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06-25-2013, 10:43 PM
Good Morning World.

Been awake an hour but didn't want too early a Wash start.

Market day here so be going into town early doors for some more fruit but little else today, some banking and optitians too

Eileen has a dental appointment in Swaledale at lunchtime and I travel to Teesside teatime for Shipbrokers AGM, followed by a buffet.

Back later


06-26-2013, 02:19 AM
Good morning all.

I hope you got back to sleep Geoff or you will be there to help put up the market stalls.

Overcast but brightening up here, supposed to be OK for the rest of the week.

Have to take the car in to the Citroen dealer this morning, the reversing censors have stopped working. As I am the world's worst at reversing it is important to get it fixed.

(((Darla))) you have a long time to walk on that knee, I would get it fixed. Hope you can get your basement problems fixed. Son Peter has a generator for essential electrical items when the powere goes down.

Budget day here, we will find out about more cuts and taxes :rolleyes:


06-26-2013, 02:32 AM
Hi Geoff, Doug and all to follow....

Doug, I couldn't do without the reversing censors either!

Cool day, but a busy one. Houseworking, then town and gym.

Just getting dinner now, but I remembered that I hadn't thanked Char for her kind offer in the Wash the other day - who knows, one day that may be a reality (visiting Canada). :crossfingers:

6 days ........

06-26-2013, 03:39 AM
Mornin' each ....... :wave:

Doug re parking sensors have you checked the switch? I thought mine had stopped working a while ago but didn't realise that there was a switch in the boot and I had switched it of inadvertently.

When I got my new car the parking sensors were replaced by a tiny camera mounted near the number plate on the back of the car and viewed from the radio screen inside so I can see clearly anything that is behind me. It took a while to get used to but I use it all the time now.

Went to my art group yesterday and finished off a workshop started last week demonstrating making the most of a poor photo. Had a lot of fun and I think they learned a lot. They even brought drink and cake as a thank you and farewell as I go to Oz in 3 days.

Lulu Canada next year sounds good to me ............. :lol:

Lots of things to do today and still gardening ...... it's a little dull but as yet no rain.

06-26-2013, 03:44 AM
Good evening from a cold and wood smoke smelling evening. Gentle rustle of leaves. The birds have gone to bed so it is silent and darkening.

Geoff my internal clock let me down this morning. Woke bright as a button, looked at my watch and thought I'd better get up. Downstairs, turned some lights on and it was 4-30 not 5-30. Whatever? I'll read. Left for work early as I woke early and got there to find it had been broken into. Pane of glass lifted and TV gone. Bit hesitantly I opened the door and the alarm went off until I disarmed it as usual. I think more sensors are needed. It was a blind spot.

Most of the staff are really happy because they want a new TV.

Cuts, taxes ... read our so called politics Doug. I'm seriously embarrassed about our politicians of all creeds.

I do like the reversing sensors on cars but they gave no warning, which they SHOULD :angel: , when a taxi ran into the back of my car. Minimal scratches ... the imbecile was talking on his mobile phone and took his foot off the brake while parked at the lights. Then he inspected the damage and said the scratches were old. He very nearly got new scratches himself. Were I a cat.:lol:

I wondered because the reversing sensor beeps at leaves when I'm backing out
of the carport. maybe it needs to be in reverse to work? Dumbo technophobe speaking. :lol: :lol:

Lulu, you make sure Kev and Chris don't get too tanned.

No garden photos ... got home too late and the light was awful. OK I was.

Swap for Yosemite, which is Rogers well earned reward, is next year going to Lord Howe Island. Together :thumbsup:

BBL State of Origin Rugby League tonight.

06-26-2013, 03:45 AM
Hi Kev, thanks for the tip, I'll go and check.

I would love a rear view camera, and front and side view cameras too - I'm terrible at parking :lol:

Not long now Kev :envy:

PS Hi Annie, I can wait - but not for long :)


06-26-2013, 04:07 AM
Tomorrow is another day Doug.

Not sure what is more interesting. The tussle between New South Wales AKA cockroaches and Queensland, alternatively banana benders or cane toads versus the new attempt to roll Julia Gillard by Kevin Rudd. Not sure which soapie this was on. Maybe Neighbours???? :lol:

06-26-2013, 04:10 AM
Lulu Canada next year sounds good to me ............. :lol:

IF you survive the wearing of the grass skirt...........we all might need sensors/censors for that!:evil:

Am watching the 'news' across the ditch Annie...:rolleyes:
How awful about the break-in!
And, is it illegal to use a cell-phone while driving like it is here?

06-26-2013, 05:29 AM
Canada sounds good to me too...we always wanted the rail trip coast to coast...probably never will.....but there is hope

Right, spoke to Claire last night and it was their school Leavers Prom ( another US habit crossed over..) so the staff stayed back to watch the kids queue for the coach to the posh hotel.....One daughter arrived in her Fathers Ice Cream Van......bells a-ringing!......after she had stepped out and joined the others the parents waiting hammered on his glass and wanted ice creams.......so he will have made some money to pay for her expensive dress!

Chalk signs outside English Pubs......this was a favourite of mine...


Have a nice day.....


p.s. Bill...yes I had another 2 hours lumpy sleep.

Ellen in Ont
06-26-2013, 06:32 AM
:wave: everyone, dashing out the door on my way to work. I've been busy and realized I missed looking at the wash yesterday. :rolleyes: I'll post a couple of pics of the weekend workshop tomorrow.

If people are coming to Canada next year, if it is anywhere in Ontario I'll be there to meet up!

I'm out of time this morning so I better run. Lots of hugs to those not well.

06-26-2013, 07:42 AM
:wave: Brightening up out there, warm again I think. I'm off to Toronto on the train this AM, going with a friend to her eye appointment, so I can drive the car home from the station. An adventure!!! Will be mostly seeing the inside of a hospital, but I'm taking a book and my knitting.

Hi Geoff, Doug, Annie, Lulu, Ellen, and all to come, have a good day!
:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

06-26-2013, 07:56 AM
Good Morning!!!!

A little less hot and humid than the last few days but still hot and humid:(

We had a good downpour yesterday evening, lasted half an hour so my flowers are looked after:thumbsup:

No table tennis today:crying: :crying: no other plans either so I think I'll go for a bike ride while it is bearable outside and then do some more painting.

It is funny, through all my aches and pains, before and after the hip replacement, I have never had as much as a twinge when bicycling:thumbsup: :crossfingers:

Darla, DIL's parents and I were talking the other day about getting a transformer. I think it is an excellent idea. It is not only water but also ice and snow we need to worry about.

BBL, :wave: to ALL!!


06-26-2013, 08:41 AM
Hello all you Washer Friends!

It's a beautiful morning here, lots of sunshine, warm breezes and lovely...BUT it's going to get HOT later and he humidity level will increase. We can expect more isolated thunderstorms too. Last night they went south of us and again this morning.:thumbsup:

If there were WC members who travel to Canada next year I'd come too. What a great time that would be and Canada is so beautiful too.:clap:

We had Klaira last night; but the older girls stayed home. She was so sweet, full of hugs and kisses and giggles. Larry and I had a fun time with her. Tonight we'll have them all again as Jen closes tonight too. Jen and Matt might go north camping for our 4th of July Independence Day celebration. Jen actually gets a nice long weekend off so I hope they can go. I don't think we'll go because Larry won't know if he'll be working until that Thursday.:rolleyes: Unless we decide at the last minute to go.

I'm hoping this weekend that I can figure out how to make CD's of our trip pictures. I keep getting a message that the disc doesn't have enough memory so don't know if I can buy discs with more memory or will only be able to put so many pics on one. I'd have thought that it would just burn as many as the disc will hold and then tell you to insert another one! NOTHING is EVER easy. grr... and I'm NO computer whiz.:o

Larry thinks he'll be working at least Saturday this weekend. He had to go in at 3am this morning and I heard him get up and then couldn't go back to sleep, tossed and turned so needless to say I'm a bit groggy this morning but the sunshine is helping.;)

I'd like a new car and we've been looking; it may be a while yet before we purchase one but I sure do like that reverse signal. It is a great option to get.

Yes Doug, I think getting my knee fixed is probably the best decision. I've been suggesting a generator to Larry; they are nice to have as a back-up when you lose electrical power.

I REALLY need to go pick up my new glasses. I never did find my old ones, I think I lost them on our trip.:confused: But I have new ones at the eye doctor's store that have been waiting for me so I'd better get in there and pick them up so that I am not blind anymore.:rolleyes:

I want to paint this weekend, or at least sketch. I'm ready for the weekend but then I ALWAYS am ready for the weekend.:lol:

I hope all those who need hugs will accept a HUGE one from me:grouphug:

Sending good thoughts and best wishes for all who are aching, ill, depressed or just need good thoughts.

BBL:wave: :heart:

Scene Chaser
06-26-2013, 08:53 AM
Good Day All,

A beautiful sunny day and 74 F.

I'm going outside to work in the garden.

Love to meet up in Canada next year.


06-26-2013, 10:07 AM
Good Morning all :)
After several days in a row well over 100 with the humidity, we are enjoying a cool down into the 90s and then into the 80s for the weekend.

The sofa finally showed up yesterday, a week late. And the rest of the living room stuff showed up last night. Three weeks in folding parade chairs, ugh. Not at all comfy, but we do what we have to do. LOL.

Company coming across country next week, so menu planning is on the books as is the marketing. Not a job I enjoy at ALL!

Slowly creeping down towards the studio. I'm feeling it get closer and closer! :D

06-26-2013, 11:28 AM
Good morning! It's relatively cool at 27C with a light breeze off the little lake. Humid, though... We could bathe in the air. I keep a small jar of coconut oil in the bathroom upstairs so I can use it as a moisturizer after my shower. It's been so warm up there that the normally solid oil has liquefied! I'm going to have to bring it down and keep it in the fridge.

Our satellite has gone down and it cannot be repaired. We are waiting for a new received which should arrive on Friday. Ted is in withdrawal. I have a BIG painting drawn out!

Yes, Uschi, it's my Grandmother's easy peasy lemon squeezy juicer that I photographed... the shadows it casts are SO gorgeous.

The drawing (tracing and drawing) took a couple of hours due to the intricate patterns... but it's done and now ready for some masking. I hate masking. :lol:

The air conditioner service man has finally arrived... three days late... :rolleyes:

My Niece gave birth to a sweet little boy yesterday... 6 lbs. even and 19 1/2" long. He's a cutie. No pics, though, as she wants his identity protected. She says she definitely won't put him on FB.

Geoff, did your schools never have proms (formal dances) in the past? :lol: sign...

Kev, I think you'd make an excellent teacher... and your Artgroup must agree!

"I'm seriously embarrassed about our politicians of all creeds." A universal sentiment, perhaps, Annie... Too bad about the break-in...

Darla! Get your new eyeglasses. Book an appointment to have your knee repaired. Investigate buying a back-up generator. Come on, Girl... make your life a little easier! :p ((()))

Nothing in life is easy, Caryl! Talk about your household 'slowly' coming together... :(

Hi Doug, Lulu, Ellen, Lynn, Bill and all yet to come... Be creative and happy... :heart:

06-26-2013, 12:23 PM
"Yes, Uschi, it's my Grandmother's easy peasy lemon squeezy juicer that I photographed... the shadows it casts are SO gorgeous.
can we see said squeezy?

As for the newborn...CONGRATS!

06-26-2013, 12:51 PM

Horrible humid day here, not good for a northern Celt!

Lesley was admitted to hospital 48 hours ago, problem with her legs swelling up, hopefully it is just water. I'm visiting her tonight at 7 pm with a list of foods to take to her, ie, sandwiches, cakes, various chocolate biscuits, home brewed coffee in a flask, oh not forgetting to pick up a burger en route. The steroids have giving an appetite! she is actually putting on weight very slowly!.

Speak later


06-26-2013, 01:10 PM
Hello all,

Been AWOL for a few days I know. Didn't even read the wash. Have now caught up.

Couldn't see that huge moon as we had marine layer every day. Today I woke up to clear skies and HOT. It's going to be well over 90F if not hotter here. The worst thing is we no longer have the dry heat we used to have. It's got humidity now too. I realize it's nothing like what you get in Michigan and Ontario, but I can't stand it!

Read a really great book. It's called Provenance by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo. It's the true story of one of the greatest forgery scams of the 20th Century. I can't believe the trial of the perpetrators was going on while I was living in London and I had no idea. Shows how wrapped up I was in my acting studies.

Also went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA yesterday. Wow. But it was too much to take in in one go. I should have gone early in the day and then gone back after lunch. Gave myself 2 hours and it wasn't enough. That's rather unusual for me.

Annie I am sorry you won't be going to Yosemite. It is one beautiful place. Is Roger flying in to San Francisco or Los Angeles? Sorry about the break in at work, but I guess a new TV isn't a bad outcome.

Lynn the shawl was beautiful -- I do remember some of the washes. :lol:

Char your student's paintings are wonderful. Don't think I could paint that reference.

Geoff :lol: :lol: :lol: Don't think he'd like camels in his pub though. Hope your sleep improves soon.

Doug I hope the sensor thingy is an easy fix.

I had to spend almost $800 on my car. New idle valve and four new tires. That's the drawback of front wheel drive cars. Always having to replace all four tires at once. The tread wasn't worn out. It was just that I drive so little now the tires were really old and the sidewalls began to crack. If it t'ain't one thing it's t'other. :rolleyes:

Not long now Lulu and Kev!!!

(((((Henry and Lesley))))

(((Darla))). Happy Hump Day!!!! Get the surgery. You're going to have to walk on that knee for a loooong time. You don't want to be in constant pain with it. Hope you get your back up battery unit soon.

Happy bicycling Uschi. :wave: as you whoosh by.

Sylvia what a cute visitor. As long as he doesn't eat his way out. Love the violet painting! As good as the real thing. And I should know I'm looking at them. :D

I need to get some work done today.

So :wave: :wave: to all and HAWLTAIN


06-26-2013, 01:20 PM
Hi, :wave:
Browsing quickly, need to go for my walk before it hits in the 90's which it is supposed to, they say 109F by Saturday :eek:
Which reminds me of something I heard on QI, "in England when it's cold they use C and when it's hot F" So true.


06-26-2013, 01:40 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Yes Kay, it is the humidity more than the heat. Can't even open the doors and windows at seven in the morning because the air is already thick with it. Noting the book title:thumbsup: Lucky you to see that exhebition.

((((((Henry and Lesley))))))) I sooooooooooo wish they would get on with it and start fixing what is wrong. I can't even imagine how frustrated the two of you must be with all these delays.

Carol, I couldn't find the many, many reference photos I took of the "lemon squeezy", they are old and I think on disk but found the painting I did a long time ago. I think this basic glass one is what Char means.


Char, OMG, no TV for Ted:eek: :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Darla, are the glasses for reading?? How did you manage so long without them??

I did go for a 1/2 hour bike ride, enjoyed it, puff, puff up the hills and whoooosh down the hill.

I had a look around the garden and lots of things need doing, maybe a bit late in the evening, the sun is out until past eight and it's too hot then.

Painted the daisies! I have lots of expensive brushes but bought a cheap small Cotman for getting into small spaces and it works better than the expensive ones.

I am late for lunch and I am hungry.

BBL :wave:

06-26-2013, 01:57 PM
Kay, I completely forgot to wish all a "HAPPY HUMP DAY"; thanks for reminding me. :D Stay cool!

Uschi, my glasses are mostly for reading as I don't have to wear them all the time. My prescription changed a bit as I have a stigmatism and am a little near sighted. I am having a hard time reading anything without a pair; I guess I could just buy a pair of cheaters but why now? That lemon painting is stunning!

Judy, I sure hope you can get your walk in before the heat arrives.

(((LESLEY))) Henry, they give steroids to people who have lost their appetite and need to put on pounds; I'm glad they are working for her; I believe they also can cause swelling.

06-26-2013, 01:59 PM
oh! A glass juicer !

06-26-2013, 03:09 PM
Good afternoon!

Cool and overcast today with a strong breeze. Must have been a cold front last night that brought the stormy weather that NB enjoyed to the south and west of us. We just had enough rain to water the garden.:smug: It should warm up again tomorrow.

We drive a Ford Transit Connect set up as a passenger vehicle that is equipped with the reversing camera mounted by the rear license plate. We love it!

(((Henry and Lesley))) Glad that Lesley can enjoy food! :heart:

Darla, adding to all of the very good advice you have received already, :angel: Please make your health your first priority!:)

Lynn, knitting and reading in a different place is a mini vacation when one is retired.:thumbsup:

Uschi, love the lemon painting!
My DH says that bicycling is the fountain of youth. (It's worked for him!)

Kay, sorry you're enjoying our humidity, and for your car problems! I took note of your book recommendation also. Thank you! :D

Weather too uncertain to walk today; hopefully, tomorrow!

Cheers, Anne

06-26-2013, 03:16 PM
Well, got the reversing sensors fixed - it was a broken wire. Would love a camera.

(((Henry and Lesley))) hope they get on with her treatment soon.

Lovely painting Uschi.

Lovely weather today, we are expecting a deluge tomorrow.


06-26-2013, 03:42 PM
Ok back from the walk, a good one but getting warm.
I have found that walking to a cd that I got in the UK, "HOUSEWORK SONGS" it does help, since I really don't like exercise, not so much in the heat.
DGD is done with the driving lessons next step, "THE TEST"

They leave for a long weekend at Donner, we have to go and hold the paw of the dog.

Not sure what is going today, other than someone is leaf blowing, very annoying.


06-26-2013, 03:59 PM
Char..proms are very recent...say last 10 years around here at most.

Uschi Lemons.......lovely painting..can taste them!

Henry...Lots of hugs to Lesley mate.........

Another day and another problem or two....Engineer has been tonight and fixed the caravan fridge...sooted up with the cheap propane I am using!

Central heating boiler had oil leak so they have been and replaced the pump and done the annual service....two more cheques!

Goodnight all


06-26-2013, 06:16 PM
:wave: I'm back, very smooth journey, and had a wonderful treat. We were all done with the hospital at noon, and decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Royal Ontario Museum, and see the Mesopotamia show. (http://www.rom.on.ca/en/mesopotamia/home)...WOW, I recommend it to anyone in the area. It is a collaboration with the British Museum, and some choice pieces are included. They have done some super things with animation of a few of the low relief carvings, very creative!

Nice to see you in, Kay, sorry about the car....and thanks for the book suggestion, and also for remarks re shawl, I have started another one.

Lovely lemons, Uschi! Bike ride sounds delightful :)

Will be interesting to see what you come up with, Char. Congrats on the new grand nephew!

(((Henry and Lesley)))

Anne, yes, I did get some knitting done, took some that I don't have to think about, definitely not the lace!

Hi Caryl, Bill, Darla, Judy....have a nice evening!

06-26-2013, 10:31 PM
Just a quick check-in to say hi and bye... It really didn't get terribly hot... We went to town where I used one of my Christmas gift cards and bought myself a couple of new t-shirts and a bathing suit. All my white t's are paint spotted... go figure that, eh?

I did get out on the pedal boat this afternoon, too. And I've applied the masking fluid to nearly all the white spots on my juicer. There's a LOT of them.

((Henry and Lesley))

I love that painting Uschi!

Here's one of the kazillion photos I took... I've already painted the fruit in a separate composition. I'm doing a big macro of the juicer facing in a bit different position.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/26-Jun-2013/20514-Juiced.jpg

Sheesh, Geoff... Murphy has become your best friend, it seems! (you know... whatever can go wrong, will...)

Lynn, I want to see that show!

I'm off to bed, now. G'nite All! :wave: