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06-22-2013, 02:30 AM
Good morning all from a blustery West Lancashire. The storm went through overnight but after a bright start we now have a cloud bank rolling in. 13C.

Ruth is knitting another jumper, she got 800g of red Aran wool yesterday and is copying the pattern from a jumper she made last year - she can't find the paper pattern.

The rockery flowers have bloomed at last. The foxglove is an interloper but I don't mind:



06-22-2013, 03:51 AM
Beautiful Doug. Hope our foxgloves do the same. The stock seedlings have already been eaten so they are off the list. No point growing more pademelon feed than we already do.

Roger lifted a ton of dahlia seedling out of one bed and tilled the soil after planting the seedlings on in pots.

I sat in an ice room and made pleasant rictus facial motions to visitors to the gallery.I gallery sat. It was quiet and it was COLD. Outside the windows I could see sunshine. I didn't paint because the thought of wetting my hands was terrible and the brushes felt the same. I'm sure. :lol:

Tomorrow is different. There is a bulk of washing to do, so I will be in my studio.

06-22-2013, 04:21 AM
Mornin' each :wave:

One week to go and I'll be starting the long long journey to the Cook Islands, stopping off at Brisbane, Auckland picking a couple of waifs and strays and then back to Brisbane. ......... :clap: :clap:

Lulu and Kev... how NEAT is this???!!!! I love WC for this very reason. And I can admit that I'm more than a little :envy:!

Char ........ I'm thinking for next year of tagging along with a nice Canadian couple I know who holiday by travelling in a trailer across Canada ......... know anyone who fits the bill? Now that would be fun!!!!!!! Would have to be when you could swim in your lake though as the lake was a great abiding memory of mine. And of course Chris has never been to Canada.

Rain and wind here. Lots of gardening to be done before we set off.

06-22-2013, 04:24 AM
Kindle here.....

Heavy rain all night fine at present......Wensleydale and Swaledale today.

My foxgloves look good too...


06-22-2013, 04:45 AM
Char ........ I'm thinking for next year of tagging along with a nice Canadian couple I know who holiday by travelling in a trailer across Canada ......... know anyone who fits the bill? Now that would be fun!!!!!!! Would have to be when you could swim in your lake though as the lake was a great abiding memory of mine. And of course Chris has never been to Canada.

Now it's me who is more than a little :envy: lol I want to come too! but alas Canada is not on the way to Abu Dhabi .........lol

So, Kev, am I the waif or the stray?? lol

Lovely garden Doug, was just looking today at our England photos, good memories.

Hi Annie, Geoff :wave:

Back to the rugby.....tense game!

06-22-2013, 04:57 AM
Oh Doug!!! :thumbsup: :clap: What an awesome way to start the wash!!! Thank you..

Cool here, I have layered. :p

I upgraded my mobile phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 today. Wow what an awesome machine..... I am having a ball with it..

I have been thinking about y perspective problem, which has become much worse since I have had my cataract operations done. I wonder if it has anything to do with the implants???? Mine are monofocal lenses..

Lynn, I enjoyed your photos yesterday, and your sketch is wonderful.. I showed it to a friend I am helping with his drawing, because it beautifully describes what I was wanting to show him. :-)

Geoff, yay you are camping again..

Char, fabulous class paintings. These surely aren't beginners, they are
way too good! :)

Jan, glad you are safe from the fires..

Anita a swim in the pool. How wonderful. :thumbsup:

Kev, you don't sound half excited!!! :p

My dinner is ready..... Left over cassarole, and pan fried vegetables from the night before last. I add light olive oil to the pan. Oh Yum. My taste buds are in heaven, and it is alllllllll mine. :lol: :p


06-22-2013, 05:45 AM
Another win to the All Blacks and a magnificent final try:thumbsup:
And Lynn, I remember you saying you watched last week? Canada will get better, it's great to see them in competition rugby.
I loved your photos and sketch too.

Also, Char, what a talented bunch of pupils you have - maybe because they also have a talented teacher? Fabulous results. :thumbsup:

JJ, so what does your new phone do that the old one didn't?
I could upgrade mine, it keeps telling me my space is low, but I want to do less and less 'online', it takes me away from painting and other things I would rather do.

Kev, I have been telling everyone that we were leaving on July 1st, even booked the cats in to the cattery from July 1st.......I looked at the bookings today.........just as well, we would REALLY have been waifs and strays by the time you got to Auckland on the 2nd! :lol:

Now, that brings up another story of when we were leaving Ireland......to cut a long story short, there were two women in our group from Australia, mother and daughter(Margaret) . They were always late back whenever we stopped, which, everyone who has been on a tour knows, is a real pain in the butt...
Anyway, on the last morning there, the tour leader (Jim) was ferrying everyone to the airport at different times, and he looked a bit glum at breakfast.
I said to him 'Jim, tell us another joke before we leave'.........and he said 'Well, the joke is, I took Margaret and her mother to the airport at 5 this morning, only for them to find out that their plane doesn't leave until tomorrow'. :lol:

06-22-2013, 06:24 AM
Look here (http://technosamigos.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-samsung-galaxy-s2-specs-features-comparison/) lulu..

I am loving the bigger screen, lighter device, faster device, superior camera!!!

06-22-2013, 06:43 AM
Hello to all :wave:

Yorky ... .. do you have pixies and fairies there? It looks like magical garden.:heart:

Wow Cook island sounds great.

JJ ... I am still with old Nokia without internet. It's because I sit on internet all day at work and with clever mobile phone my boss can reach me and send me work. :-) With old phone I can keep completly separated (I have old fashioned prepaid card) so I use it only like more hi-tech pager and also I have very low bill for phone.

Ho ho ... this weekend I should do planty of work, but I am lurking around house and doing thousands crazy things I always wanted to do, but I always thought that I dont have time for that. Well .. I still dont have, because all that serious work which must be done, like some designs of wine labels for my bos ... but I send all that to hell and I enjoy all these little stupid things ... like painting on my own harp or creating medieval map rolls for one castle. :D .... and strange I dont feel guilty, I am happpyyy!


have a lovely day!

And ... of course.:heart: Do you remember Victor from Canada? He was posting mainly cratch boards forum here on wetcanvas.... His wife Betty was in Prague with her daughter and her houseband week ago. And it was glorious. She has so much energy and it was so big fun with them!!!!

06-22-2013, 06:49 AM
Hi washers

Lots of washes to catch up on.
Doug - the garden is lovely.
Kev - I am totally :envy: :envy:
Annie - the image of your little guys all snug and cozy makes me smile.
((Henry adn Lesley))
Hi Geoff, JJ, Lulu

Busy week, but for the life of me I cannot think of what I was doing that was so important - other than an eye exam which showed my 'dry eye' is only improved because I am using drops 4x/day. Bummer.

Was at the Greenmarket yesterday, and I now have a refrig. full of Cucumber soup and Gazpacho. Yum yum. It is so easy to make me happy.

Laundry, then a visit to a friend who is back in hospital and not doing very well.

I would like to upgrade my cell phone, but right now I have internet and texting on a $5/mo package htat I really dont want to lose.


06-22-2013, 06:49 AM
Hi Jana - we crossed.

06-22-2013, 07:01 AM
Look here (http://technosamigos.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-samsung-galaxy-s2-specs-features-comparison/) lulu..

I am loving the bigger screen, lighter device, faster device, superior camera!!!

Ahhhhhhh, don't tempt me! :eek: :lol: Must admit the camera on my current phone is nothing much......

Jana, you have the right idea! Keep on being separated from your work:thumbsup:. Love what you are doing! As I was looking through my 2010 photos the one of you and I taken together came up too! Another great memory. :heart:

Hi Doris:wave:

Yes, always thinking of (((Henry and Lesley))), and wishing the best outcome.

Really must get to bed now, long drive tomorrow, the mountains should be looking very pretty.
Better set the alarm, otherwise I'll sleep past 8 am....

Nite all :wave:

06-22-2013, 08:01 AM
Just watch the Lions beat the Aussies in Brisbane very, very lucky. Can't believe we'll be there in a weeks time.

Lulu Chris just got an iPhone and she loves it ...... Must send you her new number ....... :eek:

06-22-2013, 08:32 AM
Good morning! It's partly cloudy but I think the sun is going to win out. It's promising to be a hot day. I'm going to head out to the lake and do a round in the pedal boat, shortly.

We need a few groceries and I do NOT know why we leave this chore till the weekend. It has to be a remnant of scheduling from our working days.

I want to get something started for myself... I have so many references that I *plan* to do, I don't know which to choose! :lol:

I also want to pick up my strawberries so I can get some jam made up; and some strawberries just as frozen fruit. I put those in my food processor in winter to make 'ice cream' with frozen banana pieces.

Doug, your garden looks just beautiful! One year a bunch of fleabane sprouted in the garden... a weed, I should have pulled it... but I didn't... and the little daisy-like flowers were so pretty.

So, Annie, the Gallery isn't heated then? :lol: That's awful to feel that bone numbing cold.

Kev, we're ready to go! Remember that Canada is very, very, very big. It takes about two weeks to travel across to the West... stopping so we can see some 'stuff'... Let us know what you want to see and the planning will begin!

Happy caravaning, Geoff!!!

Should you and John ever detour this way, Lulu, you are welcome!! I was cheating a little, because I used Ellen's lesson plan, modifying to to accommodate the colours we use at the Cultural Centre.

JJ, Magoo recently upgraded his phone to the same model. He's a phone junkie so we didn't think anything of it... :lol: But he really likes all the features.

The young man in the middle took one other Class from me. The man on the end has never painted. There are three beginners who weren't in this photo, but their work is beautiful. In all, I struggled with five new people out of a Class of fifteen. It was pretty stressful on the first day, but it all came together... :) I worked up some detailed step-by-step notes for those who were absent so they could finish their paintings also.

I find it to be more of a problem when Students show up to Class with cheap paints... department store sets intended for young children to play with. Our high schools provide "Pentel" sets to their students. Or Reeves. It's a shame because these kids end up frustrated and disappointed with their results. Anyway, it's a bit of a challenge to convince these people that they really do need quality materials.

Jana, doing what makes you happy is a good thing! Finding the right balance in life is important.

Isn't that awful, Doris? You KNOW you were busy as all get-out but have nothing to show for it! :lol:

((Lesley and Henry))

I'm off to the showers, then the pedal boat, then grocery shopping... Have a great day, everyone! :heart:

Scene Chaser
06-22-2013, 09:58 AM
Good Day All,
Lovely garden as usual, Doug.

Lynn, loved your sketch yesterday.

JJ, I can only make and receive calls on my cell phone. We paid $40 for two phones with a 100 minutes each. That was a year ago and we still haven’t used them up. I’m not cheap, just frugal. 

Char and Kev, it will be a caravan of campers. Wouldn’t that be a great Meet?

Char, nice photo of your very successful class yesterday.

I will garden and mow lawn today.

06-22-2013, 10:39 AM
:wave: Looks a bit greyish out there, but still warm. We are bracing for 30C and humidity for the coming few days.....always something interesting happening to the weather! As it is all over the globe, what a time Calgary is having :eek: and Europe, and.......

Sewing today, must get down to it, deadline is July 1, or preferably before :rolleyes: . But I want to paint so some of that will be done too. I posted a finish up on my little sketch from the park in the Studio (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1321221)

Clearing the decks for other projects, I finished my shawl that you saw the beginnings of...


I don't have the correct wires yet, and push pins are not the greatest, but for the first time they were useful. I have a lot of holes in some rather nice acid free foamcore, need to get the play mats that everyone uses for blocking.

I hope you will touch down in Ontario, Kev!

Thanks, Bill!

Thanks, Lulu!

What fun to make those maps, Jana! Good for you, you need to set boundaries :) I have a hard time doing that too.

Thanks, JJ, I'm glad it was useful! See link above.

Lovely pic Doug, it's coming into it's own now.

Greetings to everyone else and all to come, have a good day!
:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Strawberry Wine
06-22-2013, 10:51 AM
Good Day Washers from a cloudy but warm Island Grove. 21 C.

Rain is on the way and for most of the week. :( Other than the variety of greens, nothing else is growing in the vegetable garden and my ripening strawberries are rotting on their stems. The perrenials, however, are growing like weeds

On the other hand, we had a beautiful week away with no rain.. A little on the cool side at the beginning of the week and warmed a little every day. Tuesday and Wed nights were cool 8 C and 4C respectively but we have a furnace in the camper so we were snug and warm.

The only downside was the Blackflies were in abundance as well as the mosquitos. The blackflies have usually died off by this time but the cool/cold Spring has allowed them to increase their lifespan.

Pearl was well behaved and enjoys camping. The best part of her day was a good 45 minutes or more swimming out and fetching her floating toy as far as Dan could throw it

Bill, we have a pay as you go Cell Phone plan as well. 100 minutes for $100 and we still have 90 minutes left on the plan Dan bought in November.

Kev, you have an exciting holiday planned. Hoping all the mini meets go according to plan and I look forward to seeing you again and meeting Chris for the first time next summer...

The sun is shining and I have hung some laundry on the line (for the time being anyway) and I need to get outdoors while I can to do some garden maintenance.

BBL and :wave: to all



06-22-2013, 11:59 AM
Good afternoon, everyone.:wave:

Kev, enjoy your upcoming trip, and if you visit Canada next year, don't forget the Maritimes! (However, if a group happened to be planning to meet in Ontario, I would enjoy a trip in that direction. :D ) A good excuse to stop in the Ottawa Valley and visit friends and my small group of family members who still live there.

Last week was no fun; lots of medical "stuff" to survive. Hope to be back to "normal" in two more weeks. :crossfingers: I had an eye exam yesterday also, Doris. Tried a new optician; I liked him. I have tried four different ones since our move here. I hope that this one will be for the long term!

(((Henry and Lesley))) I think of you every day and hope that the doctors can present you with a positive plan for Lesley's treatment, so that you can begin to look ahead to your future together. :heart:

I've been following the terrible flooding in Alberta on the Weather Network and CBC websites. I assume my fellow Canadians have followed the drama of Momo the swimming cat and her manservant, Kevan. Great story with a happy outcome.:thumbsup:

Doug, lovely rock garden photo. Ours is starting to look nice also; some sun this past week made more plants bloom.

Char, wonderful class photo! Seeing them have such successful results must make you feel very proud! :clap:

We do not yet have cellphones. There are so few plans available here, they are all very $$$! We hope if there are more companies setting up here, maybe sometime next year?:confused: We have had a long distance plan on our land line for the past 10 years or so, so that when our son calls, we can talk to him for as long as he wants. Also, when my Mom went into a nursing home in Ottawa 8 years ago, I phoned her at least every second day to help her pass the time, But she passed away last July, so our days of chatting on the phone are over.:crying:

Anyway, I think I'll get out for a walk, even though it is very overcast out there. I don't expect any amount of rain this afternoon.

Cheers, Anne

06-22-2013, 02:30 PM

With you on mobile phones I have just put my first £10 of top up this year.....only my daughter and the alarm company have the numer.....and Doug!


06-22-2013, 02:37 PM
Hi to All

Hot and horribly humid here today

Anne, thank you and everyone else for your continued support!, it has been a hectic day, now is the first chance today to have a seat and watch the Italy v Brazil football (soccer) match on TV....phew!


Scene Chaser
06-22-2013, 02:41 PM
Gail, are you sure you pay $1.00 a minute?

I consider cell phone use an emergency, not for conversation.

Lovely shawl, Lynn.

Still mowing,

06-22-2013, 03:37 PM
Thanks, Bill!

Anne, hope whatever is bothering you is over soon :heart:

Still thinking of you both, Henry ((())) humid here too, 31C (feels like 37 with humidity) I was hoping this summer would be different :eek: I guess we should be thankful it waited till now to start this.

I'm with you on the phones, too, have a flat fee with minimal calls, free phone but not fancy. I do like the camera feature, good enough for record shots. I use it more as a watch!

Hi Gail, you picked a good week to be away, but sorry about the black flies, they are a nuisance.

Watching (or more like listening!) to the soccer too.

06-22-2013, 04:37 PM
Good Afternoon all,
It is almost 4:30 p.m. here on a hot day in Oakwood. Today was the second day of the Dayton Air Show...a big event here celebrating the history of flight that started with the Wright Brothers. Sadly, early this afternoon, there was a small plane with a wing walker as one of the features. As they were doing one of the stunts, it crashed into a giant fireball and both the pilot and wing walker were killed. They canceled the rest of the show for today. :o

Kev, Saw your photo making pasta with your GD on Facebook. Looking good!!! Your upcoming trip and meetings with fellow Washers sounds wonderful. :thumbsup:

Char, Your students' art is just wonderful. You really do teach and inspire them to create wonderful paintings. :thumbsup:

Henry, Keeping you and Leslie in my mind and prayers. :grouphug:

Gail, I just killed a mosquito in the bathroom and it was filled with BLOOD! :eek: I hate these nasty bugs. Glad you had good weather for your vacation journey even if the blackflies and mosquitos were there to pester you.

Bill, Sounds like the kind of mobile phone we have...it's a Tracphone we got at Walmart for around $20. I just loaded it with our kids phone numbers. Felt like Madame FumbleFingers doing it too. Texting is not my kind of skill. :lol: Like you, we got it strictly for emergencies and taking on trips.

Lynn, Your shawl is beautiful. You are such an artist with needle and thread. :D

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way. Gotta go and mix up an olive oil-lemon marinade for our tenderloin of pork dinner tonight. I grill it in a pan on top of the stove. Serve with oven roasted potato wedges flavored with home-grown rosemary and a garden salad on the side. We are afraid the heat this coming week (90°Fs each day) is going to make it bolt, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.



06-22-2013, 04:51 PM
Hot Hot Hot in Texas. I got to sleep in this morning, and I managed to give Lucy a bath and throw in my laundry. I just needed a "me" do anything day I felt like doing. DH was out umpiring baseball, so I took advantage of the freedom.

Doug, your garden is beautiful. Hard work does pay off!

Kev and Lulu, you will have so much fun.

Geoff, I know that you are glad to have your caravan repaired.

JJ, I love getting new electronics. They always improve on the previous model that you owned. Have fun.

Jana, it is always hard to learn the lesson of taking time for yourself. It is one we all need to follow. Love your map project.

Doris, upgrading phones can be expensive, it is just included as a monthly bill now. I have unlimited usage through Sprint. With my girls all over the US, it pays to have instant access.

Bill, my phone is also used to check e-mails from work and home. Once you get hooked on one, you never go back to just a plain phone. So, stay with your regular phone.

Anne, I need to get into the eye doctor's soon. My glasses are over a year old. I want to finish with my back shots, before I get them. One expense at a time is all I can handle.

Lynn, The shawl is absolutely beautiful. I had nerve problems in my arms, so I quite doing needle crafts. I saved all my needles, and I may start again after I retire.

Gail, glad you had a good trip.

Henry, Hugs to you and Lesley. I hope by next week the treatment plan is finalized.

Everyone have a great weekend.

06-22-2013, 04:59 PM
Doug, your garden is beautiful. Hard work does pay off!
Actually we spend no more than two half days a year in the garden. It is paved and filled with perennial plants and shrubs that need more than a little trimming and replacement from time to time. Half an hour' weeding occasionally, otherwise it looks after itself.

Ruth appreciates the work in your shawl Lynn.

A lazy day here watching golf on TV although I did bake a cake this morning.


06-22-2013, 05:36 PM
Good Afternoon!

Just a quickie - warmish, VERY humid, light rain in the morning followed with sunshine. Played table tennis in the morning, some shopping on the way home, lunch, a tiny nap (10min) preparing for supper, I invited DIL's mom and stepdad, they still have no kitchen to cook in.

I am making noodles with Pesto, cucumber and tomato oil and vinigar salad, buying the roasted chicken from Zehrs (can't see why I sould cook it, they make it better than I can:lol: ) and grapes for dessert. Dessert with double ss because it is twice as sweet:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Henceforth will ALWAYS remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff, :clap: :clap: that you have your wings again!!!

((((((Henry and Lesley)))))

Lynn, :heart: :heart: the shawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to run and get the chicken. Guests will arrive in 20 minutes.

:wave: Uschi

Strawberry Wine
06-22-2013, 07:56 PM
Good Evening Washers

I ended up spending the day out of doors. We only had a few drops of rain so I got a lot done today. I still need a week of about 4 hours a day to get caught up.

Doug, you know the size of my garden but I am still :envy: at the low maintenance and beauty of yours.

Uschi, I do like the PC roasted chickens as well. We had one from Foodland (Sobeys) on our last night along with a made from scratch greek penne pasta salad with Feta, tomatoes, cuke, peppers, and red onions .. Both got popped in the camper fridge after dinner and then in the cooler for the trip home and was an easy dinner again last evening.

Bill, yes $ 1.00 a minute. Cell phone plans are very expensive in Canada as there is no competition. We have basically only 3 towers Rogers, Bell and Tellus and the rest buy from one of those 3. When we pay the $100 for 100 minutes up front, it costs us about $ 8.00 a month for the pay as you go NO Plan. We don`t usually use up the 100 minutes so the balance carries over and we have NO Contract. We only have the one phone and it just goes with the one going out in the Van. Basically , we have it for emergency use and for one of us to call the other to bring in something that was not on the list

Lynn, your shawl is beautiful. !!!!!!!!

Sylvia, I can pretty much ignore the mosquitos as I really don't react to them. Even with spray on I am constantly being bitten out in the garden this year.. There numbers are usually starting to dwindle by now. I do swell and react to black flie bites though. Luckily, we are just 20 miles too far south for them. Biting bugs and summer are a part of most of Ontario that we just get used to.

So sad to read about the air crash today and the death of the pilot and wing walker.

:grouphug: Lesley and Henry :grouphug: Henry, it is so important, for you make some time for yourself every day.
I can't quite understand why it will take 10 days to get biopsy results. You must be becoming quite frustrated :heart: :

Nancy, thanks, we did have a lovely time. In just a couple of weeks time we will be camping at Char and Teds, one of our favourite spots.

Anne, we have had many Ontario Meets, large and not so large. I am sure there will be a gathering somewhere and at some point during Kev and Chris`s visit.

See you all tomorrow.



06-22-2013, 11:25 PM
We had a busy day today, cleaned house until afternoon, then we had dinner for Jen, Matt and girls to celebrate her Birthday. We grilled on Larry's Fathers Day gift his new BBQ gas grill. We had BBQ ribs and chicken. Then later we had cake and ice cream. Overall a good day.

Larry and I are now relaxing and watching a movie.

It was hot and humid all day and I've heard we are in for more of the same this week.

Char your pic of your students and their paintings was awesome; they are great!

Doug, lovely showing in your garden now. My perennial gardens are looking good now too.

Lynn, your shawl is just lovely!

Sending (((Henry and Lesley))) hugs and best wishes for the best possible results.

Kev, your excitement makes me smile; I'm sure you'll have a great time!

My feet were swollen last evening and I'm not sure why. It it keeps up I'll have to make a Dr appt with my regular doctor. Today they've been normal though. My knee is painful this evening.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Night...Night.:wave: :heart:

06-23-2013, 12:03 AM
Many thanks re the shawl, it was a pleasure to knit, the yarn is so soft and gentle on the hands and the whole thing weighs only 85 g (Paton's lace). I know that because I used all but a few feet of one ball.....and it was not that complicated, as the yarn is pre-dyed in stripes, so perhaps not as creative as it looks :)

I saw that on the news, Sylvia, what a shame! They are in a risky business, though. Mmmmmmm, port tenderloin, one of my favourites!

Hi Nancy! you will enjoy getting back to knitting, then.

It's the hot weather, Darla, my feet swell too, and I can't wear my elastic stockings at the moment because of my bruised leg, so they are getting a holiday! Sounds like you had a good party.

Hi Uschi, Doug, Gail! Night night all!