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05-01-2013, 01:47 AM
Good morning all, it's a lovely morning, not a cloud in the sky 4C.

We're all packed and ready for our taxi in an hour to take us to Ormskirk for our coach and to meet our 11 friends who are coming to Ilfracombe with us.

:crossfingers: Hope the weather stays like this until Sunday when we return.

I will have limited wi-fi at the hotel.


05-01-2013, 01:59 AM
Morning Doug enjoy the holiday.

Looked in at 3am but left the Wash alone!

Cold start but clear sky so far.


05-01-2013, 02:34 AM
Have fun Doug.

Hey there Geoff. I tossed and turned alst night, and I am exhausted now, and it is only 4.30pm :eek:

I do do some yard work though, and went to my favourite Organic store.. Made a yummy salad to last me 3 days.. :thumbsup. Just need to make the dressing. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lemon juice..

05-01-2013, 03:19 AM
Have a great Holiday Doug and Ruth.

Hi Geoff.

JJ ... You slept all day???

Ruby sagas have escalated with a sharp unexpected choking gasp this morning but when you are stretched over the barrel you just have say ..... OK. Or is that the rack?:lol: Judy, no point complaining about the slug as it is temporary. but then that hasn't stopped me complaining here :rolleyes:

Bill, your suggestion is duly noted :clear:

Apart from that, I am home from work and one cat is in but the other will be on the front step. Roger is well and is cooking tonight. Food .... BTW .... not him.


05-01-2013, 04:14 AM
hi every one

Hi Laura Ollieowl - is it really possible to DELETE a Facebook account?! I have a suspicion it is a difficult thing to achieve entirely.
yes you can do it here the web page I use to do it
I use the second one down I had the Facebook I wish to delete open and the one I did not wish to delete deactivated then go to the Facebook from through http://deleteyouraccount.com/ and follow the what your told but make sure you have the right password and put there gibberish bit right


JJ yes I did have 2 but not now some kept try to hack in to my other one

CharM : yes you delete it plus other accounts as well like : twitter, Hotmail ,and others

Yes Bill :thumbsup:

Uschi :Peter, oh such a wicked mind:eek: :eek: :) What Me:D

DARLA: it is but you can do it :thumbsup:

JudyL : because Facebook keep tell it sorry you can't get back in to your account even when you never try too as it was deactivated at the time

HAWLTAIN :heart:2 all else

Ellen in Ont
05-01-2013, 05:30 AM
:wave: everyone,
I've been so busy I've only had a chance to post this morning.

The workshop went well this last weekend and they say they want me back later this summer. Nice group and they worked hard both days. I hope they learned a lot as well.:D

Someone has turned a switch for the weather here going from winter to summer in the two days we were gone. We left with about 2 feet of snow on the ground and the temps below freezing and when we got back the snow is almost completely gone from the yard and the tulips are about 6" high. :eek: The only explanation is that they were growing under the snow. :rolleyes: However, water levels are rising quickly in the area and everyone is watching lakes and rivers as the meltwater collects.

I worked yesterday and so today I have a long "to do" list including printing out 4 reproductions I have received requests for.

My sister wanted to buy a mat cutter and was asking me for advise so I ended up selling her mine at a great price and bought myself a slightly better one. :thumbsup:

I received my pension statement in the mail yesterday and I can retire in two years. :thumbsup: Can't wait but we will have to start thinking about getting used to living on a reduced income so we are ready when it happens. :rolleyes:

I'm going to quickly finish my computer work and then read my book for awhile until the sun comes up. I need natural light to get the colours right in the reproductions. So I'll stop rambling on and wish everyone a great day. Lots of hugs going out to those who need them.

05-01-2013, 05:35 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 5:30 a.m. here in still dark Oakwood. The birds are singing loudly to wake up the day. :D

Busy morning today...off to the Base Hospital for a check up with my Oncology doctor. Then we'll visit the BX and Commissary while we are there. Larry has a lonnnnnng shopping list written up. Then home for lunch and a reposo. Shopping exhausts me, so we'll have an easy dinner tonight: Pork Schnitzels (already cooked, just need reheating in the oven) with Kale and Potatoes (like a Bubble and Squeak) on the side. Kale is already cooked so will be easy to mix with the boiled and squashed potatoes in olive oil, pancetta, and garlic. :D

Happy 1st day of May to all. Hope Spring finally arrives, it is pretty warm here but I'm not ready to fully trust it yet. ;)

Annie, You've had such a trial with your car. Are they building you a new one in the body of the old one at that garage?????

Peter, I have absolutely nooooo idea what you were talking about except you had a problem with your Facebook account and have now deleted it, eh.

JJ, Your salad dressing is one I like to use sometimes too. I always have fresh lemons in the fridge.

Doug, You are probably already on the bus enjoying the start to your vacation. Hope the weather cooperates and you and Ruth have a wonderful time.

Karl, Your photos yesterday were lovely. My sympathy on the death of your beloved father. I remember feeling the same way you described when my Mother passed away. :o

:wave: to Geoff and all who are on their way. White light to any who are ailing or aching.



05-01-2013, 05:38 AM
Good morning washers,

Well, I think I can finally say that I am well on the way to recovery. I spent several hours out and about yesterday, doing some 'quick' chores which escalated very quickly - met a neighbor, had coffee with a friend I bumped into, stopped to help an acquaintance get to the market, etc., etc. Got home pleasantly tired but not 'wiped out' and felt well all rest of evening. Still coughing a little, and I feel like I am getting a head cold, but that is all easy to live with.

So, I'm back.

Hi Geoff.
Enjoy your trip, Doug.
Hi Peter/Ollie
Annie - is the 'slug' you refer to still that same loaner car? Wasnt it only for a day or two??
Hi JJ.
Ellen, I'm glad your workshop went well.

Sylvia, hope the visit goes well. :crossfingers:

Now to go and catch up on all the posts I missed.


05-01-2013, 05:50 AM
Sylvia and Doris, I think they are really actually reinventing the wheel :eek: More tears tomorrow after paying to descend from the rack. Dislocated ams that will certainly not allow me to cook but with force of will I shall get home and loll.

Yes Mr Slug, on the uphill run, is a courtesy car from the dealership. Newish. Indescribably decorated but now I don't care. So long as it goes to its home. yep, it was only for a day, a week later.

Roger is chatting with an ex workmate at the moment so his cooked and thought out dinner has been turned down and saved. Eavesdropping on a tempestuous bitch session now. :thumbsup: :eek:

Hi sensible Ellen :wave:

05-01-2013, 08:17 AM
Good Morning!!!

Sunny and temperature is going up to 21C:thumbsup:

Interesting observation - last fall I planted all sorts of tulips in my front garden. Half of them have been chewed right to the ground by bunnies, half of them are not touched. Looks like they only like some kind, now I wish I knew what the reason is because then I could plant lots of the ones they don't like.

Going to the "visitation" and service for my friend Rita's dad this afternoon.

Some repair work happening at the gym so no table tennis today, instead we are going to visit our Kitchener friends for a few friendly games tomorrow.

So glad you are feeling better Doris!!

Annie, so is it tomorrow that you will be faster but poorer??

Ellen, of course the workshop went well. You put too much thought into it for it not to be. Are you really thinking for retiring in two years or is it just a possibility??

JJ, I use the same salad dressing, well, except for ceasar salad.

Doug, I hope you have good weather but a trip with 11 friends is wonderful even if the weather wasn't.

Geoff, your sleeping must be better.

Sylvia, I don't like shopping either.

:wave: to Peter and all yet to come!! :grouphug: to all our friends who aren't well.


05-01-2013, 08:24 AM
Good morning! Despite all the unusual weather across our Country, SW Ontario is bathed in warm spring sunshine. We're grateful. It's snowing to beat the band in western Manitoba, flooding in southern Saskatchewan and northern Ontario...

After my stint at the gym yesterday, I raced home to get ready for Class. That group finished their irises and the *garden* was sure beautiful. Truthfully, I didn't do much else...

My usual Tuesday morning painter friend is coming over this morning. It's her turn to choose our colour challenge, so it'll be fun to see what she's come up with. I have some Service Club stuff to do this afternoon. I need to bake bread today and there's always the floors to shovel up in case I run out of chores... :)

I'm sure you'll have fun travelling with your friends, Doug! A bus trip, eh?

Hi Geoff... slept well???

JJ, what kind of salad did you make? Leafy greens? I saw a method of storing tossed salads in Mason Jars that keeps them fresh for several days.

Before squeezing your lemon juice, zest the lemon and allow that to dry on a small plate. It only takes about a day. I use that zest to flavour sauces and baked goods. I do our oranges that way, too, and store the dried zest in small jars.

OMG, Annie... it's going to require a Brinks Truck robbery to release Ruby from her torturing captors! :eek:

Thanks for all the FB stuff, Peter... I have only one page that's been safe so far. It really is nice to know that it can be deleted if I choose to do so!

Ellen, restructuring your life for retirement isn't as challenging as you might imagine... Two years isn't too far away and we can start the happy countdown!

What is it about shopping that is so tiring, Sylvia??? I always feel the same way... by the time I get home and put everything away, I'm done in. I hope your oncology dr. has nothing but good things to say.

:clap: for eradication of the flu, Doris... but a head cold? :(

Uschi, when the surviving tulips have bloomed, you'll have a better idea of what ones the bunnies find distasteful... :) I was sorry to read about Rita's father... condolences to her.

I'd better get showered and movin' on with my day... I sure hope yours is the very best possible!

05-01-2013, 08:42 AM

It's downhill from here to the weekend.:thumbsup:

It promises to be another gorgeous day with temps into the mid to high 70'sF and tons of sunshine. :clap: And more of the same tomorrow and Friday too. I'm sure by the weekend it'll be tired of being nice and rain or something.:rolleyes:

We had the girls last night until Jen got out of work. Kaitlyn was upset as her and Preston (the boyfriend) were having a disagreement. I felt bad for her and needless to say we (her Papa and I) gave her tons of hugs and kisses. Kelsea was her usual sweet self and well Klaira.....she was her usual self too. SOOO funny. She had to show Nana how she "hops". She hops with both feet and when I laugh she does it more. She was giving us lots of hugs too. She LOVES playing outdoors and after dinner we took her out until Jen came. She has to put her in the car kicking and screaming because she doesn't want to stop playing.:D

Larry has been getting out at 3pm now they've cut out the 10 hour days. That is good as he wants to start getting some things in the yard done.

There has been a horrific cargo plane crash in Afganistan and it's killed SIX Michigan men.:crying: There is a video of the crash on MSN. So sad as they have families and one man and his wife had 2 kids with one on the way.

Today is May 1st...we leave on our trip on the 28th; it's coming fast. We want to get our garden planted before we leave, just before we leave. We always wait until after Memorial Day which is Monday the 27th. We could get frost until that time; but hopefully not.:crossfingers:

I hope you all have a great day; it sounds like you all are very busy with your daily chores.

:wave: :heart:

Strawberry Wine
05-01-2013, 08:56 AM
Happy May 1st Washers....

It feels like Spring. !

I had a long post typed out and poof it was gone.... I just hate it when that happens. Not typing it out again. Just wanted to say.....

We are aching from raking, hand tilling, applying top soil and seeding huge areas of our garden but we are about 2/3rds done. late last October large areas were dug up by critters looking for a late autumn snack before winter set in. I would imagine it was grubs but I thought they came in mid summer.

Karl, my condolences to you and your family on the passing of your Dad. :heart:

Char, I store fresh strawberries in Mason jars. Unwashed and unhulled they keep extremely well for a week or more.

I need to get moving. Not sure if I want to go to the grocery store now or later in the day to get a few neccesities... I am thinking now..... So , I need to get dressed and get moving. :wave: to all




05-01-2013, 08:59 AM
JJ, what kind of salad did you make? Leafy greens? I saw a method of storing tossed salads in Mason Jars that keeps them fresh for several days.

Before squeezing your lemon juice, zest the lemon and allow that to dry on a small plate. It only takes about a day. I use that zest to flavour sauces and baked goods. I do our oranges that way, too, and store the dried zest in small jars.What a great tip thank you, I will certainly do that from now on..:thumbsup: I use baby spinach leaves for my salad. I am not overly fond of lettuce. I will eat it, but wont go out of my way to. Baby spinach, on the other hand, oh my, it is delicious, and soooo good for you.

Doris, I am sooooo glad you are on the mend. :heart:

Annie, I sure hope tomorrow is the day..:crossfingers:

I am tired, and it is 11.00pm. :wave:

05-01-2013, 09:50 AM
:wave: Good day all! looks like a lovely sunny day here too. Was actually balmy yesterday, lovely soft wind and the scent of spring. Itchy eyes, too, so thinking of you, Caryl:)

Another fashion show today, this time at a local fancy golf club, good changing area which doesn't always happen, and we hope, fancy tidbits to keep up our energy. Most of us have two costumes so it will be a busy time.

:crossfingers: for your weather, Doug, I'll look forward to your photos and sketches.

Do you have a photo of your students work this time Char? Would love to see.....

Take it easy in that garden, Gail, too easy to pull a muscle with unaccustomed work....as you well know, but have to say it anyway:rolleyes:

Sweet vision of Klaira 'hopping', Darla! I love that age when they have unbounded confidence in what they do. DGD youngest is 5 1/2 and has become colour conscious, clothing has to match, I imagine they have some discussions when she is getting ready for school!

Yes, Ellen, very wise to try and cut back now....I found it hard, like dropping off a cliff :eek: So nice to look forward to, though, you work so hard.

Glad you are feeling better Doris!

Quite the tale of vehicles, Annie, we've all been there, but yours has been a marathon! I hope Ruby has a full recovery!

Hi Sylvia!

Thanks for that link, Peter, I did try once to delete my account, and just gave up. I like it for access to what the grandkids are doing, but it is a nuisance too.

Hi JJ, Geoff!

I hope the rest of your day is rewarding, hugs to those in need :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
05-01-2013, 10:16 AM
Good Day All,
Have a good holiday, Doug and Ruth. Hope you get in some good sketching, Doug.

Ellen, welcome to spring.

Sylvia, supper sounds delicious. Not sure what we’re having, yet.

Doris, glad you’re feeling better. Hope the cold isn’t much.

Uschi, bunnies can be eaten, too.

Char, with gym and teaching a class sounds like you did plenty to me.

Darla, speaking of gardens, I am transplanting some tomatoes and peppers today as they’ll grow out of there little pots before planting time. I plant on May 20th. And keep an eye on things.
Several army choppers were buzzing over the house last night doing night practice maneuvers. Every time they do this something happens in the Middle East.

JJ, goodnight.

Lynn, hope the fashion show goes well. Have a good time.

Here is a little flower that came up the last few days. Welcome to spring.


05-01-2013, 10:33 AM
Hi :wave:
One kid gone (the Larval one) as he has testing today, the other is busy on the sofa texting :rolleyes: She will bike to school in a few, will be glad when the STAR testing is done.

Uschi, don't suppose you took pictures of your tulips when they were in bloom.

As for today I have a list of chores I will try to get one done before noon.

Very windy today, but sunny.


05-01-2013, 11:11 AM
Afternoon all.

Very breezy and sometimes warm but mainly a fair chill in the wind

Been across into North Yorkshire to Skipton today, know many of you have been there too.....went as it was one of the four market days a week and bargains to be had.........
Firstly we bumped the parents of our last Pub landlord who still lives in the villlage......then we met two of our oldest caravanning friends down from Tyneside ( they live near Sharon Douglas) who were visitibg on a coach holiday.....so something new to talk about!!

Uschi, yes sleep pattern much improved thanks.


05-01-2013, 11:23 AM
Uschi, don't suppose you took pictures of your tulips when they were in bloom.

Judy, they haven't bloomed yet. Things must be late this year because this is the time when they should at least start blooming.

Bill, my scrabble friend brought me one of those little flowers with roots. Neither of us know what they are called - do you????

Char, I LOVE tulips but am getting a bit fed-up with bunnies eating them so I think next year I replace the delicious ones with daffodils, nothing touches them:thumbsup: and they too are very pretty.

Gail, yes, with the pesticide and herbicides forbitten and gone our lawns won't be "lawns" for long, well, we never had "lawns" in Austria and yet the gardens look just wonderful. More concentration on flowers.

Darla, oh heartache is such a difficult and painful condition, I hope they can make up.

Lynn, you will be getting your walkin, up and down the runway:)

Got to run.

EDIT: Geoff :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:wave: Uschi

05-01-2013, 12:02 PM
Uschi, Bill, those flowers are a form of Anemone.


Ellen in Ont
05-01-2013, 12:50 PM
Change of plans.:D It is so warm out I was out in a tee shirt and took down a lot of the Xmas lights. I also did a bit of raking where it was dry enough. Next I am putting up the screens so we can open the windows. Summer is here 6 days after winter was in full force. :thumbsup:

Scene Chaser
05-01-2013, 01:52 PM
, Tony is right! They are this kind of Anemon (http://www.bulbsdirect.com/index.php?/Flower-Bulbs-Anemone/Anemone-blanda-Blue-Shades-20-flower-bulbs#.UYFWKJWUAlU)e.


05-01-2013, 02:24 PM
Jen stopped in to my work with Klaira. They were out and about spending her day off together. I of course had to show her off to my co-workers. She didn't want to leave but they had to go take one of their cats to the vet; Jen says she has a UTI. Klaira was fiddling on my keyboard and had about 20 different screens opened up.:rolleyes: :lol:

It's 77F out at the moment and humid. It feels hot. Now that is a SUMMER day. Like Ellen said we skipped Spring.

I have a few errands to do after work today and we need groceries but don't think we'll have time tonight to get them and tomorrow we have the girls again. Maybe Friday evening.

I think they'll need to turn on the A/C here soon...it's very stuffy in here. Temps are going to drop back into the 60'sF next week which is more seasonal. The girls were wondering last night if the Dairy Queen has opened yet. We might have to find out tomorrow.:thumbsup:

Lovely flower Bill, love the color.

My hyacinths are so heavy they've fallen down; they do that every year. They sure do smell lovely though. My tulips are just coming out; kind of late this year. My daffs are in full bloom and the trees are all leafing out. New beginnings...ahh

We put oranges out for the orioles and hoping that they come again. We need to get the hummer nectar up too.

What fun bumping into old friends, Geoff; I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Have fun Doug!

Gail, don't over do it! You either Ellen!

Lynn, have fun at your new fashion show; a good changing area is a must.

TONY! Hello there!

I see where they've arrested three friends, of the living Boston Bomber for tampering with evidence. His college roommates; they were suspected of removing things from his college dorm room.

I hope your day has gone nicely for you and that you were able to do something fun and rewarding.

:grouphug: to all in need.

05-01-2013, 03:50 PM
YUP, getting too hot:lol: :lol: :lol: It better not get any hotter in a hurry or you will all be sick of my whinging.

I am back from the Visitation and service was very nicely done.

The top panels (lattice) on my arbor were hanging down, years of heavy snow I guess, so found a handy man who came and fixed it perfectly. I am happy.

Thanks Tony and Bill for the flower naming, I will pass it on to Ann who is the one who gave me a sample because she didn't know either, she got it from an old neighbour in London.

Darla, yes, hyacynths (sp?) do that, that is why I haven't planted any.

Ellen, crazy Canadian weather:D

Changing out of my good clothes and into my peddle pushers.

:wave: Uschi

05-01-2013, 05:29 PM
Evening all.

Just walked back from the caravanners social and there is a totally cloudfree sky so a cold one and heating will stay on..

Goodnight all


05-01-2013, 08:51 PM
Whew it is still 79f out. Hot today and humid. A little too hot this early. I had some errands to run after work and got home at 8pm. Larry had cut all the grass and did the trim. The lawn looks fab!:thumbsup: right now I'm watching American idol.

Good night all
:wave: :heart:

05-01-2013, 09:10 PM
Hot here too, Darla. More like June or July than May. All the windows are open though and cool air beginning to make it comfortable again.

I'm very tired after an exhausting morning. My poor knees can't take all the walking like we did today. :o

Night night all,