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05-03-2013, 11:49 PM
Star Wars Day,May the 4th be with you !

Birds going mad here despite gales and heavy rain,unlike South of England where heat wave precails,,

Back later


05-04-2013, 12:09 AM

It is still beautiful out after a warm sunny day. More of the same for the weekend too.:thumbsup:

I'm still up and it's 12:04; heading to bed soon though; Larry has long gone as he has to be to work at 5am. I wanted to stay up to watch a show on TV but my eyes are getting heavy.:rolleyes:

I want to paint later and maybe work in my flower garden. Go for a walk would be nice too. AFTER I sleep in a bit first.:thumbsup:

Larry and I went to the grocery store tonight; two of them to be exact. Stocked the cupboard shelves and the refrigerator again. WE ate at a Mexican restaurant first though. It was good but didn't really agree with me.:rolleyes:

I hope you all have a great Saturday and will be able to do something you will enjoy doing.

Hugs to all in need,

BBL:wave: :heart:

05-04-2013, 01:57 AM
Morning all again

please read prevails for precalls! Still torrential rain here


05-04-2013, 03:24 AM
Geoff and Darla . LOVE you both.

Geoff I remembered but then forgot the significance of the day. May the fourth be with you :heart:

WE spent the morning navigating the back ends of the western suburbs of Brisbane for a one year old FIRST birthday. We did meet up with old friends including the mother and father of said infant, George. A truly sensible name BTW given the fashions.

Party consisted of parents, plastic thingummys and things that squealed underfoot. We spoke to the elderly there, like our age and tried not to move the feet. One "elderly" ex compatriot of Rogers (not elderly because he is not allowed and nor is the other. OMG they are retired together :eek: ) had his marvellous daughter late 20 something Kate there. As well as being a project manager for whatever she can manage, she has a crane licence, got bored and went to Byron Bay to learn Yoga instructing. I was dying to ask for demonstration but the floor was full of errant crawlers and she would have hit me.:lol:

Henry, I HOPE HOPE HOPE all is well.

05-04-2013, 03:54 AM
morning folks
pills started to kick in acid feeling starting to go

Peter, the medication for ulcers works quickly but make sure you take it for the prescribed amount of time. Christmas :eek: , why the heck did you wait so long?

Gail : it because I'm a stubborn Old Git And yes I will finish the coarse poeple not doing so is the reason why bug are getting stronger

char :true

Darla :me no likeeee Doctors

Lynn : great picture and bill picture as-well

have fun people I'm trying to or at lease I'm trying :D:evil::D

:heart:2 all

05-04-2013, 04:33 AM
Oh Peter. It isn't a course.

Still recovering from the attack of the Under fives.

Ellen in Ont
05-04-2013, 05:25 AM
:wave: everyone,
A very full day yesterday and more today. This afternoon I am helping sit our art club's table at a sale. I might be helping to set it up this morning as well, just waiting for a phone call.

I am also putting together a lesson plan for an afternoon workshop I am giving in June at a weekend art boot camp organized by my sister. It is two days with five workshops. I am taking the workshop she is teaching on painting on silk with dyes. Of course I had to order supplies for me to try here at home once I learned the technique. :rolleyes: :D I figure they will be good for the Christmas sales and if they don't sell they will make nice gifts. :thumbsup:

I started raking the yard yesterday but it is too wet still. The last of the snow melted yesterday. Hard to believe that a week ago this morning there was two feet of it all over the yard.

I can hear the Robins outside even if it is still too dark to see them. It's so nice to have the summer birds back. I saw some Juncos yesterday. They don't stay for the summer but are passing through on their way farther north.

Char - the store I ordered my dress from called yesterday to say it had finally arrived. They mailed it yesterday so it will be here in time for me to do the alterations. As long as it is able to do up I will just need to hem it. :rolleyes: If it doesn't do up I have a lot of alterations to be done. It wasn't the dress I showed you by the way. They didn't carry that designer anymore.:(

I better get busy and I need a coffee. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone. And lots of hugs going out to everyone who can use one. I think of everyone daily here who is going through rough times, and send my best wishes.

05-04-2013, 05:47 AM
Good Morning all,
It is quarter to six and still pitch dark outside my window. No birds singing this morning, hmmmmm. Is that a portent of rain or something?

Need to get another painting drawn up for my Monday class. I have something in mind, but I'm not sure I can pull it off. Will try drawing it out on tracing paper first before ruining a good sheet of watercolor paper. :D

Peter, Hope you are feeling better now that you are on a medication regime.

Darla, Have you planned out your clothes for the trip yet? I know you have the itinerary worked out. :D

Ellen, You are such a busy, busy lady. I am amazed at how much you accomplish and still do beautiful paintings. :thumbsup:

Henry, I hope your DW begins to feel better now that she is in hospital getting full attention from the doctors. :grouphug: for both of you.

Annie, Your descriptions of events always bring a smile to my face. Have you ever read anything by a writer called Erma Bombeck? She is a Daytonian and a very funny writer. That's who you remind me of. ;)

Geoff, May the Fourth be with you too. Hope the rains stop so you can enjoy your vacation area.

:wave: to all who are on their way. White light and healing vibes to all who are ailing or aching or taking care of a loved one who is.



05-04-2013, 05:57 AM

I signed up for a 6 week drawing workshop, starting today. It is on Saturdays, for 4 hours. I nearly didn't go this morning, but I am glad I did. Even though it took me an hour to drive 15 or so minutes.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The workshop destination for today was Captain Burke Park, under the Story Bridge, for those of you who live here.
It is not easy to find that road that leads down to the park from the Southside. I was using the Navigator on my phone, and firstly it kept wanting me to go through the Clem Jones Tunnel, which I didn't want to do, and secondly, it took me over the darn bridge 3 times, telling me my destination was on the left. Well it was, but under the bridge eh!!

I rang Emily and told her I was having troubles, and she gave me directions that lead me yet again over the bridge.. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. (I was hanging out for a coffee) So in desperation, I rang Alan. I told him the problem, he chuckled I cried, and he directed me in less than 5 minutes right to the park..
Instead of being half an hour early and enjoying coffee with group, I was half an hour late. Just lucky for me, they were doing warm up exercises, so I didn't miss anything. Phew.

I had a fun three and a half hours, but was totally washed out when I got home.

Tomorrow, after a very long wait, Reece finally gets to do hid flying lesson in the acrobatic plane I bought him for his birthday last September. Tania is picking me up at 7.30am so we can have an early lunch before his lesson. I know he is a good traveller, so am not worried.. I have camera batteries charging. Tania will have her video camera.



05-04-2013, 08:02 AM
:wave: Sun again here, lovely! Went to Curry's yesterday, and forgot to look for more Colourfix paper, will have to go back soon :)

((((Henry and Lesley))))

Have fun painting, Darla!

Quite a day you had, JJ, good that you enjoyed it finally.

Annie, yes, under fives are exhausting, in fact under 10s are equally if differently exhausting......I can handle a couple of hours and then I want to run! On the other hand, I am really enjoying the over 15s.....just wait a while :)

How's the weather, Sylvia, are the birds singing yet? good luck with your drawing, I am hoping to get back to mine.

Glad you are feeling better, Peter.

Hi Geoff, Ellen!

I hope you all have a satisfying day! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

05-04-2013, 09:31 AM

May the Fourth Be With You!

Good Morning to Everyone... I'm running late, as I'll be heading to the torture chamber otherwise known as the Gym right shortly.

Grocery shopping and laundry are on today's list of things to do. I need to find a reference for my Classes next week. We'll be working on a new colour study of analogous choices in blues. What a struggle that is for me because landscapes, seascapes, etc. which are perfect for these colours, are so bad!

Ted is putting a couple finishing touches on the chicken run... we let them out of the coop yesterday afternoon... joyful freedom! He'll begin building a new herb garden for me up beside our back deck.

My prayers go out to all those suffering losses for the Southern California wild fires! What terror!

No matter how you describe it, Geoff, all that rain is just plain miserable eh?

Nice plans for your day, Darla!

Annie... elderly??? :lol: The Under Fives are so filled with joy, energy and wonder... Not a single cynic in that group, eh?

Well, Peter, you really DID wait way too long to see your Dr. :thumbsup: for feeling a little better.

Are you planning another "weather" painting, Sylvia? Your lighthouse is really beautiful!

An Art Boot Camp sounds like SO much fun, Ellen! You'll look beautiful in your dress, I'm absolutely certain. I sure wish we could have been able to join you...

So... JJ... is this, like, a REAL plane that Reece will be flying? :eek:

Hi Lynn... I find the over 13's to be a trial... like, whatevah... :rolleyes: Did you ever use (or find) your Spectrafix and if you did, how do you like it? My only problem with it is that my reds tend to bleed and I'm still forced to use Krylon (outside of course) on those paintings.

I'd better get ready for my morning punishment... It only takes half an hour to drive there, so I can enjoy meditating about what I'll accomplish even before I get there. :) :wave: Henry, I have Lesley in my prayers... and all those who're under the weather... Have the best possible day, everyone! :grouphug:

05-04-2013, 11:02 AM
Good morning from Texas. The flowers have survived another cold blast from the North with wind warnings. Unfortunately, it did not bring much rain. But we have a good shot later this week.

I am killing time before I go to the chiropractor. My sciatica is acting up, and I so do not want to have to get shots again. I thought I would try him first to get relief. When I get up in the morning, I cannot even sit down. I pace until the Aleve kicks in.

My DH bought an iPad mini for us to take on trips. It is on the Sprint network, so it will work without WiFi. I will be able to check my work e-mails when we are on the road--even though I can do it on my iPhone. I think he just wanted another toy.

Our granddaughter turned 17 yesterday. I talked to her last night and told her that we have her present and something a little extra. I asked if she wanted an Android tablet...she was so excited. We will drop by later this afternoon to deliver it to her. It was the tablet that DH replaced with the iPad mini.

Henry, :grouphug: :grouphug: Lesley :grouphug: :grouphug: I hope the infection is knocked out quickly. I'm sure she is enjoying having her family there to boost her spirits. You and Lesley are in my thoughts.

Darla, have a fun day. Alone time is so much fun--especially after working all week. I know that you are excited about your up-coming trip! The time will be here to leave before you know it.

Char, We cannot have chickens in our city. We have several farms that have alpacas and cows in our city limits, but they are under different rules. Got to love zoning laws.

My daughter and family live just northeast of that large fire. So, we had some texts flying back and forth regarding the situation. Yesterday was the first day she could see the smoke.

JJ, I could just see you going back and forth over the bridge trying to figure out how to get down to the lower level. Our land is flat here, so we don't have that kind of problem. We just have to figure out how to get around road repairs and road expansions.

Everyone have a great weekend, I need to get dressed so I can go to the bone cracker.

05-04-2013, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone and hugs too. Have read that yhe drought has finally broken in New Zealand with torrential rain and flooding and here we are enjoying this intense heat now. Feels lovely after we've been in air coditioning to go out into the warm!
Went to Abu Dhabi city yesterday to see the Grand Mosque and it is just stunning. Am reminded of it as we've just heard the call to prayer. Tomorrow morning John & I will walk 1km down the road to the Catholic Church, which was gifted to the Catholic community by the Sheikh. How cool is that!

05-04-2013, 11:13 AM
Hello again one and all,

May 4th B with you too!

I've unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it; done a couple loads of laundry; and I wanted to hang them outside but with Larry's allergies I though I'd better not. Everything is blooming and it wouldn't be a good idea.

My painting things are set up and ready to go. I want to get outside later too and tidy up some of my perennial beds. I'm sure the girls will be calling and wanting to come over soon but Larry took my car to work because he was to lazy last night to go get gas in his truck.:confused: I don't like driving his truck and it's a small one with only two seats so they both wouldn't be able to fit in anyway. He's only working until 1pm anyway.

Sylvia, I've been going over what to pack; I looked at England's May average temps and it looks like 60's. Well we're going the end of May first part of June so they might be 60-70. Perfect weather for sightseeing; I just hope it doesn't rain the whole time but if it does we'll still have fun.:thumbsup:

Justin called us last night; haven't talked to him in quite a while; he couldn't talk long just called for a recipe but he said he'd call us this weekend sometime. Hope so.

Annie, like Sylvia said you remind me also of Erma Bombeck. I loved her; soooo funny. She was one of the best; a real hoot. Those little ones are SOOO exhausting; keep one young though.;)

Aww (((JJ))) what a crazy time you had finding the venue. I'm glad you finally called Alan and made it there and that you had fun.

Char, just watching those chickens would be entertainment I'm sure. A new herb garden?:envy:

It's absolutely GORGEOUS out there right now and I hear lawn mowers going in the neighborhood. And we have a house in back of us that must have exotic birds, we start hearing them squaking when the weather gets nice enough to open the windows. Very distinctive calls. It would drive you nuts if you listened long enough.:rolleyes: I can smell the fresh cut grass just sitting here at my table.

Peter....most MEN don't like doctors...but you HAVE to go sometimes.(shaking my finger at you):D

Have a GREAT day Lynn whatever you do.

Ellen, I hope your sale goes well for you and your sisters class sounds like so much fun.

Nancy, yes time is flying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your 17 yr old granddaughter; she'll love the android! I'm sorry your sciatica is bothering you so much; that is horrible pain; I've had it once and my DH gets it all the time; lays him right up. He has bulged discs. Do take it easy.:grouphug:

LuLu, you sound like you are having a blast. How much longer is your vacation before you head home? It's good that NZ got rain but NOT floods.:confused: The heat there sounds un-relentless.

Well no painting is getting done by sitting here on the puter.

ENJOY your DAY washers.:wave: :heart:

05-04-2013, 11:28 AM
I finally got the vodka to mix the Spectra fix, but haven't tried it yet, Char....was waiting to finish a couple of other paintings to spray them all at once, but somehow that hasn't happened :rolleyes: I am involved in too many things......

May the 4th.......I'll never forget seeing the first Star Wars movie. We left the kids at home, as a Sci-Fi buff it was a thrill to experience it on the big screen, and I bought the initial three episodes as the first videos I owned. Finally donated them to the grandkids for their family marathons that they have, but I watch them whenever I can catch them on TV.

There are voices outside in the garden for the first time this year, so nice to see the garden plots coming alive and hear the cheerful conversations. They asked me again if I would like one, but I'm not ready yet, too many other things going on :) I'll get my gardening vicariously for now.

Lulu, you are going to have culture shock going home, you've been away so long! Glad it is such a positive experience for you.

Interesting about the chickens, vs the alpacas, Nancy. We've just had big discussions here about allowing chickens within our city boundaries, but they voted it down, people were worried about bird flu and noise. It's a shame, because it is a very satisfying way to get your eggs. I just got a gift of an ipad mini too, I thought I would see if I can use if for preliminary sketches, you can get some use out of it for that, perhaps!

05-04-2013, 11:28 AM
Darla when we visited the UK three years ago they had a perfect summer, the temp got to 30C!
We have less than a week here now, sad to think about that but we feel so blessed to have been able to visit with the family and just immerse ourselves in their new way of life and they've gone out of their way to give us so many amazing experiences. They are very happy here so that is comforting.

05-04-2013, 11:39 AM
Hi Again,
Just zipping through after getting my Monday painting drawn out. I am doing a sunset over the ocean with rocks in the foreground (not the one I did before, a different one with a colorful sky).

I can relate to this completely: "What a struggle that is for me because landscapes, seascapes, etc. which are perfect for these colours, are so bad!" I think landscapes (including seascapes) are my least favorite thing to paint. But, if you are going to do weather conditions, you have to include the land, eh. Kudos to you for sticking with the "torture"....it really will do you a world of good. My neighbor across the street had some sort of medical emergency that had her almost bedridden. We visited her at the rehab center she went to after the hospital. She could barely get out of bed and was afraid she'd have to sell her two story house. Fast forward a month and a lot of physical therapy and we see her walking down the street with a walker. Zipppp another week and there she goes with just a cane! This is one determined lady and I'm sure she did LOTS of PT to get to this point. So stick with it, even if it feels like torture at first. :grouphug:

Nancy, Ouch, I feel for you and your aching back. Hope you get over this attack of sciatica soon. Your Granddaughter is going to love her present, I'm sure. Hope that fire doesn't come any closer to your daughter's area. They are really ferocious with flames leaping so high!

Lulu, When we lived in Ankara, there was a mosque a couple of blocks away from our apartment building and we would hear the call to prayer every day. I'm glad it wasn't next door, but it did sound lovely at that distance. :lol:

Lynn, The morning bird must have forgotten to set his alarm, but right at 6:00 a.m. he started singing to beat the band. :lol:

Darla, Keep your :crossfingers: that the weather is in that range. That is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the walking, etc. that is involved.

:wave: to all who were here before me.



05-04-2013, 02:06 PM
Hiya... it's a fine, cool Spring Day... clouds are beginning to creep in, but I don't think we're expecting rain.

Ted picked up our groceries while I was at the gym. We then bought four new patio chairs to replace our weather beaten ones. And, we also bought a nice porch rug to place under the wicker rockers. We brought everything home and put it all away. Then I made lunch to enjoy outside. Nice.

So, my torture continues. I was able to add a new machine to my routine today and I'm pretty tuckered out. I'm determined to improve my mobility, so you're going to have to put up with my constant whining... :)

I'm going to get a couple of gallery wraps stretched so they can dry while I try to find something I can work into my colour scheme. An analogous grouping, it's indanthrene blue, blue green and blue violet. Ugh.

Since we live in the county, the zoning isn't an issue. But, because we have neighbours, the rooster IS an issue. He crows all day. And, as I've said, I don't mind his caterwauling at all, but the neighbours don't much care for his *song*. Changing our lifestyle to completely organic has been a challenge, and the fresh eggs is one more step in the right direction.

My original herb garden is out in the back yard. But Ted wanted to expand our vegatable gardens, so he moved the herbs last year to a barrel planter. It's too small, so he's going to make a proper garden for them.

Baby Feral (Sneakers) is curled up beside me, purring his little heart out... he's not a fan of *outside* and his warmth against me feels so good. We may need to nap awhile...

Have a great afternoon everyone.

p.s. Nancy, I'm so glad your family is safe.

05-04-2013, 04:23 PM
Good afternoon,

News is good from Chiropractor. The sciatica is not from my spine, it is in the hip area. I have an exercise to do, and go back later this week. :clap: I can only sit in hard chairs right now.

We had a nice visit with our granddaughter and family. Then headed to Walmart to pick up a few things. Now I'm just going to sit and do nothing for a few hours.

Have a wonderful day.

White light to all in need.

05-04-2013, 04:44 PM

So... JJ... is this, like, a REAL plane that Reece will be flying? :eek:Yes ma'am :D

I am up early, Tania will be here in an hour, but I wanted to have my coffee with you guys.. :heart: Photos of Ted's chicken coop please.

Darla, the excitement is building to fever pitch eh!! :heart:

I finally got the vodka to mix the Spectra fix, but haven't tried it yet.....................

:grouphug: Henry and Lesley :grouphug: Any more news?


05-04-2013, 04:57 PM
Evening all.

Seems a long time ago. since I started the Wash, I suppose it was!

Day of nothing much as we wanted ut, went for newspapers about 8am and that was the only time I left the caravan apart from when I dismantellef the solar panel. We plan on leaving here about 9am and as it is a Bank Holiday weekend here there will be lots of local Lake District traffic but should be much less crossing the Pennines.

Good night all


05-04-2013, 05:34 PM
JJ, the vodka is in place of the pure alcohol most people (who do not live in Canada) would use as a vehicle for the fixative. Can't buy pure alcohol anywhere here. Safe flying to Reese!

And safe travels, Geoff.

05-04-2013, 11:00 PM
Hi Gang!!:wave:

Many apologies for not checking in more often, but it's been a busy April at the ballpark and as usual I'm working every game. They tried to promote me up to "full time" supervisor but I dodged that bullet (barely) and and remaining the "second in command" which I can live with. Full time guy would be making this fun job too much like real "work"...and I'd not have nearly as much fun as I do currently.

Have not had many opportunities to get into the studio either:( but I have been using my micron pens to do "my version" of zentangles when I'm at a coffee house nearby. I do my little doodles on the back of thin cardboard like coasters that many taverns and bars put under beer glasses.....I found a place where I could buy 1000 plain white (well off white at least) ones and I doodle on one while I have my coffee and then leave it there for others to enjoy or take home or whatever the universe chooses to do with them. Anne and I went to the coffee house today and they had about 6 of my little zentangles set up on little "stands" ( the kind where you put a "reserved" card in on a table) for folks to enjoy! IT was nice and fun to see them there, but I would not feel bad if they had gone home with someone as well!

Anne and I finally made the leap into "smart phones" this week. And currently the phones (LG optimus supremeo or something like that) are quite a bit smarter than we are! I finally learned how to answer the phone, and check my email with it...and of course the ball scores :angel: .

I've also been doing my version of zentangles on watercolor postal cards as well....here's one I am using as a "lock screen" on my new phone!

Anne is still having multiple issues with her meds and has muscle and joint aches and pains that make sleeping difficult...as well as massive "power surges" and other things as well. We endure what we cannot change and change what we can...

Have not had the chance to catch up on washes...perhaps I will be more able to with the new phone that has I-net capabilities.

Hope all are doing well and those who need them massive hugs and prayers!!