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07-15-2013, 12:17 AM
Good morning all, it's been a hot night, not helped by the bedroom facing south.

Still having gastric problems, wonder what the doc's verdict will be?

I see Karl has arrived on the west coast safely :thumbsup:

I'll watch the video on my laptop later Caryl.

May have a trip out to Dunham Massey (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunham-massey/) today.


07-15-2013, 02:13 AM
Morning Doug and all following.

YES I too have a South facing room and even with window open it was an uncomfortable night...... Sorry you are still suffering Doug

No plans yet


07-15-2013, 03:10 AM
I had a quiet morning, but busy afternoon. I am ensconced on the sofa right now, under a rug, with Tylenol by my side. I am owie!!!!!

The skip bin my house mate got, is being picked up on Wednesday morning. Not much work was done over the weekend, so today, I had to get stuck in too. My studio is 80% clear, the double garage is finished. Just the laundry and alcove to go tomorrow.

Sadly I am too sore to go watch my Elise do her gymnastics training this evening. There is no way I can sit for 3 hours on a plastic school chair.. Oh well. it will be worth it in the end, to have all these boxes and "stuff" cleared out. (boxes are my fault) :o

JJ, sorry about your cat-related fall! Hope you are on the mend! Loved your photos yesterday and your sketches on your blog! Today's pic of the road on Mt. Nebo reminded me of the road out to our subdivision near Fredericton when we moved there in 1983. It was just a trail through the woods, and when icy in winter was downright scary!:eek: Anne, I subscribe to a page on Facebook called Lost Brisbane. They post the most amazing photos of how Brisbane looked in days gone by, some dating back to the early 19th century.. Thank you for checking out my blog, you are a sweetie.. :) Chuckling over the Melon Heads.. :p

Lynn, love your landscape practice paintings!!

(((Doug))) I hope you get some answers. I woke 3 times last night, for no apparent reason. I was as bright as a button at 3.30am, so played scrabble for awhile. :P
Enjoy your trip to Dunham Massey. What a magnificent house.

Hi there Geoff. Loved the photo of your set up at the Craft Show..

Ellen, so good you read you are on the mend.. What a bargain on the youth bed.

Darla, sounds like you are having a blast with your daughter and grands too..

Bill, is your vandal two or four legged?

Karl, I love Loons. They have the most amazing call..

Kay, how awful you had such a bad night. The jewellery, I have no doubts, that you make some equally as good as that, and in the not too distant future too. You really are very good at it!!


Have a great morning......:wave:

07-15-2013, 03:12 AM
Good evening Geoff and Doug.

Like Doug said, you are always missed Geoff. Just think you are jaunting when absent. :thumbsup:

Well the great clean out of Guantanamo Bay( our lower rotting washed away once productive vege garden ) started today. Our bay was to keep things out. We chose a local landscaper, like across the road one. He was late but claimed traffic. OK ... Mountain time :thumbsup: SO good. He and his sidekick did more in a short morning than we had done for the two plus bit years since the Great Floods of 2011 washed all the soil away and we neglected it. They also found a seriously huge, like metropolitan, jumper ant nest. Buttons now. :evil:

I do have photos of the before and after but the main computer has again decided not to load windows. To avoid a nervy turn, this evening, I have turned it off. I have discipline. :lol: I'll just wait for Roger in the morning.:lol:

We (meaning they) have demolished the cage, taken the metal bits to the dump, left us the hardwood supports that Roger wanted for fire wood. Until the chain saw blunted. Couldn't find his sharpener. Off he wings to Samford to get another. Found the old one when he got back. Murphy be cursed!!! :eek:

Peace in the meanime. I did do some housework and really awful painting this morning. After all I was but an observer :cool:

Anita hope you heel is repairing.

JJ ditto for the long benighted ankle.

Karl, you aren't Looney. You love your place. :thumbsup:

Woodchops (cold humans) are starting on the cold mountain, Kookaburras are carolling themselves asleep. White cockatoos are waking them right back up again. Whip birds are flourishing their whip calls and the bellbirds are giving evensong. The currawongs are wonging. :angel: Two wongs don't make a wight. So the only right of wrongs is a flock or one.

It's getting dark.


07-15-2013, 06:09 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 6:00 a.m. here on another HOT day here in Oakwood. Temps in the 90°Fs again. The tomatoes and eggplants should do well in the garden, but we'll have to water every other day just to keep them alive in these temps this week.

Our jaunt to the Members' Show at the Springfield Art Museum yesterday was delightful. Amazing art of all different media including some I had never seen before. We got to vote for Viewers' Choice award and I chose a gorgeous watercolor done on YUPO and using the fluid look you achieve on it. Even had a section with golden glittery paint. Loved it. Then they had a room with their newest acquisitions with about 10 art glass pieces. I LOVED it. I just think glass is a gorgeous medium and the way these artists used it was amazing.

They had a really terrific family function going on. Parents were there with their young children who were supposed to paint a watercolor piece when they arrived, then explore the exhibitions looking for specific things in the art and they had a sheet for the parents to use guiding the talk: How does this painting make you feel...happy? sad? glad? What major color did the artist use? How would the painting look if he had used a different color? Questions to make the kids realize there is more to looking at art than just a cursory glance. There were a surprisingly large group of families participating. :thumbsup: for the museum staff who arranged it.

Annie, Glad the work on reclaiming your lower 48 is progressing so well. :eek: to the jumper ants nest. Wouldn't like to have to deal with that.

Doug, When will you be seeing the doctor about your tummy problem? Seems like it has been hanging on for waaaaaaay too long. :o

JJ, Are you clearing out your studio, etc., preparing for a move? I remember a while ago you mentioned possibly selling your home...has it happened yet? Hope your leg feels better today. The Dayton newspaper has a Facebook page like the one you have on Brisbane. I am enjoying looking at the old photos they post on it too. This week they have been featuring some of the lovely old homes that used to line the streets but which have been torn down and replaced with newer buildings. Even though I didn't grow up here, I still enjoy history.

Hi Geoff!

White light to our ailing and aching Washers.

:wave: to all who are on their way.



07-15-2013, 06:36 AM
Hi everyone:wave:
Trying to keep warm........but the memories linger :heart:

Am posting most of my pics to my facebook page, because it's much easier to upload them there, but here's a pic of the 'twins' :D


07-15-2013, 06:43 AM
:wave: Hello:wave:

Up at 6:30AM this morning. I have a Dr. appt to see my family doc at 9:15am. I truely dread it.

Hopefully I will get an appt this week with an ortho doc.

I think now that I am just feeling bad that I was all ready to get back in the swing of getting back to work and this will delay me. As of Aug I will have taken a 3 year time off. I had only been off 3 months when all the health problems started with my Dad and stepmom. I finally feel that I have been able to speak up about my Dad and have made it clear that I could not physically take care of him if she brought him home.

Anyhow my oldest son said Mom things happen for a reason ---Yes but this was just a dumb reason on my part.

Doug - sure wish that you were feeling better. Another Dr. appt soon???

JJ - hope you feel better too. Are you moving or just clearing out???

Annie - that mountain you live on sounds scary to me??? This little kitty is going to need her nails cut. She just scratched my leg and left a nice cut.

Kay - Glad that you are doing your jewelry making again. I think you are quite good at it. Are you selling any of your pieces??

Sylvia - Looks like we are in for a hot one this week. I think I may get myself a good book to read and sit a bit outside in my swimsuit. I can always mist myself with our hose. I think I have messed up getting to go swimming this year.

Well off to shower - no breakfast until after the doc appt due to bloodwork being done.

take care everyone


07-15-2013, 07:27 AM
:wave: Greetings all! hope you have a good day :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
07-15-2013, 07:56 AM
Good Day All,
A quiet and clear morning. Supposed to be a little cooler today. Only 88 F.

Doug, when will you hear from the doctor?

JJ, my vandal of about eight years, now, has to be two-legged; since he/she slices the tops and leaves off the plants and then lets them lay. They are not chewed. He/she has a sick mind.

Annie, reading up on Jumper Ants and finding they are vicious, carnivorous creatures; with a bite twice as bad as a honey bee. So glad they were found. Did they poison them?

Hi Sylvia, glad you enjoyed the show.

Lulu, you can hardly tell them apart.

Anita, hope the Dr. appointment goes well.

Hi, Lynn.

Ms. Feral has been in and out three times since I’ve been up. Soon, I feel a nap coming on.
Will clean some final mildew spots off the deck today and then begin painting it tomorrow.

Anne, we bought a plastic type paint from Home Depot. It’s a Behr product especially for wood decks called “Deck Over.” It can be tinted to many colors and created a smooth, slip-resistant finish. It requires two coats.

07-15-2013, 08:44 AM
Hello Everyone and Happy Monday,

It's the beginning of another work week here and promises to be another scorcher. I'm just so thankful for central air in our home.

Larry has to pick up his truck from the garage this afternoon when he gets out of work. He said he'll be glad when Thursday arrives with temps in the 70's.

I forgot to tell you that on Saturday he and I went to the Lansing Art Gallery to view the National Watercolor Society's show. It was nice and I'm glad I got a chance to see it before it moves on. There was only a selection of works there but what was there was lovely.

Yesterday's get together at Preston's home was very enjoyable; even with the heat. They had air conditioning but we did sit in the shade of their awning a lot of the time. The food was delicious and company good.

BILL...a TWO LEGGED vandal??:eek: THat Indeed is SICK. Who would do such a thing? It makes me mad when people do something like that just to do it. It's like someone has keyed our car on BOTH sides and we don't know when it happened; we just noticed the one on the other side now.:o It's not bad enough that we have to watch out for the bunnies, squirrels, etc but to have to worry about ignorant people destroying our gardens is just ludicrous. I think I'd put up an electric fence.:evil:

((JJ)) hope you feel better soon, rest girl.

(((DOUG))) I hope you will be able to go to that lovely place today for an outing. I hope you can get to the bottom of your digestive discomfort soon.

Geoff, that set up is great, it looks very inviting and if I were at that show I'd have visited your booth.;)

Kay, that is terrible about the racket going on in the apartment above you; no one should have to put up with that. Pretty good when you cannot even get a hold of your police when you need them.:(

Sylvia, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to the art museum so much. That yupo painting sounds beautiful. We also saw a collection of gorgeous glass works at our art museum; I love it too.

((ANITA)) I hope you can get to an ortho doc soon; I know what it's like to be in pain and hobbling around.

Annie, I'm glad you got your veggie garden all spiffed up and got rid of the jumper ants too!

LuLu, what a delightful pic of the "twins!" I too find uploading photos is much easier to Facebook than here on Wetcanvas!:confused: I think that is why I'm dragging my feet to post a thread of pics from our trip; they make it just too time consuming to post here on WC.

Hello LYnn, enjoy your day!

I hope you all enjoy your day today and are able to get your creative juices flowing in some way today.:thumbsup:

I'll BBL:wave: :heart:

07-15-2013, 09:33 AM
Good morning.

Bill, thanks very much for the info on your deck product. I'll see if our Home Depot in Moncton carries it; we don't always have a full range of their products available here so I'll :crossfingers: that they do have that one in stock. It sounds ideal.

Very hot again today--supposed to get up to 34 C this afternoon. The forecast has changed for later in the week, however. Now it becomes cloudy with chances of rain from Wednesday on. Someone told "them" that we want to paint the deck!


07-15-2013, 09:46 AM
Good morning all! Seems like ages since I’ve been able to “check in”…oh…it HAS been ages!!:eek: Life is currently VERY busy here. It seems I’m at the ballpark constantly now that I’ve been “promoted” to a semi supervisory position. They’d like me to be a full supervisor, but I’m not willing to give up that much of my life at this point. I enjoy working at the ballpark but am not willing to give up being retired to work for small wages. If I’m going to “come out” of retirement I want it to be WELL worth the aggravation!

Anne is still continuing to have trials and tribulations with her meds and the side effects that she must endure. We’ve tried several different combinations of medications and still the problems persist. My sweetie is a real trooper and does not often complain but I can see when she’s suffering and hate that I can’t do anything to help. We are consulting with the Cancer Center’s Naturopath’s to see if they have any ideas that might help her feel better since we have not found any combination of meds that ease the bone pain and such for her. :(

Anne’s older sister and her husband (from Florida) have just retired and are currently driving across the country and back for a “retirement trip”. They were here for two weeks and we did have a great (but BUSY) time with them. First guests we’ve had in our home since Anne was diagnosed! It required a MAJOR housecleaning and clearing out, and that will be ongoing for most of the summer I think. Now Sister and Brother in law are headed back east via Mt Rushmore, St Louis and eastward. Miss them, but I must say I am enjoying the quietness of the house again.

Daughter Amanda is arriving tomorrow for a couple of weeks…I’ll put her to work on the major and long delayed “Spring Cleaning” as well…perhaps a yard sale this weekend will free up some “space” as well! She is currently still seeking employment so Anne and I will take this opportunity to pay her some $$ as “wages” for helping out. We know she needs it but would not ask for help. We were independent like that when we were young too. She has applications out to quite a few universities…but they typically delay any hiring decisions until the very last moment (makes no sense to me at all!) so she has not gotten any nibbles yet. She is also putting in applications with several large Non Profits like the Nature Conservancy and others. Hopefully she will find something soon…or she’s going to have to take some other job “just for the money”.

At the ballpark each year we have a “Turn back the Clock” game where the teams dress up in uniforms of a bygone era and many employee’s and fans come in period costumes as well…it’s great fun! This year I was approached and asked if I’d be willing to come to the game in the persona of William Howard Taft, the 27th president, and throw out the ceremonial first pitch from the “president’s box”….I of course accepted!

The Mariners sent me to fittings for a period outfit and also for my lovely bride to be Mrs. Taft! They took me out onto the field in a 1926 model T car and delivered me to the field in front of the presidential box. We stayed in costume and in character for 12 innings! It was hot but it was also GREAT fun!

Now baseball is on the Allstar break with the All Star game this week so I have time OFF from the ballpark so I’m taking this chance to check back in with my friends here. I DO miss you and having the time to participate more fully, and I’m intending to make time to at least pop in when I can!

I miss hearing the news and daily musings here! And I miss ALL of you !

Paint joyfully!

07-15-2013, 10:52 AM
What an absolutely fantastic photo of you and Anne, Hap!!:thumbsup: and what an honour for you to be asked. I love her costume! and yours of course, but I have a special connection to the gowns :)

Love the 'twins' Lulu, you all will have some lovely memories of that trip!

We have heat here too, Anne, thank goodness for air conditioners!

Hi Darla!

I will enjoy my day, better than the last week, anyway, because 'pest control' is coming on Wednesday finally, and I may be able to get away to my son's place :crossfingers: Even when the ants are gone they need to repair the baseboard so I was thinking if they didn't come in time I couldn't go away at all this week...with any luck this treatment will be final blow for the colony, I have been chipping away at it with natural means and the swarm was reduced this morning. Sorry, TMI I am sure, I just need to whinge a bit :)

That's a shame, Bill, you must have some idea of who it is, I guess you need evidence. I hope your camera works eventually.

Time to do some cooking, I am taking food to my son's and need to cook it today....it will keep till I get there.

07-15-2013, 11:06 AM
Happy Noon!

Peeking in before going out to weed the garden--Too hot to walk this afternoon!

Hi, Hap.:wave: (I'm "the other" Anne.):D Wow! Do you and your Anne ever look fabulous in your period outfits! Everyone must have been admiring you both instead of watching the ballgame!

So sorry that your daughter is having such a hard time finding employment that fully utilizes her education. It is a very difficult world for young people to move ahead in. Much different than we were young.

Out into the oven I go!:p



07-15-2013, 11:22 AM

Jack had to get up early and drive the "Silent Wonder" to get his voice back the part from the Midwest finally got here. He drove over and walked back stopping, of course, at Starbucks. I am about to go for my walk as well.

Doug, you do have an appointment for the doctor, don't you, if not why not!


Scene Chaser
07-15-2013, 12:15 PM
Hap, so good to hear from you. I had complained the other day that you don't call home often enough. You and Anne look so great in those costumes. At first I thought you were going to play Monopoly. :lol
Retirement is doing what you enjoy doing most.


07-15-2013, 12:50 PM
Hap........how nice to have you back here......and what great shots of the two of you....but how hot was it!


07-15-2013, 01:02 PM
Hi folks, had a nice trip to Dunham Massey but my was it HOT! :eek:

Hap - we have missed you! You don't check in often enough but I have to say your post today is great! Sorry Anne is still suffering side effects. What a great photo of you both, looks like you had a wonderful time.

Lynn, I hope the treatment finally sees the end of your ant attack.

Bill, I hope you get the thief, and I hope you get evidence to put him behind bars.

I may ring the doctor tomorrow, they would ring up if anything serious in my blood tests. I am having my ultrasound scan on Friday.


07-15-2013, 02:28 PM
Good afternoon everyone. We are in the 70s with rain all day yesterday and today. What a wonderful relief at the hottest time of the year.

Had my nerve test this morning, and I have no permanent damage to my sciatica nerve. So, surgery is optional. I have to talk to the surgeon, but I will not schedule back surgery at this time.

Doug, I have to sleep with my head at a 45 degree angle using a wedge pillow. I also cannot eat anything 3 hours before I go to sleep. If I behave myself and do not eat spicy foods, I have absolutely no problem. Good luck with the ultrasound.

Hap, What a wonderful photo of you and Annie at the ballpark. Don't forget about us.

Lulu, I love the photo of the Twins. What wonderful memories you all will have.

Anita, I hope you get good news from the doctor like I did.

Bill, I am so sorry that you have someone deliberately cutting off your plants.

Hugs to all in need,

07-15-2013, 03:25 PM
http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=28462653&query=taft Here's a video of my famous first pitch :lol:

And yes Bill, more than a few thought I looked just like Mr Moneybags from Monopoly, and one young lad was sure I was Sir Topemhat (?) from Thomas the train engine show!

07-15-2013, 03:50 PM
Hap, brilliant video, you are a natural show off!


Scene Chaser
07-15-2013, 04:03 PM
Hap, what a great video.

07-15-2013, 04:21 PM
:wave: Hello

OH got the family Dr. appt over this morning. He met my husband and told him that he's in charge of keeping me on the straight and narrow:lol: :lol:

Just got a finger shaking and I will see him in Sept. I got a referral to an ortho but they have not called yet. I will call them before 5pm today.

My Dr. was looking at the xrays and he did not think I would recquire surgery at least right off the bat. He thinks they will try other measure first.

Came home and ate some breakfast and then later on I got to hurting up along my left side and back / rib area and a headache so took an Aleve and went to lay down.

Hap ---So glad that you checked in. You looked great and you wife too. Loved her dress and hat. Fingers crossed for your daughter.

Nancy - glad that you do not have any permanent damage.

Well going to go call and see about getting an appt.


07-15-2013, 04:22 PM
Sadly the video didn't play for me Hap.


07-15-2013, 04:25 PM
Hap, that photo of your and "Mrs Taft" is WONDERFUL and the video so cool. I'm glad you had that great experience; Bill is right you're a natural showman.

It's clouded over and is sprinkling out, it will only make it more humid! It seems to be coming straight down without any wind which is good because I have my windows cracked and I didn't go out on my afternoon break to close them.:rolleyes:

Lynn, I hope the pest control can rid you of the ants, they are so pesky to have in the house. We used to use a product called "Terro"; a liquid that you put on a piece of something (coated paper, etc) and they'd be drawn to it but they took it back to their colony and it killed the whole lot of them. I think it's arsenic but not sure; it may not be available in Canada.

OOPS, spoke too soon, the wind is whipping and it's just POURING!:eek: Figures...I'll have a wet but on my way home from work... I didn't even know it was supposed to rain!:confused: We do need some though...but NOT the wind.

((Nancy)) back issues are no fun at all; I hope yours can be worked out without surgery.

Only another 1/2 hour left to my workday; and then my Monday will be over with. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.:wave:

07-15-2013, 04:36 PM

Just popping in - am watching Wigan Warriors playing in the Challenge Cup - they are currently slaughtering the opposition - 48 - 4 :thumbsup:

Took Mum to the hospital for an appt today - not saying she sees a lot of specialists but I had to ask what this one specialised in - I had no idea what we were seeing him for.....lol. Turns out he was the chest specialist - he has increased her inhaler = said that she hadn't got any worse but it wasn't going to get better so that is a good thing.

Been another hot day - and it is St Swithin's Day today - normally if it rains on St Swithins then it rains for the next 40 days - am hoping the same can be said if it is sunny.

Bill - how awful for you - I think they should cut their hands off - disgraceful when people don't have respect for other peoples property.

Doug - hope they can sort you out quickly.

((((((Anita))))))) (((((( Nancy)))))

Hap - well what can I say - how dapper to you and Annie look - love the video - the old fashioned sepia really sets the tone. You are such a showman and yes you do look like Mr Moneybags.

Lulu - not much I can say about the 'twins' - uncanny.......lol.

Strange feeling the other day - had an overwhelming urge to shave all my hair off but a friend said I would look awful bald (gee thanks.....lol).....it has passed now - phew!!!

Hope everyone else is ok - sending white light and hugs to those in need and major love all around.


Pat xxx

07-15-2013, 04:46 PM
Hi All,
I just had to pop in and say Congratulations to President Taft on the wonderful first pitch and hello to his lovely wife Mrs. Taft! Way to go Hap and Annie! You looked terrific. One of our favorite museums in this area is the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati which was the home of President Taft's half-brother and where President Taft accepted the nomination to run for President. But, of course, I'm sure you remember that occasion, eh. :D

You and Annie look great in the costumes and loved the old car you arrived in. Hope Annie feels better soon and Amanda gets a good job offer that she will really enjoy doing soon. :D

Darla, Wish we were getting some of that rain. We have to water the garden and flowers again tomorrow because of the heat and no rain in the forecast until Friday.

Bill, I'm not getting this vandal damaging your plants like this. What a shame someone so vicious is holding such a vendetta against you. Hope you can catch him or it soon. Any chance of hiding a motion activated camera in a tree in the area that might be able to film the action????

White light to Doug, Anita, Nancy, Lyn (artmom), and anyone else who is ailing or aching.

Larry and I are having a fresh spinach salad with hot bacon dressing tonight. It's a recipe I cribbed off a fancy restaurant in Montecito, California. ;)

:wave: to all who were here between my visits.



07-15-2013, 05:19 PM
Good .... Whatever time of day it is! ..... :wave:

Been a little busy since we got to Oz we had Michaels birthday party on Sunday evening with friends round for the BBQ and yesterday on Michaels 40th birthday we all went up Tamborine Mountain a local beauty spot but as we had lunch the weather turned and the cloud covered the views. Was still nice though.

Joanna had arranged a surprise present for Michael, a large cuckoo clock, at a German clockmakers on top of the mountain, as he approached the counter everything turned surreal as the staff sang happy birthday, joined by all of us ...... As well as the coach load of Chinese tourists who were browsing the shop.

As for the twins shot above well ................. I'm the one in the dark shorts hope that helps ..... Plus no one told me we were stood under a sign that said ... Inspections Welcome!

Ok gotta go Izzy has just got up and the rest of the house is stirring.

See ya!!!

07-15-2013, 06:45 PM
Back from lunch at TGI Friday's, I had a Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Caesar Salad (13 WW points :eek: ) but so worth it, will not need supper tonight.

Bill, I agree, set up some sort of camera, if only to see what is doing that!
that or set a trap for the bugger!

Must rest belly full and needs a nap.

07-15-2013, 09:40 PM
Hap, Loved the video. My husband is an umpire for the local leagues, and he loved it!

New Gamboge
07-15-2013, 09:44 PM
Hi everyone - great photos - Hap and Annie look great, as do Kev and John.

Must be the tine for stupid accidents - I finally got my car back in the garage, but there was so much stuff behind it I had problems opening the hatch back - moved my head out of the way forgetting that I now have a staircase right where I tried to put my head, so bounced off it and slammed into the hatch -knocked me silly, but not out - my glasses banged my eyebrow and gave me a small cut. We were taking DGD into Duncan to see her first parade after her swim lesson, so DD daughter drove A strong coffee helped!

And, speaking of vandals, our little maritime information centre at Cowichan Bay was vandalized - windows smashed, fortunately the animals in the hands on pool weren't hurt.


07-15-2013, 10:26 PM
Well, a hiccup for WetCanvas for a while.....not that the Northern Hemisphere probably noticed!

Plus no one told me we were stood under a sign that said ... Inspections Welcome!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Have you told Izzy that there is an icecream shop named after her in the Cook Islands?? The one you forgot to get photographed under.....:p

Hap (and Annie), you just look amazing!

Back to sitting in the sun - it is a glorious winter's day here, currently 12.6C, and I have a very sheltered spot to pretend I'm on holiday and read my book for a half hour or so. :wave: