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07-01-2013, 01:14 AM
Good evening everyone:wave:

A lovely day here, sunny and not too cold at 15C
Have just dropped the cats off at the cattery (they do NOT like their cage!), but the people there love them so I won't worry, they'll soon settle with cuddles and food!

One more sleep! better go and pack and then cook dinner.
We meet Kev and Chris at Auckland airport tomorrow and fly off to the land of sun, surf and sand at 7.30 pm tomorrow night.
Then when we get there we have another Tuesday! (the Cook Islands are 22 hours behind NZ).

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends.:heart:

Be good! see you in two weeks:wave:

07-01-2013, 01:42 AM
Morning all.

Obviously in holiday mode Lulu!!
Envy envy envy.....

Bright but windy rain later probably

Have Diabetic review this morning and this afternoon a Council Metting at Teesside University, have missed last two so feel obliged to be there even though I only attend as a , long time ago, Past President


07-01-2013, 02:24 AM
Hi, still Sunday here, it was at LEAST 109 today and we are being asked to save energy from 12 to 7 should be interesting.
Also tomorrow (today?) we are taking Lauren to get her driving test :eek:

Tired bbl

07-01-2013, 02:37 AM
Good morning all, dry an overcast but I see a few patches of blue sky :crossfingers:

Have a great holiday Lulu and John, I know you will have fun with Kev and Chris.

Terrible news from Phoenix about the loss of 19 firemen.

Off to post the July challenge. (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=19685748)


07-01-2013, 03:00 AM
Good evening all.

Lulu, Kev and Chris will want to flap away to the Cook Islands as fast as possible to keep warm. Rain, cloud, wind here. Oh Queensland, perfect one day?... beat NSW the next. Didn't beat the Warriors and spectacularly so.

It has been bitter today. Hopefully they have slept most of it in warmth. A 30 hour flight would do my head in. :eek:

Meanwhile here, cats are in .... NOOO?:rolleyes: Not really ? :lol: The fire is lit but required several nudges of the Tennessee solution to get the damp timber burning. And the damp paper. The TS is a gas blowtorch BTW. Cheating but SO good and better than endless matches and lungy stuff.

I chopped off a cauliflower out of the garden between rain washes. Chicken
cauliflower cheese coming up. Always follows the roast chicken.

Doug I heard that on the radio coming home. It is awful.

Judy, power restrictions when you need it most? Keep cool.


07-01-2013, 04:06 AM
:clap: :thumbsup: HAPPY CANADA DAY:thumbsup: :clap:

Rather fresh here. Poor Kev and Chris......

I went visiting today, popped in to See Allan J, had coffee with a friend at Cricko's Cafe and after lunch, visited my dear old friend Jean, who has been sick these last two weeks with that awful sore throat virus..

I didn't get sketching today, as it is sooooooooo wet, cold, and depressing. Sound familiar Doug. :p

(((((Lesley and Henry)))))

Hugs Darla, I know you are worried, but talk again to your Dr.. If he says surgery, then sorry, surgery it is.. An Epidural would work, and you would feel quite ok with it.. :heart:

Good luck Detective Bill!

Love and hugs.....


Strawberry Wine
07-01-2013, 08:43 AM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/01-Jul-2013/13320-canada_day_flag.jpg To All My Fellow Canadians !

Slightly overcast and 18 C here in the Grove this morning. It has rained here and there all around Ontario over the past few days but we have not received a drop... I am not complaining because as you all know we had our share in May and early June. I have had to hand water a few times in the evening but it is an easy job to do.

Lulu, you are in holiday mode I can hear it in your typed voice. :) Have a wonderful time with Kev and Chris. I know you will !

My heart goes out to the families of the 19 fire fighters who died in the line of duty.

No plans for today except a final load of laundry. Bed linens hung out on the line to dry.. I will put one set back on the bed when they are dry. They will smell so good. :)

Judy, that is way TOO HOT !!! When you are on a " conserve energy" program Do you run the AC in the morning and close all the curtains then turn the AC off until 7 p.m.?
Don't cook ! order in or have cold cuts and salads (that's the fun part.) Stay in the pool AC back on in the evening for sleeping. Sounds workable ???? Stay :cool: as you can.

Time to get something to eat BBL



07-01-2013, 08:50 AM
Howdy Folks!

It's another gray day here; rain in forecast. It's not too warm either at 60F. I'm actually chilly and was chilly all day yesterday too. Larry loves this weather. I like it just a bit warmer in the 70'sF. I think it's going to be an up and down type of summer.

Back to work today for us; I have three days this week. I'm looking forward to the nice long weekend.

JJ, NO epidurals for me I want to be out.:lol:

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian friends here; celebrate safely.

HAVE A WONDERFUL vacation LULU & JOHN and KEV & CHRIS! Safe journey.

Poor Larry winched his back yesterday and he was hurting when he got out of bed this morning. He will not listen to me on the proper way to lift...bend at the knees. I think you just forget sometimes and he did. About every couple of years he has an episode. I'm :crossfingers: that it's not a bad one like last time. He also passed a kidney stone on Friday. (that's about 40 some in the past 20 years!) This one was bigger than the last ones he's passed. :rolleyes:

Larry still hasn't caught the bunny but there is fencing around the garden and unless he digs under it we are fine. Everything looks healthy and growing nicely.

We've been really good lately about not snacking in the evenings. We are trying to cut back and hopefully lose a few pounds.:crossfingers:

It's tragic about those 19 firefighters; specially trained ones at that, losing their lives. Those wildfires can be very dangerous and there is risk in fighting every one of them. My heart aches for those families of the men.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

BBL:wave: :heart:

07-01-2013, 09:05 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 9:00 a.m. on a rainy morning here in Oakwood. Almost time to draw out my painting project for today's class. I found a nice photo in the RIL of a boat with reflections in water which is what Nita wants for today's class. Now to get it on paper and I'll be all set to go.

Larry and I had a lovely visit with our daughter Christine and GS Quinn over the weekend. We drove east to Pennsylvania on Friday and back to our home yesterday. It takes about 6 hours all told, depending on how many slow down areas there are on the interstates due to road work....miles and miles of road work are happening now.

Anyway, Quinn is now a couple inches taller than his Grandmom:


I remember when Kent was that age and also got taller than me. :D Dejas vue all over again as Yogi Bera would have said. :lol:

Christine made us a wonderful lunch of muffaletta and was justly proud of how it looked and tasted:


It has genoa salami, provelone cheese, pepperoni, ham, and tapenade made of two kinds of olives and artichoke hearts stuffed into a round loaf of Italian bread. Yummy and rich.

While we were sitting on her lovely porch, two hummingbirds came zooming into the feeder she had put up just the day before. :rolleyes: I couldn't get any to come to my feeders and she told me the reason she put one up was a hummingbird actually came to her kitchen window while she was doing dishes and she could hear him thinking "Well, where's my sugar water?" Grrrrrrrr, everybody has hummingbirds but me. :rolleyes:

Want to wish our friends to the north a very



Judy, Wow, the West is boiling. Triple digit temps are just way too hot to do anything but vegetate, I think.

What a tragic event where those 19 firefighters died battling a fire. :(

If you aren't adverse to fried food, one of our favorite ways to make cauliflower (and we aren't lucky enough to have homegrown like you are), is to break a head into flowerettes and parboil them for about 3 minutes. Let them cool and dip them in flour, egg wash, bread crumbs. Let sit a few minutes to firm and then fry them in hot oil til brown and crisp. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy. ;) Another way to is to parboil a bit longer just til cooked, cool and toss with a bit of fresh parsley, olive oil, and lemon juice. Serve with toast points as a lunch. Yummy too.

Lulu, The excitement mounts. What a lovely vacation you and John are going to enjoy meeting up with Kev and Chris to explore Cook Islands tomorrow. :D

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



07-01-2013, 09:35 AM

Once again, it's cool and cloudy. Enough is enough. I'd really like some summer!

The regatta on the little lake was fun to watch yesterday afternoon. It even cleared up for awhile with the sun shining on the colourful sails. The fireworks last night were thrilling. I'm still a child at heart, I suspect.

Our barbeque dinner was mmmm....mmm... good! I baked a loaf of our red fife bread (the flour is a heritage grain) to accompany the rotisseried chicken and salads. We have a lot of leftovers to deal with.

Because it is a Holiday today, it'll be a cheap hydro day(electric) and I'll get our laundry going. We have no other plans.

Lulu, your excitement is infectious! :wave: I'm sure you'll have a great time with Kev and Chris!

Good luck with your appointment, Geoff. I hope your numbers are good.

Hi Judy... we saw that you were suffering a heat wave on last night's news. I hope you can find a way to stay cool.

Doug, I'll check out your Challenge for this month.

Those brave firefighters exemplify their profession. Our prayers go out to their families. :heart:

Hi Annie... :lol: TS.

JJ, I hope that Allan is doing well... Too bad about your crummy weather, too.

Hi Gail... it's not all that nice here either. I sure hope summer arrives soon... :(

Darla, both my hip surgeries were done with an epidural. It's not so bad. Patients are also given a strong sedative that causes you to sleep during the procedure. ((Larry)) on both counts!

Oh my gosh, Sylvia! Just LOOK at the height of that boy! Quinn is growing like a weed! Your lunch sandwich looks like something Ted would absolutely love... Great photos... We don't have any hummingbirds this year, either... :(

Time for me to get off this computer and do something productive with my day... I hope yours is the very best possible! Thinking of ((Henry and Lesley)) and hoping there are signs of improvement... :heart:

Ellen in Ont
07-01-2013, 09:39 AM
:wave: everyone,
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians (and wanna bes). :D the thermometer read 5 when I got up this morning and I just heard that my sister had frost just after she finally got the veg garden planted. There really isn't any safe time for planting up here. You never know.:rolleyes:

Brian just left to finish off putting down the flooring at my son's camper. He is taking along his brother to give him a hand. He said the hardest part was to keep working without interruptions. My DIL's Italian grandparents have a cottage beside them and her grandmother keeps checking on Brian saying stop and have some ice cream, come and eat, come and have a beer etc. :D Brian likes working straight through on projects. I think he's bringing his brother so she can feed him instead if Brian. :lol:

That is terrible news about the fire fighters. Wild fires are so unpredictable.

I am :envy: over the trip of Lulu, John, Kev and Chris. Just for fun I looked at air fares there from here. $5000 each! We won't be going to that destination even though it looks wonderful.

Sylvia - great photos. Quinn is really growing up. I need to look through the RIL too. Our art club is having a show in Aug and I need something quick to paint. The info on our painting has to be handed in in two weeks.:rolleyes:

I'm off and strolling if not running to start my "to do" list. At least there is no running errands, everything is closed for the long weekend.

07-01-2013, 09:47 AM
:wave: Overcast and breezy here, but mild temps. The baby birds are 'sweet, sweet, sweeting' outside my window. Wish I could see the nest, I don't even know what kind of bird, but it is definitely a baby noise.


Quiet day today after yesterday's excitement. I went to see the Tall Ships, there's a thread in Palette Talk if you haven't seen it. Lots of waiting in line, to see the ships, to get on the bus shuttles (especially if you go for a ride on the wrong bus and end up where you started!) so I ended up eating a bun in the line-up while I waited for the correct bus. It was all worth it! My mind will be filled with images for days :)

Great to hear of the super holidays, Lulu et al!

Lovely photo of you and your tall grandson, Sylvia! That is a magnificent muffaletta!

So sad about the fire fighters. There is comment that it is time to allow controlled burns so that the wildfires are more easily contained, an ancient method of preventing such disasters. I wonder if it can work in our increasingly dry climate.

Greetings to all here and all to come!

Hugs to all in need :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

07-01-2013, 10:28 AM
Good Morning all my lovelies!

Doing a quick clean over the house. Nothing drastic. My mom, sister, and her two kids are coming from Ohio for a week or so. They are spending the morning in Hannibal Missouri, playing tourists, but should be here after supper.

Then I'll drag them around the local haunts for the visit until they get sick of us here and either travel somewhere else to tour, or head home.

I posted the tall ship picts in the RIL. I need to sit down and get the Prairie shots in. I do that when I'm done with this post.

Heading over to Dougs July challenge.

I think all the birds have gone, which means I can clean up my back porch and bleach it to within an inch of its life.

I wondered if it was Canada Day. All the TMC channels are playing Mountie movies all day ! LOL. What's your favourite Canada Movie? Mine is 49th Parallel !

Have a great day all.

07-01-2013, 10:31 AM

Not very summery here either--cool, breezy and overcast with showers expected this afternoon. It's a shame, with all of the outdoor activities and concerts scheduled in just about every community around the Maritimes, large or small. The Weather Network claims that it will clear up this evening, in time for fireworks displays :rolleyes: . Hope they're right for a change!

Doug, spectacular scenery on today's stage of the Tour de France!:thumbsup:

Great photos, Sylvia! What a handsome Grandson! Your daughter and your lunch looked very nice as well.:D
Re Christine's demanding hummingbird, if I don't have my feeders outside when the Hummies arrive in the spring, a male will come up to the window in our front door and hover there, peering inside to give me "heck". He does the same thing if the feeders need to be filled or if there is a bug inside one of them. They are very demanding tenants and keep me hopping all summer, but I miss them terribly when they depart in the fall, always on or about September 15.

I enjoyed your Tall Ships photos very much, Lynn not just for their "artistic merit":clap: , But for the great memories they brought back of seeing them a couple of times with our son and also of visiting Hamilton while in Toronto with my brother about 25 years ago. My goodness, I'm getting old!:eek: ;)

Just saw your post Caryl. My favourite Canadian movie is "Men with Brooms", a comedy about curling. (You can't get more Canadian than that!)

Cheers, Anne

07-01-2013, 10:38 AM
Morning, it's early(ish) and the Girl Child is here and nervous. I am about to go for my morning walk, (7:30) want to get that done before the heat hits. We have found the best way to avoid the heat is to float in the pool. I have the AC on high to get the place cooled down then will turn it off. Just hope we have a bit of a breeze.

Will check in later.

"Be healthy be happy!"

07-01-2013, 10:50 AM
Doug, spectacular scenery on today's stage of the Tour de France!
yes, amazingly rugged scenery on Corsica. Following the race on Street View.


Scene Chaser
07-01-2013, 11:04 AM
Good Day All,
Geoff, hope your test is a good one.

Sylvia, great photos. Quinn is a handsome young man and grandma looks very proud.
What a great looking sandwich.

I have a tree removal company coming in a half hour. So we’ll see how much he wants to dent my bank account.

Happy Canada Day to my friends. I have plenty of Canadian relatives, too.


07-01-2013, 11:25 AM
Good morning from a cooler Texas. Happy Canada Day to everyone. I am killing time before we leave for my 11:50 a.m. sign-in. Cannot eat or drink anything, so it is starting to get to me. We will leave in 45 minutes.

Judy, I like you plan of action to keep cool. I have a hot tub, that I have the heat turned off and it still is warm. But it does feel good to get on a raft and float around. Next year, I will have an above-ground pool installed. At least, that is the plan!

Caryl, I am sure that you will have a great time with your mom and sister. It is always fun to catch up with your family.

Ellen, I know for sure I could never live where you do. Chicago was bad enough with long winters. I love our brief winter and long summers.

It is a tragedy about the firefighters. I worked for seven years with the local fire department, and it really hits the fire community hard whenever there is such a disaster.

Well, I guess I will sign off for now. Hope this shot is the last I have to get. Hugs to all in need.

07-01-2013, 11:45 AM

I hope it isn't as bad as you anticipate, Bill.

Thanks, Anne! I'm glad I prompted some good memories for you. And that's not old, just mature :)

07-01-2013, 01:53 PM
Mornin each ..... :wave:

It's three AM here and can't sleep just too tired! The travel knocked the stuffing out of us but it was all worth it to see the Aussie family again, really it was the first time we had seen DIL Joanna since she came home from her 18 mth stay in hospital. ..... And to see her with a smile on her face and zooming around the house in her motorised chair was just the tonic we needed. It is still difficult to believe that she cannot move a muscle below her neck and controls everything from TV to opening doors from spinning wheelies in her chair to switching lights on and off ..... She is amazing.

We didn't see the dog walk as it was pouring down but Joanna always trained her dogs to a high standard when she was fit but now she takes them for a brisk walk on her own in the morning, as she goes out of the door the two dogs line up on either side of her chair and off she goes. She can't move a muscle but the dogs stay by her side until they reach the grassland then wait to be told to go and play and off they go. She has no use for pooh bags, she couldn't use them anyway, no to keep her independence she has trained the dogs only to pooh at home so she has no worries whilst out. They obey her commands and when she is ready to go home she just calls them over and they fall in line each hugging a wheel of her motorised chair a off they go. It must be a talking point of all the neighbours around here.

As I said we didn't see it due to the rain and won't see it for the next ten days as we will be with Lulu and John in the Cook Islands ....... Yeh !!!

It's a good job Lulu broke her self imposed silence last week and announced the fact that they woul be holidaying with us or else she would have burst ......

Only an hour and a half to go and we are off to Brisbane airport to complete an eight hour flight to the Cooks but stopping off part way to pick up some very excited "baggage" enroute ....... :lol: I think Lulu's excitement will be fuelling the plane.

OK gotta shut down now I'm waking up the whole household and its still onlt just past 3, may see ya in NZ but will be in touch from the Cooks ..... I dread to think of the photos Lulu will want to take !

07-01-2013, 01:59 PM
And to see her with a smile on her face and zooming around the house in her motorised chair was just the tonic we needed.
What great progress she has made Kev, wonderful news.

Have a great time with Lulu and John and give 'em a hug from Ruth and I.


07-01-2013, 03:34 PM
Oi Kev just who are you calling baggage...:lol:

Awake early here, today's the day:clap: We leave tonight and after a four hour flight we arrive...this morning! Can't wait! :wave:

07-01-2013, 04:03 PM
Just back from meeting so have not really read the Wash...but Sylvia, you take a nice picture.......Kev........nice that DIL is coping so well after all the problems of these last couple of years....

Diabetic Clinic went well, sugar has dropped slightly as has BP 104/62!!...Eileens is about double that.


07-01-2013, 07:49 PM
just found out that the blog posts I wrote in may and two weeks ago never posted to blogger.:rolleyes:

I was having photo problems there, but didn't know it was a posting issue as well.

So those of you that emailed me that they wanted to see my travel kit photos and my studio.....now I know WHY. I THOUGHT they were online, when they weren't.

Ah, Technology.

OK, off to clean up after messy birds.

07-01-2013, 07:59 PM
Hi we're back the drivers test was a long wait, but at least Jen and I got to wait inside where it is COLD DMV seems to keep their space chilly I remembered that and had a sweater! Jack and Lauren had to wait outside in the car, for an hour! they were down to 1 examiner but all worth it she passed! Then Jen went back to work (she took that as her lunch) and we went to pick up Spencer, and went to lunch at Chili's (Grilled Chicken Salad 11 WW points good!)
After we went back to our house, Lauren and I went to go shopping, parked in the lot, hit the lock button and the alarm went off, could not get it to stop :o :eek: ! Called Jack and he said to drive it home :rolleyes: which we did (odd how cars avoid you when you drive that way) Jack could not fix it, so HE drove it to the dealer ,happily close, and they pulled the battery and said "bring it back tomorrow"
You have no idea how glad I was that Jack could not stop it :clear: (Not My Fault!) I think it was the heat of the day, it's only 107 in our backyard, in the shade.

Doug, love the challenge this month!

07-01-2013, 08:35 PM
LOL. Not laughing AT you Judy.


Glad she passed! :D