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07-27-2013, 12:23 AM
Hello Everyone,:wave:

I'm still awake, I just posted some pictures of my trip to England and Scotland on my facebook page. It took a while and I though before I head for bed I'd start the wash for Saturday.

I'm planning on sleeping in this morning and then it's going to be a relaxing day. I might paint for a bit, read and possibly go to the store once Larry gets out of work.

We had 4 new tires put on the car yesterday and it was expensive...but they sure do ride nice. Today it's going to the dealer for a check up. We wanted to do this before we leave this Wednesday for Nashville.:thumbsup:

I hope you all have a most wonderful day!

(((PAT))) oh dear that Winnie.:rolleyes:


Wondering how ((LYN)) is doing and thinking of (((SHIRLEY))) too. They've not been to the wash in a while. There are others that are eluding me too. (((NIPPER)))

Have a GREAT DAY:grouphug:

07-27-2013, 01:06 AM
Morning Darla and all following.

Seagulls making a real racket this morning but otherwise a good nights sleep, better than being at home.

Back later


07-27-2013, 02:14 AM
Good morning all :wave:

Hi Darla, I just looked at your photos on Facebook. What a wonderful collection of memories.

Hi Geoff, hope the good weather continues.

No plans for today yet.

PS Well I'm up now and another hot day is in prospect - not a cloud in the sky.

The Crocosmia is flowering, what a wonderful sight, I love the form of the flowers.


07-27-2013, 04:10 AM
Good morning washers.

Darla - enjoy your sleep-in.
Geoff - glad you had some good sleep.
Doug - what is Crocosmia? Tried to look it up, no success.

Going to a "Garden Party" this afternoon. Not a jeans and tees BBQ, had to dig out my old favorite 'frilly' summer party dress and matching sandals. I may even be forced to (Gasp!) wear make-up. Oh no-ooo.

Report later.


07-27-2013, 04:27 AM
They are in the same family as Montbretia Doris.



07-27-2013, 04:31 AM
Good evening all.

Seagulls are good Geoff, unless they are flying directly overhead.

Darla, you and Larry must be looking forward to Nashville so much :thumbsup:

Doug :wave: Edit, quite BEAUTIFUL!

Doris, good luck. :heart: I've almost abandoned makeup except for mascara and badly applied eyeshadow. Can't put it on with glasses, can't put it on without and I am definitely not using a magnifying mirror. THAT would be too too scary to contemplate.:lol:

Glad Kev and Chris are safely home, but will no doubt sleep for a week.

Pat, just ...... throw the hands up in despair and just suck it up.(((()))) Heartfelt best wishes to you.

Karl, hope the trip goes well.

The day here was good, apart from the zenith of manflu :rolleyes: :crossfingers: Some shopping in the morning. Home for lunch. Roger had disturbed nanny/convalescent nap. Then I had to go to a course at University of Queensland for a few hours. Came home and the zenith of manflu was coughing out a new garden edge near the house and complaining bitterly. I even stopped on the way home and bought some new tissues for him. Strong and thick, the tissues :lol: :cool: :crossfingers: that I have nothing yet from the virus distributor.

Cold and dark now, so :wave:

Ellen in Ont
07-27-2013, 05:49 AM
:wave: everyone,
I was busy all day with my sister here. We ran around doing her errands then watched a movie to rest. We dyed a couple of scarves then had supper and watched a movie to rest. :D Brian got home from Toronto last night as well. Today's plans are maybe going to a few yard sales if the rain stops, trying to finish the painting for our art clubs show next week, and talking Brian into cleaning out at least one closet.:rolleyes:

I received a bunch of 20 scarves that I ordered through ebay. They were advertised as being pure silk. I even emailed the seller to make sure and he replied that they were pure silk. Guess what? They weren't. They looked and felt suspicious right from the package. My sister and I decided to try to dye a couple (my dyes only work on silk) and it not only looked terrible, the expensive dye washed right out after setting it in the usual way. So I took a small piece and tried a burn test. Silk burns to a grey ash but synthetic melts to a plastic glob. This melted! I am not happy! So I am hoping he will refund the money for the rest of the scarves ($40 US) but I will have to pay return shipping. :o I will only order from silk supply companies from now on.:rolleyes:

Pat - sorry Winnie wouldn't give the rehab a try.

Lots of white light to everyone not well or hurting.

Safe travels to those travelling and welcome back to Kev.

Uschi - I hope I have your energy after I retire. :D

Doris - have fun at your party.

Good morning Darla, Geoff, Doug, Annie, and all who follow. I'm off for a bite to eat and answer some emails before the rest of the house stirs.

07-27-2013, 07:12 AM
:eek: :eek: It's Raining, It's Pouring the old man is snoring:eek: :eek:

Now that's the truth here today.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes it is 7AM and it is raining. We're to have a lot of rain today. We have a family wedding to attend at 4:30pm but it is inside a church. Looking forward to that even though I don't know the bride or groom. My cousins son but had not seen him since he was just a little boy.

I was the last post yesterday so to update ---Stepmom is back in the hospital same type of symptoms as the other 2 times. Spent most of the afternoon at hospital. She will likely be there for a couple of days and the Dr. recommended she go to a nursing home for several weeks to get some rest.

My half sister is OK with this too but stepmom I think will try to talk them into home care. I'll have to warn sister about this when I talk to her this morning. She had that the last time with a nurse stopping in to see her twice a week and she said she was not going to wait around for them and asked them why they wanted to continue coming and they answered "Because we might be able to keep you out of the hospital again". She told them No, I'm fine. And we've had 2 hospitalizations since.

We're at least trying to get her sent to the same home as Dad is not. Can you imagine having them in two different homes.

well having said all that my heel really bothered me last night. Too much walking around the hospital yesterday. I had to laugh at the irony of having a broken bone and being in a hospital when I haven't seen a Dr. since this happened. LOL

OK ---that's enough from me.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday


07-27-2013, 07:59 AM
Good Morning. I saw Darla mentioned me, and yes, I have failed to appear. I am well. Have been working on getting my strength back after all that lying around with the bronchitis, but I am feeling about back to normal now. Have been out for some walks and that has helped.

Nothing much going on here. Have been working more on the genealogy. Yesterday Don and I went to a talk at our senior center about that subject and got some good information. It is fascinating. I have traced my father's family back to the 1600's in France. Don started looking at his family last night and learned some things he did not know. Of course new questions arise and that just spurs you on.

I also have been writing on the family history and am now on the chapter of my parent's courting and marriage. My mother kept diaries, so that helps a lot.

Have been reading the wash, but too much to comment on. Just know I am thinking of all of you, each with your joys and trials.

Rainy out. We are in a cooler spell. We were going to take a trip tomorrow in Michigan, but think next week-end will be better.


07-27-2013, 08:39 AM
Hiya! It's been raining this morning and we're expecting thunderstorms throughout the day... it'll be indoor activities for us!

Magoo and Girlfriend stopped by after dinner last evening... we all went down for a swim and the water was beautifully warm despite the cool temperatures we've had for the past several days. It was so nice to get some exercise that doesn't hurt! :lol:

I made up some sandwich buns from my bread recipe... for some reason, they have a chewy bagel texture that puzzles me... they really taste good, but I don't know what I did to change them... :lol:

I finished painting the tomatoes on the vine in my still life... now, on to basket weaving... I didn't draw all the basket's strands, so I have to decide how to approach it... for such a small painting (quarter sheet), it's been quite a series of challenges... It's why we paint. :)

:wave: Everyone...

I wear a little makeup, Doris... and wonder why we find our menfolk SO handsome when they never bother with the stuff...

Like Darla, I wonder about our absent friends and glad to see Shirley stop by...

My heart goes out to our friends who're struggling with so many issues that we cannot help them with... ((Pat)), ((Anita)), ((Henry))...

And, of course, we have so many who're just not well... ((Lyn)), ((Lesley))

It's so nice to see photos of what's going on across the globe... beautiful flowers, Doug!

And, I enjoy reading about what's happening... Annie's wall and Ellen's scarves...

Hi Geoff and all yet to come... Fresh coffee is beckoning me... I hope your day is the very best possible! :heart:

07-27-2013, 08:47 AM
:wave: :wave:

Well I'm back ---having my coffee and DH off to the gym.

Ellen - I have wanted to try painting on silk and dying silk scarves for a long time but have not yet managed to do that. I just watched a lady on Ustream who was using the Tumble Dyes from Hobby Lobby in her art journaling. She put some in a spray bottle and diluted it some. Said it blended well and was permanent when dry on the paper.

Shirley - glad that you are feeling better. Years ago I wanted to do some genealogy and started but with raising kids, husband and working full time just could not keep up with it. I had been thinking about it alot lately. Also about getting more disciplined in my journal writing so one day my sons would have those.

Geoff - I love seagulls. Would love to paint them one day.

Darla - sent you a PM. thanks for the Cheap Joes info on wc paper.

Doris - I LOVE dresses. I don't have very many now but love dresses. I have been looking at some easy sewing patterns and think I'm going to start some up here for the fall. Something simple/classic that I can dress up with scarves. I have been watching lots of old movies from the 40's, 50's 60's and they sure knew how to dress.

Wondering if Bill is cutting down those trees still.

Expect my phone will be ringing with family issues any minute.

till them I'm gonna sit her an enjoy the quiet and my coffee


Strawberry Wine
07-27-2013, 09:52 AM
Good Day Washers !

Started out cloudy at 16 C this morning and now blue skies and warming up. Hopefully we get the showers that are predicted for later this afternoon or I will have to hand water (by hose) again. I weeded the veggie garden yesterday. The strawberry garden is yet to be done.

Ellen, how frustrating, that the scarves are not silk. I had no idea that you could test the would be silk as genuine or not. Hoping you get your money back without any difficulty.

Uschi, my fingers are crossed that Ethan's Mom and Dad find a way to allow him to attend school full time. He must show great promise for the school to offer a partial scholarship.

Char, I am looking forward to seeing your finished tomatoes... In reality, my garden tomatoes are quite pathetic this year. I will be jealous seeing yours on their vine. :)

Darla, glad you are taking some time to relax... How is your knee feeling?

Anita, :crossfingers: that there is space in the nursing home for your step Mom where your Dan is living.

Annie, hoping you do not receive the man flu as a gift from Roger.

I have a hair appointment for a cut /trim this morning so I better haul myself up the stairs and get ready.

Cheers, to All,


07-27-2013, 10:00 AM
Hi to All

Horribly muggy here and overcast, I haver a fan blowing on me overnight when in bed...cools me down!

Darla, can you post a link to your UK vacation photos please?

Oh! the sun has popped out!


07-27-2013, 10:12 AM
Here's a link to Darla's photos Henry. (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201816832926694&set=a.10201236134169588.1073741825.1358405521&type=1&theater)


07-27-2013, 10:50 AM
Thanks Doug


07-27-2013, 11:10 AM
Sorry Henry Ruth tells me it doesn't work if you are not a Facebook friend of Darla?????

Just watched an interesting documentary (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/king-corn-you-are-what-you-eat/) on the insidious growth of the corn industry and the spread of corn into our food. Quite thought provoking.


07-27-2013, 11:27 AM
Good Morning all,
It is 11:15 a.m. on a wet, soggy morning here in Oakwood. It has been raining since before dawn and doesn't look like it is going to let up any time soon. At least the garden and trees and grass and bushes are getting a good drink.

I'm in the middle of my BIG cleaning, so decided to take a break after working on the powder room and kitchen. Only have to dust and flip the cushions on the sofa, Larry does the vacuuming. ;)

Am drawing out my next painting image. It is a photo of the bouguet Kent send for Mother's Day that I took when the flowers were at their prettiest. Pink tulips and purple irises. Trying it out on a half sheet of paper so I hope it turns out nicely. There are several upcoming shows from different venues in the next six months, so I want to have new paintings to put in.

Doug, Don't forget how they are using corn in fuel also...at least here in the States they are. It is used to make ethanol as well as in those other items mentioned in the documentary. :o

Henry, We have a fan in the bedroom ceiling and run it most nights. Since we live in a two story house, we'd have to turn the air conditioner too low to cool the upstairs very well, so we generally turn it off in the night and rely on the fan and open windows when it isn't raining. It definitely makes sleeping more comfortable. ;)

Ellen, What a shame the seller was so dishonest. Hope you made e-bay aware of his disception. :mad:

Annie, Make-up? What's that? Now that I no longer go to work, all I use when going out in public is some lipstick. I'm pretty lucky and don't have too many wrinkles to have to cover....yet so just go au natural. ;)

Darla, Hope you are enjoying a nice, relaxing day.

Anita, :crossfingers: the nursing home situation works out well for your step-mom and dad.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.

Off to finish my cleaning and dusting now.



07-27-2013, 11:48 AM
Well, it is another hot day here, wall to wall sunshine!

Going to dinner with friends this evening.


Clara McArthur
07-27-2013, 11:49 AM
Good morning all.

Woke up to thunder and rainstorm! Disappointing after the lovely day yesterday. It has stopped raining now but still quite overcast and cool.

We have a wedding to go to at 3:00 this afternoon. It is a "casual" outdoor wedding. I'm thinking it will have to be held indoors (there is a really nice facility on the grounds).

I bought 2 large baskets of strawberries yesterday that I shall make into jam as soon as I go upstairs,

Anita, hope your stepmom and dad can be together in the same home.

I am on Facebook, so will look into seeing Darla's photos, if I can.

Doug, lovely flower not familiar to me.

Have a great day:)

07-27-2013, 12:04 PM
Hi Doug, I was wondering about that :thumbsup:


New Gamboge
07-27-2013, 12:12 PM
Good morning everyone - another beautiful day here - we have had no measurable rain for all of July - I would like a good soak as the fire hazard is high. Got up at 6 so I could get a couple of hours of staining in before the sun hit me. Working on the last wall, but then have trim to do.

Our poor kitty has to go to the vet this afternoon - he gets abcesses in his teeth and has had his back teeth pulled - now he broke a fang off so I guess he'll have more teeth removed. It doesn't stop him from eating though. The vet doesn't know what causes this, but some cats are very susceptible to it.

Henry - I too have a fan going all night, plus all of my windows open. During the day I open and close windows and blinds as the sun moves around. I know for you southerners 26 C is not hot, but it sure is for me!

The 2 little piggies we got the other day and made themselves right at home. The first day they had fun chasing our muscovies - they especially liked it when the ducks ran. The poor ducks had no idea what shattered their peaceful life. SIL has now finished the fence between the 2 paddocks so the ducks are again happy. And the pigs (Berkshires) have lots of hiding places to get out of the sun.

The muskrat has been around a lot - when I came back from getting the mail (through the back of our property) he/she was floating in the pond, and came out to groom quite near me. And so far he hasn't eaten too many water lily leaves.

Pat - I hope you're having a better day today. Betty

07-27-2013, 12:34 PM
Hi :wave:
Pat so sorry Winnie would not behave, I was wondering if it was too good to be true. Maybe you should put a mirror in her room.

We are planning on going to the State Fair today, I'm looking forward to it, may take Lauren, she is good at planning.


Clara McArthur
07-27-2013, 12:34 PM
Me again, well I was not able to see Darla's pics, even tho' I am on Facebook...I am not a "friend" too bad.

Hello Betty from Cobble Hill.... We visited Cobble Hill years back. I loved the area. It is one of the places I would love to live. I imagine it has changed some since I was there but still very picturesque and friendly I imagine!

07-27-2013, 12:37 PM
Taking a break here too... it's a grey, damp and cool day... Ted and I took our coffee out to the porch but the chilly breeze drove us back inside! Besides which, it's misting...

We pulled out some wild vine that invades our gardens on a regular basis (in between rain drops)... it grows like gangbusters and chokes out the plants and shrubs. I had towels on the line and have since put them in the dryer... :rolleyes:

I haven't worked on my painting yet, but that's where I'm headed next. After a bite of lunch, I think... a pasta/vegetable salad.

Doug, the corn in North America is no longer safe to eat... it's been so genetically modified that it's toxic. The high fructose corn syrup is only the tip of the iceberg, I fear... Did you know that "citric acid", a common ingredient in our food, is made from corn? Nothing citrus about it. And thickeners contain corn starch...

Gail, I got two tomatoes from the giguntuous porch plants today! Our garden plants are absolutely weighed down with romas... it's going to be a busy canning season!

As I recall, that was really a pretty bouquet, Sylvia... it'll sure make a nice memory painting and a good submission for the upcoming shows.

Hiya Henry, Judy and Clara...

Betty, one of our kitties HUNTS muskrats! And shares them with us... *shudder* Your poor ((Kitty))...

Ted's heating his lunch and it smells great... it's left over steak and even though I don't eat it, I do love the smell of it! :lol:

07-27-2013, 12:38 PM
Betty, I'm more northerly than you are here in Scotland, melt at 21C :D


New Gamboge
07-27-2013, 01:23 PM
Hi Clara - when did you come to Cobble Hill? I grew up here until the early '60s, moved away, and came back in 2005.

Henry - 20-21C is okay for me - anything higher and it's too hot!

Char - so far our outdoor kitty (Stubbi) just hunts field mice, voles, and shrews - and those which he doesn't like to eat, he leaves on the path as a present for us - is very hurt that we don't want him to bring them inside.

Must go and buy some more rubber gloves so I can finish staining. Betty

07-27-2013, 01:54 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Forecast was for rain and it looked all day as if it is going to rain, but it isn't:rolleyes: I gues, like Gail, I'll have to spend two hours watering myself.

First I'll have to cut the grass:eek: Could have avoided that for another day if it had rained:lol:

Have been to table tennis and am resting up now.

(((((((((((((((Pat)))))))))))))))) like Judy, I was VERY surprised at your mom's initial agreement to going there.

As to make-up, blond hair, blond eyebrows, blond eye lashes, blue eyes - blah, blah, blah, I absolutely NEED mascara:lol: Too many deep wrinkles to do anything about them:lol:

Sylvia, that will be a beautiful painting, is this meant for above the sofa??

As you all know by now, I am not good with heat, so now I have my new Air Conditioner in my bedroom if it is really hot, but all along I have had a ceiling fan over my bed so when it is not stinking hot I use that.

Anita, I hope all works out well with your stepmom.

Yes, Darla, how is your knee?????????

Char, I too am looking forward to your Tomato painting and isn't it interesting that a quarter sheet is now a "small" painting:) You've come a long way, baby!!!

Oh Ellen, that is soooooo disappointing!!!! Did he/she not have negative feedback to warn you??????

OH, OH, a few raindrops are falling :crossfingers: for more!!!

:wave: Uschi

07-27-2013, 03:20 PM
Evening all

Much cooler here and no rain. yet..... forecast for tonight/tomorrow

We are moving on early doors Sunday down to Darley Dale which is in the Derbyshire Peak District near Matlock, could be there till next weekend.


07-27-2013, 04:14 PM
Off to the fair we are taking the kids and Jen as well!

07-27-2013, 04:18 PM
I've poodled away hours looking at You Tube and silk painting - FUN:lol: Sooooo tempting to start yet another artistic adventure. I actually have the dyes and two silk scarves ready to paint which I bought about 15 years ago at an art Expo and never used. Ellen, why don't you live closer:crying:

Geoff, I hope the weather holds out and you can enjoy the various places you are visiting.

Oh, the rain stopped two minutes later, I guess grass cutting is in order:eek:


07-27-2013, 06:42 PM
A perennial lurker here.
Darla: I saw you post you are going to Nashville. If you have not seen the full size replica of the Parthenon and Athena in Nashville, it is worth the visit. The Athena is gorgeous ... awe- dropping!


My daughter just moved from Minnesota to Clarksville (45 minute drive north of Nashville), and my husband I went for a quick visit.

Athena - right foreground is my husband, John, and daughter (Elaina) with her fiance (Mike).


07-27-2013, 08:36 PM
ARGGHHHH...all my plans for today went to H$!! in a henbasket:crying: I went to bed last night and couldn't lay on either side; the room spun like crazy. I knew that I must have an inner ear infection.(this is the third one I've had!) I could only lay in my back and oh do you ever get nauseated. I finally fell asleep; but kept waking up. This morning I could barely walk; so dizzy. I texted Larry at work and as soon as he got out at 1pm we went to the Urgent Care clinic. The doctor gave me meds for the dizziness and an anti-biotic. I had a nice nap today but have a nasty headache. SOOO no painting done; nothing...a wasted day. Well except taking the car in to the Toyota dealer for an oil change and some other repairs. I don't know how I sat there that long with Larry but I made it. Felt so horrible.

For those who want to view my vacation pics on Facebook, I'm under Darla McConnell Woodkowski, I'll friend you if you ask. You can PM me with your name if you'd like.

I'm sure hoping that I feel better tomorrow as I have 10 lbs of blueberries that I have to clean and put in containers for the freezer.:crossfingers:

Thanks Shirley for checking in; glad you're feeling much better.

Nancy, yes we've been going down to NAshville for 5 years now to visit our sons. We've been to the Parthenon and it's FAB! We leave on Wednesday so I'm hoping that I feel better real soon.

I hope you all have a GREAT Sunday (and rest of your Saturday).

Night!:wave: :heart:

07-27-2013, 10:11 PM
I jes got my Kuretake brush pen and am delighted. Such fine lines that I couldn't get with a regular fountain pen (FP). So many tools, so little $$. Time to paint!! ;)

07-27-2013, 10:41 PM
Hey everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for a few days.

The boys have ventured off to Colorado for a few days and I've been busy doing this and that.
I made it to Omaha to the zoo. It was a lovely 75 degrees. The place was so crowed; full of screaming kids, parents screaming at kids, and lines to stand in line, that I left after an hour. I couldn't stand it. I did get some super shots of jellyfish.

After I got home, I put up 4 gallons of raspberries and 4 quarts of mixed berries for pies. Today I put up a gallon and a half worth of plum jam and plum sauce.

I also finally got a hold of the lady that was selling my new studio desk. It turns out she only is open Thursdays and Fridays in the Summer.


She's from the one room schoolhouse in Roca, Nebraska (long since gone) built in 1879. She's solid and WONDERFUL!

OH, and my muse is missing. I just cannot find the gumption to sit and paint, go about and take photos sure, no problem, but sit and paint, ugh.

Darla- your POOR ears. As one who suffers with chronic inner ear issues (defective tubes) I empathize!

Anita and Pat- UGH!

I know I'm forgetting some, it's late, please forgive me. I'll hang my head in shame and go back and read.

07-28-2013, 01:25 AM
Caryl, I have found that in order to be inspired to paint, you need to find something that really touches you to do that.

We did go to the State Fair, and had a lovely time. Lauren, Spencer and Jen (Mum) came with us and we did have a good time. Jen came with us because she had gotten some glass necklaces $1+ that she got such comments about she really wanted more, turns out he only sells them at fairs :eek: I told him he should at least get cards made with email address on, if not a website.

Really tired, must find sleep.