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07-19-2013, 07:32 AM
Hi there, I usually post over in the animal forum, but I have just started a close up of a dragonfly in OPs. Can I use a medium to blend the OPs like I can with oil paints? and if so, what is the best to use with senniliers. Because of the exoskeleton of the dragonfly is smooth and glassy I need it to be really smooth. Thanks for your help. :cat:

07-19-2013, 04:28 PM
Answers are all across the board on this one, some recommend mediums to move the OP around and many others don't.

Some Oil Pastelists use a tiny little bit of mineral oil (too much and you'll have one greasy mess) to help spread the OP. It doesn't seem to have long term effects.

Some Oil Pastelists have used Res-n-Gel, but and I use caution with recommending this product - if you use at as the first layer and blend it in good with the oil pastels it will help to move them better. If you add this product in subsequent layers you could find that it that (after a couple of years) may make the OP peel.

After you get to your last layer you might want to dab the tip of the oil pastel in a little turpentine and then lay this down over your last layer. If you do this technique I would let the painting set or rest up for a day or two before you apply the turp so as not to disturb the oil pastel that's already been layed down (Oil paints dry, but OPs never fully dry). Again a little goes a long ways - so by dabbing your oil pastel stick (or piece of OP) into the turp you avoid touching the actual painting and ruining your work. This applies to using mineral oil as well.

So try these methods on a piece of scrap paper or board to get a feel for it.

If see you'll want to try to keep the colors pure, so be careful when laying down OP over other OP colors - you'll find it doesn't take much to make mud from the colors.

Hope that this helps. Mary

07-21-2013, 05:15 PM
Hi there, As it appears that you are in the UK it is quite easy to obtain the zest-it solvent or medium, either of which can be used with oil pastel for blending on the surface or even mixing separately on a palette and applying the liquefied oil pastel with a brush. (very useful for adding details).
It is supposedly much less toxic than turps and white spirit (though it still comes with an ingestion warning)
Using a solvent with OPs can really open up a lot of possibilities and because the solvent evaporates completely it leaves behind pure oil pastel meaning that there are no compatibility issues with subsequent layers.

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