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Dani Melissa
07-24-2013, 06:50 AM
Hi everyone! I'm Dani :) So I'm a 24 year old whose recently finished my sixth and final year at uni. Now out working full time and finally have some space in my life for something other than study. I've always wanted to develop my drawing skills and it seems like it's now or never! Always one to throw myself in the deep end, thinking of setting myself a personal challenge- to draw something, anything, every day for a year. I've done it the past four days, but obviously a year is something different!

So, does anyone have any advice for me? Whose tried a 365 challenge? Did you do it? If not, what got in the way? Most importantly, do you think it helped to develop your skills?

Love to get all your opinions! ^_^

07-24-2013, 04:55 PM
Welcome to Art Journal forum, Dani. Congrats on finishing Uni. I have never tried the full year challenge. I have yet to finish a full month challenge. But, that may be because I suffer from OSS (Ooo, Shiny! syndrome :lol:) There is a fellow doing the one year challenge here on the forum. He's been very consistent in drawing every day. I can see great improvement in his drawing skills. So, I'd say it can definitely improve your skill set. Tho' the commitment to drawing everyday takes a certain level of discipline. Looking forward to seeing your work, whatever you decide to do.

07-24-2013, 11:32 PM
Hi Dani, welcome to wetcanvas.

I haven't done a 365. One a day is too much for me, as I tend to do art in spurts. I have done a couple of 100 self-challenges, like 100 oil pastel drawings, 100 portraits, 100 acrylic sketches. I put no time limit on myself, so it took between one and two years to finish each challenge. I put them up on a blog, most of which got wiped out when yahoo stopped hosting free personal websites. No biggie, it's the practice I benefitted from and they're all preserved in my sketchbooks.

Dani Melissa
07-25-2013, 05:01 AM
Thanks for the comments guys! Sounds like it would be a very tough challenge - perhaps I should start with a 30 day challenge first? My partner and I have just moved house so once I've got a scanner, I'll start posting up the work I'm doing and see how we go.

Thanks! :)

07-26-2013, 12:11 PM
Go for it!

My advice would to work from life. You will learn so much more. Simple things like feathers, seed heads, autumn leaves, paintbrushes etc are good to start with.

Don't limit yourself to just pencil, try various media.

Visit galleries and look at good work.

And visit here :)

07-30-2013, 01:30 PM
I second Viv's advice. I started with 30 day self challenges, sketch every day for 30 days, etc. I have now gone for over 3 years sketching every single day, some days it's major and lots of sketches, others it's only 1 or 2. Some months I set a theme for the dailies. Carrying a sketchbook and a pen or mechanical pencil with you wherever you go is helpful.