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07-28-2013, 01:44 AM
Morning all.

Torrential rain during night and blowing a gale now so a day to be careful tiwing.


07-28-2013, 02:45 AM
Good morning Geoff, cloudy now after overnight rain. I welcome it, saves me watering the roses :)

Had a lovely evening with friends, lots of interesting conversation over dinner.


07-28-2013, 04:21 AM
:clear: :clear: :clear: :clear:

Just sneaking in here at 4AM.

Had lots of rain here in our part of Ohio yesterday. Downtown Dayton had a Celtic festival and we had a wedding to go to.

The rain stopped and it turned out beautiful about an hour or so before the wedding. Beautiful old church in downtown. Lots of arches and stained glass windows.

The bride had 7 attendants and her colors were bright fushia. Beautiful gowns and her dress was fantastic. Lots of beading on the top and she looked like she was floating on a cloud of white from the skirt portion of her dress. Lots of fabric roses covering the whole skirt.

As the couple came down the church steps everyone had bubbles to blow at them and the weather was perfect.

At the reception the tables were covered with black tablecloths with fushia napkins and all the chairs were covered with black and light pink bows tied around each chair back.

a very elegant affair.

As I listened to the vows my thought was most couples getting married say them but I don't think they really grasp them until you have been married a while. Then you're sitting in a church listening to someone else wedding and it is like That is no joke "better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or health.

It just can't all be known on that wedding day.

We have another wedding to attend in Sept and looking foreward to it.

I think all the walking around at the hospital on Friday and all the walking and standing yesterday really gave my foot a beating. It was very swollen last night. I'm gonna take it easy today.

Darla - I got your message and will look you up on FB.

Well back to bed


07-28-2013, 06:07 AM
Good evening all.

Lazy day here, and cold. Not much activity except Roger sneezing and coughing and me ducking for cover :eek: Not much to show on the Great Wall because nuffink has happened, being the weekend. Friday was the day of the hours and hours post. Might have to put a plaque, not plague, on it as a memorial to the toil.

Contracter will be back Monday but Roger can keep his guilt to a minimum while he is still suffering and let the newly recovered do the work that day. I just hope the Contracter forgot the joke I told him :lol: :crossfingers: I didn't mean

These guys are trustworthy and good and so very likeable, interesting and intelligent and can laugh. One did his landscaping degree in Germany, sidekick
is a PHD in Environmental science.

Got to go. the lethargy and virus avoidance of the day has done me in.:lol: :wave:

Ellen in Ont
07-28-2013, 07:33 AM
:wave: everyone,
Another too early morning. I am trying to fight off the cold that I must have picked up from my son the other day.:rolleyes: It is pouring rain here today so there probably won't be any visitors at our art clubs open studio today.

I was given a few bottles of dye from another member of the art club as she did silk dyeing years ago but doesn't have time any more. It is a different brand so it needs a different technique.:rolleyes: I did the research last night and couldn't wait to try it this morning so that is what I did at 5:30 this morning.:D It was very easy but does react a little differently than my other dye. Uschi, I wish you were closer too. Maybe it is something we can all play with if we can get together at Char's next year. :thumbsup:

I haven't heard a reply from the ebay person who sold me synthetic scarves claiming they were silk. His feedback rating was 100% but if he doesn't contact me I will be leaving negative feedback and I'll sell the scarves for what they are, traditional Tibetan offering scarves. If they don't sell, everyone will get one for Christmas.:D

Darla - I hope you feel better soon.

White light and hugs going out to everyone else not well.

Good morning Geoff, Doug, Anita, Annie, and all who follow. I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and figure out my day.

07-28-2013, 07:57 AM
Hi to All

Geoff, be careful

Annie, clever blokes

More painting today, plenty of time....until tomorrow when Lesley's family arrive from London, then chaos!

I want this paint for my Scottish landscapes :lol:



07-28-2013, 09:09 AM
Good Morning!!!

Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity and coolish for this time of year, will have a high of 20C. Bliss for me but others won't be happy.

We had a thunderstorm at midnight with masses of rain so no watering the garden for me either Doug:thumbsup: and I did cut the grass yesterday:thumbsup:

Big News - Son and DIL said thank you for the generous offer but it really was too expensive, so, unbelievable, the school offered another $ 6.000.00 and although things will be tight, Ethan is going in September. He is beyond thrilled.

Cute desk Caryl!!

Ellen, how can they have 100% good feedback???:confused: During my "You Tube" browsing I saw they now also have silk Paint vs. the Dye. Yes, that would be a fun project for us all.

Anita, you are so right, when we are young we have no idea what comes along with the white dress:)

Annie, I sure hope you don't catch that cold and hope Roger's is getting better.

Darla, I hope your ears are getting better quickly!!!

Henry :)

Plans for today, a bit of gardening in the morning, finishing that rose painting in the afternoon and then go the the "concert in the Park" where my 16 year old grandson Sethie is playing the clarinet.

:wave: Uschi

07-28-2013, 10:57 AM
Good morning! We are enjoying lots of sunshine in the cool temperatures that have allowed us to throw open all our windows. No air conditioning needed.

Of course, it's too cool to swim... there's always a positive and negative to everything... :)

I've done a little housework and have a loaf of bread rising. Ted's gathered the eggs... the nine girls are consistently gifting us with nine beautiful little brown nuggets. Young birds, their eggs are still pretty small. They're becoming tame and know that when we approach the Run, we'll have some greens to give them! :lol:

We really need to get some groceries... and I'll put on a couple loads of laundry later this afternoon... We have Magoo and his Girl coming over for a barbeque supper to finish the day...

Hi Geoff... yes... please be careful!

Doug, it's so nice that you enjoy regular dinner parties with your friends!

How wonderful that the WeatherGods smiled down on your Bridal couple, Anita! It's true that we can never know what our future holds, but those vows (to me) herald such a positive beginning... :heart:

Well, let's :crossfingers: that all the chromosomal flu victims are mending, Annie! And that you've completely avoided their gifts this time.

Ellen, we'll make sure to plan WELL in advance to ensure we can get everyone here next summer! It'll be so fitting for my 65th! And I can't wait to try a new artform!

Henry... my Grandmother, as brilliantly wise as she was, always said that "blue and green should never be seen"... except, I loved Black Watch! :lol: I'd buy that paint. I'm sure that ((Lesley)) will enjoy her family's visit.

:clap: Ethan :clap: What wonderful news for this talented child, Uschi! I'd love to see your next little rose painting... those small pieces you're doing are so gorgeous.

There's my timer for the dough... time to punch it down and shape it for the second rise.

You know I'm thinking positive thoughts for all our friends who're under the weather... :heart: Have a great day everyone!

Clara McArthur
07-28-2013, 11:23 AM
Good morning all,

The wedding we attended was lovely, but had to have it under cover as it poured rain! It was a casual wedding as it had all been set up for camping and the tables were covered with colourful vinyl picnic tablecloths, the centrepieces were ceramic garden boots filled with mixed flowers.
The bride was radiant in soft white strapless gown, and the groom wore a suit, which he said he would change to jeans after the ceremony. But this didn't happen because we did not go outdoors as it was raining too heavily to sit around bonfire as planned. Everyone stayed indoors and visited.

Still very overcast and cool this morning...glad I'm not camping!

07-28-2013, 11:42 AM
Good morning. I did not post yesterday, because I was having a very bad day and did not want to inflict it on anyone. We went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary a few days early. They only serve prime rib on the weekend. They had the temperature so cold in the restaurant that I had to leave right after we finished dinner.

Good news: my knee is fine. Bad news: my hip bone acted up. I think it is bursitis. Great news: since I am already on cortisone it will help everything. I go for my MRI tomorrow afternoon, and then back to the surgeon on Thursday. I have gone this far without any pain from my back at all, just the sciatica nerve. I am also going to schedule a second opinion.

Darla: I am so sorry about your ear infection. I suffered for years and had to have tubes in my good ear four times until the ear aches stopped. At least it happened before your trip to Nashville.

Ushci: What wonderful news for Ethan. If they upped their scholarship money, that means that they see huge potential in his talent.

Henry: Back in 1964, my girlfriends and I snuck into the Chicago Auto Show at 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. We saw a yellow taxi that had been painted plaid. It was the most dazzling car that we had seen. One of the girls was driving a Ford Edsel, and we decided that would be the perfect color for it. It never happened, but it sure was fun talking about it.

Geoff: Be careful towing in that kind of weather.

Ellen: So sorry about your catching another cold. I think it is the same cold you keep giving back and forth to each other.

Caryl: Love the desk. Sorry your muse is gone. Mine comes and goes these days, but has returned with a vengeance yesterday. Working a new piece for my niece to cheer her up. (My estranged brother was operated on for lung cancer on Monday and is having some complications.)

Everyone, have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs and white light to all in need.

07-28-2013, 12:12 PM
My Nana didn't do blue and green either nor did my late Mother.

Weather well breezy all the way no rain en-route but plenty on our delayed arrival, apparently a touch of the Mount Nebo syndrome crept into sat-navs as we were misdirected to a farm lane way up in the hills!! So we were over an hour late getting here, as were four or five others.


07-28-2013, 12:23 PM
Char, I love the Black Watch tartan as well. on my Mothers side there is a long history of men being in the Black Watch regiment of the British Army, if fact my Mother was born in India when my Grandfather was serving there. I decided not to join, but did apply to the Royal Marines and was knocked back because I had a perforated ear drum at the time!

Nancy, sounds like a great car, I'm sure I have seen a London cab painted tartan

I'm just back from the hospital visiting Lesley, looks like she will be in for another few days, the leg infection has improved greatly, chemo in 9 days hopefully

Hi Geoff


07-28-2013, 12:32 PM
Good to hear Lesley is responding to treatment henry. Let's hope she can get on the chemo soon :crossfingers:

Watching the Seniors golf on TV at Royal Birkdale, on the coast around 10 miles away. It is suspended due to the threat of lightning.


07-28-2013, 02:18 PM
Doug, when I suspected lightning, I was of the course quicker than Usain Bolt (of lightning)


07-28-2013, 03:06 PM
Good afternoon all,
It is almost 3:00 p.m. and my two Turkish Moussaka casseroles are in the oven baking. If you aren't familiar with moussaka, it is like a Turkish or Greek lasagna where you use layers of grilled eggplant slices instead of pasta with the ground meat/tomato sauce. Then it is topped with an egg and yogurt sauce. The combo of flavors is lovely. I used the first two eggplants from the garden + one locally-grown one we bought at the grocery store this morning. We'll have one of the casseroles tonight and the other will go in the freezer for later.

Here's the finished dish, just took it out of the oven. Will reheat it a bit before serving this evening:


Been working on that and the other veggies and fruit we picked up at the supermarket and reading the Sunday paper.

Henry and Doug,
That is a smart move suspending the golf in case of lightning. One time when Kent was playing soccer, one of the coaches on the field was severely injured by lightning that struck the ground and traveled to his feet. We learned to always clear off when storms were anywhere in the area...they said lightning can travel up to 10 miles from where you see the clouds. :eek:

Uschi, That is good news for Ethan. I hope he realizes the sacrifices his parents are going to be making for him to pursue his dream when he gets older.

Anita, Sounds like a lovely wedding. Glad the weather was nice by the time the ceremony took place. :D

Henry, Love that paint. Glad Leslie is responding to the treatment. :thumbsup:

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



07-28-2013, 03:46 PM
Hello all,

It's cold and rainy here; Larry is loving this weather but not me. I don't like the super hot but this is Fall weather and it's a little too soon. It's not been a great weekend for doing any thing outside.

I guess it doesn't matter any way because I've not felt like doing much. I did get my blueberries in the freezer and several loads of laundry done and folded.

Kaitlyn just took my car to Preston's for a couple of hours. It seems weird for her to be driving all by herself. Kelsea is here too and playing on her I-phone.

I don't know what I'm having for dinner today; I guess I'd better decide soon.

I am still kind of dizzy;the pills are helping but they make me sleepy. I just had this inner ear thing in the Spring...grr. I also get a headache with it.

Gail, if I have it for a whole year I don't know what I'll do because I cannot drive when everything is spinning. It's so horrible. I have to work and drive everyday. :confused:

Henry, that is great that Lesley's family is coming to visit her and you. That will give her a boost; I'm also glad her leg infection is much better.

Happy 19th Anniversary Nancy. You can always drop in here and commiserate. It's what we all do; it helps to get it out.

Weddings; we don't have any this summer but I love attending them. To see the love between the bride and groom all fresh and un-touched. Down the road will be trials and tribulations galore, and only the strong and committed will survive. It's a give and take situation but good for building character and a nice long life together.:thumbsup:

We leave for Nashville on Wednesday so I hope I'll feel much better by then. It's always something happening to keep life interesting right? The girls are getting excited. It's just hard to believe that they don't have much time left of their summer vacations. Before you know it it'll be time for school to start back up.

I'm afraid what beans I have left (after the critters ate most of them) will be ready to harvest while we are gone. Larry says no; hopefully he's right. They aren't any good when they get too big and tasteless.

Oh YUMMY Sylvia, that looks delicious, enjoy!

Uschi, that is wonderful that Ethan will be attending that school; I bet he'll try extra hard to make his parent's sacrifices worth it.

The sun is peeking out now and I see some blue sky.;)

I hope your end to your weekend is great and that your upcoming week will be full of great things,

G'Day/Evening:wave: :heart:

07-28-2013, 05:18 PM
Weddings; we don't have any this summer but I love attending them. To see the love between the bride and groom all fresh and un-touched. Down the road will be trials and tribulations galore, and only the strong and committed will survive. It's a give and take situation but good for building character and a nice long life together.:thumbsup:

You said that sooo nicely Darla!!! Glad you are feeling even a little better.

As to Ethan, yes, very lucky. Will he appreciate his parents' sacrafize, I really doubt it. At that age they just want what they want and are disappointed if they can't have it. Maybe when he is older and making sacrafizes for his own children.

Sylvia, that looks superb - YUMMMY!!!! Not to jealous though since I made a chicken currey, mind you, with bought curry paste:lol:

Henry, always sending good thoughts and wishes toward Lesley!! I too hope her family visiting takes her mind off the problems, even if it's just for a little while.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Nancy!!!!!! and I am so glad that today is a better day for you.

Clara, a wedding with camp fire sounds sooooo nice. REALLY too bad that it rained.

Char. my little rose painting really didn't really turn out the way I wanted. I hope I can get to like it because if I don't like it I will not show the client. I did that other rose painting some time ago and really like the background on it, trouble is, I can't remember how I did it and found it hard to do a background that wouldn't stray too far off. I am also not crazy about the composition:lol: :lol: :lol:

I also worked in the garden for two hours in the morning, got a lot done because it was nice and cool, actually wore a sweat shirt.

The sun has left and I am reconsidering going to the concert in the park. Will see how it goes.

:wave: Uschi

07-28-2013, 06:15 PM
Back from the sunken gardens. I will try to get the photos on the RIL tonight.

Cooler day, nice for a change, only making it to 82 today. Lovely.

Thinking about making it down to Wilber this weekend (next) to the festival there. Then I'll have some great costume shots for the RIL too.