another stunning painting !
i envy you your opportunity , and respect your attitude . :)

i played with the scroll/wheel to crop the bottom 10% or so ,
thinking about the marks/texture of the foliage , water ,
the solid river bank on the left with the strong reflection on the right ,
and how the scene/composition opens the sense of depth with your marks .

just a thought .


08-07-2013, 04:21 PM
Hello Ed.
You really have the sense of the analysis and it's very interesting for me because all what you say is relevant and gives me another "look" on my work. So, I'm always working in a intuitive way .
Thank's very much for your comments !

08-07-2013, 04:25 PM
Thank's very much all !
Peter, Cris, Mado, Chris, Pastel 65 and Terry !

08-07-2013, 04:53 PM
Very nice. Wonderful use and control of textures.

08-07-2013, 04:58 PM
The painting is beautiful and it's amazing that all this was done outdoors, I usually end up with something unfinished :) The water and reflections really take the center stage in this one for me.

08-08-2013, 05:52 AM
Thank's Randy !
Tahnk's Lana ! I did not end the pastel in one step. I returned three days consecutive to the same place to end it.