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06-25-2001, 10:18 AM
I don't know about you, but from a design standpoint, I'm really impressed with Star Trek.

I love the recurring visual theme of the eye. The deflector dish on 1701d and on Voyager are the most obvious. But if you look at the costumes of Next Generation's crew from a direct down-shot, you'd see that even the uniforms have an eye imbedded in them (the foreshortened head against the red and black epaulet pattern on the shoulders).

In one DSIX episode, I think, Vulcans are shown in their escape pods, which look just like eyes. DSIX itself, though a Cardassian (not Federation) design, also looks like a big eye (the down-shot).

Romulan ships are just big, green eyes.

Anyway, with all the fan art stuff going on in relation to this board, I thought it might be interesting to get a discussion going about /Enterprise/.

I think it would be fun if we'd post our theories of designs of the hardware, costumes etc., that will appear on /Enterprise/. Remember, everything has to be reverse-engineered because the new show is a prequel. Think about the design progression in the thirty some odd years we've had the opportunity to view the Star Trek world.

It'll be fun to compare our designs with the actual ones that are revealed in September. Anyone out there actually ON the production team? That would be fun!

So, I'd welcome any commiseration.


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