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05-03-2013, 11:41 AM
I was painting a dark blue backround sheet to do white calligraphy on. Stretched the paper on an art-board (hard resin?). Painted very wet, and many wet layers, with lots of spritzing of water. The piece was soaked when I finished.

When I took the dried paper off the board, I discovered that a lot of the paint had actually soaked through the paper, as well as seeped under the edges - AND STAINED THE BOARD. It's rather pretty (the brown vertical band is a stain from a previous painting). The back of the paper is interesting, too. Notice that I had the embossed watermark down, so no paint went under it on the board.

Just wanted to share this wierd surprise.



05-03-2013, 12:59 PM
Looks like the paper saturated with color that may have caused it ,a strong blue stain there too
A good learning there . Reminds you that you are painting on rag- cloth really .
June:) :wave:

05-04-2013, 06:37 AM
Almost like a mono print.