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06-28-2013, 11:57 PM
Good Morning all.

Visitors depart in four hours so we can revert to being caravanners again!

Back later when skies gave hopefully cleared.


06-29-2013, 02:01 AM
Good morning all.

Have good weekend Geoff.

A bright morning here, tipped to be warm and sunny. Nothing like the west coast of the USA heard it is to approach 50C there :eek:

I suspect we'll be buying more wool today.


06-29-2013, 02:11 AM
Hi Geoff and Doug

That's what the temperatures are in the desert currently Doug, they are having to cool down the temperature in the swimming pool!

Nice sunny day here, now a lamb casserole for dinner so better get off here and cook the veges to go with it.

06-29-2013, 03:38 AM
Geoff, grand hosts are you and Eileen. Hope your rally goes well.

Doug, Ruth's knitting is a :eek: to behold. HOW does she do it ? :thumbsup: :)
West coast USA goi g to 50c ?

Lulu, at least you haven't put the shepherd IN the poi. If I put mine in a poi it would be stargazer pie:lol:

After last nights splendour, back to chips and something. I haven't decided yet. Crumbed chicken, fish, lamb bits and the taka tala sauce roasted with garlic? Thinking. Still early because its dark and the northern hemisphere has stolen our light. :cool: Happens every year and someone should DO something about it. Doug and Ruth are still looking forward to their shortest day.

So it's splendour in the probable burned dust. WITH greens :rolleyes: Overcooked. No. Steamed.


06-29-2013, 04:49 AM
Visitors have gone so we are on our way back to caravan..

These are some of the planters in the back garden around the conservatory door...geraniums and dahlias still to erupt in full...but looks nice.



06-29-2013, 05:01 AM
very colourful Geoff. My tubs are suffering with all the rain we have had the past few days.


06-29-2013, 06:12 AM
:wave: :wave: Hello Everyone:wave: :wave:

Well it is 6AM here in OHIO --62 degrees outside now.

We have a busy day ahead with more house painting planned and me going through lots of books and magazines.

Feels good to do a shoveling out of the place. Trying to get it all done inside this week so we can enjoy our July 4th weekend.

We will be doing a "Staycation" - staying home local, relaxing by the pool, going out to dinner or a movie. I'm looking forward to it.

Had a meeting with family at the nursing home last week too - my stepmom got information about how much care my dad needs and we all got to voice our thoughts on him going home. I am not in favor of it and I think she heard it from others about how much help he requires.

They are taking him to the lake in Tenn over the July 4th weekend.

Wishing everyone a good weekend -- time to get moving here


06-29-2013, 07:42 AM
I've made a stargazy Pie. Or even Poi. That one with whole sardines in it, with their heads sticking out of the edges, so the fish oil in the heads cook into the pie enriching the gravy. Looked a bit too much like Desperate Dan's fisherman friends lunch to me.

Gently drizzling here, going to go pot on seedlings for an hour.

Hugs all round.


06-29-2013, 07:46 AM
Things are quiet at the Lake....cloudy and dull with rain behind us and before us. If I had a short vacation, it would be bad. We are here for about 5 months so it doesn't bother me. The merchants here really need a nice July and August to survive so they are understandably less happy.

I have been able to paint again, which makes everything better. I have been rereading Virgil's tutuorials and decided I need to be a colorist. I'm a fairly quiet person, but there must be a purple sky somewhere inside. :) Doug saved my first attempt with a very judicious crop.

I have recently noticed some Forum folks using "waco" for "watercolor" Is this new? .I couldn't ,at first, figure out what Texas had to do with watercolor.

Trying to use a lot of local foods, but in NH this time of year that means lettuce,Swiss chard and Kale. I like these but only so much you can do with them. I can only have a small deck garden because of the deer but at least it is growing. And I have a new garden gnome.


06-29-2013, 08:07 AM

My bougainvillea are loving this weather..


So are the caterpillars..

Photos aren't as sharp as I wished, but the wind was blowing the Autumn Crocus leaves those critter were devouring..

I am really enjoying the garden photos..

Doug, Ruth's jumpers are awesome!! Love, love, love the red one . :p

Char, enjoy your drive tomorrow..

Lynn, did you get to see the Tall Ships?? Did you take photos?? :)

Pat, lovely painting. Really lovely..

:grouphug: to all in need :grouphug: I think of you every day..:heart:

06-29-2013, 08:22 AM
Good Morning!!

Lightly overcast, cooler and most of the humidity has finally gone.

Playing table tennis this morning and then having DIL's parents over for supper. They still haven't got their cupboards or stove in the new kitchen.

All the stuff on my basement floor is in tubs except my framed paintings:eek: They are standing on some cardboard with plastic over the top of them. So thinking of Darla and her repeated basement floods I finally placed the paintings into large plastic bags. So now if the power goes out when the sump pump needs to pump they should be safe.

Geoff, the flower pots look nice!

Karl, does you lake have fish??

Anita, is your dad's mind still clear enough to understand all the goings on?

:wave: to Doug, Lulu, Annie, Leslie and ((((((Henry and Lesley)))))).


06-29-2013, 08:23 AM
Just like the Kentucky Derby - weeeee're off! :)

Good morning... checking in to say a quick "hi" and "bye"... looks like more rain is on the way.

My jam has set and is beautifully jewel toned resting on my counter. I love canning for this reason... well... and the added benefit of having some home-grown food in the cupboard.

Because our satellite is still out, we watched a movie... the A-Team, with Liam Neesan... I don't usually like these kinds of shootemups, but this one was funny and tongue-in-cheek.

Geoff and JJ, your flowers are just lovely!

:wave: Everyone... Ted's making *get off the computer* noises... Time to fly... Have a wonderfully happy and creative day, everyone!

06-29-2013, 08:29 AM
Uschi, Lake Winnipesaukee, which is quite large, has salmon,lake trout, bass and a variety of smaller fish. In winter, they ice fish for cusk, which is a freshwater cod.

06-29-2013, 08:41 AM
:wave: Sun emerging here, lovely morning, but they predict more rain. I was out on the balcony repairing some squirrel damage. Just when I think I have everything blocked and protected in some way it finds another bit of soil to dig in. This time it was the creeping jenny which had some tiny yellow blooms....I didn't know it even bloomed, I have it for the trailing greenery. I now have a block of wood stuck in the pot there, hope it deters the little beast!

Here's a photo of my flowers, whites are blown out and since I want to paint this I'll have to try some different exposures.


This was the most fun, my morning visitor on the grass below! He saw me moving and froze, then when I stayed still he relaxed and did some grooming.




I expect it will be kale and chard here too, Karl, the season is early. I am trying to find ways to eat them happily, but mostly I do it because it 'is good for me'! Disguised in soups or stews they are a nice addition. And kale chips are good, still have to try making them.

Nice cheerful flowers, Geoff!

I steam vegs too, Annie, have to eat (and actually want to!) so many these days I do a batch every day that does for both main meals.

That is unbearable heat, it is even going up into Canada, in the Okanagan.

Hi Leslie, I don't think I could eat that! have fun potting on, I love doing that, dreaming of how they will look when mature in the garden.

Hi Anita, sounds like a nice weekend you have planned!

Hi Doug and Lulu, and all to come, hope you have a rewarding day!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

edit: Wow, cross posted.....

Super shots, JJ, interesting caterpillar, do you know what kind? No, I plan to go down to the harbour tomorrow, although the sun is still out now....maybe they were being overly pessimistic about the weather. Will post a thread when I get back :)

Good planning Uschi, that happened to me, I lost almost all my early ink drawings and life drawings. It wasn't the fault of the sump pump, it was such a deluge that the water poured in the window which wasn't properly protected with a dome over the window well.

Safe trip, Char, that's a long drive for a day visit. I love doing the jams for the visual kick too!

06-29-2013, 09:29 AM
Lynn, from my research, it seems my caterpillar is a Crimun Grub. Cute bunny. Love your potted flowers!!

06-29-2013, 10:28 AM
Lovely photos JJ, Lynn.

Ruth has embarked on a black version of her cardigan :)

May have found a buyer for Leslie's 130kg of buttons :crossfingers:


06-29-2013, 10:44 AM
Hello all. :)

Sorry I have not been around, it's been a weird couple weeks. Had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, today it looks like I've crammed a whole peach in my cheek. I was very nervous about it because I'm no teenager, and the surgeon made it clear my recovery would be slower because of that.

Loving those garden pictures! We're having solid rain, glad it's lovely somewhere. :)

06-29-2013, 10:54 AM
Good late morning, everyone!

We were out running errands and buying groceries yesterday. It was dark and cool all day, and late in the afternoon, it started to pour rain and kept it up most of the night with thunder and lightening just after midnight. Today, very changeable conditions, sunny for a bit then waves of fog and mist roll in and then out again, breezy and VERY humid!

We bought a few items to BBQ so we'll try to get it done in between rain showers.:rolleyes:

We've been watching Stage 1 of the Tour de France on Eurosport, but the English language commentary is already getting tedious, so tomorrow we'll probably switch to the French.

Just before heading out yesterday morning, we saw the mother deer in our back yard and she doesn't just have one baby; she has twins! We have had a mother deer with twins in our yard every year for the past four or five; no way of knowing if she is the same one year after year--like the birds, the deer refuse to wear their name tags!:lol: They stood in the long grass between our neighbour's house and ours and watched us drive away. I could almost see Mum putting bibs on the little ones in preparation for lunch in our flower beds!:( I haven't been out there yet to see what they devoured.

Annie, chips and "something" is always good.

Geoff, colourful pots. The deer would think of them as salad bowls!

Doug, love Ruth's brilliant sweaters. My favourite is the green one, (JJ can have the red; I won't be greedy!):evil:

Anita, unless relatives need us somewhere else, all of our holidays are "Staycations". When we built this house, we thought of it as our permanent cottage.

Karl, release your inner Colourist! A quiet exterior often conceals a vibrant spirit!:D

JJ, gorgeous photos! I'm not fond of caterpillars, but like ants, they are always with us.

Uschi, smart preparations in your basement!:thumbsup: With the weather we have now, you need to be prepared for just about anything!

Lynn, beautiful flowers and sweet bunny.
Have fun at the Tall Ships; we saw them a couple of times with our son when he was young--once in Halifax and once in Toronto. Great photo ops and good subjects for sketching as well!:wink2:

Sending hugs to (((Henry and Leslie))) and (((Darla))) and all the others who are ill or unhappy.

I'll likely be hanging around today; weather is too uncertain to walk!:crying:



06-29-2013, 11:39 AM
Hello Everybody!

It's almost 11:30am here and I've not yet accomplished anything. I'm lazing about and need to get going and do something. I need to spruce up the bathrooms and shovel up the floors. Larry is working until 3pm.

Like you Anita I'm looking forward to the nice 4th of July weekend. Larry however has to work next Friday so we were unable to go north with Matt and Jen. We'll have a quiet 4th just us here at home. It will be nice; because I won't have to slave away cooking like I usually do. We'll keep it simple. However, everyone is going to go to camp for the 4th and we'll be the only ones not there so that is a bummer.:(

I talked to my Mom last night and the kids had all been there to celebrate her 78th Birthday. She said it was a nice day. I know she'll be sad this week because it'll be one year since my Dad passed away on Wednesday. It's been a long year for her and all of us. I so miss talking to him. She said it never gets easier but you have to go on; what else can you do?

It's dull out there today with a breeze, cooler than it's been too. We can expect showers and thunderstorms off and on again today before it dries out tomorrow and Monday.

I'd not be able to deal with temps at 50C:eek: Although it's probably a dry heat which is better than a humid heat. But no matter...that is darn HOT!

Pat that portrait is so lovely; don't touch a thing on it. What a great painting you have done for your friend; I bet she'll cry when you present it to her. It'll be a treasured memory for her.

Anne, your place sounds like it's in a lovely woodsy area. Watching the deer must be so fun; except they would hog out on your plantings I'm sure.:rolleyes: You are too funny; that is a great image imagining Mama putting on their bibs for lunch as you pull out of your driveway.:lol:

Our garden is doing wonderful; I cannot wait for some green beans and cucumbers and tomatoes.:thumbsup:

Lynn, those darn squirrels; they are so destructive. Your flower box is beautiful. It'll make a nice painting.

Uschi, those metal roofs are very loud. My sister has one on her home and when it rains it's loud. I'd not be able to have one as I'd never be able to sleep when it rained. I don't envy you having to climb up three flights.

Char have fun at Ted's sisters place!

I've been thinking a lot about whether I'll get the surgery or not; or at least both things repaired. The concensus is have both repaired at once. That is what I'm leaning toward but I really don't want to do the surgery; but needs must I guess.:rolleyes:

I'd like to go out and do some weeding but I'm sure the mosquito's would carry me away. They are SO vicious this year. They just swarm around you and bite away. I HATE mosquito's! You cannot even enjoy being outside; and I don't like to spray pesticides. Larry has a recipe for something that he can spray on the lawn that is supposed to be a mosquito repellant and is al natural stuff; he wants to do it soon. I want to do some sketching outside in my flower garden but probably won't be able to without spraying myself up with OFF first.

I hope you all have a great day and weekend full of fun things to keep you busy.


06-29-2013, 12:12 PM
(((Darla))) you should move here, we have no mosquitoes to speak about.

Have a nice quiet weekend.


06-29-2013, 12:24 PM
A late good Saturday morning to all.....moving slowly this morning. Woke up to the most perfect morning in a long time. Yesterday it was storming with lightening and gust of up to 60 MPH as a front came through......today, 69-70 to start with, should warm up to low 80's, but the humidity has dropped......this morning is was perfect and a slight breeze to boot......must have sat on the front porch about an hour and a half, just soaking it all in, enjoying the peace and quiet with my morning coffee.....

Not much planned for the weekend for sure....Lisa has to spend some time with her mother tomorrow and I will mostly work on the redesign of the front porch and steps to go with a new patio.....want an acid stained look to the concrete with brick faced risers and wrap around steps leading to the front sitting area.........always something.

Love all the flower pictures....sending healing thoughts to all who need it.....feeling really good today health wise, so if it continues into tomorrow, may just break out the old iron horse for a ride while Lisa's gone....just don't tell her.....have to keep that on the down low.

Need to work on a couple of painting I have going as well............so I better get moving..........a great day to all.


06-29-2013, 01:52 PM
Good Afternoon!

Table tennis went well, now I have to go grocery shopping so I can cook the dinner for my guests. Easy Peasy, Spaghetti with meat sauce; Austrian cucumber and tomato salad, Cantelope for dessert.

Darla, I have mentioned it before, take a rag and spray it with OFF and then tuck it into the waistband or back pocket. The mosquitoes stay away and it doesn't harm your skin or health. Re your knee, stay the way you are, hurting and no more walking holidays ever again or get it fixed. Easy decision, isn't it??

Anne, you bib descriotion made me smile too:)

Karl, so you won't starve while living at the lake, you have the protain and the vitamins right at your doorstep:)

Steve, summer mornings are indeed wonderful!

Lynn, lovely patio flowers! Not that impressed with you bunny picture, have my own, of a baby even, in my garden even:eek: :rolleyes: :evil: :D

JJ, beautiful bogainvillia and the caterpillar really is quite beautiful too!!

Doug, so by next Friday some lucky person is going to have a black aeren cardigan:D

Char, waving to you as you pass by 12 minutes south of me:)

:wave: to all here!!!! I have to get going. Sitting at the computer makes me want to take a nap.


06-29-2013, 02:18 PM
Uschi, Ruth is knitting them for herself at the moment.


06-29-2013, 03:02 PM
Hello all,

Just finishing up breakfast at 11:30!!! Guess I should call it brunch. Had to get up early 'yawn' to get the cats fed and shot up so I could go over and sign up for the new round of jewelry classes. Decided to take two classes so it takes longer. They let everyone sign up for one class first so everyone can get a class. Then if you want more classes you have to stand in line again. Very low tech. They only take checks and cash. I think some of the younger people in line don't even have check books. :lol:

Uschi your metal roof story reminded me of a singing audition I did a couple of years ago. It was held in this dance studio with a metal roof and it was pouring that day. You could barely hear yourself much less the pianist. And I don't know what the auditors could hear of the singers. Luckily I have a very loud voice. I just did the whole thing fortississimo (that's three fff's :lol: ). No room for subtlety. What a nightmare.

Pat the portrait is lovely. What a sad thing about your friend.

Darla get the surgery. Don't even think about it. Picture yourself walking freely and with no pain and it will all come out all right.

Anita I hope it all works out with your dad. Your stepmom doesn't really think she can cope with him does she?

Doug Ruth's sweaters are gorgeous. JJ and I are going to arm wrestle for the red one Anne. So you're safe. :lol:

Great pix JJ, Geoff, and Lynn. I finally remembered to fertilize my plants the other day.

Happy driving Char.

Hi Steve & Abigail.

I must go buy an air conditioner today. I was going to do it yesterday, but I was just too tired. I really don't want to fight the crowds, but Doug is right, the temps here are awful. We won't get to 50C. Expected high today is 87F, about 30C? But the humidity is over 40%. Tomorrow is expected to get to about 92F (33or 34C?). Heeeeeelp. Must force myself out the door.

:wave: :wave: to all and big hugs and blue butterflies to all in need.


06-29-2013, 05:22 PM
Kay, I wanted to tell you that I read Stephen J. Cannell's book "The Prostetutes' Ball" and thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing and the book. Went and got the next one "Vigilante". Checked him out on Google and found out there won't be any more of his books because he died:crying: BUT, I have lots of others to catch up with. Sorry it is so hot where you are and :clap: :clap: for double the jewlery classes.

Doug, yes, Ruth will look good in the red and black cardigan:thumbsup:

So I love strawberries but they are always too sour for my liking and I really don't want to add and eat all this sugar. So today I saw that Stevia that is not supposed to affect us sugar wise, totally natural, (mind you, isn't the sugar natural too???) sprinkled plenty over the strawberries and it is a sheer delight -sweeeeeet:clap: :clap: and no nasty aftertaste. Changed my mind about dessert for tonight, we are having strawberries with Stevia and I made custard to go along with it which I hadn't made in eternity.

Oh, and talking about strawberries - other people must have complained about our Ontario berries being hidden at the end of the isle because lo and behold, they are now at the entrance in full view and the USA ones are at the end of isle. Sorry my friends from USA but we have to look after our farmers first:angel:

Better do last minute things, they'll be her in 1/2 an hour. Beautiful day, not too hot, still a bit humid but not bad.

:wave: Uschi

06-29-2013, 06:29 PM
Just a quick it was 29C((85F) in our pool and is now 40c (105F)something outside at 3:30 pm

Saint Ragdoll
06-29-2013, 06:54 PM
Morning began with a wasted trip to the vet for my dwarf Hamster, the exotic animal vet wasnt on on Saturday so back ln monday. Poor little thing is quite aged( for a dwarf hamster) and may have cancer. I do want to give him every chance as long as he isnt in pain...but he is approaching the end...little creatures only live about 2 years and they get tumors, cancer etc as they age. I dont think they were ment to live so long, in the wild they have much much shorter lives. So dont live long enough to get cancer, etc......ButI do love them and really enjoy setting up an enviroment for them in an aquarium and watching them go about their business. They take such pleasure in a bit of carrot or clover. And have distinctive personalities , as tiny as they are....As painful as it is lose one, I will probably get another one.

Back pain problem is simply unspeakable......and no solution is sight....

We have bunnies and the little buggers have eaten the pothos houseplants I put on the patio, as I do every summer.... No other plants eaten just the pothos vines! So cute to see the babies playing but argh!

The recent rain and winds blew a baby bird out of his nest, sitting on my lawn yelling his head off, letting every cat, possum and raccoon know baby bird was on the menu. Couldnt get him back up in his tree so put him in a smaller tree, hope his parents found and fed him. I havent seen or heard him. I think he was a mocking bird.

I havent seen any deer here on my property. The most deer I have seen was in Valley Forge Park in Pennsylvania.....groups lounging around grazing, leasurly strolling across the roads peering into the cars at the humans....and in apring, all the spotted fawns!!!!
But, in Pennsylvania there are so many Whitetail deer they are regarded as pests, rats with hooves Ihave heard them called...
But they are beautiful!
I do love animals!!!!

I love Ruth's knitting. I am all fumble fingers when it comes to knitting, crochet or sewing and so envy those who can create such beautiful and functional things! I love the idea of using handmade things, so much better than a made in a chinese factory product.

Saint Ragdoll

06-29-2013, 08:44 PM
Evening, everyone!:wave: Told you I'd be hanging around today!:D

Teresa, yes, "rats with hooves" that describes them well! So sorry about your little hamster. You should get another one when this little fellow passes away. You take great pleasure in caring for your pet and even though they have short lives, your description of how much they enjoy a treat suggests that they know how to make the most of their time on earth--a good lesson for us all!

Kay, our humidity is 90% this evening!:eek: Hope you got your air conditioner today. Mother Nature seems to be on holiday this weekend; our typical cooling breeze isn't working; hope She's back on duty tomorrow!

Hi, Steve, glad you're feeling better.

Abigail, my sincere sympathy about your wisdom tooth suffering. I could tell horrible stories about wisdom teeth.:evil: but I won't!:angel:

Darla, you could use a quiet Fourth of July! Put your knee up and give it a rest!:)

Char and Uschi, about strawberries (and other local produce.) In our large grocery stores, the managers arrange with one local grower (and it must be a large one to provide the volume they require) to purchase his entire crop and the store then sells it as a "loss-leader" to bring shoppers into the store. The price is often lower than a small grower or roadside stand can compete with. It causes a lot of bitterness around here, because all growers have a very small profit margin. Strawberries are the first local crop of the season and can be a make-or-break product for some growers. Most people aren't well-to-do and have no choice but to look for the best value they can find. It's a cruel system that pits one group of people just getting by against another!:mad:

Climbing off my soapbox now!:rolleyes:

On a happier note, had a nice phone chat with our son. He's about to leave Atlanta for a week in Montreal to spend time with friends who can't afford the expensive flight to Vancouver for his wedding. (28 more days!) Then he'll be off to Vancouver to help the Bride with the final wedding preparations. Both of them are getting pretty tense about all of the details! I think he'll just be glad when it's over. I guess the Groom often feels that way about it!:lol:

Enjoy your evening


06-29-2013, 08:46 PM
Boy that is annoying! I just posted and the whole thing was eaten!
OH well. Again, Just checked and the temp on our front porch is 109 :eek:
And the pool is at 90 F, that is a bit warm but still can do laps, getting out is nice then, a breeze is nice.

We went out to tend to Daisy, a lovely daft German Shepherd, and Dufus, a black and white cat, he needed attention petting etc. even purred :eek: I filled his water bowl but Daisy beat him to it.

As for us tonite we are staying in, Chinese Chicken Salad, done and dusted an in the fridge.

Keep cool people

06-30-2013, 12:08 AM
Morin' each :wave:

Just touched down in Singapore and waiting in transit zone for last bit of journey. I fed up of airplane food and feeling very bloated :lol:

Brisbane here we come ......... Only about 9 hours to go.

06-30-2013, 12:18 AM
yay Kev! :wave:
See you in Auckland - two more sleeps! :clap:

Have just heard that another nursie friend is staying at Raro too, just next door to us! This is getting crazier by the minute lol

06-30-2013, 01:50 AM
Hi Kev, safe onward journey.

Judy when that happens try the browser back arrow.