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Saint Ragdoll
06-05-2013, 12:09 AM
I dont know if it's ok to post this here...if not please remove it..
In the Swap Shop here on WC I have a few things I really need to sell....

I have a set of 80 Creatacolor aquastic crayons. Like Caran d' ache Neocolor 2.Used to test a little.

I also have Creatacolor Aquabrique watersoluable, bricks of solid watercolor you can draw with, or use as pan paints. Like Derwents Inktense sticks.

I also have two HUGE brushes,
first is a Fibonacci synthetic squirrel quill, sold by Cheap Joe.This is similar in size to the Escoda below. Huge!!!

Second is an Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Tajmyr 1212 size 20, the largest size made kn this series, and it is amazingly large, useful for working on full size WC sheet paper .Never had paint on this brush.
Please check out the Swap Shop for details and prices.

Saint Ragdoll

Saint Ragdoll
06-09-2013, 11:39 PM
I also have 3 Painting kn Yupo DVDs, 2 by George James and one by Taylor Ilkin....I watched them once....
If you are at all interested in something, make me an offer, I gotta make some room in my studio.

Saint Ragdoll