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06-01-2013, 12:21 AM
Good Morning World.

Woken not by birdsong but cramp, something that hasn't been a problem of late

Grey with low cloud but forecast decent, good day yesterday weatherwise if a little too warm ar 19C.

Nice to hear frim Darla, roundabouts can be a problem to the unwary!

Off car-booting later looking for bedding plants.


06-01-2013, 01:03 AM
Good morning all.

So good to hear Darla and Larry have arrived safely to their hotel.

Another fine sunny morning here, not a cloud in the sky.


06-01-2013, 03:47 AM
Hi all.

Drak here. Splendidly fruitless day achievement wise here, apart from Roger and I spotting ripening raspberries and scoffing them when we thought the other wasn't looking. We are never going to get enough for a proper dessert. Belch.

Mandarins are ripening too and haven't been stolen. I did steal one and peeled and ate it. As I chucked the peel down the hill, I noticed more. Roger came out of the shed with a beatific smile on his face and smelled distinctly citrusy. Or was that me?

Too many lemons. have to get my mums recipe for lemon marmalade. Involves a food processor and a microwave and it is delicious.

Next potato planting in bottomless bins.

Then it got dark.

Fire is lit and I think sausages, baked beans and mash tonight. Culinary wonders :lol:

Glad Darla and Larry negotiated English traffic successfully. Even though we drive on the same side of the road as there it was mind boggling. Roger was boggled because I was helping. read Hyacinth.:rolleyes: I hope Ellen is getting some sun.

06-01-2013, 03:57 AM
Hi Annie, sounds so exotic picking oranges and lemons off the tree.

I have posted the June watercolour challenge HERE (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=19641791#post19641791).


06-01-2013, 05:24 AM
It's got boats in it, she said accusingly. :clear:

06-01-2013, 05:58 AM
It's got boats in it, she said accusingly. :clear:
But they are only little boats Annie :D


06-01-2013, 07:02 AM
Sun now out after dull start....Doug, got 6 dahlia bedding plants for 1.60 at car boot and 6 geraniums for similar......never had them so cheap. Dozen Alyssum similar price too........so have watered them and will overnight in greenhouse........

Off to chop some more ivy down now.


06-01-2013, 07:16 AM
Hello washers

Hi Geoff, Doug

Sylvia - I remember those lanyards. Also potholders woven with cotton loops.

Char - your bracelets are wonderful. Please post Bill's instructions so I can have them too?

Happy anniversary Carolynn. Glad you are feeling healthy.

Hi Gail, hope your throat feels better quickly.

Uschi - I'm confused -- why do you recylce forget-me-nots?
About cycling in the city, dont forget that I was born and grew here in Manhattan [Yes, one of those very rare 'natives'] so I learned to ride and drive (btw, if you can drive here, you can drive anywhere, including roundabouts:angel: ) on city streets. When I was growing up and cycling all over 'these mean streets' we never even thought of helmets, so I am actually way ahead.

Annie - dont know how you can call a day with Raspberries, Mandarins and Lemons "fruitless" - :lol: :lol:
I do get a grin out of your casual mention of a day in the back yard scarfing down fresh berries, while I am sitting in my NYC apartment, listening to sirens aned traffic and waiting eagerly (more like yearning) for our first CSA delivery to start next week. I love WC!! It really is a small world.

Out of town friend visiting for a couple of days: No wait, make that my friend and her companion. Wait, wait, not a couple of days. How about 5 days? No, no, we wanted to stay for a week. Oh, dont change your plans, now I am not sure when we are coming. No, wait, we will be there saturday, I think. Oh, I forgot, we are staying until the 11th.

Gonna go now and shoot myself. BBL


Strawberry Wine
06-01-2013, 07:42 AM
Morning Washers

We had another night of rain after a muggy day yesterday 30C or higher, I stopped looking at the thermostat. AC went on early afternoon and immediately took the humidity out of the house. Just ran the fan after that.

Cooler and wetter this morning. It was too hot to plant much yesterday and today may be too wet as rain appears imminent. If we get much more of this some of the smaller veggies are going to start rotting in the ground...

Char, your bracelets are lovely !

Doris, my throat is improving ! :) Uschi pulls the forget me nots out of the ground before they self seed and takes them to the recycling/composting place.

Darla, how brave of Larry (or you) to drive in England especially in a big city with round a bouts :eek: Wonderful, that you are having an exciting and enjoyable visit.

Geoff, a partial or full leg cramp wakes me most mornings :( I know you had them often in the past. Was there something special you did to cause them to diminish?

Doug, it has boats but no water . Boats should float :)

Annie, Lemon Cheese (spread) is delicious way to use up a surplus of lemons Lemons, sugar and butter. Yummy! I have my Great Grandmother's recipe if you want it.

I hear Dan and Pearl stirring. Quiet time is over.:)

Cheers, to all,


06-01-2013, 08:07 AM
Doug, it has boats but no water . Boats should float
Ok here's one that is floating :lol:



06-01-2013, 08:28 AM
Hi to All

Cloudy and warmish here today

Annie, I love sausage beans and mash with onion gravy

Glad to Darla is having a good time, driving can be stressful here in the UK, where I live is full of roundabouts, it is where most shunts occur!

Lesley's Sister and co leave for London today, they enjoyed the visit

Speak Later


06-01-2013, 08:30 AM
Morning all. Getting ready to go down to breakies before heading out.

Went out at 130 am to move both cars under the hotels large overhang and spent the next hour and a half in the car watching the giant hail go south of us, barely, on the computer in the car. Phew.

Btw, subaru has a great commercial with a plein air painter in it!

Ellen in Ont
06-01-2013, 08:46 AM
:wave: everyone,
Popping in before the iPad is packed. We're on our way home today. I'm glad. I've had enough. Poor Max is exhausted, not eating or sleeping well, and only wants to be in the water. My DIL had diarrhea for two days and now my son has it. I have a few rumblings this morning too. We catch the bus for the airport at 10:00 this morning and won't get home until 1:00 am. :eek: that's 15 hours travelling with a grumpy child! There are long lay overs in Toronto and customs to go through. :rolleyes:

The wedding was wonderful and I'll have some pics once I recover from travelling. Apparently the photos from the photographer are amazing but I haven't seen them yet.

I'm packing up and going down to check out. See you all tomorrow.

06-01-2013, 09:07 AM
OMG... I am promising myself that I will NOT complain about our weather. Ever. Those poor, poor people in Oklahoma have suffered another SERIES of deadly tornadoes. My prayers are with them.

So... Good Morning Washer Buds. It is quite muggy here in SW Ontario this morning. It finally rained a little, late yesterday afternoon. We're looking for more today but it won't be anything significant.

Last night's event was SO successful! The Silent Auction brought in more than $5,000, the Live Auction more than $7,000, our Raffle Tickets about $5,000 and Event Ticket Sales were about $3,000... Doing the math... we earned (yes earned) about $20,000!!!! It took us two years of very hard work to organize our Event. Since we support 22 elementary schools for breakfast and lunch programmes, this money will sure help fill hungry tummies! :)

The Kumihimo Disk (I purchased a kit that included all the bobbins) is what I've been using to braid the cord for my little bracelets. Most patterns use 8 cords. Some use more and I've just threaded my disk with 16. We'll see how that turns out! :)


I bought my cording at Michaels. They have an excellent selection in a variety of materials, colours and weights. It was more challenging to find the finishing ends. I ended up buying them from Amazon.com. If you google Kumihimo, you'll find all kinds of patterns and information about the craft.

Too bad that your cramps have returned, Geoff... :( I thought you manged to get all that darned ivy under control!

Hi Doug... this month's challenge... challenging...

Annie, all that scoffing is never fruitless... On the way to town yesterday, I noticed that the vegetable stand I like has opened and selling local strawberries! Mmmm....

Doris, I had to think a minute about those cotton loops! I remember them! :lol: I'm sure you'll enjoy your friends' visit for however long they end up staying... maybe they'll want to rent share. *smirk*

Gail, your lemon butter is absolutely yummy. We haven't turned the air conditioning on yet. By late afternoon, the house gets quite warm. But the south breeze off the little lake has been keeping us comfortable.

Hi Henry... I hope Lesley had a great visit with her family... :heart:

Caryl, have you been tracking all that severe weather while trying to move??

Darla and Larry... you are so brave to be driving on the wrong side of the road ( :) )... and roundabouts no less! I hope today brings lots of adventures for you! And :crossfingers: for sunshine...

((Ellen)) Awh, it's too bad that your holiday was spoiled by those terrible rumbles... especially for baby Max... I hope your trip home is uneventful! :heart:

My morning has already slipped away... time to get moving... I hope that everyone has the very best possible day!

EDIT: Meant to tell Sylvia that your workshop paintings are fascinating and I'll bet you had a lot of fun! Will you try these techniques again?

06-01-2013, 09:18 AM

No the cramps 'sorta went away' which is what was such s surprise this morning...my bed is quite close to the wall so a few kicks helped!

Eileen caught the village bus to Market so I have made myself a rare treat...a full cafetiere of best Columbian...which I will have to consume before 3pm as she doesn't like the smell........she wouldn't survive in North America!!

Ivy....has a life of it's own, Yes I got rid of the stuff on the studio but am having a new roof on the double garage and it has spread there are well!


06-01-2013, 09:28 AM
:wave: Getting overcast, rain predicted......and 40% chance for tomorrow, too, hard on the garden tour, I may get wet painting in the gardens.

Yesterday was quite the experience! There was a decided lack of organization, but we finally nabbed a lovely woman who was shepherding a troop of soldiers (who were changing into costume in the room we thought we were to use :rolleyes:) and she found out where we were to appear and how to manage things. Other performers were dashing in and out while we changed, quite interesting...

Then we went out in the 90F weather and waited while they called for the fellow to put up the microphone (traffic behind, noise everywhere, perhaps we might need one?) then tripped around in the sun. I was late to appear the second time, took forever to get my hair acceptable, then realized as I undressed to go to bed that I had worn two necklaces at once to go out in the evening gown!.... put on the glittering dressy one and forgot the folksy one underneath. They said we looked OK ( I walked with a gentleman in full evening dress :D ) luckily they couldn't know all the details! And since we were in a secluded part of the grounds, only about 25 spectators

But no photos, all was too distracting and we all just wanted to get away at the end. Our car full went off to a local eatery and had a well earned supper. The alarming thought is that we have a similar event next Saturday, more reenactors, municipal organization, and the details are somewhat vague. Well, one must be flexible :lol:

So distressing, all the weather problems.....we had a severe storm warning yesterday, thank goodness it didn't happen during our event, but as we came out of the restaurant, a terrific wind blew us into the car, and we were nervous driving home through the wind and rain. The huge 1812 campsite was drenched in the sudden storm, and everything was very dark. There were ambulances and other emergency vehicles along the road home, large trees were down, but nothing like Oklahoma.

Doris :lol: lovely description of your impending visitors, I hope it turns out better than you are expecting.

I like your bracelets, Char, they look more finished than some of that type, nicely done! That disk makes my homemade cardboard one look feeble!!! but it works. I like the way you finished the ends.

Glad you are feeling better, Gail, take it easy!

Interesting shape to that boat, Doug, is it a hydrofoil?

Yes, Annie, driving in British roundabouts is an adventure.....makes the little ones we are starting to have here look pretty simple, but people are having problems with them. One two lane one already has a large sign 'do not drive beside large trucks', perhaps their design isn't all it could be.

Hi Geoff!

Hi Caryl, glad you missed that storm, I hope it's clear sailing now.

(((Ellen)))safe trip home.

I hope you all have a rewarding day :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

06-01-2013, 09:32 AM
Interesting shape to that boat, Doug, is it a hydrofoil?
No Lynn, I think it is similar to the bulges on the prow of oil talkers, something to help save fuel.


06-01-2013, 09:59 AM
Good Morning all,
Happy 1 June! It is 9:45 a.m. here in warmish Oakwood. The sky is cloudy but bright.

The adventures have started with the veggie garden already. I looked out the kitchen window and saw something move in the garden...it was the baby rabbit heading toward the lettuce patch! :mad: Get outta there! We want that lettuce for a salad tonight. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! sent him running for the fence! Yep, the garden is surrounded by chicken wire fencing, but he is small enough to fit through the grid opening without a problem as I saw him do on his way out of the garden! Why are these critters so cute, but so distructive????

Doris, :lol: about your friends' itinerary centering around your apartment!

Char, I really do think I might use some of the techniques we tried out in the workshop. I especially liked the idea of the abstract shapes in the background in the second one (although my painting didn't turn out well, I think I got the idea now and may be able to make it work better next time).

Lynn, What a madcap day it sounds like you had. I'm glad the storm didn't hit while you were on stage so to speak.

Caryl, Good move getting your cars under the hotel overhang. Saw some photos of the softball-sized hail that fell in parts of Oklahoma yesterday.

Ellen, You'll be like Dorothy clicking your heels and singing "There's no place like home! There's no place like home!" once your travels are finished today. Sorry people have gotten the traveler's tummy on this happy occasion. Hope you don't have it too badly. :crossfingers:

Geoff, We use Columbian coffee a lot, French Roast is another one we like. Anything that is considered semi-dark roast seems to do the trick for us. Enjoy your cuppa!

Annie, Wow, you named some of my favorites from your garden. You are so lucky, we have to buy them at the grocery store. Lemon curd (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Lemon-Curd-104568)sounds delicious with your excess lemons. May be the same thing as Gail's lemon cheese. :D

Henry, Glad Leslie had a nice visit with her sister and family. :D

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



06-01-2013, 10:27 AM
It is called a 'bulbous bow'.....


Scene Chaser
06-01-2013, 10:57 AM
Good Day All,
Overcast and rainy.

I don't think I'll ever get out to the garden. It is so wet, I'm sure I could not walk through it, let alone plant anything.

I found driving in England an adventure when there three years ago. The only problem I had was meeting a bus while driving the wrong way down a one way at Heathrow. Enjoy the Cotswolds, Darla and Larry.

Char, thanks for the info on the Kumihimo. I think making them would be fun. They would make nice gifts for my grand nieces.


06-01-2013, 12:15 PM
Char, I meant to say congratulations on raising so much money for your charity, really worth while, all that work!

Hi Sylvia, I think you may lose that battle....could you have raised beds, might defeat the rabbits, anyway. We have waist high beds here, more like tables, they are open underneath, and rabbits could not get up....squirrels might, though.

Thanks, Geoff, never seen one like that before.

Had a quick walk to the store, expected to get wet, but just lots of flying clouds and sun, with a nice breeze, lovely day!

06-01-2013, 12:17 PM
If you think driving in UK is a problem...try Vladivostock! They have partially adopted changing sides but it means that you could be on the right one mile then switch to the other........there are almost no road junctions marked and no roundabouts, most cars carry the scars of such activities....and they say they are the twin of San Francisco!


p.s. My favourite picture from there I may have shown before...


Sunrise at 0430 through industrial smoke......Russian Hospital ship on the left.

06-01-2013, 12:36 PM
Good afternoon Washers.

Doris, we are trying to avoid being "those house guests" when we travel to Vancouver in July by staying in a hotel instead of taking the bride's parents up on a rather vague offer of accommodation in an out-of-town relative's house? :confused: That seems a bit too uncertain for our comfort level! Anyway, we have never met any of these people, so having some peace and privacy in the evenings will probably be a good thing.:smug:

My DH was at the gas station in Sainte Josephe this morning, standing in line at the cash behind a tourist who had just gassed up his enormous camper. The gentleman asked the cashier how long it would take him to drive to the Confederation Bridge. The cashier answered with an elaborate shrug. I guess he wasn't working the day the employees had their "Tourist Relations" course. DH told him it would take less than two hours.

We will play tourists for the day tomorrow. We are going on a day trip to Fredericton to visit former neighbours (we lived two houses apart in our subdivision for 15 years) who have been living and working in Saskatoon for the same amount of time we have been here in the Valley (14 years!):eek: Wow! Time does fly!

Time for my walk. Hope it doesn't rain.


Scene Chaser
06-01-2013, 12:49 PM
Geoff, I don't know what driving is like in San Francisco, now, but in 69' I had a job driving a small truck around the Bay area and there were no problems. Though, there are a lot of hills and bridges to maneuver.

Anne, where is Sainte Josephe? I hope to visit eastern Canada someday, especially the Maritimes. It'll have to be as a cruise, though.


06-01-2013, 01:41 PM
Good afternoon from Texas. Poor Oklahoma was hit again. We are supposed to get hit this afternoon as the cold front finally moves closer. Hope the prediction doesn't come true. I'll take the rain, but not the storms.

I had my shot on Thursday-in and out so fast I didn't even finish my soda. Came home and slept until 1:30 p.m. The major pain is gone. There is still some tingling down to my toes, but I figured I would have to have the complete series like last time. I will find out on Wednesday. So, I am back on Aleve, but able to move easier.

Caryl, I figured you were heading into the storm front during your trip. Glad you were able to protect your cars.

Darla, Glad you are having such a great time.

Kay, Belated Happy Birthday.

Carolyn, Happy Anniversary and glad that you are doing so well. :crossfingers: for a good report from the doctors.

Doris, Sounds like you will have some fun with your company. I am so bad, I made sure I don't have room for overnight visitors.

Ellen, So sorry you have to travel with a sick baby and upset stomaches. There is nothing worse. Hope things go smoothly.

Bill, Ms. Feral is truly spoiled. She has the best of both worlds.

Someone just knocked on the door, and I could not answer it because I am still in my PJs. Lucy is just looking at me wondering why I did not answer the door.

Hello to everyone else, and I will check back later today.

06-01-2013, 01:54 PM
Yes Char, I work where ever I go. Hard not to when the car says weather lady on the back!

Just passed through Hanibal Mo Mark Twain prevails.
Sitting down to lunch at subway in shelbyville.
Heading to St Jo next.

Sunny and 75 brrrrr.

06-01-2013, 01:59 PM
Hiya! Magoo stopped by for coffee (and lunch)... of course, I always send something home for later... this time it was some beautiful greens that my Homeschoolers Mom had sprouted...

I called about a window cleaning service yesterday, and the owner stopped by today. His estimate is really reasonable so his crew will be here on Wednesday to do all my windows. That's really a big deal for me! :)

I did manage to swiffer up a new cat before everyone arrived here... :rolleyes: Now, I'm going to get something drawn out to paint. I did finish my fuchsias but haven't photographed them yet.

Geoff, there's a wild vine that's quite prolific here... it looks like maple leaves, sends out a kazillion runners, climbs on everything and has roots to China... :mad: Enjoy your coffee... I love a nice aromatic cup of Sumatra now and again...

Lynn, can you just imagine having to wear all those layers every day of your life??? Especially in our Southern Ontario heat and humidity! :eek:

That's quite a boat, Doug... I've never seen one like it!

Sylvia, I also think that raised beds just might save the day!

Bill, I also think that raised beds just might save the day! :) For the men, I'm making anklets. And key chains. The East Coast is absolutely beautiful and I KNOW you'll enjoy it there!

Anne, there was a really nice Tourist Information Centre on the mainland before we crossed the Confederation Bridge last fall. They were exceptionally helpful. I have some great photos of the bridge when we were trying to get away from hurricane Sandy! :lol:

Nancy and Caryl, we x-posted... Nancy, I'm glad that your pain is beginning to ease a little. I sure hope that severe weather doesn't hit your area...

Take a break, Caryl! ((()))

06-01-2013, 02:00 PM
Bill..I think the San Francisco thing with the Russians was that they had a city on hills ( not very pretty either) and that they were building a Golden Gate Bridge across the harbour......and someone had told them they were similar! However, although much of the place was grim the people were very interesting and very happy outside of their former repressed society. When the ship left, and not that many call yet, they came out in their hundreds to watch us...


p.s. Caryl, so thats what WthrLady means!

06-01-2013, 02:05 PM
Hidilly ho, fellow painterlings. :)

Staying inside packing and painting today, pretty hot outside again, although not as humid. Summer thunderstorms coming tomorrow, looks like. Getting out of here just in time.

So, I'm eating baked pita chips with hummus the night before last. I don't know if you've had them before, but they make Doritos look like gummy bears. Extremely hard little triangles of oh-my-goodness. Crunching away, I drove a splintered piece of baked bread shard into the roof of my mouth. Not too bad, it hurt a bit, but no serious damage.

Last night, I'm eating a handful of toffee peanuts (with the hard, crunchy sweet coating) and bit one just right...wouldn't you know it, right into the previously violated area...and just filleted it, this time really good. I haven't spit so much blood since...probably ever.

After flushing with clean water, I swished with some straight lemon juice then some full strength Listerine. Oh, what fun! Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling like the old days of drinking and brawling in the local bar. No infection or anything, but the whole area feels like I hit it with a hammer. Was somebody making age jokes earlier? Pfft. I just got my butt kicked by chips and peanuts.

And now I can't stop touching it with my tongue. I need to go back to juicing until I re-learn to chomp crunchy stuff without smacking my gob around like a jackhammer. :p

Pureed pita chips, anyone?

Working on a couple brush reviews today, I'll post them later in the learning center. Still hammering out ACEO's and practicing sealing techniques. I'm also going through my STACKS of botched paintings with my little ACEO card template and salvaging the good areas, tossing the skeletons. Making a nice dent in the pile of things I'm hauling out of here and getting lots of sell-able cards done.

Just offhand, what is "DH"? I had to ask somebody what "BOF" was a couple of days ago, and I'm hoping for a similar chuckle. :lol:

06-01-2013, 02:32 PM
Geoff "It is called a 'bulbous bow".....Snozzle Duranti had one of those!

All quiet her now, apart from Lesley having a dizzy spell and falling over in the bathroom, she is ok, we think it her medication caused it


06-01-2013, 02:36 PM
:grouphug: Lesley :grouphug: hope things get moving soon Henry, it must be awful waiting for the surgery.


06-01-2013, 02:49 PM
Hi all again,

Well, my Larry and I have thwarted the baby rabbit's quest for homegrown mesclun! We had some plastic fencing down in the garage, so we ran that around the chicken wire fencing. Like to see him fit through a 2" opening now. :lol: Our garden is raised a bit....we surrounded the bed with cement blocks that are about 6" high before filling it with good soil. Ohio is noted for pottery because our soil is filled with clay. So before starting our veggie garden, Larry dug it up and we got rid of some of the clay and replaced it with compost and peat to a good depth. The chicken wire works to keep out the rabbits (usually :rolleyes:), and NOTHING anyone has invented yet will keep out the squirrels, unfortunately. :mad:

Karl, Ouch! cutting the roof of your mouth with sharp objects is one way to go on a diet, I guess. We like Stacey's Pita Chips too. Have you tried the Multigrain variety? It's really good. "DH" and "DW" mean "Dear Husband" and "Dear Wife" respectively. Now you can add that to your growing Daily Wash vocabulary list. ;)

Char, Are you talking about Kudzu as the wild vine? I didn't think it had gotten as far north as Canada. It is a horrible plant and covers everything that isn't moving that gets in its path trees, shrubs, buildings, etc. What a great idea to get a window cleaning service. Larry and I still have to do ours this season. He does the outside and I do the inside. We have soooooooo many window panes to do since ours are the true divided windows. It is really a full day's labor.

Nancy, Glad getting the shot went smoothly and you are feeling relief from the pain. :thumbsup:

Lovely photo, Geoff. Sunsets are so beautiful.

Caryl, Wish we had that 77F temp here, I'll be happy to Brrrrr! instead of Sizzle!

:wave: to all, I'm off to try to find something to paint. Larry wants me to do a half sheet size painting (I already have the frame and mat) to go over the living room sofa. He thinks the one I have hanging there now is too small for the size of the wall. It's the one I won an Honorable Mention award for last month. I think he is right.


Just got an entry form for another art show in August, so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone if I do a good enough painting to frame in that size, eh. ;)

:wave: to all,



Strawberry Wine
06-01-2013, 02:54 PM
Karl, the roof of the mouth is so very tender...

As a former dental assistant, I would suggest you rinse with very warm to comfortably hot salt water. A rounded teaspoon of sea or table salt disolved in about 6 oz of the warm water. The lemon juice is acidic and has no healing properties and no doubt has further inflamed the already tender area. No wonder you are hurting. Rinse and spit 3 or 4 times from each glass of warm water and repeat several times a day...

On the plus side our mouths heal quickly.



P. S. Sylvia, Yes Dan did. Squirrels can not get into one of my enclosures and don't like to climb the other one. I can throw bird netting over the 2nd one once the tomatoes start ripening but for the last couple of years the wobbly fence has been enough of a deterrent.

06-01-2013, 03:38 PM
...The lemon juice is acidic and has no healing properties and no doubt has further inflamed the already tender area. No wonder you are hurting...

Well, that's just crazy talk. Next thing I know, you're going to be telling me to stop using the belt sander to take splinters out of my fingers. :lol:

I used the lemon juice and listerine with the idea that I was cleaning out the peanut and sugary gunk.

Chalk up another point for the futility (both received from tough guy coaches and family as well as given to the teams I've coached) of the "Walk it off/Rub some dirt on it/Suck it up/Tough it out/Feel the burn/No pain no gain" mentality that I've put so much worth into throughout my life. :p

The salt water sounds like a great idea, I'll do that; I have a bunch of sea salt here that I use more for the icy sidewalk and sprinkling on watercolors than I use for food. I'm not much of a salt guy.

Theeth thtupid bandaidth make me type with a lithp anywayth.

Scene Chaser
06-01-2013, 03:54 PM

Sylvia, Nice paintings and a nice looking lady, too. :)
Will the 1/2 sheet painting be a floral or a landscape? I bet it will be a beautiful floral.

06-01-2013, 04:40 PM
Heavy rain here. Got inside just in time!

((((Henry and Lesley))))

Karl, you really do need your Mom! Your graphic story made me queasy.:p :D I believe that "DH" is "Dear Husband" (at least that is what I use it for!)
Now I want to know what that other one means?:confused:

Char, yes the NB Tourist Information Centre at Cape Tormentine is lovely, and has some great crafts for sale. We have also taken some great photos of the Bridge from that spot. A few years ago, PEI hosted a three-day professional women's cycling competition, and the first day was a time-trial across the bridge. We were there for that; it was very exciting!

Thunder now! BBL


06-01-2013, 04:54 PM
Sylvia..........stunning picture/pictures.



06-01-2013, 06:07 PM
Good Late AFternoon!!!

Not hot (24C) but VERY humid.

I played table tennis in the morning, came home, had lunch and read the Wash, son dropped in for coffee and chat, then had an hour of internal debate about tomorrow's family dinner.

I had planned the easy way out, namely the frozen Zehr's lasagna but first of all I really don't fancy having the oven on for 2 1/2 hours in this heat and humidity and secondly the lasagna wouldn't be enough for all of us - both sons and families plus DIL's parents. Finally decided to make a chilli which, of course, meant I had to go shopping. So it is done, HUGE pot because once I start I throw in everything but the kitchen sink:lol:

Too many interesting posts to reply to so will say what they^^^^ said PLUS (always a little plus)

Henry, HUGS for Lesley, could also have been low blood pressure.

Ellen, Looking forward to going home is a good thing, sorry things got a bit messed up.

Karl - OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia, I don't want to deter you from painting a half sheet but why not hang two quarter sheets next to each other. Your painting looks GORGEOUS and you are looking great!!! None of our Washers have aged a day since I last saw you in person!!!

Nancy, I hope it works :crossfingers:

Char, bracelets look GREAT!!!

Anne, re Bleeding Hearts, they like protection and morning sun. I should take a photo because you wouldn't believe where one of them had self seeded - right between the house foundation and the asphalt driveway, there is no space, have no idea how it did it. Looking for sturdy perennials?? There are the Forget-me-nots:lol: :lol: the blackeyed susans and the Evening Primrose, guaranteed!!!!!! You'll never get rid of them:lol: :lol:

Time to stir that chilli.

:wave: Uschi

Lynn, told you you'd be "glowing":D You must have felt miserable, it was sooo hot and humid yesterday.

06-01-2013, 06:15 PM
75F!! absolutely Roasting Hot. West of Scotland folks would be out in nothing but shorts staring at the sun, astonished by the heat. Frankly if it hits 80F folks will stop work just to feel the warmth outside. 90F would be lead story on the national news, with a funny tale of somewhere running out of ice-cream.!! My American counterpart reckons it's always 55F here.

My cat hates squirrels with a passion, that seems to keep them away, though after bringing me 10-12 most years, earlier this year I got presented with just a tail and a lot of angry growlings from Tiger, He's close to 18-20 so he's slowing down, and must have just been too slow to get that one.

Karl, that salty water will help a lot, and a tiny pinch of salt in cheap coffee, helps the flavour a lot as well; which is good to know for the Great American Road Trip. I've been passenger for 10,000's of American Miles, and spent some of it looking for a Sinclair Dinosaur on a gas station. Found one as well, in Texas, maybe, with Fried Pies as a treat. But uniformly dreadful coffee.

Henry and Lesley, thinking of you both. If it's a rough night always enjoy the sunrise together.

06-01-2013, 06:21 PM
Hello everyone, we had a rather interesting day. We headed to the Cotswolds on this beautifully sunny day. Larry managed the roundabouts just fine. By the time we got to the second village we had taken tons of pics.

I went into a store to buy something for the girls and stepping out of the doorway I felt something happen to my knee.:confused: it was the left knee the same one that I had my ACLU repaired. I immediately felt intense pain. I definitely did something to it but don't know what and we have SO much vacation to do yet.

I've been :crying: all afternoon and evening; asking myself WHY? But we managed to finish our tour, Larry had to help me limp along so that we could see the villages and take our pics. We got back to our hotel at 9:00 and ate in the restaurant in the Holiday Inn so that we wouldn't have to go far. Now we are heading to bed as we have to be up at 6 am to catch our train to London after we return the car.

I'm determined not to ruin this vacation for Larry so I will push on and limp along.

White light would be much appreciated.

Love You guys.:wave: :heart:

06-01-2013, 06:25 PM
((((Darla)))) Oh dear what a shame! Buy a knee support at a pharmacy, it will help a ton. A friend was here this afternoon and had constant knee pain after a knee operation last year. She bought a knee support recently and got immediate relief.

Hope you can manage to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Doug :heart:

06-01-2013, 06:38 PM
Darla Ouch! As much White Light as you need and some of those Denis TOF Big Blue Butterflies as well.

Just been watching Oaklahoma gwtting bashed again......shame as more fatalties.


06-01-2013, 08:54 PM
((((((((((((((((((((((((((Darla)))))))))))))))))))))))))) plus white light plus :heart:


06-01-2013, 08:56 PM
Dashing through before heading up to bed and reading my new Victoria Thompson book Murder in Chelsea. She is the author of the Edgar Award winning Gaslight Series of mysteries. Excellent books if you haven't read any yet. :D

Thanks for the nice comments about my photo Geoff and Bill and Uschi. :D That is a picture a friend took at the Tri-Art Show last month. I actually liked it too, that's more than I can say for most photos of myself. :lol:

Uschi, Chili is always a good choice when you have a lot of people to feed. I like to serve mine over either rice or shell-shaped pasta. Do you do that or just serve it in a bowl with crackers on the side? Two paintings hanging side by side might be a possibility as well as a half sheet...but then they should have some relationship in subject, shouldn't they? Hmmm, painting two smaller paintings or one large one??????

Darla, OUCH! so sorry your knee went out and is causing you pain. I think Doug's suggestion of buying a knee brace at a pharmacy is a very good one, especially since you will be walking on it as you tour.

:wave: to all,



06-01-2013, 10:00 PM

06-01-2013, 10:51 PM
My, it's almost 11:30 pm here, where did the evening go?

(((Darla))) so sorry about your knee! The knee brace is an excellent idea, but if the pain persists, please seek medical treatment. Here's all the white light I can beam coming your way!

Uschi, thank you for the perennial advice. On your "recommendation":D I bought some forget-me-nots the other day; I thought they might be able to spread faster than the deer (and slugs:eek:) can devour them!

Bill, Sainte Josephe is located in the Memramcook River Valley. It is close to the TransCanada Highway, 60 kilometres from the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is roughly halfway between that border and the cities of Dieppe and Moncton. The French spelling and pronunciation of its name are commonly used because this is a predominantly French-speaking area. This is a beautiful, pastoral area with rolling hills and farm fields.
Many cities with an ocean front port in the Maritimes are now visited by cruise ships over quite a long season. Cape Breton, Halifax, Saint John and Miramichi come to mind.

Time to turn in. Clock is set for 6 am.:eek:


06-01-2013, 11:37 PM
(((Darla))) White light is blasting your way...