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06-04-2013, 11:43 PM
Thought I'd do Geoff a favour........:cat:

Hi Washers! The wind is blowing but the sun is shining and the temperature got to 19C today, so not too bad a winter's day.

Great to see Darla pop in yesterday. Big healing hugs:grouphug: to you. :heart:

And hugs for Kay too. :grouphug: and anyone else in need.

06-05-2013, 12:33 AM
Good morning; 1 a.m. here. I'm not usually up this late!

Geoff and Lynn, our deer herd (we saw eight of them regularly all winter) are very tame because one of our neighbours feeds them cow corn all winter. In fact, they are so well fed, the does usually have twins in the spring and a couple of years ago, one of them had triplets! I expect to see at least one "Mum" emerge from the woods at the back of our yard any day now with her spring baby (or babies.) They usually start to come out some time in June. The fawns are, of course, awfully cute but there are too many of them. Most municipalities have bylaws against feeding deer, but in the country, anything goes!

Geoff, we see the occasional fox, but not very often. Around here, they often lose out in competition with coyotes. We do have a large number of pheasants. They are seen everywhere here, even in downtown Moncton, wherever there is an area with grass and some shrubbery for cover. When we moved here from Fredericton, one of my neighbours told me that when he was a child, people in this area kept pheasants for food like they raise chickens now, but some escaped and became successful as "wild" birds. I don't know if that was a true story, or he was just pulling my leg.:D

Abigail, you shouldn't have to hide your new iris from your neighbour. It volunteered, it wasn't abducted!:wink2:

Kay, venting is good for you. Sometimes we all need to let off steam.:)

Darla, you are a brave traveller! You will be able to top most people's travel stories. Enjoy Scotland and your time with your son.

Well, I guess I'll see what luck I have getting to sleep; I have something "on my mind" tonight as well.

Pleasant dreams!


06-05-2013, 01:29 AM
Good morning all, another hot day in prospect.

So good to hear from Darla last night.

Southport again today to collect Ruth's trousers she ordered online, then this evening it is the Probus Ladies Dinner at the local golf club.

3 more sleeps!


06-05-2013, 02:38 AM
Morning all,

Thanks Lulu........I waas about at 2.45am but without wifi wasn't going to wake people up starting the PC!

Cloudy and dull here but forecast warm again later, off to Veg Market shortly.

Darla,you could visit the A&E of one of the Aberdeen hospitals if knee problem continues..


06-05-2013, 03:36 AM
Good evening all.

Darla ((()))enjoy the ride anyway.

Kay, you live in a household of cats so just chuck that black dog out. Easier said than done I know ... truly. :heart:

Roger ordered a LOT of Delphinum seedling from the Gap nursery. We have been planting and planting. The red salvias I have culled will come up behind them and we should have a gorgeous display come spring. With primulas in the foreground .... most dug out of the lawn where they self seeded last year.

Special night tonight. State of Origin Rugby league. AKA Origin of the species. Sort of lost interest now that my theories about drug taking have borne fruition. Physiques don't change that much without help. No matter, I'll watch it and be
yelling at the ref by two minutes.

BBL .... Got to cook dinner. Pie and chips and something green I think. Just have to look in the crisper :rolleyes:

Saint Ragdoll
06-05-2013, 04:52 AM
For all those who have back issues and pain, you have my sympathy and healing thoughts. I keep telling myself, there are those better off, and those worse off. Be grateful for what you have and are.

I have the 3rd steroid injection , ( actually I have had 6 injections as he does one one each side each time) into the thoracic bi lateral facet joints, right at the area where there is the scolisis, where my spine takes a hard left turn . The lumbar injections were 100 % successful, the sacro illiac joint injections worked well on the left, but nothing on the right..it takes about 4 or 5 days for everything to settle down before I can tell if this last lne will have any effect.I am having increased numbness and tingling and will have to see what the doc says about this. The numbness and tingling is very worrying.

He did order physical thearpy, and I have waited till all these injections were finished before going...I honestly dont know what he expects PT will do for me since all my back issues are not a recent thing but of 20 years ongoing....and I despise PT!!!!!! At least they are not taking away my oral pain medications, thank goodness!

They are doing a patchwork sort of treatment, medication, the injections, a TENS unit and various gels and cremes to be rubbed on the painful bits.....I do feel they are throwing everything at me to see what " sticks"!!! Makes it a bit difficult to determkn what is actually relieving my pain....
But I am very grateful for the relief I am getting. And the wonky side effects from the steroids have decreased, again thank goodness.

So now it is a " wait and see" for how long the relief lasts, as each person's experience varies widely. They will keep repeating the injections until they no longer work at all..

. I am being treated at 2 doctors clinics , ( doc 1 refered me to doc 2 as doc 1 does not do injections) and I am afraid that they arent communicating with each other very well or at all..Which is so common my experience... .So in my appointment tomorrow I will spend most the time telling them what doc 2 did and said. I am taking some records from doc 2 for doc 1 to copy and put in my records.

To take my mind off this mess, I have been playing around with different art materiels trying to decide what I will be taking to Boston. Such fun!!!
And practicing sketching and painting quickly from life. I will be staking out a table at Starbucks and doing a bit of " guerrilla sketching"!!!!! I bought the book " The art of urban sketching" a wonderful book, so many talented artists, I had no clue there were sooooo many artists!!!

I ordered a new bag,for my Trip A Travelon north south messanger bag, on the site Tamper seal it is travelon # 42584. It looks to be exactly what I need to carry a watercor sketch kit as well as the essencials from my purse. and a bottle of water. As I will be by myself some I am concerned about thieves and the weight of my bag.
Has anyone bought a Travelon bag? Opinions?

Yorky, I have to order jeans online because I am so short and the petite sells out first in stores!!!! I have to do a bit of shopping for some things for my trip and am dreading it. But have to try to find aomething local before I resort to the online shops. It is so much more complicated to have to return things fromonline shops.

I do go on. But it seems you ,my friends here are closest in interest in arts, pets and in dealing with medical issues as we grow older....I will be 49 June 16.... Heavy sigh....

Saint Ragdoll

06-05-2013, 05:12 AM
Teresa......Ouch.....for one so young too!

We have an expression here when asked how we are " If I was a horse I would have been shot by now".....certainly applies to lots of those over 70's amongst us, and that is quite a few of the regulars ( not the Ladies from the Antipodes though!)......

Still dull here, talking to the fish man who comes up from Grimsby to the market he had rain for most of the journey, it is supposed to be up to 20C this afternoon bu much cooler now..........we are told that if the good weather stays till middle of next week then it could get warmer than North Africa..........I do hope not.


06-05-2013, 05:51 AM
Teresa...I'll be thinking of you!

Most of my bags I get for free for buying stuff I only wanted for the free bag, so I can't help you there. :D

BUT! I just love Boston! Especially the sea food and the canolis. I'm sure you'll get some great sketches done.

Anne...if you think feeding deer is something, what about foxes? My mother had one sniffing around the chickens. Rather then kill it or hurt it she put out dog biscuits! I didn't think it was a good idea, but actually the fox picked free cookies over the chickens every single time. They seemed to have an understanding, that the chickens were my mom's and off limits. After she raised her cubs she moved further away from people and now my parents rarely see them.

Everyone's gardens sound so nice! Ours were just empty when we moved in, with depleted clay for soil. They're getting better, but a long way from pretty!

Ellen in Ont
06-05-2013, 08:13 AM
:wave: everyone,
It is 2 C right now but the sun is shining. I am hoping that is the end of the cold weather. I want to go and buy some annuals and veggies for planting even if its too early to plant them.

I am aching everywhere from work and still tired from the trip. I have two days off now to recover before working nights all weekend.

I'm making my list for this week which includes making notes for a workshop I'm teaching the end of the month (an easy one on wrapping paper around canvas). I also have to finish cutting the grass. Brian started yesterday but the battery went dead part way through. It is now recharged waiting for me. :rolleyes:

Not much exciting going on so I'll find something for breakfast and get started. Have a wonderful day everyone.

06-05-2013, 08:32 AM
Good morning! I lit the gas fireplace in the family room first thing this morning... I turned off the furnace a couple of weeks ago and the house was 13C when I awoke. Brrrrr!

It has comfortably warmed up now. Good thing. The window cleaners will be here soon. I'm excited about getting this job done in a short amount of time. I mentioned it to my Students yesterday and they ALL wrote down the Company's name and phone number... :lol:

I did paint a little for myself yesterday, too. I had a couple of very tiny gallery wraps in floater frames that I worked a spray of blueberries across. It looks kind of nice. I have a ton of stuff I need to photograph and post (I know).

Pat, you are the very best Advocate for your Mom... :heart:

(((Kay))) Vent away...

((Darla)) What a time for your knee to act up...

Hi Lulu... you're so good to Geoff... :)

Anne, we stayed in Canmore, Alberta a couple of years ago when we were travelling out West. In that town, the rabbits have overrun everything. On every lot in our campground, there were at least 3 or 4 bunnies nibbling on grass. When the sun sets, the rabbits by the hundreds move into the main part of town! The story was similar to your pheasants, in that these rabbits were domesticated pets now gone wild.

Hi Doug and Geoff... I love that expression, Geoff!!! My husband always says "Not so bad, I couldn't be worse."

Annie, your garden is going to be gorgeous... I just love delphiniums... larkspur (wild delphiniums) grows here, self seeding from one year to the next.

((Teresa))... I hope the tingling and numbing dissipates! Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us complainers... :)

Abigail, your Mother is very wise. On a lesser scale, we feed the few squirrels that live here... they leave the bird seed alone. We have foxes here and we can hear the coyotes, but we don't see any of them very often.

Ellen, my group are working on your Metal and Glass lesson plan. Do you want my notes on gallery wrapping? And. On your days off, do NOTHING!!!!!! I hate to tell you this... we've been eating off the garden for more than a week. Bok choy last night. :p

:grouphug: to all who're under the weather... Have a great day everyone!

p.s. I hate the banner of links above our WetCanvas logo... we lost our paint swipe and now this... :rolleyes:

EDIT: Here's a link to read a little about the Canmore Bunnies (http://www.gocanmore.com/about-canmore-bunnies.html)... apparently there's been a drive to cull them and there's a lot of anger between the lovers and haters of these feral animals.

Ellen in Ont
06-05-2013, 09:22 AM
Char - your notes would be a great help. I am going to be demoing a few different ways but they will be doing a simple gallery wrap. Did I see correctly that you are thinking of exploring Northern Ontario? :D I hope you do and can make it this far. I would suggest you book spaces at the provincial parks soon (if you plan to use them). The government in their wisdom have closed many parks and it means fewer sites available for campers.

Darla - I hope your knee starts improving. Can you buy a cane to use to help relieve some of the pressure with walking?

Kay - :grouphug:

06-05-2013, 09:35 AM
This is second try on this one.....it went into the ether as post 8!

I can't match Dougs colour in the garden yet but the clematis at the rear of my caravan has 'exploded' into bloom this week...



That took about 12 minutes to upload.

Back to clearing the garage out..nice and cool in there.


06-05-2013, 09:44 AM
Beautiful clematis Geoff.


Scene Chaser
06-05-2013, 09:46 AM
We have an expression here when asked how we are " If I was a horse I would have been shot by now".

I'm keeping that one, Geoff. It's a good one and certainly applies to me.

((Teresa,)) a lot of us do have back problems, so we can empathize with you.

((Darla)) I'm so sorry you are suffering so. I do hope you aren't causing more injury, though. Could you get a wheel chair for the duration? At least a cane as Ellen suggest.

Ellen, glad to see you are cutting grass rather than shoveling snow. Hope you get a good rest. These periodic night shifts must really disturb your sleep patterns.

Char, rabbits are high in protein and low in fat. Taste great barbecued with a sweet sauce. I use to raise them for their meat. So eating them would be my solution.

Got the rest of my garden in yesterday. I wobbled all over it but got it done. Going to plant more beans today.


06-05-2013, 10:08 AM
:wave: A bit cloudy today, and cool....fresh is the word! A quiet day for me today, entirely enough group stuff yesterday, hard with my reclusive tendencies :)

Fantastic clematis, Geoff! It must love your setting. They have to have just the right place here, shaded feet, sun at the top, in our harsher climate.

Your plan to sketch sounds like great fun, Teresa!

That's too bad about the parks, Ellen, I guess the North got shafted again. With their severe budget cuts staff had to go and I wondered how they would reduce already low levels of staffing. I hope you get the rest you need.

Nice story about the fox, Abigail.

Gosh, Anne, they will have an incredible herd of deer at that rate! It may be a problem soon, even with all the bush to feed on, here they find the cultivated gardens much more appealing, and we have a legal cull once a year now. Still doesn't prevent the damage to cultivated areas, though, they are accustomed to coming into the city.

Our travel animal experience was with the elk in Jasper, wandering through the town, quite startling some times!

Cute bunnies, Char, I think I agree with Bill, though.

Hugs :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: to Kay and all needing one.

06-05-2013, 11:08 AM
The window cleaners have come and gone. It took them less than two hours to clean every window and door in this house. They also cleaned all the screens. I'll be having them back in the Fall. I'll never wash windows again! :lol:

So, while they were cleaning the windows, I cleaned our ceiling fans upstairs. OMG... I could have planted potatoes in the dust I collected there! :eek:

I have to get upstairs and shower before heading to town for my Class at the Cultural Centre.

Ellen, I'll put those notes in email tonight. We haven't made any firm plans at all, but I guess we'd better think about it, eh? We did think we might make it up your way... all tentative right now.

Geoff, your clematis is literally breathtaking! Wow.

Bill, I don't know why there was never a cull before now. Last year, they apparently trapped a neutered some of the rabbits, but it really didn't have much effect on the population. "Breeding like rabbits" comes to mind. :lol:

Lynn, elk are really BIG. Many years ago, visiting Ted's brother in Maine, we were concerned about the moose walking around the streets of Augusta-Lewiston.

I'd better get moving... Have a great afternoon! :wave:

06-05-2013, 01:06 PM
Thank you all for the hugs and encouragement. This stupid tax thing threw me for a loop. Now I have to deal with that. A bore chore if ever there was one. And I've called and emailed the tax preparer and heard nothing, although I wouldn't be surprised if he's on vacation. I mean -- it is past tax season. But just my luck. I don't think I'll be using him again though.

Wanted to tell you about my birthday excursion. I got my other neighbor -- the one who's still living here (I know it's confusing), and we went off to Pasadena for the afternoon and evening of Friday, May 31 (the day after). I arranged it so I could give Esme her shot very late that day. We went to see an exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art of some of my favorite watercolor artists. It was called California Scene Paintings from 1930 to 1960 (http://www.pmcaonline.org/exhibits/77/index.html). Fantastic. I may go again by myself. Emil Kosa Jr., Rex Brandt, Phil Dike, Phil Paradise, Dong Kingman, Hardie Gramatky. There were oils and watercolors, but the watercolors were so terrific. Found a new artist to love, Jack Laycox. What was also interesting was there were a lot of paintings of Los Angeles before and after "urban renewal," and I recognized a lot of the places in the paintings. And some of those places are still with us.

They are the artists supposedly responsible for making watercolor a more acceptable mainstream form of painting instead of a side line step child art form in the 20th Century. So bow down and thank them profusely. :lol: :lol:

After that we ate dinner at the Norton Simon Museum's Garden Cafe which is in the sculpture garden. Very beautiful. Then we went into the museum for a lecture called: A Closer Look: The Materials and Techniques of Impressionist Painting. (http://www.nortonsimon.org/a-closer-look-the-materials-and-techniques-of-impressionist-painting-3/) In was verrrrry interesting. This woman actually mixes her own pigments in the traditional way and is called in to consult at the Getty Center and Archive when they are trying to restore paintings with traditional materials. It was fascinating. She is giving the talk again this month and I may go again. As an art student at Barnsdall I get free admission to the Simon which is one of my favorite museums in the LA area.

Well I've taken up enough space and need to get the tax garbage sorted.

HAWLTAIN and :wave: :wave:

Oh Annie :lol: :lol: They tend to hide under the bed when they see the black dog coming.


06-05-2013, 03:46 PM
Hi to All

Great weather today 25C, took the opportunity to drive to the lovely Ayrshire seaside town of Troon 20 minutes from where we live, had some lunch, Lesley really enjoyed the trip out.

Geoff, I stood at the 1st tee at Royal Troon Golf Course and watched a few starting their rounds, it is a beautiful course, even the public courses are superb!

Lesley had a X ray of her hip first thing this morning after her fall, no fractures, thank god, but severe bruising to her hip bone

All in all, considering whats going on at the moment, a rather pleasant day!

Speak later


06-05-2013, 04:25 PM
Good Afternoon all,
It is just after 4:00 p.m. here in beautifully pleasant Oakwood. Lovely temps and sunny skies with a dusting of puffy clouds here and there. Might rain tonight which is nice for the garden and grass and plants.

My visit to the Primary Care doctor for a check up went well yesterday. I've been having a problem with my right knee being painful and I worry if it will hold my weight when I stand up from sitting for a while. So I mentioned it to him and he said it is arthritis which I've known about for at least 8 years, but it is evidentally getting worse. So he recommended I go to see a physical therapist and get some exercises to do at home to help it. Char, does that sound familiar???? I'll have to check out what is available near by. Didn't want to drive to the Base for the therapy, it is almost 20 miles each way and time consuming.

Larry and I replanted our parsley bed...the first batch never sprouted for some reason. We also got some new eggplants and tomatoes and replaced the ones that were dying. :crossfingers: they will all grow. We are harvesting our lettuce and enjoying the garden salads a lot. :D

Today for lunch we had zucchini strips done the Turkish way. Sliced lengthwise into thin (1/4" thick) slices. Dipped in a batter made with flour, salt, and enough water to make it thick like heavy cream then quickly fried in hot oil. Drain on paper towels and serve with plain yogurt. Yummy! I even threw in a couple of Vidalia onion rings for good measure. If you like zucchini, give this a try. It makes a good vegetarian lunch. If you are careful to heat up the oil enough, the slices aren't greasy either. ;)

Henry, :thumbsup: on Leslie's hip not being broken AND on you both enjoying your excursion to Ayrshire today. That should help raise your spirits a bit.

Kay, Hope you can get the mess with the taxes straightened out. Your birthday celebration sounds like a lovely day. My DH and I both really enjoy museums and you definitely have some of the best in your area. Last year (or maybe the year before), there was a special exhibition of the California School of Impressionist Painters at the Dayton Art Institute. I think we saw some of the same ones you did. I remember the watercolors were so beautiful.

Char, What a brilliant idea to hire the window cleaners. :thumbsup: Glad they did such a good job. Tell your friends to mention where they got their names from. Maybe they'll give you a discount in the Fall. :D

Geoff, Those clematis bushes are gorgeous. Obviously they like where you have them planted for sure.

Anne, Your deer herd is a lot bigger than ours (thank heavens). We usually see about 6 deer...a couple of adults and the rest are youngsters. Saw a buck once. Haven't seen them recently, but I'm sure they'll be back eventually. The big German Shepard from across the street chased one of them down the street last month. Maybe that scared them enough to change their pattern.

Hope Darla gets a knee bandage or a cane so she can enjoy her sightseeing without too much pain. What a shame this happened right at the beginning of their trip. :o

Doris, Aren't brothers, big or small, wonderful sometimes. Glad yours came to the rescue and helped you get rid of the vermin that had invaded your space. ;)

:grouphug: for Darla, Leslie, Teresa, Ellen, Char, JJ, and anyone I've missed.



06-05-2013, 05:22 PM
Henry. years since I did the West Coast must try next year.

The clematis was all but dead when we came here and still has lots of old shoots in. But we just let it go it has loads of sun but cold roots

My wifi has just come back on so may look in during night!

goodnight all


06-05-2013, 06:36 PM
Glad you had a nice day to celebrate your birthday, Kay, sounds like something we all would enjoy! I know what you mean about the tax man, I had a review two years ago, very scary event. I just had to get the proper medical permissions and then they accepted my claims, but so frustrating. Plus they mailed the initial review request to the wrong address, so assumed, since I hadn't responded by the deadline, I was ignoring them and billed me for $900! Finally, 6 months later it was sorted out.

Too bad about your knee, Sylvia, but the physio will strengthen the muscles and support it better, so it should help.

Great that you got out with Lesley, Henry!

Yes, Char, elk are big, but I agree, moose are even bigger! must have been odd seeing them in town like that. We were startled by a couple walking on the verge of the highway in Newfoundland, but avoided any accidents with them, people don't win!