View Full Version : A Little Egotism Never Hurts

08-01-2013, 09:48 AM
When I view portrait paintings, I can’t help but think about ego: did the model ask to be painted? Why? Did the artist see that individual and feel beckoned to paint him or her? Why? While not all portraits are meant to be beautiful in a conventional sense, I’ve never seen one that was ugly. Even the controversial works of Lucian Freud speak to me about humanity and the less-than-ideal realities of the human body. To me, portraits are often a historical snapshot of a life–you can assume many things about a person when you see his/her face on a canvas…her economic status, her joy or pain. And in female nude figurative paintings, you may be able to tell by the swell of her belly (which reminds me of the phrase “pot” belly, as was sweetly referenced in a 1994 Quentin Tarantino movie) if she’s had children. Looking at a painting that includes a man’s hands, you can see if he’s spent most of his time working in the fields, on cars, or in an office. Read more here >> http://bit.ly/EgoAndArt (http://bit.ly/EgoAndArt)

Wonder (pastel, 12×16) by Alain Picard