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06-09-2013, 02:33 AM
Yesterday I went to the Izmir watercolor festival. Amazing! There were demos all day from top artists from around the world. Today is day two - I am going there in about an hour. I think I caught 5 or 6 demos yesterday. I hope to do the same today!

Afterwards I got a beer with Iain Stewart (amazing watercolor artist from the US) who was really encouraging about painting. I've never really hung out with other watercolor painters (or painters in general) so it is so uplifting.

I am feeling really inspired! It was great to see so many painters and to have the opportunity to see demos and talk with artists. It really pushes me to paint more and paint better, to develop my skills.

At the same time, I feel a bit morose, because I see such a huge gap from where I want to be and where I am now. It seems so far off and difficult, almost impossible at times. Last night I came home wanting to paint after the demos, and when I looked at my own paintings I sort of wanted to slap myself.

Any similar experiences? :lol:

06-09-2013, 03:26 AM
Hallo Josh, so eine Stimmung kenne ich nicht an Ihnen. Bis jetzt hatten
Sie immer eine sehr positive Stimmung und damit prima Bilder gefertigt.
Fragen Sie die großen Künstler, wie es ihnen nach nach den ersten
Arbeiten ergangen ist. Sicher waren viele am Anfang ähnlich "frustriert".
Im Laufe der Zeit kommt Routine dazu und alles was bisher schwer
ausgesehen hat ist plötzlich kein Thema mehr.
Es ist sehr gut Vorbilder zu haben, von denen man ständig noch etwas
dazu lernen kann. Jeder hat seinen eigenen Stil, seine eigenen Tricks,
die man analysieren sollte um hinter das "Geheimnis" zu kommen. Es
gibt aber keine Geheimnisse. 80 Prozent ist pures Handwerk und dieses
kann man nur durch tagtägliche Übung verfeinern und verbessern.
Kopf hoch Josh, Sie haben eine dicke Haut!

Hi Josh, a sentiment I do not know to you. Had until now you always have
a very positive atmosphere and thus made ??great pictures.
Ask the great artist, as it gives them first according to the work has been
issued. Certainly many were similar "frustrated" at the beginning. Over
time, routine comes in and everything previously difficult looked suddenly
is no longer an issue.
It is very good to have role models, of which one is constantly something
can learn. Everyone has his own style, his own tricks, you should analyze
to get behind the "secret". It there is no secrets. 80 percent is pure craft
and this you can refine and improve only by exercise everyday.
Josh Chin up, you have a thick skin!


06-09-2013, 05:46 AM
What a wonderful opportunity for you to see those demos and visit with the artists! Don't compare your art as a beginning painter to the artists who are doing the demos....they have probably painted hundreds of works by this time. It is like comparing a toddler learning to walk with an Olympic race athlete. :angel:

Reread with Ernst said ^^^, he is 100% on the money. ;)

Have fun, enjoy the art and the artists and be inspired.


06-09-2013, 08:41 PM
Josh, reality is tough some times! :angel: Have you ever seen Paul Jackson's work? I took a workshop from him a few years ago and ended up crying because he was sooooo far ahead of me that I was not understanding what he wanted us to do. . .:rolleyes: :o It wasn't Paul, it was me as a new artists trying to replicate his unbelievable work! Paul paints for hours on end and has done that since he was a young guy. . .he has earned the right to have amazing paintings and he has such a talent to boot! My friends told me what Ernst and Sylvia are telling you now. I had to do my 'homework' and paint as much as Paul had done and then, I would be where I wanted to be. . .eventually! Not like Paul, but like me! (Paul would tell me the same thing, too.)

So, get ready for the ride to your growth. I do hope that you have dated your paintings that you have done, so you can see what we have seen. . .you have grown because you paint, paint, paint. :thumbsup: It is nice to have a goal, but don't set the bar too high and forget to have fun reaching it!!

Hugs, Katherine :music: :music:

Lawrence Fox
06-10-2013, 10:21 AM

You are not alone. We've all gone through what you are going through now, especially once we've had a chance to hand out with other artists and see their stuffs in person. The important thing is to say "I can and will get better".

I once took a workshop with a painter who brought along (as she does at every workshop she teaches) her first watercolour painting. I'll bet you It's not much different from the first ones of nearly everyone on this forum (including yours truly!). She does so in order to say "we all start somewhere and our beginnings are often not that much different". I still have my first painting and she's right. (And I brought it along to one of my classes last year at the instructor's request for the same reason--to show my fellow classmates how you can improve and grow).

Keep painting!