View Full Version : Cheap Joe's 25% sale this weekend

05-25-2013, 01:03 AM
Hi All, I got the email telling about this. The code to use is meme
And shipping is free over either $100 or 125. I already put my order in....

Every once in a while they do 20% but this is the best I've seen.

Enjoy or should I say, "don't go broke" but have fun getting what you need.... or is it want....OR BOTH!!!

:thumbsup: Nicole

05-25-2013, 02:25 AM
I put an order in too! Be aware Cheap Joe's recently started their summer sale, so different stuff is now on sale. And sale stuff doesn't get the discount (though it's a pretty good sale). Okay, I won their Facebook Easter Egg hunt, so I had gift certificate money to burn and had been waiting for a percent off sale like this.

05-25-2013, 01:20 PM
Cathy, Actually I bought something that was on sale and it still gave me 25% off that. It was a Best Lobo easel I'd been pining for & thought it's never going to be any cheaper than this. It was marked down $20 and it still gave me 25% off after the mark down. Maybe it was just an oversight on their part but I'll take it. Yeah, the day I put in my order, a sale booklet came in the mail later on.

Glad you scored as well!

05-25-2013, 02:04 PM
Could be that they did give the discount on top of the sale price. I was going by what the fine print said. I bought a lot of little things and more than half were on sale already. I didn't bother checking the math, just kept checking the bottom line in my shopping cart as I added stuff. I was very happy with how much I got for the money, and wound up going a little over budget.