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06-27-2013, 10:21 PM
Well, I most certainly hope I do not end up with the Blue Donkey Ears.

06-27-2013, 10:29 PM
Morning to you, Carolynn!

You appear to be safe from anything blue!:wave:


06-28-2013, 02:23 AM
Good morning all from a rainy West Lancashire.

Hi Carolynn at that hour you were completely safe :)

Hi Anne, we're getting your weather.

Not much planned for today, I'll finish off my lobster boats re-do and we may go on the hunt for red buttons. Ruth has completed the red Arran cardigan with the wool she bought last Friday. Amazing work, she had lost the pattern so copied off the green one she did last year.


06-28-2013, 02:38 AM
HIYA Carolynn :thumbsup: Good+++ to see you back here. Happy anniversary and welcome to the Nikon fold. I "let" Roger go to a camera store today, unaccompanied. :eek: He rang while I was dumping stuff. Like how brave am I? He came home with what he wanted, plus some. LOVE the man.

Anne, your local fish poi sounds yummy. I haven't cooked fish poi but I have done shepherds poi. It's just a problem finding shepherds these days :rolleyes:

Morning ... Slept in without panic or guilt today, slogged off to the transfer station, wended my way to Samford, locks have been chopped, providoring has been done, cleaning hasn't. But whatever? Spent a few hours watching a documentary on the Celts on Iview. Fascinating stuff. Love that stage of history....flux and flow of peoples. Colleen McCulloughs roman books are SO good. The grass crown I think is the first .... Probably wrong. There's about five feet of stacked hardcover books to get through.

Mr Memphis, Steve? A random conjunction of neurones brought that one out. :) Welcome back.:heart:

Not forgotten is Lesley, and Henry.

Hi to all following especially Geoff who is either WIFI less or more hopefully asleep.

06-28-2013, 03:31 AM
Evening all:wave:
A better day today, sunshine and not such a cold wind, got to 14C.

Nice to see you Carolynn!

Hi Anne.

Ruth is a very clever lady Doug. :heart:

Annie the poi pie was so nice we finished it off tonight!
I got the recipe off the internet, the fish was poached first in milk, with flavourings of bay leaves, onions and cloves. Then flavourings discarded and the milk used for the sauce, plus cheese and a grating of nutmeg.

Now you've made me hanker for shepherd's pie........have it reasonably often to use up cold lamb. I found a good shepherd nearly 48 years ago :heart:

I like Colleen McCullough's books too.
Am enjoying Shadows of The Workhouse (Jennifer Worth) though, probably 'enjoy' isn't the right word for a pretty awful time in history.

John and I both have colds now, we're good at sharing lol BUT they'll be all gone by Tuesday.......

Safe travels to Brisbane, Kev and Chris, see you soon in Auckland. Wear your hula skirt so I'll recognise you :D

06-28-2013, 03:41 AM
No I was awake when Carolynn started the Wash but it wasn't convenient with a different bedroom arrangement ( we have visitors)!! Anyway it is always nice to have a new face start the day, isn't it........

Been into town for milk and papers and it is raining hard, but warm rain.

When visitors have left for the wedding we will sneak the caravan out for the afternoon with our friends and return,without it, for the evening here.


06-28-2013, 03:52 AM
Lulu you still have shepherds ... All power :thumbsup:

Geoff, :heart:

Got a tasty Chinese thing on the stove a the moment. Not fond of rice so Japanese udo noodles in the offing. Made of rice :lol:

06-28-2013, 04:39 AM
It was delicious :eek: :lol: Once done and never repeated needs to stop. :lol: SO yummy. I do surprise myself at times. :rolleyes:

06-28-2013, 05:14 AM
Annie, I surprise myself with my cooking sometimes too! lol

Just been looking through my album of Cook Island photos of 30 years ago!
oh my, remember the days of putting photos in an album? gosh, there's even one of someone in a white bikini.....certainly no-one I recognise! lol
The bikini has long gone, along with the body! lol

Geoff, so you and Eileen want an evening on your own while everyone thinks you're in your caravan??

06-28-2013, 05:29 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a little before 5:30 a.m. and a plane is passing overhead on its way to or from the Base. :D

We are enjoying our swiss chard from the garden now as well as cucumbers and lettuce. No tomatoes in sight, a long way to go for them. :D

Annie, I like Colleen McCullough's books with ancient Roman themes too. I like her other ones as well.

I think Larry would like the fish pie, but not me so much. I like shell fish a lot! but less so on other fish although we have it quite a bit, especially salmon.

Carolyn, Belated Happy Anniversary! Nice to see you back again and congrats on starting the Wash!

Lulu, Every once in a while I get out the photo albums. They are fun to go through and remember when the photos were taken. Digital photos are great but no photo albums to go through page by page. ;)

:wave: to Geoff, Anne, Doug, and all who are on their way.



06-28-2013, 05:48 AM
Geoff, so you and Eileen want an evening on your own while everyone thinks you're in your caravan??
No Lulu, just the opposite....we don't want our visitors to realise that we are supposed on be on a weekend rally, otherwise they wouldn't have come to stay......so we will return tonight after telling them the caravan has gone in for service...then when they leave tomorrow morning we will go back to the rally!

Tanking down here..


Ellen in Ont
06-28-2013, 05:50 AM
:wave: everyone,
Lots of small things lined up to be done toay. Out local art club also is doing a clean up of our clubhouse this morning to get it ready for open studios during the summer. Brian has been working every day on fixing some rotting flooring in our sons camper. The snow must have gotten in through a vent during the winter and soaked one part of the floor. He thinks he has about two more days of work to do. Meanwhile I am puttering around here. I did get the floors vacuumed and washed yesterday but it was cool and damp so I couldn't varnish a couple of reproductions that I had mounted on cradle board as part of the demo I taught last weekend. It looks drier today so I'll get to those for sure.

Speaking of the weather, Lulu it was a high of 16 yesterday in the middle of our summer. :rolleyes:

Carolynn - a belated happy anniversary.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday I've been off and home this summer so we are going to hit the garage sales in the morning. Loads of fun even if I don't find any treasures.:D

I need to finish a few emails and get a bite to eat for breakfast so I'll wish everyone a great start to their weekend.

06-28-2013, 06:01 AM
Speaking of the weather, Lulu it was a high of 16 yesterday in the middle of our summer. :rolleyes:

Oh gosh, I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it :D

Geoff, how very kind. Now you'll have to guard your conversation!

Sylvia, yes, future generations aren't going to have the photos to look back at like we have had of past generations, sadly, and what we've got all the digital ones stored on now will quickly become obsolete. I have yet to organise our desert holiday photos into one of those album books that you can have printed, but I do plan to do one for the family.

Well, bedtime, so will say goodnight.
Have a good weekend everyone, ours had better be spent getting ready for leaving on Tuesday. :wave:

06-28-2013, 06:49 AM
Photo books are the best idea. Once you have put it together, you can order as many copies as you wish, even let the relatives order their own (cheaper :lol: ) I put names on the front of all our family photos and dates where available and I included a copy of the family tree.


Almost finished my lobster boats.


06-28-2013, 08:33 AM
Good morning! It's cloudy and a little cooler in SW Ontario this morning. A little thunderstorm rolled in last evening after dinner and brought the cooler air with it. It's still humid.

Ted cut the grass in the afternoon while I took a spin around the lake and had my swim. It's amazing how quickly the water has warmed up. I pulled a nice bunch of romaine leaves for our salad... the ear wigs are back with a vengeance... *shudder*

So, if it stays cloudy like this, I'll make a run to town in search of my strawberries. The little vegetable market is on the way (sort of) to the grocery store, so I'll be able to make a decision pretty easily.

All the masking is finally applied to my juicer. I just hate that job. There was no avoiding it this time, but I grumbled the whole time anyway. Now I can begin laying some washes. Blues and yellows... Classic.

Belated Happy Anniversary Carolynn! Congratulations on starting the Wash... I hope this means you'll drop by a little more often. :)

Hi Anne... I think I'll opt for the cheaper berries for my jam. When you're putting something that sweet on toast, I don't think the darker colour will really matter that much. What irritates me is that they're local berries sold for about half the price that the little markets are selling them. Is the farmer being undercut? Who knows, eh?

Hi Doug... Happy button searching. :) I'll go and peek at your Challenge thread, too...

Hi Annie... et al, re the fish poi... for some reason, it doesn't appeal to me... I like poached fish, though... is that what it's like? Oh, Thorn Birds... Caesar's Women...

((Lulu and John)) I hope you can ditch those colds quickly!

Geoff... you sneaky Pete... how sweet of you...

Hi Sylvia... our photo albums are stashed away. So, the electronic photos seem to be easier to browse. I like to create a slide show from them as my screen saver.

I thought of you just the other day, Ellen... a whole group of neighbours had a big garage sale... you couldn't pay me to get near it, but I knew you'd love it!

Lulu, I worry about the obsolescence of our media too, but printing out all those pictures would require a mortgage. :(

I'll wish everyone a great day... the coffee beckons... and then some chores... :wave:

06-28-2013, 08:44 AM
Happy FRIDAY Washers!

Carolynn, glad you were able to start the wash today!

The fish poi didn't sound all that bad Doug. I might actually like it.;) I thought it would be like a chicken pot pie with a crust.

Shepherds pie yum; minus the shepherd.:lol:

Geoff, sneaky you are...but you have to make them feel that they didn't interrupt your plans.:thumbsup:

Doug, Ruth is an amazing stitcher; to knit a jumper without a pattern! Your pictures must be all so organized. Like Sylvia I do miss having photo albums.

Sylvia, we've not had anything from our garden to eat fresh yet; we got it planted late but everything is growing nicely.

Char, Larry cut grass last night too, now today he can't breathe .(He's allergic to many grasses):confused:

Today is my Mom's Birthday; I will call her tonight.

It's fiscal year end here at work the end of June; so today I'm going to be busy so I won't be popping in too much later. I hope today's workday goes by fast; I'm so ready for the weekend. Poor Larry had to go in at 3am again today and works tomorrow too. He only gets Sunday off this week. Next week he has to work on Friday and I have off.:rolleyes: So we cannot go north with Matt and Jen; it'll be a quiet 4th for us.

It's very foggy out this morning; the sun is trying to peek through. We had storms last night and more rain and the humidity levels and temps have dropped.

Jen has today off and is going with friends to visit the Detroit Zoo. She's taking Klaira but the other girls don't want to go.:rolleyes: Jen deserves a fun day.

I hope you all make today a GREAT day in whatever it is you chose to do.

Sending hugs to all in need,:grouphug:

Goodday!:wave: :heart:

06-28-2013, 09:31 AM
:wave: Just zipping through, grocery day, the taxi arrives soon. BBL......

06-28-2013, 10:18 AM
A good Friday morning or day to all.......stormy here this morning, with sun shine called for latter..

Annie, your neurons are certainly working better than mine....I'm doing good just remembering what day it is. But thank you for the welcome back. It's good to be back.

Lulu, talking about photo albums, I would be happy with albums. Instead, I have loose photos (3 suite cases loaded with photos in large envelops) and 4 slide storage boxes (appx. 12"x18"x6" with 3 levels each) that have been added to the existing collection that I was working on digitizing and categorizing. My mom survived the doctors' prognosis of just days to live, but we had to move her to an assisted living center once she got out of rehab, which meant giving up her condo. Going through everything we discovered these suitcases and boxes and since I already had the majority of the family records, my older brother and younger sister were more than happy in making the motion that I take them all......happy is not the right word....more like deliriously giddy.......and the process of going through them has been fun and some of the discoveries surprising.....who ever knew my mom was a hottie in her younger days....little white dress and all.....and I mean little. In the 30's, down right scandalous little. ........ I should be done scanning somewhere around 2020, if I don't suffer heart failure from anymore surprises......

One good thing, I'm finding loads of resource material for future paintings.

Time for meds and some breakfast.......wishing all a great day from Memphis.


06-28-2013, 10:25 AM
Keep multiple copies Steve, and where possible put names on the photos. I love going through old photos and had my 90 y.o. uncle put names to all those old B&W photos.

Darla, Ruth says that after the first row of an Arran pattern she can do without it. Here is the red copy of her green cardigan, she added pockets on this one.



Scene Chaser
06-28-2013, 10:45 AM
Good Day All,

A quiet partly sunny day at 72 F. Room temperature.

Had a nice meal out with friends last night. Two were teacher friends I worked closely with for twenty-five years and we are still the best of friends.

Instead of the fish, I had fried clams. Good but not as good as the Howard Johnson clams, for those who remember them.

Baking muffins and bread right now and I will have that fish poi for dinner. I'll use cod. I like Doug's recipe, but I'll had the celery and onions.

Must mow lawn, too, while it is cool out.

Geoff, I know of your kindness to guests. Right on!

Doug, Ruth's sweaters are marvelous. Irish knitters would eat their hearts out.

Darla, TGIF. Maybe Larry should wear a mask when mowing. I've seen others do it. I wear goggles and ear protection.

Off to mow.

06-28-2013, 10:58 AM
Doug, Ruth's sweaters are gorgeous ..... how long does it take her to knit one of those?

06-28-2013, 11:09 AM
Just GORGEOUS DOUG! WOW that red one is a beauty.:clap:

Bill, enjoy your muffins and bread...and later your fish poi.;)

Steve; you are too funny. Old pics are a blast to go through; whenever we are at my Mom's we love to look at them. So you found out your Mom was a hottie hey?:lol: It's always fun to see them when they were young, the styles; short would indeed have been scandalous back then.:eek:

Waving to Lynn quickly!!

I smell some fresh brewed coffee and think I'll have another cup. It's still mostly cloudy out with some white fluffy clouds, I hope the sun comes out soon.

I see where the US Southwest is expecting severely HOT temperatures today. Upwards of 110!:confused:

06-28-2013, 11:17 AM
Doug, Ruth's sweaters are gorgeous ..... how long does it take her to knit one of those?
It took just a week Steve, she bought the wool last Friday.

Enjoy the fish poi Bill.


06-28-2013, 11:28 AM

Well it is windy and raining here in downtown Wigan.....fortunately me and SWMBO had our tootle around the shops on Wednesday whilst we still had some sunshine.

I have finally finished my double portrait in oils that I have been working on for 2 months - now to start on two others I have.....:eek:

This is of my friend Sheila's daughter Katherine and her hubby Richie who sadly passed away a few months ago....Katherine doesn't know I have done it so am hoping she will like it. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy.....there is wording on it that says.......I know what love is.....because of you. Looking at it now though I can see the whites of his eyes are too big.....lol....just a quick tweak will sort that out. Again thanks to Char for her help with this. :thumbsup:


Nothing much happening at Brogan Towers - Mum has her second cataract operation next Friday so the rebuilding program is getting there slowly but surely....:thumbsup: She is still in pain with her shoulder and I cannot get an earlier appt for her so am afraid will just have to muddle through till then.

I think I mentioned the other day that a friend of mine passed away - her husband was in hospital at the time - unfortunately he has passed away too - he decided he didn't want to go on without her so he refused all food - drink and medication. So sad but understandable - they were devoted to each other - not many of us find such an enduring love.

Hope everyone is doing ok - have been lurking lately - life has overtaken me for a while now - sorry I can't refer to everyone individually but I send lots of white light to those in need and love and hugs all around.


Pat xxx

06-28-2013, 11:56 AM
Pat - don't touch it it looks wonderful as it is. What a lovely painting.

Condolences on the loss of your two friends, a sad story.

Clearing up a little here,


06-28-2013, 12:35 PM
Beautiful painting, Pat, I am sure she will like it.

It was nice to get out to the store today, it has beautiful flowers at the moment, I always enjoy that. I am buying organic these days, so had a moment of disbelief at the bill, but have to be realistic. I'll try for our local market next week, I'd rather they get the high prices!

It is our long weekend this weekend, Canada Day on Monday. I haven't heard, but I expect the kids are busy with soccer and work. I am itching to go down to the harbour and see the tall ships (http://www.tourismhamilton.com/bicentennial-1812/signature-events/tall-ships/visiting-ships-activities), may just take the bus if the weather will co-operate. There is a sail past this afternoon, and then they are open for tours or a trip around the harbour for the rest of the weekend.

Super sweaters, Ruth! look nice and cosy, and beautifully knitted. I just got a shipment of yarn, more of the one for shawls, and some sock yarn, as if I really need more to do :rolleyes:

Welcome back from me, too, Steve. Good that you got your mother settled. Sounds like great fun going through those photos. I have a lot of early family ones, up to the 20's, and then not much until I got my first camera in 1950. I like Doug's idea of those self published books, I was wondering how to package it for the grand kids.

Old friends are wonderful, aren't they Bill! something special about meeting up with people that you feel you just saw yesterday, no matter how long it has been.

I imagine you are immersed in strawberry jam, Char, I love making it too! And blackberry jelly, yum :)

:wave: Darla! and everyone else, have a good rest of the day!
:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

06-28-2013, 01:45 PM
Not too much to report, Jack has gone to the kids place, to babysit the dog and wait for the pool guy, who has finally made friend with the dog (biscuits help) I think he will make use of their treadmill while there.

I took my walk about 8 and already warm, it's going to be a looooonnng weekend, and hot :eek:

Finally cooled off enough to take my shower :rolleyes:

06-28-2013, 02:59 PM
Next time your passing Doug, I'll load you up with buttons. My mother retired last year after dressmaking for 52 years. I have about 130 kg of buttons. Even concrete ones, from the crazy 60's. Considering a huge mosaic on the garage wall. Oh, and enough dressmakers wax markers to mark out a battleship; on battleship grey serge of course. And thread, soo much thread, as for the zips, thousands, anyone need a 90 inch camouflage open end zip? I've dozens.

have fun, Leslie

06-28-2013, 03:06 PM
Sorry Leslie, I never took you up on your previous offer - Ruth does knit a lot but 130kg! :eek: Mind you she is getting that way when you can hardly get in the spare bedroom for wool, thread, tapestry etc etc. :D


06-28-2013, 03:31 PM
Pat....lovely portrait....don't change it.

Mixed weather bright but many showers, we are back home for the night now and visitors still at wedding reception evening event......so all is well.


06-28-2013, 05:30 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Played table tennis this afternoon at the community center where they have a metal roof, while there it rained so hard and the rain so loud that we literally could not hear each other speak. No garden watering necessary again:thumbsup: :)

On the negative, the very tall delphiniums almost ready to bloom did not appreciate the pounding rain.

It has cooled down somewhat but the humidity is still high.

Apart from that nothing else to report.

Pat, what they ^^^ said, do not change anything on that portrait, it is marvellous!!!!

Doug, Ruth has done it again:clap: :clap:

Carolynn, it is your positive attitude that is keeping you alive and well:thumbsup: Keep up the good work!!!

I am sure I would enjoy fish pie if someone else cooked it for me:D

Lynn, re tall ships, do it!! Even better - sketch it!!!!

Bill, glad you had such a nice outing!!!

Unfortunately I can't write any more responses because I promised my artist friend to come to her One Woman Show. This is the second one in two month and the studio is on the forth floor of an old factory building and I really am not looking forward to climbing them. On top of that it will be very hard to find parking - can you tell I am not excited. Oh well, here I go:rolleyes:

:wave: Uschi

Steve, WOW, those are a lot of notions, my art supply stuff is almost as bad:D

06-28-2013, 07:36 PM
Good Evening! It has rained for most of the day... pouring cats and dogs several times with big thunder boomers.

I've made up my jam and now just have to get some whole berries frozen. The jars look so nice sitting on the counter.

Our new satellite receiver arrived today and it doesn't work. :mad:

We had thought we'd attend the Opening of the Wallaceburg Museum's Juried Art Show this evening, but it begins in just half an hour and it's a 40 minute drive just to get to the outskirts of that town. Think I'll pass...

Tomorrow, we're planning to visit Ted's Sister in Oshawa. She's a new Grandma, so we're bringing along our baby gift, too... It's a 3 hour drive.

That's it... nothing any more exciting than that!

:wave: All...

Welcome back Steve of the giguntuous photo collection...

Your portraits finished beautifully, Pat!

Ruth's new sweater (and the old one) are beautiful! Too warm for me, though...

I really need to put my feet up... I have a new Kathy Reichs' novel to read. I'm hoping that things are well with ((Henry and Lesley))... have a great evening everyone!