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07-23-2013, 02:13 AM
Good morning all, quite a weather change here, cloudy with thunder and lightning, rain expected soon.

Had a much better night with stronger medication, hope it continues.

Hope Geoff and Eileen manage to avoid the worst of it.


07-23-2013, 04:30 AM
Hi Doug. Glad things are improving a bit.

Hope Geoff and Eileen are safe too.

OOH and ... A princelet is born. Such good news. I only hope they can shield Hamish from the barbarism if the press.

Great progress made on the bottom garden now. Roger helped today.

Yesterday the loads of sand and concrete and gravel arroived. As recompense to the neighbour, the diggy thing redressed his drive with some of the gravel :thumbsup: The track is an easement.


They even made the little gravel road to avoid the quagmire of overnight rain.

Next the posts, today. Holes were augered out 1.2 metres down, concrete mixed and posts put in. The contracter has a sense of humour. He misplaced one hole :rolleyes: and Roger had to dig it and extend it to the depth until it was right. Remember the mechanic? Roge said he really enjoyed the whole thing so all good.

Here's the left off tonight. Most posts concreted in, sleepers delivered ... SO much hard work. I really admire our landscapers. Intelligent, witty and hard workers. We did have a quite a natter when they knocked off before the long and arduous journey home. Across the road.

Roger is off tonight for a Yosemite group meeting. He is so wonderfully excited.:heart: :thumbsup:

Cats are fed, but Loki didn't like her dinner so TUFF STUFF!! Bo will hoover it up later unless she changes her mind. Hunger makes a huge difference to tastes. Neither have been out because of the cat mixer/killer/setter down in the garden.


07-23-2013, 05:52 AM
:wave: :wave: Hello:wave: :wave:

Must have been dreaming --woke up and thought it was Friday and felt stressed that I had not gotten certain things done ---alas it is only Tuesday:lol: :lol:

On my agenda this morning ---I need to color my hair. Have let it go for about 2-3 months but it's just too much grey for me. :lol: :lol:

Some insurance paperwork and other accounts to do this morning and a run to the hospital to get a Cd of the xray and report on my heel.

We had rains yesterday but we needed them. I have tomatoes forming. Next year we will aim to get the plants set out in early May. We have a fog advisory this morning till around 10AM.

Doug - hope your increase in med helps

Annie - looks like progress. When is roger going to Yosemite (sp)???

Wonder how the new parents are getting along. Such exciting times.:) :)

Well off to have a look at a few things on the computer.


07-23-2013, 06:07 AM
Roger is a capital R Anita :lol: Sometime in October I think. Supposed to get the autumn colours then.

One morning I'll wake up and he will kiss me and say I need you to drive me to the airport. :eek: Alternative to that is using the parking place I use when going down to Victoria, which actually sets you down in the right place and brings you right back again. it also services the International Terminal. We shall see.

I did the goat trick and am now hiding with head under the pillow. the tiger will go away won't it?:lol: :lol: :lol: No. :(

Time, tide and diarrhoea wait for no one, as my mother would say. :cool:

07-23-2013, 06:15 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a few minutes after 6:00 a.m. here in just getting light Oakwood. Nicer temps in store for us today....we'll see about opening the windows later.

I'm off to my PT again this morning. I am becoming a real believer in this stuff. My knee is definitely much, much, much improved after a couple of weeks of it and doing the exercises at home each day.

We'll swing by the grocery store and pick up a few items before heading home.

Annie, Your building project seems to be echoing the Great Wall of China. Major work going on there. Looking forward to seeing it all planted up when it is finished. Enjoyed seeing the photos of the mini-meet!

Doug, Glad you were able to get a good night's rest. Hope the doctor can tell you what the problem is now that he's ruled out all those other ones. ;)

Anita, Sounds like a busy day for you. May 10th is supposed to be the last frost date for this area, I think, so you can plant tomatoes around the third week in May. Mine are forming, but are no where near being ready to be picked (except by the dang squirrels who seem to like them green, pink, red, etc.).

:wave: to all who are on their way. White light and thoughts to all who are ailing or aching.



07-23-2013, 06:31 AM

Florr cleaning day today.. Vacuum the mansion, mop the mansion, lay on sofa for an hour with aching back and burning feet..
Arise and set about getting the doings ready for dinner. Chicken seasoned with my own Dukkah type mix. Yum. I put a teaspoon full of dried lemon peel in too, and wow, was that good..

Back on sofa, letting aching bones settle.

Cats are fed, but Loki didn't like her dinner so TUFF STUFF!! Bo will hoover it up later unless she changes her mind. Hunger makes a huge difference to tastes.
Speaking of cats.... Loki is an absolute honey. She sat on her lounge chair, giving me the double blink, so I ventured over ecer so quietly to see if a smooch might be in order, and was rewarded with an awesome smooch/head butt/purring. SHe is just gorgeous! Black and silky, with the biggest of eyes.

Bo, of course came down the stairs eventually as his belly was doing some serious grumbling. I got a tentative head but on my hand, and a little pat. Aaaaaaaaaaaw, what a trooper. Beautiful great big ball of fluff. Sorry no photos, Annie will have to provide those.. :)

Annie wow, some serious progress being made. :thumbsup:

Doug, so glad to read you had a better nights sleep.

:wave: Syl and Anita..


Scene Chaser
07-23-2013, 06:58 AM
Good Day All,

A very nice cool morning, but it may storm today.

Doug, glad you slept better.

Annie, Roger with the capital R, will he be following the footsteps of Ansel Adams? I prefer colour.

Sylvia, Im glad the PT is working for you. Life without pain is nice.

Hi Anita, JJ.

Some serious work to do outside today while it is cool and before it rains.

07-23-2013, 06:59 AM
:wave: Birds up here, so am I it seems....need coffee BBL

Ellen in Ont
07-23-2013, 07:11 AM
:wave: everyone,
A mix of sun and cloud out there right now but the temps are supposed to drop all day down to 11. :eek: Where is our summer? My sister who lives just an hour north of he had frost again two nights ago and our night temp went to 1.1. :eek:

I got three areas of the house cleaned yesterday and I'll try for another three today. It's always better to do the cleaning of cupboards etc when Brian's not home. He doesn't like anything to be thrown out. :rolleyes:

I worked for two hours yesterday trying to get my printer working again. You could send things to the printer and it worked but scanning to the computer and saving an image from a memory card into the computer didn't work. For some reason it said the driver was missing. :confused: I tried re-installing it a few times before it installed without a fatal error. I was too frustrated to see if it actually worked so I'll check on it today.

So that is my list of what I'll be doing today as well as try and finish a quick painting, and maybe dye another scarf. It will be hard to get everything done because I also downloaded a new book to read. :D

White light to all those not well. I want to read a chapter of the book while eating breakfast and then start my day.

07-23-2013, 07:47 AM
I'm back with coffee in hand, much better! and breakfast too.

Busy day today, I'm making a journal to take with me on holiday this Friday, very simple, just two boards with some Arches 140lbCP between, holes in one side, joined by loose cord so it will lie flat. Of course I have to cover the boards and drill the holes, but it shouldn't take long. Then get out the suitcases and see what I can pack now, do laundry, and sort out camping kitchen stuff.

Both my children have birthdays this week, so some visiting is in order...lunch with DD, supper one day with DS, and then it will be time to go! Funny how you can long for something to come, and then all of a sudden it is nearly time, and there's not nearly enough time to get ready :rolleyes: I need to make a list!

Good that the meds helped, Doug.

Very interesting, Annie, major upheavals, the cats will be upset!

That's good that the PT is helping, Sylvia, I believe in it too, my legs work better now because of it. And I keep up the exercises, keeps me going.

That's frustrating, Ellen, I know what it is like. I hope you get it going. I have given up on my wifi, just cannot get the laptop to recognize the network. The little minipad has no problem :confused:

Take it easy, JJ :heart:

Hi Anita, Bill and all to come, have a good day!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug: for those in need.

07-23-2013, 08:54 AM
Happy Tuesday one and all!

It's misting out and cool this morning. I guess rain this morning and then clearing up. High of 87F though so still quite warm. The humidity is up there again too.

We had the girls last night and oh boy is Klaira ever a smart cookie. She's hilarious too. She will pick up someone's cell phone and pretend to be talking to her Mommy, laugh and jabber then laugh some more before saying bye bye. She is now putting words together in sentences and has funny words for different things. She'll repeat anything so everyone has to watch what they say.:rolleyes: :lol: She was a treat to spend time with, as are the other girls.

Next week we leave for Nashville with Kaitlyn and Kelsea. We are driving and leaving on Wednesday night after work so that we can get 1/2 way there. We will come home the following Monday. We will attend Josh's 5th Anniversary party of his shop opening in Nashville. We also plan on staying at a hotel with a pool and will take the girls for a ride to Chattanooga and maybe Memphis or Knoxville. And I'm sure they'll want to go to a mall too.:rolleyes: They start cheer practice right after we get home.

Larry is having a new set of tires put on my car this week. Also it'll go into the shop for an oil change and possibly new back brakes too. ($$$)

Well the woodchuck hasn't ate anymore of my beans and we don't know if he's left or what. I'm :crossfingers: that he's gone for good.

My hydrangea bush is amazing this year. IT's blooming like crazy and a cut bloom will last for a long time in a vase. I LOVE them. My roses look better too since these last few cooler nights and rain.:thumbsup: I LOVE my flowers.

Our veggie garden is okay, we've been eating cucumbers and the tomatoes are looking good. Our beans....well I doubt that we'll have many with the critters munching on them.:(

I hope your day is a great one!

:wave: :heart:

07-23-2013, 09:10 AM
Good Morning Sunshines! :music: Cool temperatures and brilliant sunshine have all the makings for a gorgeous summer day. The trouble is that I'll be indoors during most of it! I'll be sitting at the Desmond Exhibition as a volunteer to watch over the artwork.

I finished my Juicer painting yesterday. It's not something I'll enter into a show, or sell at the Gallery... this is mine and will hang in my kitchen. :) I have a little still life drawn out and will take that with me today. I think I'll bring my book as well. I'm not expecting a lot of traffic, so will probably spend the day with just me and the paintings.

((Doug)) Have you googled an ulcer diet? You may be eating things that could exacerbate your poor upset tummy.

Annie, is this going to be a retaining wall? It's sure lots of construction and would be interesting to watch. How long will Roger be away? You have an opportunity to create your own staycation... :)

Anita, the joy of retirement is not caring what day it is!

Hiya, Syl... I'm glad the therapy is working to improve your knee pain! Our tomatoes are beginning to turn orange... I have one beautiful orb that's almost ready to come off the vine...

Sorry that you're aching so much, JJ... :(

Hi Bill... have the tree surgeons gone? Do you have massive cleanup to deal with now?

Oh, how frustrating is that Ellen? Is this your wide body printer that's causing you grief? I'd love to see photos of your scarves...

Hi Lynn... after making the little moleskines, I have to say that my favourite book is still the simple ringed one. Take pics of your handiwork and share! :)

Darla, tires and brakes make for a huge $$$ outlay!!! :eek: Your Nashville trip sounds like a wonderful road trip with the girls! Memories waiting to be made...

I'd better get my stuff packed up... I have to be at the University Campus where the show is displayed in just 3/4 of an hour!

Have yourselves a happy and creative day, everyone... Hug your loved ones. :heart:

07-23-2013, 09:25 AM
Good Morning!!!

and a beautiful morning it is!!

I was babysitting Ava yesterday afternoon and evening while son and DIL went to Toronto talking money with the Ballet School.

Reports about Ethan were all wonderful but I don't think the full time school and boarding is going to happen because it costs $ 35.000 per year and although initially they talk about possible subsidies in reality there are none. We are not only talking about one year but eight years until the end of high school.

I am sure Ethan will be terribly disappointed especially since he is too young to understand the meaning of $ 35.000 and will probably think his parents don't want to pay.

Plans for today, going for lunch with Lynn and gardening in the afternoon.

Char, re John's freezer, that is awful, I hope there wasn't too much food in it:crossfingers:

Anne, you can also wave to my daughter, she too lives in Vancouver.

Lynn, busy week for you! Do you still camp in a tent??

Darla, that will be such a nice vacation for you and the girls. Sounds like Klaira is making up for her size with her brain:thumbsup:

Ellen, computer woes are so frustrating when you don't know how to fix it. I feel for you!!!

Sylvia, I am so glad that the physical therey works so well for you!!

Annie, big project, can't wait to see the final results, as I am sure are you and Roger.

JJ, you are such a kitty suck:)

Thinking of our sick friends and :wave: to Doug, Bill, Peter, Anita and all yet to come!!

CHAR, we Xposted. I hope you remember to take some photos of the art at the show and don't forget to show us the "easy peasy lemon squeezy":)


07-23-2013, 09:40 AM
Morn'in each :wave:

Well we are still on a roller-coaster here, yesterday had a very early start and caught the ferry to Stradie Island, I wasn't too impressed at first but after breakfast and strong coffee we went for a Coast walk and watched Humpback Whales frolicking in the sea, and then dolphins swimming a jumping even turtles and a seal entertained us, it was amazing. Natural wildlife at it's best.

All that after a day that could only described as full of U-ies ... :lol: we set off from our rented villa near the beach at Burleigh Heads and went to the beach as the sun was glorious and not a cloud in the sky. We had lunch by BBQing on one of the state provided BBQs along the grassed area near the beach. Then Chris and I set off for an unexpectedly long drive with numerous encounters along the way, visiting many places we had not intended and making our hire car perform many U turns along the way on a two hour fifteen minute journey to Annie's house (Doppler) for afternoon tea and meeting Alan Jameson and JJ. We found out later that poor Alan was ill and did not travel with JJ.

Our first encounter was with miles of traffic at Surfers Paradise as all the locals came out to enjoy the Winter sunshine. We had been given Dani's iPhone to use as a Sat Nav but it had no sound so Chris had to hold it on her knee, now Chris is less then useless at directions so this led to some wonderful instructions emitting from the passenger seat!

We arrived back at Joanna's house but couldn't get in as Joanna had gone out and we didn't know the code to get in .......... :eek: by the time we got in and got cleaned up we were over an hour late for Annie's and we still had an hour and a half to go!!!!

We drove into Brisbane with no problems at all, this part of the journey was going well. Driving through Brisbane was fine, but as we tried to get out Brisbane tried to hold on to us and wouldn't let go, our Sat Nav didn't recognise the new roads and so kept on giving wrong instructions and Chris was having difficulty keeping the blue blob on the blue line to keep us on the right course. Me? Well I just kept on driving and pulling the odd U-ie. we were stuck in Brisbane......

I rang Annie, who by this time had waited over an hour for us and had had to keep JJ entertained, no mean feat I can tell you, I got further in structions and with confidence we set off. .......but within a matter of seconds we were lost and on the wrong route, but the Sat Nav had kicked in and it looked like we were OK , little did we know the the Sat Nav had picked a route that by-passed Annie's mountain, took us up another Mountain and then dropped down to Annie's from a totally different direction ......... Adding miles to our journey. But hey! The scenery was very nice.

Meanwhile Annie and Roger were still left entertaining JJ ...... :eek:

Eventually we arrived at Annie's house, just as it got dark! We had turned a 2 hour journey into a 5 hour adventure.

Now Annie and Roger where a lovely couple and it was nice to see JJ again. It is strange about WC Meets but when you see someone you have never met before you just fall into conversation right away as if you had been long lost friends, I even felt like I knew Roger, and both Annie and Roger made us most welcome. We enjoyed a lovely meal and a torchlight tour of the gardens which were lovely and all too soon it was time to leave, we had enjoyed the company and Rogers stories were fascinating.

Due to the experiences in getting to Annie's JJ offered to lead us off the mountain and through Brisbane .......... But little did we know that the u-turns had not finished as JJ's offer was dependant on her Sat Nav which died two minutes after leaving Annie's house ........ :eek:

JJ had us pull over several times as we descended the great heights of Mt Nebo at one point I saw JJ bashing her iPhone on the dashboard on another occasion I could swear I saw her offer up the iPhone to the nights full moon but all was to no avail for as we got into Brisbane we hit a few more U-ies and a despondent JJ eventually threw in the towel and admitted she was lost in her hometown ...... She said it was because it was dark ....... And she asked Chris and I to lead with our track record and bust Sat Nav, thousands of miles from home and in a foreign country we completed the rest of the journey safely depositing JJ in Manly and getting back to Michaels in one piece.

All I can say is what a day!!!

We were shattered when we got back, and found out that Joanna had booked an early ferry to Straddie Island the following morning.

We are having a great time but we are now waiting for someone to put the brakes on as this whirlwind tour is totally non stop.

I should have posted this two days ago but we just haven't stopped moving since.

Hope all is OK with everyone, hope Lulu escaped the trembles of the earthquake and that Winnie is feeling better.

I'm off for a sit down then to bed ....... See ya .....

07-23-2013, 09:48 AM
Hi Darla, sounds like a great trip you are planning!

Char, thanks for that reminder, I had forgotten about those rings....not sure where I can get them now, Michaels? Don't think the dollar store has any but I'll look. Have fun gallery sitting, I love the peace and being surrounded by all the beautiful work.

Hi Uschi, this time we are in a yurt...similar shape to the yurts of Mongolia, but wood with deck and a plastic roof and barbeque and beds! There is power too, but no plumbing. So camping of a sort, but in luxury :)

In going through the camping stuff, I just found 4 frames I had forgotten, and a couple of cradled boards....I'm going to try Sandrine's method of mounting watercolour paper on them with heavy gel (it is on her blog). I'm still a technician at heart, I love to play with new ideas and materials!

Oh Kev, I'm exhausted just reading your story :eek: I hope you get a chance to recover a bit before the next adventure. It will take you a while to digest this trip when you get home.

Ellen in Ont
07-23-2013, 10:05 AM
Kev - what an excersion. :eek: You will need a holiday when you get home to re over from your holiday.:D

Lynn - if you can't find rings, go to the dollar store and get some shower curtain rings.

Char - it's my everyday scanner, printer, photo printer that's the problem. It just stopped working right one day. The messages I've been getting is that there is a stability issue with Zone Alarm.:rolleyes: Haven't checked if its fixed yet. I'll take photos of my scarves once I get a few done. I want to have quite a few for Xmas sales.

Uschi - that's a huge amount of money. :eek: I'm sorry Ethan won't be able to go.

I better get back to work. I cleaned out the small bathroom including all the shelves and the large one is waiting. The temps are dropping and they are now saying it will be down to 9 by this afternoon. :eek:

07-23-2013, 10:18 AM
Ellen, of course, will look in that section of the dollar store. Yes, the temps are crazy. Ours have cooled off considerably, just comfortable now.

Meant to say, thinking of (((Alan J.))) Too bad you couldn't get to the meet.

07-23-2013, 10:30 AM
Afternoon all.

Yea we have had some thunder and rain but not too bad really as there wasnt any lightning, why??

Just read Kev and the journey should make a film of it!

Off to play boule when rain stops.


07-23-2013, 10:58 AM
Kev, what a trip:eek: :eek: :lol: :lol: In all my years using a map I have never, ever, gotten lost like that.

Actually a funny story. Eight of us, two cars, were going to the table tennis tournament in Toronto. The other car left earlier than I did, they wanted to practice ahead of time, and right there, about 8 km from our destination we met up at a traffic light. They searching with their GPS and I with the map. They must have had a lot of "RECALCULATING":lol: :lol:

Lynn, are you going back to Killarney?? I didn't know they had those kind of facilities.

Ellen, I too would love to see those scarves!!

Hi Geoff, I hope you are having a good time!!

:wave: Uschi

07-23-2013, 11:33 AM
Back from bowls.

Quite a trip Kev :eek: You will certainly need a rest when you get home.

Lynn, I hope the barbecue isn't inside the Yurt:eek: The carbon monoxide given off by coals can kill. We had a tragedy here recently with someone bringing a barbecue into a tent to keep warm.

Hope you get to the gallery in time Char. I'll look up ulcer food.

A trip to look forward to Darla, hope everything goes smoothly.

Poor Ethan Uschi, I hope he understands. I left school at 16 because my parents couldn't afford to let me stay on for 6th form and uni. It all turned out for the good.


Scene Chaser
07-23-2013, 11:48 AM
Char, The cutting is not over, but the crew will come Thursday and Friday to finish their job. the rest will come down here and there by friends for fire wood. Some of the logs and firewood was taken by the company owner and this is some of what was left.

this is a stack, which will grow


and this is some of the loose logs which will be cut up by friends for their own use.


It's depressing to see all the dead trees. These are a few of some still standing




07-23-2013, 12:03 PM
It's a shame you don't have wood fires Bill, that's an enormous amount of wood - quite valuable I would think.


07-23-2013, 12:18 PM
Hi all!

Weather back to weird hazy sunshine. Hottish, coolish, hottish. Fans on. AC on. Fans off. AC off. I feel like that's all I get done all day. :lol: Did swim yesterday. Wish they'd heat the pool. With the cloud cover (even though it was hot) the temp came down to 78F. Coolish. It's okay after about ten laps, so I do 30 so I can enjoy the last 20. :lol:

Doug glad the meds are helping.

Sylvia glad the PT is helping.

Oh Kev, one day that will be the story you regale everyone with. I'm tired just reading it, but what an adventure.

Uschi I too prefer maps. Drove all over Ireland, on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, in a stick shift. Only had to go round one roundabout twice because I missed the exit. Maps. Love 'em! I keep my Thomas Brothers guide on the front passenger seat of my car. Wouldn't go anywhere without it. Print out directions from mapquest.

I am so sorry about Ethan. That's nuts expecting parents to pay $35,000 a year for 8 years! How do they expect anyone to pay that? He must keep up his training though. He is obviously one very talented dancer. Something good will come out of all this.

Darla what a fun trip. Take lots of pix!

Bill that's a lot of logs. Does someone want to build a cabin? :lol:

Ellen sorry about your printer. Sometimes that indicates it's got a worn out part. How long have you had it?

Lynn boy you were up early. Have fun camping.

JJ, the cat whisperer, time to take it easy.

Char have fun at the gallery. A good book is always useful.

Thinking of ((((Pat and Winnie)))) and ((((Henry and Lesley)))) and ((((Allan J)))).

:wave: :wave:


07-23-2013, 01:07 PM
Sounds like our weather too, Kay, just can't settle. Although I prefer changeable to steadily hot and humid :rolleyes: like Caryl seems to carry with her :)

That is a lot of wood, Bill! your friends will be happy to have it I am sure. As I walked along the trail here after the storms I noticed a lot of end branches of ash trees on the ground, they look healthy now, but we do have the borer here too. It will make a sad difference to the trail if they all go.

No, Doug, it is out on the balcony, we'll make sure it doesn't run under our window. We can even take a heater if we want, as there is electricity. Here is a picture of it. They are wheelchair accessible.


Yes, Uschi, this is Killarney. I guess the 6 yurts have been there for about 4 years now. The are off the end of the large parking lot above the main beach. I would prefer to be at the other end of the campsite, but no luxuries there! It will be a new experience for us and more territory to explore, as we haven't camped this end for about 15 years.

Good that the weather co-operated for you Geoff.

07-23-2013, 02:17 PM
We had quite a storm here just before my lunch hour. :confused: Hail, high winds, thunder and lightning. It was so loud inside (we have skylights in our ceilings here at work) that you couldn't hear yourself speak. Now its getting somewhat brighter so hope it's done.

Bill, thanks for showing us your area where the trees were cut down. Now that is a LOT of lumber! What a job.

Lynn, you'll have a GREAT time I'm sure.

Kay, I had a chuckle about your trip and driving in Ireland. It sounds like Larry and I driving in England; quite an experience but we had to go on a lot of roundabouts. I too like maps but at times our GPS has gotten us to our destination; AND got us lost in a bad part of Nashville.

Kev you are so right; WetCanvaser's are a friendly bunch and when we meet it's like old friends; the conversation is so good. I know what you are saying about a whirlwind. That is like our trip to England and Scotland; we were on the move constantly but we wanted to see as much as we possibly could in the time we had. We had to come home to rest:D I'm already saving for our next trip.:thumbsup:

Char, that storm we had might be headed your way a little later this afternoon. I hope you're having fun at the exhibition.

I'm meeting a friend after work tonight at a local restaurant. We need to catch up and she wanted to view my pics from our trip but she forgot her laptop she said she'd bring. She will have to view them some other time. We'll just have a good visit.:smug:

There just doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day. By the time I get home from work and make dinner & clean up I'm tired and have to sit for a spell then it's bedtime. Then we get to go to sleep and do it all over again.:lol: I want to paint arrghhh ;but my stuff is in such a state of disarray. :confus But seriously I'm thankful for my job,family, home and health. I have much to be thankful for so I'll count my blessings daily.

I cannot wait to see that little Prince when Kate and William show him to the crowds. I'm also anxious to hear what he'll be called. I think they'll make great parents.

I'm sending white light and hugs to all in need.:grouphug:

Gotta get back to my data entry now.:wave:

New Gamboge
07-23-2013, 02:21 PM
Hi everyone - Kay, in case you missed this: there is a programme that tells you how many TV stations you can get with an antenna


It works both in the US and Canada - I can get a couple of stations here with just rabbit ears.

I've been taking advantage of the hot weather to stain my house - early before the sun gets on it - I have 2 walls left to do, but not the top storey, it's too high.

Kev - you were awfully brave to follow JJ - don't you remember her wonderful tales from Montreal!!

Henry - I really like your paintings - too busy staining to reply in the thread.


07-23-2013, 02:59 PM
Kev - you were awfully brave to follow JJ - don't you remember her wonderful tales from Montreal!!Betty

Too funny and yes, you are sooooo right:lol: :lol:

Lynn, those little cabins are great. My friend and I stayed in one of them just on the outskirt of Algonquin Park, years ago.

It has turned quite humid and I heard distant thunder a minute ago.

Bill, such a shame about all these trees having been killed by this nasty borer. I have a self seeded Ash tree growing in my garden, they grow sooo fast and after a couple of years it is already about 14' high. The minute the leaves are gone I am going to cut it down, don't want to wait for the borer to do his job when it is huge and then have to pay a fortune to have it professionally removed.

Do you know how to stop the stump from continuing growth????????

Story about the BBQ inside. In 1975, when we first bought the house we had a Hibatchy (sp?) BBQ. It was fall and getting cool in the evening so husband decided to bring the still glowing thing inside and put it on top of the stove to heat the house.

I, who sleep like a log, woke up at 5:00 a.m. with the most terribly throbbing headache, soon after son and kids woke up too with the same complaint. Lucky we all survived but it sure taught as a good lesson:eek: :eek: :eek:

Had a really delicious lunch - open sandwich - bagel with cream cheese spread on top, then a slice of tomato, covered by red onion and feta cheese plus dribbles of balsamic vinegar plus mixed salad.

I am procrastinating, need to work in the garden.
:wave: Uschi

07-23-2013, 03:34 PM
Hello :wave:
Been busy, Lauren went to the fair (California State ) with BF and family and did not really enjoy it as much as she hoped, they got baby duty, (4 months)She spent the night with us, and slept late for her she is usually up at 6 am

We got to see the Royal baby, I think he may have ginger hair! later.

Clara McArthur
07-23-2013, 04:11 PM
HI everyone,

I've been away for a couple of days, had a medical appt. in the city. Weather here overcast, and damp, not raining but close to.

Kev, what an adventure you folks have had, you will certainly remember the drive and meeting! It was good to see JJ's pictures.

Doug, I hope that you feel better soon and that the meds work for you.

Wishing you all a good day, or what's left of it LOL, I'm very late today.

07-23-2013, 04:14 PM
Hi Clara, thanks for the good wishes. I am getting a lot of relief from the meds now.

I have met around 80 wetcanvas members around the world now and it is just one big happy family.


07-23-2013, 09:16 PM
Hi washers,

I am finally back. I actually went away for a week. Instead of camping in my cold bedroom (the only bearable room in my top-floor apartment) during our heat wave, I accepted an invite from some dear friends, and have been visiting them at their beach house on Fire Island.

F.I. is a barrier beach running east/west along the southern shore of Long Island NY. It is 50 miles long and less than 1/2 mile wide at its widest. There are no roads on the island, and the only vehicles are 4-wd fire trucks and police cars. Access is by ferry service. This site gives some info, but doesnt get the essence of the town.

The town I visited is called Davis Park. Until the early '70's there was not even any electricity in that community, which meant that make-up and hair dryers were not available, and jeans and tees were saturday night 'dress up' instead of daytime bathing suits. When we had our house, there was only one teeny-tiny "store" (think janitor closet) and a rickety dilapidated bar called the Casino. Both are now more modern, updated and larger, but the essence of the 'old days' is the same.

It was a special week for a number of reasons. My friends are getting on in years, so they have decided to put their house up for sale. Sad for me because my ex and I used to own the house right next to theirs, so it is always a little like 'coming home' to visit them. Very nostalgic to see the beetle pines I planted, which were only about 12" high at the time, now taller than the roof of the house. The sandy patch out front, where my dog and cat used to frolic, is now impassable with beach grass. Very good memories, very sad to see my friends so frail.

Now I have lots of catching up to do with the washes. Need to figure out what Annie's construction pics will soon turn into. Need to learn where/who/what mini meet.

Most importantly, need to get my wonderful, beloved brother - remember the guy who was the guest-buster? - to make the long, arduous, exhausting, expensive 30-minute trek to the city to fix my computer.

Off to read the washes.
((hugs)) to all.


07-23-2013, 09:18 PM
Me again,
Almost forgot the reason I came home so soon. Tuesday is weekly pick-up at my CSA.

Today's bounty:

Summer spinach - 1 bunch
Summer squash - 2 pieces
Heirloom cucumbers (Boothby and Poona Kheera) 6 pieces.
Marketmore cucumbers (green slicing) 4 pc.
White Clara eggplant 1 pc
Oriental eggplant-2 pieces
Scallions - 1 bunch
Fennel 1.
Amethyst basil - 1 bunch.
Leeks - 1 bunch
Optional Mushroom Share Shiitake

07-23-2013, 09:37 PM
Doris you make me want to go there! Do give your wonderful brother big hugs from all of us, it sounds like he is a useful person to know!

I spent the day with Lauren, she has the ability to get me to get her stuff she "needs" but she is also a useful person to have around. She loves to clean my floors. When I took a peek at her bedroom and told her she needs to find her floor!

Dinner tonite was baked eggplant rounds, with Mexican rice and chicken (quick and easy)