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07-12-2013, 01:02 AM
Good morning all :wave:

Dull here, but will warm up later.

PS I'm up now, and we have hazy sunshine. It's going to be another hot day, 27C expected.

Ruth is knitting penguins already :lol:


07-12-2013, 03:44 AM
Gosh Doug. There I was thinking I could get your blue hearing aides back. WHAT did you say :)

Uneventful day here. Waking, groaning at each other over tepid brews of something of the other. Couldn't do the shopping until later because the friend with mystery illness needed a lift to Samford for her work. No problem. I go there anyway, It just increases my current propensity for procrastination. Got an hour this time. :thumbsup:

Provisioning done, fires lit because it was really bone chilling at midday, I made a resolve that I shall paint. Came to naught and I am ashamed of this block.

Better side, a landscaper from across the road is coming to gut out our lower, once was, productive vege garden but was washed out by the great storms of 2011. Partly because of awful retaining walls. Done before our time here. Alunimium sheeting from the dump works in the dry but backloaded so much water in the Great Storm.It will be re terraced and more accessible and will have weed barriers AKA Roger and I when we can get down there.:lol:

Off to cook a Mongolian lamb thingy with veges, of course. cauliflower?

07-12-2013, 03:50 AM
Good morning Annie, I have to be quick to fool you :lol:

Good luck wih your Mongolian lamb, seems a long way to go for a joint :D


07-12-2013, 05:25 AM
Just lamb slivers Doug. Bought from the local butcher who access properly treated stock. Slivers are offcuts from other cuts. Thinking about it I Would like to g vegetarian which would involve divorcing my husband and my cats. Not going to happen.I like meat but I like to know where they came from and if they had a life.

Replete and belching now. :thumbsup: :clear:

07-12-2013, 05:33 AM
Landed back in Auckland - John and I fast tracked thru customs, now we are having a sleep while we wait for our visitors!
A different temperature awaits us outside:eek:

07-12-2013, 05:56 AM
Welcome home Lulu :wave:


07-12-2013, 05:58 AM
Cold? :lol:

07-12-2013, 06:00 AM
Forgot to post Ruth latest creations - a penguin family :)



07-12-2013, 06:15 AM
Probably easier to get signal from Cook Islands than middle of North York Moors!

Hot here but off home overnight for art sale tomorrow.......

Fridge packed up again.......


07-12-2013, 06:19 AM
Fridge packed up again.......
Oh dear Geoff, really hard luck! Hope the engineer makes good on his "repair".


07-12-2013, 06:22 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 6:15 a.m. here in blessedly cool Oakwood. Windows open all night upstairs and now downstairs since I am up catching the cool morning air. :D

Larry walked down the street yesterday to take a couple of photos of the house with the tree on its roof. It was only about a block and a half away from our house.


Looks pretty ominous, but from this angle, it actually may not have caused as much damage as we first thought. The branches seemed to settle down beside the roof on one side and just resting it on the other:


I think the tree trimmers (re Bill's photo yesterday) start taking the tall trees down bit by bit from the top so they can control where it winds up. Imagine loping that tall, tall tree down from the bottom and letting it just fall like the one in these photos. :eek:

Ruth's penquin family is adorable. :D

I'm off to another PT session for my arthritic knee this morning. I am not really a very athletic or even physically active person, but I'm finding these gentle exercises my PT guru is giving me easy to do and they seem to be helping quite a lot. :D

Welcome home, Lulu, both literally and cyberly!

Annie, Your Mongolian lamb sounds yummy. I'll send you a Turkish recipe that calls for those bits of lamb...but no cauliflower, I'm afraid. Too much of a good thing is too much sometimes, eh. ;)

Hi Geoff! whenever you check in. ;)

:wave: to all who are on their way. White light to all who are ailing and taking care of loved ones who are.



Scene Chaser
07-12-2013, 06:30 AM
Good Day All,

We must let Geoff know that we miss him. Ah, I see you snuk in just while I was writing. Have a good trip.

Annie, lamb is my favorite meat and yes, sheep do have a life, though, mundane. They live to please us. :)

Doug, Ruth's penguins are enjoyable. Perhaps the sight of them will help keep you cool today.

About why the trees needing to be cut from the top down, is to minimize destruction of other foliage and buildings they would fall on otherwise. When Janet and I first cleared trees for our building site, we weren't too concerned about where a tree fell. Now, though, we have buildings, smaller trees we want to save and power lines in their way.
This one climber is like a squirrel in Sylvia's backyard. Funny, he says he has no fear of heights, but you couldn't get him into an airplane.

Ms. Feral stays hidden under the deck. I find the constant noise of the saw and chipper unnerving myself.
They will be here again today and tomorrow.

Coffee time,

07-12-2013, 07:17 AM
Hello to All

Sylvia, that photo reminds me of a time in London in the 80's when we came back to our car and a fallen tree had demolished it :eek:

Still horribly warm here today, does not suit me at all, I'm similar to Doug, I prefer cooler weather, max 65 F

I'm off soon for my daily visit to the Hospice where Lesley is, it takes around half hour to get there, visiting starts a 2pm.

The Hospice, which is named St Andrews was founded by nuns in the 80's and is the only one locally. Although Lesley and I are both Church of Scotland (protestant) they look after all religions and creeds which is a wonderful thing, the food and level of care is outstanding, all of which is supplied via our National Health Service.

Lesley does come home on Monday morning, her pain level having been reduced slightly with the drug Ketamine. Chemo starts on Wednesday

Speak later


07-12-2013, 07:20 AM
:wave: Good Morning:wave:

OK --update on my falling off the ladder:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I think that what I did was actually misjudge stepping off the ladder only I was up way to high. I landed on my left foot --then fell back onto my rear on the sidewalk and then the rest of my body hit the ground.

I just laid on the sidewalk for a minute or two and thought OK I'm fine. Once I stood up and put weight on my left foot I had troubles.

Ended up at the ER for xrays and my lower back was hurting so they did a CT scan and since I hit the back of my head CT of head too.

Final result ---I had a small fracture of my left heel. AND I had a bone spur in my left foot (thus explains why my foot hurt during my nursing shifts) that the impact broke off.

So I now have to see an Orthopedic Surgeon --probably next week some time.
Now I am hobbling along on the ball of my foot in a little shoe. I just can't bear weight on the heel. I may have to get some crutches we will see. So far I am not in pain unless I bear weight on the heel. Some swelling.

OH Yes they loved the story at the hospital:lol: :lol: :lol:

Keith had pictures of Mr. Greyson up in the tree and they could not believe how big he was. He's a big tall cat all muscle and about 14 - 15 pounds.

Well everyone I'm heading back to bed.


07-12-2013, 08:04 AM
Good Morning... this is a quick visit... The weather gods have smiled on us and we have beautiful sunshine with no humidity!

Gail and Dan arrived Wednesday afternoon and set up their trailer. The weather seemed threatening, but we didn't get much of anything. Yesterday, we did a few chores and then bailed out the little pedal boat and had a swim in the lake... Magoo and his Girl stopped by for a barbeque...

Uschi will arrive today...

((Ellen)) ((Anita)) ((Lesley))

Welcome home Lulu... scary photos Sylvia...

I agree with you about our food animals, Annie...

:wave: Doug, Geoff, Bill and all yet to come... Time to make some breakfast! Have a great day everyone!

p.s. Love the penguins!

07-12-2013, 08:21 AM
Good Morning.
Well, my cough continues to improve, but I am not over it yet. Still on the antibiotic as a precaution against infection. My breathing has improved, also.
Thank you all for your concern.

Doug, Ruth's penguins are adorable. They must be fun to see them come together. I imagine sewing and stuffing takes awhile even after they are knitted.
Sylvia-My you did have a storm there. That would be so scary to have a tree fall on your house. Where were the owners when it happened?
((Henry and Leslie))
Darla-Hope you can get your knee back in shape without the surgery. I think it is worth a try until you have to. Hope Larry is feeling more comfortable at work with the cooler weather. I don't know how he can work in that heat.

I spent more time on my ancestry yesterday. I have started writing up about the past ancestors and adding pictures in the text where I can. I am enjoying it, but I can see it could take me months to do this. I haven't even gotten to me yet. Oh well, it will sort itself out in time. This is a good time to work on it when I can't do a lot else and I take a break from painting in the summer.

Yesterday Don and I hung 18 pieces of art at our Senior Center. They have it in the hall going back to the dining room and craft rooms, so it will get well viewed. It looked nice when it was all hung. It will be there for 2 months. Want to go back and get a few pictures.

Have a great day, everyone.


07-12-2013, 08:43 AM
Happy FRIDAY (TGIF):clap:

It's sunny and lovely out this morning. Promising to be a nice weekend although a tad warm with temps in the 80's. But next week they are saying more HOT and HUMID weather on the way.:rolleyes:

It's Larry's weekend off and I want to go tomorrow to the Lansing ARt Gallery to view the National Watercolor Society Exhibition. It's the last week it's here. We need to get groceries, clean the house and garage. So it'll be a busy weekend for us.

Poor Larry's truck has something wrong with it too and he cannot find out how to fix it so we have to have it towed to a shop and have it fixed. He was disappointed that he couldn't fix it himself but sometimes it's just quicker to have someone else do it; yes it's pricey but oh well...it's only money hey?:D

Ahh (((ANITA))) you poor thing; take it easy and prop it up with ice. Best of luck at the Ortho Doc. I know what you are going through.

(((SHIRLEY))) I'm glad you are on the mend finally; it's good that the antibiotic is working. Good about the pieces hanging at the Senior Center; I'm sure it'll be enjoyed by all.

Sylvia, WOW...that would be awful; we have a huge maple tree in our front yard and it's always my fear that sometime during a bad storm it'll fall on our house. Thanks for showing us this pic.

((DOUG)) thinking of you and your nausea. Ruth's penguin's are adorable, so Festive looking.

Geoff, HELLO! Not more troubles with your fridge?

Char, have a WONDERFUL time with Gail and Uschi! What fun.

Annie, I'm glad you enjoyed your lamb and veggies. Good that you are having the lower garden re-done.

Hi there Henry, sorry about the heat. I'm glad Lesley is coming home on Monday and that chemo starts on Wednesday. I hope she'll be strong enough to take it well.:heart:

Hi Bill, buzzzzzzz...that sound doesn't really bother me much....but having it steady for three days?:confused: Just think of the end result though.

LuLu, wonderful trip for you; sorry you're a bit cold now.:lol:

I hope you all have a great day; wet those brushes (wish I could)!

BBL:wave: :grouphug:

07-12-2013, 09:02 AM

Well my day went wellish.. My internet provider service man came to fix my internet, and informed me I have a virus.. Internet was not up to speed, so he replaced the modem. Virus is Q something or other and i am so mad with myself as its my fault. grrrr,

I am off to bed. I am hosting the Brisbane Chapter of the 40th Worldwide Sketchcrawl..

Later :wave:


07-12-2013, 09:32 AM
Hi, everyone! Miss me yesterday?:D
Our phone and internet (Rogers Cable) were down for 36 hours. They had a break in their fibre optic cable somewhere in the greater Moncton area.

First of all, (((Henry and Lesley))), (((Anita))), (((Ellen))), (((Shirley))) and anyone else who is too ill to make it to the computer to let us know!

Doug, glad you are feeling marginally better and Ruth's penguins are :cool:

Annie, I love lamb and you can send me any uneaten cauliflower!:angel:

Welcome home Lulu!

Geoff, sorry about your fridge!:o

Sylvia, glad that isn't YOUR house!

Bill, a cruise to the Maritimes sounds like fun!:D
Good luck with your trees!

Char, Gail and Uschi, don't get into too much mischief!:evil: :D

Darla, sorry about Larry's truck! Yes, it is ALWAYS something!:rolleyes:
Enjoy your weekend!

JJ, have fun at the Sketchcrawl!

Hot here today, and for the next several days; I had better get out for my walk soon!



07-12-2013, 09:49 AM
Brief visit from home.....

((((((((((((((Henry & Lesley)))))))))))))))

Loved the penguins Ruth/Doug.


07-12-2013, 10:59 AM
:wave: HELLO:wave:

OK back to business here.

I am up, showered and figuring out how to get around without putting weight on my left heel. I think having a cane would help me with weight bearing on the left. My rt hip is getting a work out.

Got a call in to my family Dr. to see if he can recommend an Ortho Dr. before I just call around on the insurance list.

I'm thinking the bone spur that I broke off may be a good/bad thing at the same time.

Bill - that's a lot of trees.

Ellen - feel better and rest you deserve it

Darla - I know if it's not one thing it is another

Henry - thoughts for Leslie and you

Uschi - You and Char have a great time together

JJ - have a great sketchcrawl

OK can't rem much else on the wash


07-12-2013, 11:45 AM
Not to much to report yet, last night Jack and I took the sprouts bowling. Lots of fun, especially since their parental units were playing there on the league. Good fun with the kids and pizza as well!

Now off for my walk.

07-12-2013, 12:48 PM
:wave: Getting warm out there, will be over 30C over the weekend and hotter after that :eek: I'm just back from grocery shopping, trying to think about a short trip to a trailer (vacation home!) on lake Erie with my son, plus camping the following week.....brain on overload! I promised to cook a meal while with my son's family, am looking forward to having some quality time with them.

I plan to take some crafty stuff to do with the little ones, maybe they are ready to learn knitting (6 and 8), I know they will want to do it (for a minute or two!) when I get mine out. And then there's always painting. Although I just checked out the site (http://www.vvclientconnect.com/webvisit/sherkston/launch.php?redirected=1&tourid=61), and I don't think I'll need to entertain them much!

Too bad, JJ, hope your computer survives the fix :) I'll look forward to the sketchcrawl results.

Good luck with your ankle, Anita, not fun.

Good to see that Lesley has a schedule now, Henry.

That's quite the photo, Sylvia, good thing it wasn't your house!

Hope you get some painting as well as the housework this weekend, Darla. I am starting another 4 wk session with Johannes. Lots of practice with elements of landscape, not trying for finished works, just what I need before heading off up north.

Glad you are back in the land of internet, Anne!

Which reminds me, I wonder where Nola is? she should certainly be back from LONI now (land of no internet for those who have not met her)

Super penguins, Ruth, well done! I am starting on my Christmas sale knitting too, another scarf on the go.

Good that you are getting better, Shirley. That would be a lovely show, do post photos of it when you get them.

Char and Gail and Uschi, have fun!

Hi Bill, the noise would get to me too, I had an hour of a very noisy ancient-looking tractor driven lawn mower outside here this morning, doing the large field beside us and it was a great relief when it stopped.

Hi Judy, Geoff, Lulu, Annie and all to come, hope the rest of your day is good!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

07-12-2013, 01:07 PM
Hello Washers,

Okay all you guys back east -- take your weather back! We've been having dark ugly skies with heavy humidity and threatening storms that spit and stop and leave more heat and humidity than before. Stop! This is not how we do hot in LA. It's supposed to be hot and DRY. Bleecchh. Okay, the sun finally came out after three days. :rolleyes:

Read but haven't posted. Too much stuff going on this week. Yesterday went to the endodontist for my six month checkup, and he thinks I need my crown re-done. :eek: Called the dentist when I got home to set up an appointment.

Wednesday had an appointment with the SBDC (that's small business development center) at College of the Canyons which is in Santa Clarita. On the way out there I saw the sign for the San Fernando Mission and the William S. Hart Ranch. Thought -- You should go see one of those on the way back. Since I had to stop for gas I got off at the exit for the Ranch and went to see it. Had a wonderful time. Didn't have my camera with me (my cell phone takes terrible pix), so no pix. Here's the website: http://www.hartmuseum.org Arrived at the house in time for the last tour!

For those who don't know, he was one of the most famous silent movie stars of all time, right up there with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Who?! :D I love silent movies. My dad loved Charlie Chaplin and introduced me to silent films.

Darla think of it this way -- those guys need jobs too. So you are supporting the economy. :lol:

Oh Anita ouch, ouch, ouch. Be careful with your right hip now that you're putting more weight on that side.

Doug I hope they can sort your stomach issues. I know how I feel with nausea. My migraines make me so nauseous because the pain starts at the back of the skull and goes through the gag reflex. Shudder. Love Ruth's penguins. I still think they should star in their own animated feature.

Uschi hope you can get your computer fixed. But my advice is -- buy a Mac. :evil:

Sylvia it's scary when those trees come down. Good thing you had all those branches trimmed a while back.

Bill those guys amaze me. Every so many years they come and trim the dead fronds off the palm trees out front here. From my window I can watch them. :eek: Poor Ms. Feral.

(((Ellen))) (((Shirley)))) ((((Henry & Lesley)))) and anyone else dealing with health issues. I start jewelry class again next week so am trying to get life more organized.

Oh here's my new cart for all the jewelry stuff:

:wave: :wave:


07-12-2013, 01:53 PM
Gorgeous cart, Kay! Good luck with your organizing :) And thanks for that link, looks like a super place to go.

07-12-2013, 03:49 PM
Happy almost weekend!

LOVELY weather here today! Hot but dry, blue sky, lovely sun. The sort of day when tourism photos are taken!:evil: :lol:

Hi, Lynn! Let us know how the knitting lessons go with the little ones!

Kay, I :envy: your cart! If I had one of those, I'd probably get my art supplies out more often!:angel:
I also love silent movies. Our grade 11 English teacher spent one semester introducing us to silent films, ending with dividing us into groups of 8, and we made our own silent films. Great fun; she was an exceptional teacher.:heart:

Don is outside weeding. I'm making giant salad for supper.
Attention: Annie--I always include cauliflower!:D



07-12-2013, 04:07 PM
Just seen a news report, local growers were ready to plough in acres of cauliflower because they were too big for the supermarkets and demand is down because of the hot weather. Anyhow volunteers from the food bank moved in and are picking the fields for distribution to the poor :thumbsup:

My nausea has lessened greatly at the moment, lets hope it continues to.

Classy storage cart Kay.

(((Anita))) i did the same myself last year, stepped off the second step and fell backwards. Luckily I wasn't hurt. Hope your ankle allows you to walk soon.

Good to hear your cough is easing Shirley.

Hi Darla, poor Larry, he's not having any luck with his truck these days.

I would love to be at Char and Ted's, bet they are having a great time.

Good to hear that Lesley will be able to come home on Monday and start her treatment on Wednesday Henry.

Have fun on the Sketchcrawl JJ. Wish we had a local one.


07-12-2013, 05:14 PM

Thanks to all

Doug, glad to hear that your pain has abaited slightly. We are pleased that things are moving re the chemo, although worried about the side effects

Cauliflower, why inflict that on the poor :lol:


07-12-2013, 06:27 PM
Love raw cauliflower can't stand it cooked other than in Indian dishes or Piccalilli.


07-12-2013, 09:29 PM
Well we had to take the truck into the garage for service. They should have it done for us tomorrow to the tune of $525.00:rolleyes:

Kaitlyn passed her drivers road test and we now have another 16 year old on the roads!:eek: Now is the real worry.

We were going to have a bonfire tonight but the mosquito's are awful so we didn't want to fight them, we will watch a movie. We haven't been able to have a bonfire yet this season because of the bugs.

Justin called and it was nice to talk to him, he said its been really hot and humid in Nashville too. And they have a rain shower every day.

Josh is still in South Beach, Florida and he said its been rainy and cloudy there due to the tropical storm that is going through.

Doug I'm glad your nausea is subsiding for you.

I love cauliflower both Cooked and raw. Broccoli too and they are good for you too.;)

Kay your cart is so cute and stylish.:thumbsup:

Well gotta go its getting kind of late for a movie now..bed it sounding pretty good to me.:D

Night all:wave:

07-12-2013, 11:20 PM
Hi, we have computer problems with my computer, bummer! It may have to go to the hospital, Jack just spent about a half hour arguing some Dufus in India to please send him the part needed for MY computer, I kept hearing "I've been working with computers for 25 years......" he gave up and we may need to go to Roseville (where HP is) which may mean using a different one for awhile. Most annoying, I depend on my links.

Anyway, if I am not around, that's why.

Henry, hope the Chemo side effects are mild, Jack's been not bad at all. My sister's affected her hair and had lymphedema, but handled it like a trouper and never stopped her doing anything.