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06-23-2013, 10:29 PM
Morning all.

Quite light out there must be mid-Summer ish

Plans for day minimal, letter and photos to caravan hitch manufacturers and await return visit of the caravanman as a fridge malfunction at weekend needs attention.

Have a nice day everyone.


06-23-2013, 11:47 PM
Hiya! You're a bit early starting the Wash, Geoff... :) I hope none of your fridge contents spoiled...

So... I had a great swim this afternoon... and I sat on the dock awhile and read. I have a sunburn. :rolleyes:

I didn't scream, Uschi... but I did think of you... it actually wasn't too bad. And it seemed so hot out that I just didn't mind.

I enjoy watching our tv and follow a few programmes, such as Downton Abbey, Bones, NCIS, etc. I start my day with Canada AM running. :)

Anne, I'd love to have a couple of high quality images of your white clematis. They're gorgeous!

We went out to admire the big moon. All the clouds have moved on and it's shining above the little lake. Honestly, it doesn't look much bigger than usual...

I'm off to bed... Classes tomorrow...

06-24-2013, 12:46 AM
Hi Geoff and Char, and all to follow......
Home again home again, had a wonderful couple of days, and the scenery was magnificent!
If you in the northern hemisphere want to cool down, just look at these lol

As expected, the central plateau (North Island) has its winter coat on...




06-24-2013, 02:00 AM
Good morning all. Overcast but bright this morning, I think we'll get some sundhine soon.

Sorry you were up in the wee hours again Geoff, hope you got back to sleep.

Lovely snowy mountain photo Lulu.

I will be going to the funeral of a bowling friend this morning. Sudden death in his early 90s.


06-24-2013, 03:36 AM
Mornin' each ........ :wave:

We had a fantastic night last night we went to Blackpool see two Aussie Musicians who go under the title of the performance "Tubular Bells ....... for two" they were OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

They played the whole album live with 40 instruments between the two of them hands and feet were all over the place and the "Ghost" of the Grand Theatre Blackpool tried it's best to knock them off their stride but failed, the 2 guys battled through broken guitar strings, temperamental mics, falling stands and missing drumsticks.

They are on tour in the UK for the most of July and if anyone wants a journey back to 1973 when Mike Oldfield first recorded Tubular Bells then please don't miss out on this tour I guarantee you will not be disappointed it was funny as well as mesmerising.

Take a look at this 3min youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtVlKon84Xg

Boy Blackpool was cold and windy we tried to walk along the prom before the show but were blown off, I couldn't control my stick it kept being blown from the floor as I tried to put it down. I was wearing a big jumper and my winter coat ............ this is the middle of summer ........ what is going wrong!!!

06-24-2013, 03:40 AM
Hi Doug. So sorry about your friend.

Kev, one more week and neither of us will need a winter coat....:thumbsup:

06-24-2013, 04:29 AM
Lulu...smashing pictures,as always....stop gloating about Cook Islands...If one of my neighbours hadn't found them for you all those years ago you couldn't of gone there......( James Cook & I were born same town, not at same time though...although some days I feel it!)


Annie...we xposted.......never watched a whole episode of Midsomer but was very popular here.

06-24-2013, 04:29 AM
Geoff, not midsomer? You know what happens there.

Doug :wave: Condolences to your friend.

Char the big moon made night silvery day here last night. It didn't look bigger but it was bright. I refrained from howling :lol:

Lulu, thanks for the shivery photos. Beautiful land.

Kev of the six days, will check out the link.

Dinner. Chicken, cauliflower, cheese sauce .... Baked.

06-24-2013, 05:24 AM
Morning all,
It is almost 5:15 a.m. here in hot Oakwood. Temps almost in the 90Fs all week. Yuck.

Need to get something drawn up for class this afternoon but it is too dark to do that until a bit later.

Lucky you having your lake to cool off in. I remember when I was a kid going swimming in those spring-fed lakes near where my Grandmother lived. They were always icy cold when you first went in, but your body warms up quickly and then it feels so good, especially when it is hot and sweltering out of the water. :D

Couldn't see the big moon cause of all the trees around our house (and I didn't want to step out and let the mosquitos feast). I'll just enjoy all the photos I'm seeing posted on the Web. ;)

Beautiful clematis photos, Annie. They are beautiful. I had a clematis vine one time, but the flowers were purple. I like your white ones.

Lulu, What gorgeous mountain views! Snow capped against the blue sky. That mountain looks like an ancient volcano that blew its top off. Wow, must have been a big explosion when that happened.

Our PBS station is going to be showing a whole range of British mystery shows (but not Midsomer alas): Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Silk, and Foyle's War. We enjoy them but haven't seen Silk yet, so don't know about it.

:wave: to Doug, Kev, Annie, and all who are on their way.



06-24-2013, 08:44 AM
Good Morning!!!

Sunny, HOT, HUMID; radio said it will go up to 33C plus high humidity which will make it feel in the 40's. Won't be cooling off much at night either.

Big regret - Some time ago I committed myself to go to a fancy buffet dinner at the racetrack in Elora with a group of people. Have already paid for it. Way too hot for a big dinner like that, We are going there right after table tennis.

Lulu, yes, we could do with a bit of that coolness right now, lovely scenery!!

Char, the little lake will warm up in no time with this heat.

Doug, sorry you lost another friend, not a bad age though.

Annie, Geoff, Kev and Sylvia :wave: to you!!


06-24-2013, 09:02 AM
Hello everyone,

It's HOT already and humid out there. More of the same until toward weeks end, when we'll see a cool down and lower humidity. We can expect isolated thunderstorms through out the week too. Thank goodness we have central air in our house; because since Larry works in a factory where temps can reach upwards of 100F he really needs to cool down when he gets home.

We had a nice quiet Sunday, he puttered in our garage with things from the basement, we are still finding things that are damaged and/or destroyed.:rolleyes:

Today is our oldest childs birthday, Jen is 35 today. When did that happen?:confused:

Yesterday afternoon I started with a stomach ache and it's still upset. I don't know if I have some tummy bug or what it is. I'm here at work though.

Char, I sure do envy you your lake. I know you do so enjoy your swims to cool off; use sunscreen!

Gail, Pearl is so sweet; and like any retriever she loves the water and to retrieve things. Nice pics!

Anne, what gorgeous pics of your clematis and peony buds. I'd love a white one, mine is deep purple. I like the pink ones too.

My friend at work brought me in a stalk of her mauve colored lilys. I put it in a vase and it's sitting on my desk now. So lovely. I love this time of year with all the flowers looking good; colorful and lovely.

LuLu, wow what gorgeous mountain pics....brr. That view must be stunning. You and Kev for sure won't need your parkas where you are going.

Glad you enjoyed the concert Kev.

Oh Doug, another funeral? I'm so sorry.

Geoff, I hope your refrigerator problem isn't too hard to fix.

Sylvia, have a GREAT MONDAY!

Annie, oh yum. I LOVE cauliflower, chicken and cheese sause; and together it is delicious.:thumbsup:

Uschi, eating heavy in hot weather is never good. I hope it's worth the money you spent on the ticket though. Enjoy!

I hope your Monday is just as FAB as you thought it'd be.

Be creative,
Darla:wave: :heart:

06-24-2013, 09:04 AM
:wave: Yes, Uschi, going to be hot here too. I have to get downtown, but have planned out the bus route, not walking far in this. More sewing today, but am getting there, have to deliver the first version tomorrow.

Sorry for your loss, Doug, but it was a good age, I'm aiming for something like that, hope my brain comes along with!

Lovely clematis, Anne! a painting there for sure.

I like Foyle's war too, we have seen some of the cold war ones here on TVO, hoping for more. Midsomer has reverted to the reruns of the new Barnaby, but I don't mind watching them again. Enjoyed Masterpiece last night, they have Morse's successor (CRS hits again!) in a new series (to us, anyway). Murder in Paradise is reruns too, but I'll watch them. What would we do without the BBC!!!

Have to dash, bus time coming up. Hope you all have a good day, hugs to those in need. :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

06-24-2013, 09:21 AM
Didn't see the moon here either...too much cloud...missed last eclipse and last comet too.......

Sylvia...Don't normally watch the evening dramas..but don't mind Foyle if I'm about...BUT really enjoyed the Endevour series as thought in encapsulated the ethos of the original Morse, which Lewis doesn't I'm afraid.


Strawberry Wine
06-24-2013, 09:40 AM
Good Day Washers from a slightly overcast and warm 25 C Island Grove. Dan turned the A C on early enough that it was cool enough upstairs to trun it off at bedtime and just run the fan.

I have my first clinic appointment in Newmarket noonish Wish it had been scheduled a little earlier in the day as I can't accomplish much this morning and it will be too hot by the time we get home again. Ah well, I will try and schedule the next one a little earlier.

Annie, your Clematis is gorgeous. What is it's name? I have two Jack Manny's (sp) that cover an Arbour but they are just forming their buds so it will be a couple of weeks before they bloom. Our peonies are just about finished though. You are opposite us. :)

Geoff and Kev, don't wish our summer away..:crying: . It can't be mid summer because the summer solstice was just last Sunday.

The Super Moon was not visible here as it was rising due to cloud cover. I did see it out the spare bedroom window when I woke briefly about 3 a.m. It was extremely bright.

Char, Lake Simcoe is higher than it has been for many years. We did have a fair amount of snow last winter and the rains we had this Spring are a major factor, I am sure.

Lulu, lovely photos.

Darla, is your orthopedic appointment this week.

Doug, sorry to hear about your friend although 90 is a ripe old age.

Need to try and do a couple of things before I need to shower and change clothes.




Scene Chaser
06-24-2013, 09:53 AM
Good Day All,
Sunny and the windows are open. It is 83 F but a cool breeze is flowing through.

Ms. Feral stopped at the door to show me she had a chipmunk, which I encourage, and moved on. "Good girl," I said and then I quickly closed the screen so she couldn't somehow get the idea to bring it in as a gift. Some gifts just keep on giving.

Love the clematis, Annie. I've been wanting a couple myself.

Sorry for the loss of your friend, Doug. Yes, 90 is a good age, but if I am lucky enough to get there I'll probably still want to postpone any end to it.

Uschi, save your appetite and enjoy the meal.

Sylvia, I see "Midsommer" on Acorn. I like the show because it shows England in sunny weather always, and good characters, too.

Gail, hope all goes well at the clinic.

Garage cleaning today.


06-24-2013, 10:12 AM
Morning all from Stormy Nebraska. Boy, it's nice to live someone with weather again! (besides the everyday at 4pm, kind of weather.) Not that I just work in the slow areas, but it's nice to actually live somewhere WITH the weather for a change. I woke up this morning to Lime Green Jello coloured air, which means a LOT of wind pushing across the prairie land bringing with it dust. Now it is storming to beat the band, and the lightning and thunder and chasing off the morning swallows and robins.

Our moon was blood red last night. Forgive the blurry photo, but I didn't have my tripod with me last night.

And here's a shot from earlier in the evening. Want to see a hardly rotating super cell? Right off my back deck! Nice when work comes to YOU.

Pouring to beat the band at the moment and my English Muffins are done:cool:
Heading to the scout shop for some bits and bobs later, and a couple more errands to run.

Everyone have a great day!

06-24-2013, 10:17 AM
Hi Again,
Got my drawing done from an image in the RIL. Nita's going to be working on reflections this session, so found one I think might work:


Not sure if I can paint it, but thought it would be fun to try.

Bill, Definitely award Ms Feral with an extra pat for taking care of the chipmunk. Saw a cat prowling our backyard last week....funny, didn't see any squirrels at that time. :angel:

Geoff, We get those programs on Sunday night for 1 2 hours depending on how long the show is. We normally tape it and watch it later in the week when there is nothing worth watching on. We watch Jeopardy each evening cause we like matching wits with the people who qualified to be on the show. We decided if they ever have a pairs competition, Larry and I would qualify. One of us always can come up with part of the answer and the other finishes it. :lol:...except when it is about current movies or music. :rolleyes:

Gail, Lucky you getting a glimpse of the super moon...won't be another one for 10 years according to our meterologist. Hope your visit at the clinic goes well. :crossfingers:

I have a PT appointment tomorrow morning for assessment on my right knee. It's been giving me problems for years but recently got worse.

Darla, Happy Birthday to your Jen! Isn't it funny how those darn kids just keep getting older on us. ;)

Uschi, The benefit of the buffet dinner is you get to chose what and how much of it you want to eat, eh. ;)

Annie, I would love your dinner, but Larry wouldn't because he avoids cheese because of its fat content. Did I mention his middle name is "Jack Spratt"? I love all kinds of cheese and would eat it every day. :D

Time to take my shower and get dressed.



06-24-2013, 10:40 AM
Hello all. Been under the weather with this cold. Thought I was getting over it but then it really hit. The coughing has been the worst. it is starting to get under control now, but I still don't feel up to par. Had a low fever but it is gone. I do have an antibiotic that I can take if I feel it in my chest, but I do not. Don had it mostly in his head and he is still draining.

Have spent a few times sitting in the sunshine on the deck. Strange, but I was content to sit and not feel any need to worry about weeds or why a plant was not doing well. I simply didn't care. Interesting feeling, I noted.

I did manage to clean out a pile of old magazines, and do a bit on the photo scans. I think I am done with them. Now to finish organizing them. I am close.

((Henry and Lesley)), and all those with medical issues.
Doug-wanted to mention how nice your rockery looks. What a low maintenance garden.
Annie-Beautiful clematis. Is that Henrii?
Sylvia-I think your choice for your reflection painting is a good one. It should be fun to paint.
Caryl-Beautiful picture of the blood red moon.
Bill-Ms. Feral has got your number all right!
Uschi-Hope you can find a cool place to enjoy your meal. I hate hot and sticky, too.
Lulu-Lovely pics of the snow on the mountain.


06-24-2013, 10:50 AM
Sylvia, THANKS for finding this beautiful reference and sharing it!!!!!! Although the lilies in it are wonderful, the vases are good for sticking any odd flower in it:thumbsup:

Caryl, yay for finding delight in such a scary cloud formation:evil: :D I'd be ducking somewhere safe (need a chicken icon here:D ) Lovely photos though, both of the cloud and the moon.

This heat and humidity is affecting my already low blood pressure. Will have to eat something salty.

Bill :eek: :eek: :eek: Good kitty:evil: :D

Gail, a bit of "overcast" would be welcome right now. The burning sun isn't helping the heat. :crossfingers: for excellent results!!!!!! ((((()))))

Lynn, hurry home to the hopefully cool room.

Darla, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:wave: Uschi

06-24-2013, 12:18 PM
Sorry to hear that you and Don are still suffering with the cold Shirley. Hope you can shake it off soon. Your body is telling you not to overdo things I think :heart:

Lovely vases Sylvia, they will make a nice painting.

It has brightened up a little here and the temperature is creeping up.

Started another version of the Lobster Boats challenge this afternoon.


06-24-2013, 12:21 PM
I came home very sedately, Uschi, waited for the bus in some shade. My massage was wonderful! definitely worth braving the heat. And my apartment is 'cool' at 27C, better than what's outside! Too bad it is hot, Elora is interesting to walk around. At least you should be air conditioned for the banquet, that will help.

Wouldn't mind some of that snow, though, Lulu, what a presence that mountain has, over the greenery below.

Or your pond, Char, a swim sounds pretty good right now! maybe a shower is in order.

Very interesting photos, Caryl, that super cell is ominous....good thing it doesn't have a tail. The red moon is weird, I remember harvest moons from my youth, but nothing like that.

Super photo to work from, Sylvia, will let you really get into the colours.

(((Shirley))) I hope it's gone soon.

That's what I like about the British shows too, Bill, I can spend a little time visiting the countryside in Midsomer....I don't know why there are any people left, though, surely they've all been killed off :lol:

I don't think we have had the Endeavour series here yet, Geoff, will have to look out for it.

06-24-2013, 02:16 PM
Gail, yes my Ortho appointment is tomorrow at noon.

BIll.....is there any other kind of weather but sunshine in England? :evil: It was glorious the whole time we were there...only had one day of misting and that was only a tiny bit (and we were gone two weeks!;)

(((SHIRLEY))) I'm so sorry you have been laid low with that horrible cold. I'm glad your fever is now gone and that it's not gone to your chest. It's a good feeling isn't it...just sitting in the sun and doing nothing?:grouphug:

Caryl, wow those pics are GREAT! The blood red moon is very interesting and that super cell...well like LYnn said good thing there was no tale on it.:confused:

Uschi, my BP is always high but it has bottomed out before; not a good feeling.

Sylvia, what a beautiful photo reference. It should be quite a challenge; but you do well on glass so go for it!:thumbsup:

06-24-2013, 03:12 PM
Nice night now....bright and clouds have moved up somewhat..

'Endevour'...this is Morse as a young man, short series just 3 I think but well made couple of hours each...sure to be a second series if they can persude Colin Dexter to write them......think 'Lewis' may have run it's path now.


06-24-2013, 04:17 PM
Morning all:wave:

Lulu, What gorgeous mountain views! Snow capped against the blue sky. That mountain looks like an ancient volcano that blew its top off. Wow, must have been a big explosion when that happened.

Sylvia, this is still a very active volcano! Have seen quite a few eruptions.

Lulu, what a presence that mountain has, over the greenery below.

Yes, it does Lynn, it is the mountain of my childhood, always has an emotional effect on me when I see it like this.

Love the moon pic Caryl.

It's too cool in the office to stay, off to do my yoga then have breakfast.:wave:

Scene Chaser
06-24-2013, 04:33 PM
Saw the second Lewis last night. A great show.

06-24-2013, 05:54 PM
Hiya! Classes are done for the day. With the light breeze, our air doesn't really feel too hot. It's 31C in the shade, but the temperature has been rising all day and it'll top 33C later on.

I don't mind the heat. It's summer. And I like to swim every day! :lol: In fact, when everyone had gone home, that's exactly what I did! Then I watered the new fruit trees and the celery.

I stretched some paper over a 16x20" frame and that's drying. I took my Grandmother's glass lemon juicer outside with a half lemon and photographed it on a white surface. The cast shadows are so pretty.

Caryl, that's really a heavy and ominous looking cloud!

Sylvia, I absolutely love that reference! The blue vases are gorgeous.

Lulu, the snow on your mountain looks so cool and refreshing.

Gail, I hope that all was well with your appointment. It would have been too hot to work outside this afternoon, anyway. :)

Darla, I hope your Jen has a very Happy Birthday!

((Shirley)) Sometimes doing *nothing* is really doing a lot of something! Heal.

Doug, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Saying goodbye at any age is hard.

I hope that you're in an air conditioned dining room, Uschi!

Lynn, a massage really is therapeutic relief for our aches...

I need to put supper on the table. I hope you all have a nice evening/morning...

Strawberry Wine
06-24-2013, 06:04 PM
HI Again ! Never did rain so I am going to have to water this evening. Feast or Famine:) :D :) I would rather have the weather leaning towards the "famine" side. I can always add water but can't turn it off at will.

X-ray and Check Up was good and everything is as it should be.... Next check date is at the end of September. This was my first visit to the cancer clinic in Newmarket at the South Lake Regional Hospital. It is a brand new building and is state of the art. A pediatric cancer unit has just recently been opened . Now the little ones do not have to travel to Sick Kids, which is in the heart of downtown Toronto for chemo or radiation. :thumbsup: The waiting room I was in had a gas fireplace (of course not turned on) built into one of the walls. Another waiting room had a little water fall. Lots of reading material and a library and resource centre and the staff were wonderful.

Sylvia, wonderful reference photo !!! I think Uschi is right about adding any old flower. Thinking the lilies and the glass are competing on what should be the centre of interest and the vases are winning... Perhaps some daisies would work better than the showy lilies. Or maybe it is the orange background that is the competion. :confused:

Darla, he /she will probably send you for a CT scan. Hope there is not too much of a wait for that. Please let us know tomorrow what the Dr. thinks.

Bill, chipmunks can be so destructive... Praise for Ms Feral.

Shrley , rest and get well.

Caryl WOW !

Time to gather some greens from the garden. we are going to have a big salad for dinner. There is a Druxy's Deli at the hospital and Dan and I shared a huge, wonderful, and tasty corned beef sandwich which was shaved right before they made up our order ... on fresh rye bread with a deli dill pickle on the side. YUMMY

Cheers to All,


06-24-2013, 07:53 PM
Char the big moon made night silvery day here last night. It didn't look bigger but it was bright. I refrained from howling :lol: I didn't! :evil:

I have had a rare, raging migraine for the last 24 hours... It is really nasty headache stage now, and the flashing lights and nausea have stopped... Phew!


Scene Chaser
06-24-2013, 07:56 PM

06-24-2013, 08:29 PM
Not much done today, I did have a doctors appointment regarding my stiff neck and back, also had to have some blood drawn, she recommended physical therapy instead of chiropractor, sounds good to me, I won't have to pay for the physical therapy.

Today had a smattering of rain, really needed and could have used more, but not complaining, later this week it is to be in the triple digits :( .

Working on the beach painting, at a tricky stage.

New Gamboge
06-25-2013, 12:27 AM
Hi we had a rainy day - cloudbursts, actually, but good for the garden. Yes, Uschi, people do still scythe! In fact my SIL recently attended a workshop on it. And that's how his uncle (in his 70s) still cuts his grass.

2 deer in the field this evening. Betty