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07-26-2013, 01:59 PM
I've bought some panpastels, but I'm shocked at how expensive the trays are - they're about 20 euros for the 20-trays and more than 10 for the 10s. That's about a dollar per pastel just to organize them - so you could pay 80 euros to house a full set. It seems bizarre when I could buy a flat cardboard box for about 2 euros. Is there are reason they're so expensive and are they worth it, or is it silly and should I just make my own storage/layout system?


07-26-2013, 03:18 PM
Bummer they have some mark up there. Blicks in US much better


for 8.63 usd 6.50 ish euros for 20 space holder not 20 euros :eek: Thats $26.75 usd I am with you cardboard box and utility knife at that price. I bet if you ordered 1 + shipping from Us + taxes will = 20 euros :(

I bet the shipping plus taxes is some of the difference .:confused:


07-27-2013, 06:34 AM
Hmmm. 4 trays for about 9 dollars is 36 plus probably 7 for shipping is 42 and then we pay 20% for imports so about 52 US dollars which probably only equals about 40-something euros. That's about half the price of buying it here.
Huh. silly english and german shops.

07-27-2013, 01:04 PM
Silly shops indeed! I thought so, sometimes Blick has better prices even after you take into account the cost of overseas shipping at cost. I love Blick for that. They do it on volume.

I think the trays are worth it, especially the ten color tray for plein air. With the trays all the jars are open at the same time all the time, you just snap off the lid and they're ready. I got my Pans before the trays came out and had a system of keeping them around in stacks with most-used colors on top of the stacks. I have a ton of extra lids around still, because sometimes the "stacks" arrangement is useful in the home.

However, for going out plein air, the 10 color Painters selection in a 10 color tray is the handiest way to go about it. That's about the size of my sketchbook and easy to grab, fits in the basket of my walker. I set up another 10 color tray with five Deep Dark shades and five Tints as a second smaller palette for outdoor use.

This is because I no longer have table space to spread out all four 20 color trays and have the complete palette handy. I think the trays are worth getting - but at those prices, much better to get them from Blick.

I shudder at the rents your art supply shops must be paying to need that much markup on things. Back when I lived in New Orleans, Dixie Art Supply closed their little branch that was right on the edge of Jackson Square.

That shop was incredibly convenient because Jackson Square had all the artists out painting every day. That was the "A" spot and those painters mostly had the big 200 or 500 color Sennelier sets. But the prices they charged were much closer to list to support that location.

French Quarter rents went up to the point where the shop couldn't do enough business to keep its bottom line. That was frustrating, the larger branch was much farther away and harder to get to. The main point is that shops with a good location sometimes pay ludicrous rent to get it and that means they mark up their stuff way over the manufacturer's recommended price, while mail order always went way below recommended retail price because they don't have as much overhead.

Lady Carol
07-27-2013, 05:07 PM
Mine came with trays but when I use them, I pull them out of the trays. Then when I am done but still working on a piece, I screw them all together in stacks based on light or dark colours with the extra extra lids on top that also came with the set. That way I don't have to dig through the colours or try to remember what colour it was that I used previously.

Sorry I cannot really help you but I think the trays are good as you can see all the colours at once.