View Full Version : Soon it will be time for TL Mystery Box Paintings

07-16-2013, 10:45 AM
Just 5 more days and TL Mystery Boxes will be available. Looking forward to seeing what you'll get and the beautiful 'mystery box' paintings you will paint.

07-16-2013, 11:03 AM
Oh those are wonderful! I love my Mystery Box. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone gets! He's very good about putting a good range of lights and darks and colors into each box, I noticed.

07-16-2013, 12:06 PM
Newbie here! What are mystery boxes?

water girl
07-16-2013, 02:42 PM
I believe that Terry saves his not-so-perfect pieces for this sale. Maybe they are misshaped, or the color wasn't exact. When you place your order, his staff chooses 14 random colors. It's just a wonderful surprise when you open the box.

07-16-2013, 03:23 PM
I got my notice from them this morning... marked it on the calendar so I wouldn't forget. I loved my selection last year.

07-17-2013, 08:22 PM
Do they sell them from the main website, or is there a special link that you have to have from the e-mail notification?

07-17-2013, 08:44 PM
And... nevermind! Just visited the site and there it is. In case anyone needs the link, voila:

07-17-2013, 10:35 PM
I just got my email about it too, and ad for the great Garage Sale. Anyone living near enough to go in person can get any stick for $2. I think he packs them into the same boxes as the sets too. Or you could pick out all the colors usually in a set if you wanted a set at that deep discount.

And yes, for those just reading the thread, his Mystery Boxes are seconds that have chips, flaws, bubbles in them, come out the wrong color or something. They're all a little odd but they're perfectly good pastels and when he makes up the boxes, I have yet to see anyone get duplicate colors in it. Every mystery box assortment I've seen has a few lights and darks as well as mid values and warms and cools together.

Please, post your Mystery Boxes to the thread along with paintings done with that palette. That was the fun of them last year! It's also a completely random limited palette. Terry's seconds sale always results in some gorgeous works.

For those who don't have $30 to drop into a Mystery Box, last time I posted a thread with a mystery challenge to close your eyes, open your pastels box and choose 14 pastels without looking at them, then do a painting of any subject with that limited palette. Some cool paintings came out of that too.