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07-29-2013, 12:08 AM
Morning all.

Not a bad nights sleep despite more heavy rain

Quiet Wash yesterday.

No plans so back later


07-29-2013, 02:42 AM
Good morning Geoff, hopefully a better day today. The clouds are clearing and we are in for a fine morning here after heavy overnight rain (the best kind).

We are off to the Lowry theatre in Salford this evening on a trip with 20 Probus members and friends to see "Evita!". I love the musical and look forward to seeing it live. We plan to have dinner at the Café Rouge before the theatre, so I hope I don't nod off :lol:

Apparently play was abandoned at Birkdale for bad light after a 2 hole playoff tie and will be completed this morning. Bernhard Langer threw away a 2 hole lead on the last hole. (I love watching other people play sport - never done much myself).


07-29-2013, 03:13 AM
cafe rouge are normally excellent, enjoy Doug

Tks for info on golf iy didnt get mentioned on the news


07-29-2013, 03:41 AM
Good evening Geoff and Doug.

Glad you have recovered from your Mt Nebo moment Geoff.

Great fun by the sound of it Doug.

Next instalment on the great wall.


We will have to buy soil to fill out the lower garden but Tom said he would get back the diggy thing to help. Top terrace will have another two planks on to take it to height. No need for soil there because the current earth is wonderful.

As a a great hello, there was a roy g biv over Mt Nebo to the east tonight.

I love it when it rains and the trees are cloaked in sunlight.

BBL chicken poi to cook

07-29-2013, 03:44 AM
Great wall of Nebo Annie :) Looking good.

Enjoyed decoding the roy g biv :)


07-29-2013, 06:20 AM
Hi everyone:wave:
Had a wonderful weekend with family, friends and a rugby win too!

Annie, the great wall is taking shape! :thumbsup: LOVE rainbows...

A very clever spider has been at work in our garden this morning.


07-29-2013, 07:25 AM
Good Monday Morning! I slept the night away but awoke tired and groggy... :confused: Our weather is cool and cloudy... no air conditioning, but no swimming either.

I really don't have any plans for the day. I'll paint.

We finally cleared out Magoo's bedroom of the junky *stuff*. I'm going to buy some paint and freshen up this room. We've called a couple of Flooring Stores and will get a quote to have all the bedrooms carpeted. I'd prefer to refinish the hardwood floors, but think that carpet would show better when we decide to sell this house.

There's enough kale in the garden to make up another freezer meal... I'll get it chopped and blanched... mere minutes of time.

The Wall is progressing, Annie! Is it going to be a garden terrace, then? Rainbows beautifully imply such promise...

Isn't that web so pretty, Lulu? I love them too...

Ted's making our breakfast... poached eggs on toast...

Wishing everyone a great day! :heart:

07-29-2013, 08:11 AM
:wave: Hello:wave:

Great weekend weather wise here in Ohio. I think our low last night was about 53 degrees. :eek: :eek:

I stayed off my foot yesterday --Friday's hospital and nursing home visits and Saturday's wedding put some swelling on the foot. Just too much walking. Ortho visit Tue morning.

Stepmom still in hospital. Will make a visit this afternoon and drop off some laundry to Dad today.

Doug - enjoy your night out.

Annie - looks like things are coming along. Rainbow pic very pretty

Geoff - my Dad loved to play golf.

Char - I like carpet in the bedrooms would prefer not to have it in the main living areas.

Darla - DH and I looked at your photos of your trip on FB. WOW what a great trip. Enjoy your trip to Nashville with the girls. Wednesday ---I LOVE the Geico commercial with the camel about Hump Day.

Nancy - Sure hope you get some relief with your hip and back. I'm more than a little nervous about my Ortho visit.

well off to the shower --then to get coffee and talk to locals before the phone starts ringing about other issues.

Everyone have a good day


Scene Chaser
07-29-2013, 08:20 AM
Good Day All,
The trees are done coming down for a while. All trees that could have blown down on the house are on the ground waiting to be cut up and taken away. That's my job and a friend or two who wants the wood. Whatever I'm forced to cut up will be sold. My services aren't free. :)

Love your photo, Lulu.

Annie, It does cost us to control our little part of nature, doesn't it?

A high of 68 F expected today. I'm enjoying the cool weather. Rain and a sore back will keep me from working outside.


07-29-2013, 10:18 AM
Torrential hail storm for last hour..... two caravans left rooflights open!


07-29-2013, 10:19 AM
Happy Monday Morning. This is such an exciting day. I get to have an MRI on my back with contrast. :(

But I think I know what the problem is and even the doctor said it could be, spinal stenosis. I walked through Walmart last night without pain by leaning over and holding onto the shopping cart. When I sit on a hard chair and lean forward, no pain. Now I have to figure out how I am going to walk around work, casinos, pushing a shopping cart. :lol:

Anita: At least you have a nursing background, and understand what the docs are talking about. Thank goodness for the Internet or I would be pouring over my two medical encyclopedias that I bought in the 70s.

Lulu: Loved the spider web. Nature is so beautiful.

Annie: I love the progress on the garden.

Well, I guess I have to get to work. BBL. Hugs to those in need.

Clara McArthur
07-29-2013, 10:54 AM
Good morning ! A sunny morning but really cool 5 C! Surprised me when I went out to walk Bessie as I thought it would be a lot warmer.
Annie- the wall progresses, my it looks a lot of work! Have you escaped the flu virus? lovely rainbow!

Doug - a lovely evening to look forward to.

Darla - I looked at the photos on Facebook. What a great trip you had and what a lot ground you covered in 2 weeks. I always wanted to do the chunnal trip, but when we went to France we went across on the fast ferry.

Must start my day, catch up on all the paperwork, hopefully start a painting.

07-29-2013, 11:08 AM

I am still suffering with a painful back (low right) I spent most of the day flat on it, and I am mobile again if careful. Wish I had a good reason, but will make an appointment today. I do think my daylong walkathon at the State Fair may have had a hand in it, but want to ask about other issues anyway.

No plans for the day. Hope all yours are pleasant.

07-29-2013, 11:31 AM
Hello one and all,

Clara and Anita, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. It was a WONDERFUL trip and we have many wonderful memories.

THANKS DOUG for putting the names of the places we visited. I'd forgotten them.:thumbsup:

Aww (((NANCY))) you poor thing; a hurting back is the worst. I hope you'll be able to work and not be in constant pain.

Char, here in America most people want hardwood floors. There are still those who want their bedrooms carpeted though so I guess it's 6 of one; half dozen of another.

LuLu, what a gorgeous spider web you photographed. I don't like spiders but I can appreciate the beauty they create.

I'm here at work this morning taking my meds for vertigo. I work with two people who get it also. It can be a chronic thing for some people. My boss, who is one of the people here who gets it said lack of sleep can contribute to it. I've not been sleeping very well...so maybe.:confused:

I sure hope I'm not bothered with it during our trip to Nashville.

((JUDYL)) & (((BILL)) I hope your back starts feeling better real soon. Boy we sure do have lots of people with bad backs here in the wash.

Wow Annie, it's coming right along hey? That rainbow photo is spectacular!

Geoff, hope a nanna nap is in order for you.

It's cold again and cloudy...where did our summer go? I don't like it 90F but 70 would be nice.:rolleyes:

Have a great day everyone!

BBL:wave: :heart:

07-29-2013, 11:35 AM

Looks like some people are busy with 'garden' stuff - fortunately I have our John to do that...lol.

Lovely day here - overnight rain but now sunny and blue skies though a bit of a breeze.

Had a phone call from the mediation service re our court case - we have an appt for the 19th August to see if we can resolve this without going to court - personally I can't see it but hey at least we tried.

Mum has been tired since she did a runner from the rehab centre but I have an exercise programme ready for her so no excuses. Am determined to get her walking back properly - can't hang around 10 weeks waiting for a physio.

Was sorting out her tablets that she came back from the hospital with - they had been giving her a course of co amoxiclav but her tongue started to swell at the front so have taken her off them - seems to have done the trick. She has to have a blood test etc next week so the district nurse will come for that.

We have an appt tomorrow with the shoulder specialist - am hoping something can be done - if we can sort out the pain then her quality of life will improve tremendously.

Well better go and finish this office work - waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

07-29-2013, 12:33 PM
Good Afternoon!!!

Cardigan temperature and dull.

I too have been for back/hip/knee Xrays this morning. My therapist wants to know what she is working with (scared to break any old bones:lol: ) I am sure she won't find anything spectacular because I am also sure they are all muscles and tendon issues resulting from the hip replacement.

Now I have to figure out how I am going to walk around work, casinos, pushing a shopping cart.

Nancy, answer - a walker:evil: :lol: I too walk a lot better with the shopping cart, especially the baby ones they have now:lol:

Pat, a big HUG for having such patience with your mom. I know I'd make a terrible caregiver.

Annie, BEAUTIFUL rainbow and
LULU, BEAUTIFUL spiderweb. Looks like a crocheted doilly. I guess we were trying to copy the spider's work.

Darla, so you think it is vertigo and not an infection??? :crossfingers: for rapid improvement!!


Geoff, does that mean it is raining into your caravan??:eek:

Doug, lovely outing you have planned, always so much nicer when shared with friends!!

Char, as mentioned before, the old wood floor in the spare bedroom looks just fine, it absolutely fits the older house. If the other rooms look the same I'd save the money.

:wave: to Anita and Bill and sending good thoughts to our sick friends!!

Going to have lunch and play table tennis later on.


New Gamboge
07-29-2013, 02:23 PM
Good morning - another beautiful day, I FINALLY finished staining my house (as far as I could reach with a step ladder) but still have to do all the trim I can reach.

Annie - your wall is coming along beautifully.

Hope Anne is enjoying her trip to Vancouver.

Pat - you have the patience of Job!


07-29-2013, 04:54 PM
Hiya! Well... I managed to find some things to do! :lol: Since it's so nice and cool out, I decided to finish my work in the trailer. I varnished the new quarter round trim on the new floor; I remade the beds and put away the fresh towels and facecloths; I cleaned the pantry cupboard and washed the floor.

I finished (I think) my still life, but I'm not quite sure about the cast shadows just yet. I need to think on it for a day or so before varnishing it. I also have a few other paintings that need to be varnished, but I'm waiting for less humid weather.

I can download magazines from our local Library using a Zinio application and spent an hour browsing through Mother Earth News... It's so nice to be able to read a magazine that I don't have to store somewhere because it's too expensive to throw away.

Anita, you really do need to put your foot up awhile!

Bill, I hope your back is feeling a little better with a day of rest... a lot of people in Ontario supplement their heating with wood stoves or fireplaces... perhaps you'll be able to easily sell all that wood.

:eek: Hail is SO damaging, Geoff... I hope your caravan is ok...

((Nancy)) Spinal stenosis is worrisome, for sure... the internet can be a mixed blessing, I suspect...

So, I hope you were able to find some time to paint today, Clara!


Darla, don't those heavy clouds look more like September than August? :(

Pat, you've sure had a full plate these days... (((hug)))

Uschi, it's an endless quest to achieve some state of normalcy, eh? I feel like my centre of gravity has changed and that's why using a shopping cart seems to help... I REFUSE to lean over it, though! :lol:

That's hard work, Betty and I don't envy you that task!

It's time to cook something for dinner and I don't have a clue what to make... sometimes I wish that Ted would cook... poor guy has been trying to fix our lawn tractor... I'm afraid it's destined for the shop tomorrow... He did walk behind the mower to do our front lawn... exercise at the max.


Scene Chaser
07-29-2013, 06:46 PM
Char, for not knowing what to do, you sure created a busy day. :)

I don't burn wood as it just so much work. especially for someone with my physical complications. But, I wish I could.


07-29-2013, 07:59 PM
Brr...it's chilly out still, but they are saying tomorrow a bit warmer.

What a surprise tonight; when I drove in the driveway from work Larry was sitting outside and had something on the grill for dinner!:thumbsup: He thought he'd surprise me and had baked potatoes and was BBQ'ing chicken. Yum it was too. I only had to make a quick tossed salad and make a vegetable and we had dinner early and clean up done in no time at all. What a great guy; I think I'll keep him.:D

Char, yes feels like Fall but warmer weather is on the way. Ahh...the lawn tractor troubles, Larry has dealt with them this year too. We are :crossfingers: that his holds up at least a few more years. Working for a magazine subscription agency we hold our breath when a publisher decided to go "digital". I know it's convenient but we're hoping that the majority of subscribers will still like the paper magazine in their hands for a while longer. Eventually I'm sure everything will be digital and we'll be out of jobs...hopefully I'll be retired by then.:thumbsup:

Bill, burning wood is a hard job. My Dad did it up until the year he got so sick, and my Mom kept telling him it was just too much work. He loved to burn wood though and liked having a fire. I'm glad you have all your trees felled now.

I really need to get out into my perennials and do some much needed weeding. UGH...it's never ending and even with mulch we get SO MANY weeds...grrr:( Deadheading needs done too.

I'm hoping my beans won't be ready until we get back from our long weekend trip.

Larry has gone to bed already; he is going in for 3am again.

I'm going to read for about an hour then head to bed too. I just find it hard to go to bed when it's still light out.:rolleyes:

Night all I'll talk to you again in the morning.:wave: :heart: