View Full Version : Outstanding customer service from this company!

06-04-2013, 04:13 PM
About 8 months ago, I saw an offer in my art mag for a sample of a very well-known soft pastel...you got a full-size pencil and a hard stick sample just by sending in request. Well, i quickly sent in the reply...and then forgot all about it. One day about 6 months later, I saw an odd note in my mail about "product delivery issue"....I scanned it for virus and did a preview before opening...it was a customer service rep from Savoir Faire trying to contact me because the sample was returned to them due to some address error, asking if I would contact them to clarify address. I replied to confirm address, and say how surprised and thankful I was for their F/U....less than 10 days later, i got my long-forgotten sample! I could not believe a company would go to that much effort to just give away something of quality. I have not yet ordered from them, but plan to choose certain colors of this pencil because it really is different than other pastels I have used. And I didn't continue to get a multitude of sales email from them either...not a single one!! I think they are a quality line with very good customer service practices.