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05-07-2013, 10:28 AM
Sketching at the Gloria Jean's Coffee in Timor Leste

There is also some good sketching I made at the Gloria Jean's Coffee in Timor Leste.
It's a nice place where I found some colleagues having relax, and also a lot of other people obviously.
So in that days I was surrounded by many people, but this gray haired man, a big man, somehow caught my attention. I absolutely don't know who is this man, but I was seeing him speaking with a lot of people. Just to following him like a 007 with my sight.
I took more than one month to go for sketching inside a cafeteria. To meet's one of the most difficult task to carry out since I go out for drawing and since I'm so shy and there is full of people.
I'd prefer to go for my place alone obviously (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/sketching-cristo-rei-in-timor-leste/) like going to Cristo Rei.
More over the tables are outside and outside was so hot that the water inside my water brushes was evaporating, not washing! Nothing terrible, also to take notice some great side effects like a short time for drying the washes and the pen inks.
http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-01-450x600.jpg (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-01.jpg)

And some people was also sad in the face.
http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-02-450x600.jpg (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-02.jpg)

Some colleagues of mine relaxing.
http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-04-450x600.jpg (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-04.jpg)

A classic sketching of what I have in front of me. A good cup of coffee with a nice plant inside a glass. Cute.
http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-03.jpg (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/wp-content/uploads/Sketching-in-Cofee-Bar-Timor-Leste-03.jpg)

I have to admit that if I see these sketching later, they seems more loose in washing and in contours. I can see the hurry to catch the moment, and that's about obviously overall, the people.

Hope you liked them.

05-07-2013, 03:28 PM
Great sketches. Congrats on being brave to do it.

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05-07-2013, 05:08 PM
Very nice sketch!

I like how you included the sketch in front of you in your sketch of what is in front of you!:wink2:

05-08-2013, 04:14 AM
Nice sketches

05-08-2013, 06:30 AM
Very nice sketch!

I like how you included the sketch in front of you in your sketch of what is in front of you!:wink2:

yeah, I liked the idea to make a meta-sketch!