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04-28-2013, 03:29 AM
Wot no Wash?

Here goes. Dull but dry this morning 8C.

We enjoyed the concert last night and the chat with our Probus friends.

Starting to pack for our holidays starting Wednesday.


04-28-2013, 04:03 AM
:lol: Hi Doug. No piccies of the newly presentable front gardens cos it got too dark after we had the most stupendous bonfire.

5 o'clock and dallying and Roger ordered me to get the arson kit ( read old bank statements etc) and the lighter. Hose primed and ready to go. I chose the uphill. He chose the low road. But the flames met in the middle and were fantastic. Best bonfire ever. Then the squabble about who is going to be Mr fireman. Sulky now ... OK you can. Then it was my turn.

It has been a good day.

Apart from that, not much. :wave:

04-28-2013, 05:21 AM
OK sulky, I can wait :lol:


04-28-2013, 05:22 AM

Managed to sleep till 5:30AM this morning.:lol: :lol:

We are due for rain today I think. Keith and I are planning on visiting the art museum to see the 1913 Flood exhibit before it comes down and then stop by to see Dad on our way home.

I have some outdoor projects I hope to get done this week and the weather is to be in the 70's till mid week.

I think some evenings will be spent in the garage. We have a total cleanout to do this summer.

Our city wide garage sale is May 4th but we are not ready.

Plenty of charitable orginazations I can donate too.

Everyone have a great Sunday.


04-28-2013, 06:32 AM
Good morning Everyone
bright but cold in Harrogate, going for a drive to Otley so might call in at the art shop and buy some Paper, oh I finished my last train to whitby picture and uploaded a better image of it, on the original thread, got to go my dog is getting impatient.

Sharon Douglas
04-28-2013, 06:36 AM
Hello everybody, peeps,

Hope you are all fit and well.

I`ve been painting up a storm lately, and loving evey minute. It`s nice to be painting again, after a break of about three years.

I`ve even started doing demonstrations again. It`s a bit awkward in my wheelchair, but I found a way.

Anyway, I don`t want to hog the wash, half of you won`t know me, and most of the others will have probably forgotten me.....lol.

Have a lovely day, where ever you are and whatever you do.



04-28-2013, 06:48 AM
Good morning Anita, Alan.

Hi Sharon, so good to hear from you. I am pleased to hear you have adjusted to your disabilities, I was interested to see your wheelchair adaptations. You need to edit your blog link btw to go to your new blog :heart:

I used to visit North Shields and Tynemouth across the ferry every summer when I spent my holidays at South Shields with my big sister. The river Tyne was a fascinating time in those days with lots of fishing boats and shipyards to see. I used to go to the chandlers at North Shields to by surplus radio gear for my hobby building radios.

I hope we'll see more of you.

Brightening up a little now, should be good for Geoff's drive up to Cumbria.


04-28-2013, 07:15 AM
Sharon! :d

04-28-2013, 07:35 AM
Afternoon all

Like Doug said dull but dry his side, or at least it was when we left there to head through The Forest of Bowland and into Lunedale......But it is blowing a near gale here and it raining with fine drops that penetrate even the soul!! Not mice at all,however, I need newspaper fix so probably have to go to Kirkby Lonsdale later.


04-28-2013, 07:45 AM
Good morning... our brief Spring sunshine is behind us as the rain moves in once again. The sky is dark and foreboding...

Ted cut the grass yesterday! He's managed to get most of the sticks and debris cleaned up and the lawn looks pretty nice. Our crab apple tree seems to have reverted to whatever's below the graft... we'll have to replace that tree. Our other fruit trees are budding and looking healthy. We lost a couple of flowering shrubs, too, and those will need to be replaced when the nurseries open.

It was originally my intent to work outside today, but I think I'll need to change my plans. Hmm... maybe I'll have to paint! :p

Hi Doug... how long do you plan to be away on Holiday?

Annie... sulking? :lol:

Anita, donating your *stuff* to the thrift shops is a good thing...

I'll check out your painting, Alan...

Hi Sharon! So good to see you here... and how wonderful that your art has found you again.

raining with fine drops that penetrate even the soul!! Not mice at all,howeverAnd, I'm sure the vermin appreciate that... :lol: :p

Coffee beckons... please enjoy a happy and creative day! We'll be dodging the drops, too. :grouphug:

04-28-2013, 07:59 AM
Hi Doug... how long do you plan to be away on Holiday?
Hi Char, just 5 days, back on Sunday.

Hi Caryl :wave:


04-28-2013, 08:00 AM
Good morning everyone!

A gorgeous day at 7:30; the sun is shining and cool at 38F, but to get to lo-mid 60s. Guuess there is a chance of rain tonight, but can get some painting done in spite. I have a craft show the end of next month. I have 100 bookmarks to paint and 100 angel stones to get done. Plus some pots to paint and slate to do. Sadly, this is all my decorative painting and really cuts into my watercolor time. Oh well, it helps pay my taxes.

Mowed most of my yard yesterday and my back is letting me know I should have taken a couple of breaks. I have an acre of ground to walk and the mower is not self propelled. Back is in spasm and the ice pack feels good. Will have to do my stretches so I am not leaning on my cane so much. I think I can.........I think I can.

Since the weather is nice, I think I will sit at the picnic table to paint. Have no classes this week. But will next week. Hope to get some people to sign up for decorative painting classes at the craft show in May. I love to teach and I love the ah-ha moment when they make the brush to do what they want it to do. I always have a small project to do at the end of their lesson that they can take home and show their family. They learn 2-4 new strokes with each lesson and each lesson builds on the previous. Right now with the
economy I can show them how to repurpose or spruce up some items in their homes and not spend much money.

Well, time for coffee and some stretches. Hope everyone can enjoy this beautiful day that was given to us. BBL?

( sorry for the extra bit below my name. I am on my Nook and can't get it to scroll down to erase it)

Well I need to get some coffee. Hope every

04-28-2013, 08:16 AM

I have had my nose in my novel all day



04-28-2013, 08:45 AM
Good Morning!!!

Char's clouds haven't reached us yet, actually not supposed to until this evening. In the meantime we have sun and daytime temperature is going to the high teens for days to come.

Yesterday it reached over 20C and it was plain GORGEOUS!!!! I finally DID bring my bike out, pumped up the tires and took it for a spin:heart: :heart: I also vacumed the car, did laundry, went to artist friend's solo exhibition followed up with dinner at DIL's parents' place.

Plans for today, take Ava for some swimming practice, she is still having problems getting the swimming and breathing together, i.e. when it comes to taking the third breath she stands up:D

Another bike ride and maybe a bit of painting will finish the day off.

Sharon :clap: :clap: it is sooooo good to see you back!!!!

Pat, you are a busy lady, decorative painting is a lot of fun and you are being creative, that's what counts:) OMG, that is a lot of grass to cut:eek:

Char, painting is good:)

Annie, I love reading about your's and Roger's interaction with each other (kids:lol: ). Wonderful to have such a great relationship!!!!!!!

I am hungry, breakfast is calling, no actually I am calling breakfast because I am starving.

:wave: to Doug, Geoff, JJ, Anita, Alan, Caryl and all yet to come!! :grouphug: to our friends who are not feeling well!!!


04-28-2013, 09:12 AM
Hello from gloomy, wet East Tennessee!

Today is the twins' 26th birthday -- we had a fun time at their birthday last evening!

Hi, Sharon!

Have a good Sunday.


04-28-2013, 09:57 AM
:wave: Good day, we still have some sun, it is bright anyway, I hope it doesn't rain till later. We have a family gathering today, one GS turned 17 last week, and the oldest GD turns 21 this coming week. I have been having fun cleaning out my grandmother's jewelry box to give to her......lots of things I never look at, reminders of the past. So there is a sizable lot to go to good will, and some that my dad made that I hope the ladies in the family will like to have. I have another case that is plenty big enough for what I want to keep.

I thought of you, Kay, because I have some cabs he left me, can't imagine ever having them set, but who knows, maybe GD will like them, she likes to make some simple jewelry for the family, it might lead to something more.

So nice to see you back, Sharon, I enjoyed your website!

Hi Lyn :)

I hope everyone has a satisfying day, hugs to those in need :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

04-28-2013, 10:39 AM
OK Char. My podgy fingers dont always hit the right keys pn this iPod keyboard!

Still raining here but brighter.


Scene Chaser
04-28-2013, 10:39 AM
Good Day All,

Hi Sharon, welcome back. Would love to read your blog.

Don't know if we'll have rain or not, but set my garden plants outside for the sun and to water.

Yesterday I changed the spark plugs in all my lawn equipment. Today, I'll change the oil and I'll be ready to go.


04-28-2013, 11:20 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a little after 11:00 a.m. here in moist Oakwood. We are getting sprinkles every now and then as a passing cloud decides to drop its rain on us. :D

We just got back from grocery shopping. Bought our first bi-color corn on the cob (from Florida) this morning. We'll have it with hot dogs on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe I'll make a little bit of potato salad to go with it too. :D

Just watched a squirrel hop the fence into the garden. He sniffed around the garlic but didn't dig...then he went to the other section where I just planted the lettuce and swiss chard. But he didn't even look in their direction. :thumbsup:

I have a bunch of photos to download to the computer including my painting of Gail's photo. Will get to it shortly. :D

Larry's everlasting mint plant is growing again...it is amazing because it really looks like it is totally dead all winter long. Come spring and the green leafs begin to appear and soon it is growing to beat the band. :lol: I also bought another rosemary plant and it is doing well too. Love fresh rosemary when I make pork or chicken dishes.

Welcome back Sharon! Glad to see you pop in and say "Hi". I hadn't read about you being wheelchair bound, but I'm glad you aren't letting you stop you from teaching your beautiful painting technique.

Char, I'm looking forward to seeing photos and paintings of these chickens when Ted gets the coop up and running.

Anita, Friends who have seen the Flood Show at the Art Museum were really impressed. It was quite an extraordinary weather happening for sure. If you can find it in the library, the best book about the flood that puts you right on the scene is A Time of Terror by Allan Eckert. It was written in 1965, but I still think it is the best book about the flood. It's a collectors item now and pretty expensive if you can find a copy. :o

Pat, Enjoy your relaxing day. Your classes sound very nice and well planned. Just taped an episode of the show on HGTV where teams go to yard sales and pick up items and then refinish them. Haven't watched it yet, but it sounds like it might be fun.

Hi Lyn, Belated Happy Birthday to your twin guys! Glad you were able to enjoy celebrating with them.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



04-28-2013, 12:24 PM
Bill, the link to Sharon's new blog is in the old one, at the beginning. All her paintings are on her webpage.

Having a rare cup of coffee (lovely!) and contemplating my partially completed pastel done in Johannes course yesterday. I think I really want to finish this one, so I hope to have something to post in a few days.

Nice to hear of all the gardens waking up....I hope you have better luck with your furry rats this year, Sylvia!

Well, I finally put the Pocket Puppy together.....advice, don't use the long fibre fur yarn! I think he is an afghan hound :) He is about 6 inches high. Thanks to Ruth, Doug, for that tip about sewing up....in fact I did find I could do some seams from the inside, but the fur hides a lot of mess! I made the muzzle longer and narrower than the pattern.



04-28-2013, 12:29 PM
Hi Sylvia, the squirrel is waiting until they grow a little :evil:

Cute doggie Lynn.


04-28-2013, 12:52 PM
Hello all,

Said yesterday I'd be back later and never got here. Glad you all enjoyed the flowers. One of the reasons I moved into this building in the first place was the original owner had put in planters filled with lovely flowers and swaying palms, and had his daughter design a fountain that burbled just below my apartment. It is sad what the new owners have let this place become. But the flowers bloom on!!

I had a semi-productive but frustrating day yesterday. Soldering did not go well. I'm sure the whole neighborhood could here me swearing a blue streak. :eek: Scared the cats until dinnertime came round, and Augie whined and whined and whined until I fed them. The two wire pieces I was working on did finally come together with much swearing and aggro. Now for the polishing. Much more soothing. :lol:

Sylvia :thumbsup: for the squirrel taking a hike outta there.

Lyn Happy Birthday to the twins.

Lynn M Happy Birthday to the grands. I have sent your a PM. Love your puppy. :D

JJ must be a very good book. I have been reading an Ian Rankin I got out of the library. Have sneaking suspicion I've read it before. But not until I'd gotten to chapter 13. :lol: :lol:

Uschi you certainly had a productive day. :clap: :clap: for your bike ride.

Pat have you tried putting Salonpas or a ThermaCare on your back? In fact now everybody makes them -- IcyHot, BenGay, Tiger Balm. They have icy ones and hot ones. You peel off the backing and slap them on your skin. They usually last six to eight hours. No mess like a rub.

Hi Sharon. Glad you are painting and teaching again.

Doug viewed your video of your garden. It's lovely. I love the paving stones and gorgeous flower beds.

It was originally my intent to work outside today, but I think I'll need to change my plans. Hmm... maybe I'll have to paint! :p

Or you could join Fred Astaire and Jack Buchanan in a little song :wink2:


Geoff hope the rain lets up a little.

:wave: :wave: to all I have not mentioned and all on the way

And a big HAWLTAIN


Sharon Douglas
04-28-2013, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the great welcome back everyone.
It`s nice to be here again.

I have got lots of exhibitons coming up this year, so I`m painting up a storm to build up my stocks, in the hopes that I do actually sell some paintings...lol
Last year was a great year for sales and commissions, so I`m hoping this year will be just as good if not better....lol.

Doug, I bet you loved your holidays up here when you were younger, it`s such a beautiful area we live in, we are just 5 minutes from Tynemouth beach and about 2 minutes from North Shields fish Quay............which I have lost count of the number of times I`ve painted it.

As a little treat, my Doug and I have been taking time out on our way to art group to have fish and chips at the beach. It is so soothing and relaxing watching the sea rolling in.....my idea of heaven.

04-28-2013, 01:57 PM
Thanks, Doug, I edited the post probably after you saw it....just thanks to Ruth for her help.

Lovely video, Kay! had me smiling :)

New Gamboge
04-28-2013, 01:58 PM
Hi everyone - another lovely day, I've been out attacking the St. John's wort again (yes, still!) - I am affecting it in some areas, so will keep at it. We also have a wild carrot that is taking over, so I pulled some of that too.

We climbed Cobble Hill Mountain (hill, actually) on Thursday - the calypso orchids, fawn lilies, and shooting stars are all out - really beautiful. A couple of hikers who came up the path after us saw a black bear in really good condition, so a different one than we saw.

DSIL has emptied the 4 raised strawberry beds, mixed in a bunch of horse manure (we are very lucky, a riding stable just up the hill from us is glad to have anyone take it away), and replanted the strawberries. He's also got the tomatoes in the greenhouse after planting the seeds under grow lights in the basement then putting them in the greenhouse and back to the basement every day until they got big enough to leave out. We are still getting heavy frosts, and the greenhouse is not heated.


04-28-2013, 02:08 PM
Hello Everyone;

It's gray and dull here, mild but rainy. I guess having two nice days in a row is not possible.:confused: Poor Larry has only today off and it's nasty out. We need our grass cut but he worked all day yesterday when it was sunny and I cleaned in the house all day. No rest for the wicked, as they say.:D

WELCOME BACK SHARON! I've looked at your website, nice work and I'm so glad you are still painting up a storm. You do live in a gorgeous place. I hope this year will top and surpass your successful last year.

Doug, I hope you and Ruth have a great vacation and that the weather cooperates for you.

I'm heading downstairs to paint in a bit. We didn't have to watch Klaira this weekend while Jen worked. For the first time Kelsea watched Klaira and did a fine job! She is 14 and loves watching her. Kaitlyn now she's another story; too interested in her boyfriend.:rolleyes: Jen is going to pay here for watching her and she'll have a little spending money.:thumbsup:

Matt is working 7 days a week 12 hour days so he's out all the time. He finally is back to working full time after being laid off during the winter.

We are supposed to keep the mild temps until at least Wednesday so that will feel nice. I'm bummed that I was INSIDE cleaning all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to go outside all day except when Larry and I ran on some errands downtown after he got home from work.

I heard that we are supposed to have a colder, wetter summer this year. :rolleyes:

Sylvia, your squirrel is casing the joint I'm afraid.:D

Uschi, little Ava will get the hang of it I'm sure; I had a :lol: at her standing up on the third breath.

JJ, a good book is SO worth it. I'm into a good book now called, "Little Bee, written by Chris Cleave.

Geoff, we enjoy our Sunday paper too; it's usually a lazy morning spent over coffee and the newspaper.

LYnn, a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your GS's. I'm glad you had fun at their party. Is your GD still in Japan?

Kay, isn't that a shame that the owners let the fountain go to heck? I'm glad the flowers still bloom though and those pics in yesterdays wash were gorgeous. I could almost smell their heavenly scent.;) Poor kitty's having to hear your "language" yesterday.:lol: :D

Char, I'm with you wanting to get in my flower beds. I'm hoping we didn't lose any plants but without much snow for ground cover we may have.

Hi Alan, I'll have to go to the gallery and see your painting.

Anita, have a good day with your DH and visiting your Dad.

Pat have fun painting. It must give you great satisfaction when your students "get it."

Bill, Larry is getting our mower ready too. Have a great day!

Lynn, aww that puppy is so cute. I love his fur!

Betty, oh WOW...you saw a black bear on your hike? I'd be :eek: You must live in an absolutely gorgeous place.

Well, I'm not getting anything accomplished sitting here at the puter; so I'm waving to you all and wishing you the best possible day.

Bye:wave: :heart:

04-28-2013, 02:35 PM
Hi Betty, was pretty interested in your view of the bear in Cobble Hill.....when I was growing up north of Nanaimo, we worried about the cougars, but never even heard of bears on the Island. Very interesting! I hope they leave you alone. I guess you have to watch the livestock and garbage closely. I'm so impressed with you and your family's self-sufficiency. My parents were close to that where they were, raising geese and lots of small fruits, etc. They loved the books from the 50's about living on 1 acre, or 5, and meeting all one's needs.

Thanks, Darla, next time I'll use the less fuzzy yarn! Hope you got some painting done, one good thing about the rainy day :)

04-28-2013, 02:39 PM
Thanks for the b'day wishes for Stephen and Michael everyone.

Darla, Samantha is beginning her third year (in a row) in Japan. New job; still teaching English but is working for a Japanese-owned company, teaching girls. She is still very happy in Japan; don't know when she'll bother coming back to the States for a visit. :eek:

We speak with and see her on Facetime which is very nice. :)


New Gamboge
04-28-2013, 02:53 PM
Hi Darla and Lynn - yes, we live in a beautiful place - we saw the bear at home next to us, although (thankfully) not close enough to get a photo and 2 other hikers saw a different bear on the trail a few days later. Lynn, I think we have always had black bears on the Island - some grizzlies have been sighted on the northern part of the Island - they swim between Islands. We also have cougars around here, but seldom see them, and wolves on some parts (not here).

Lynn - I do love your dog - what part of the Island did you grow up in? My cousins (one of whom now lives next to us, the bear was in her field) grew up in Fanny/Mud Bay. Betty

Scene Chaser
04-28-2013, 03:24 PM

I have had my nose in my novel all day



At first I thought you wrote "navel" :lol:


04-28-2013, 03:58 PM
Rain stopped Hurray!

Delighted to see Sharon Douglas back with us on WC.


04-28-2013, 04:18 PM
Hiya... it's been raining since noon... even though the thermometer says it's warm, it doesn't really feel that way... kind of raw. The front flower beds have been cleaned up and raked out. Things are slowly taking shape and it looks so darned nice. Ted is worn out and having a nap.

I baked up a batch of cookies this afternoon. And, I've prepared a quinoa/barley chopped vegetable salad for tonight's dinner. I've applied the first two coats of UVLS varnish on my iris and have begun painting my Arctic fox. It's been a lovely day of this and that. I promised myself I'd clean out a cupboard, so still have that to do.

:lol: Kay... what fun!

Your little dog is so cute, Lynn! Is he a gift?

Betty, we've been fighting Jerusalem artichokes all these years... Like Lynn, I enjoy reading about your gardens and animals...

Darla, I've always told Ted that I must have REALLY been wicked in a former life because there never seems to be any rest! :lol: It's great that Matt has been finally hired on full time, but too bad that he's working so many hours! No happy medium, eh?

Happy Birthday to the twins, Lyn... and how wonderful that you were able to get out and enjoy the celebration! Samantha will come home when the time is right, eh?

Uschi, I hope you got to ride your bike before the rain set in... But swimming with Ava would be lots of fun, too!

Sylvia, I think we're getting our layers in June. Ted ran into a hitch while building the top of the enclosure. He's making a peaked roof that is covered in chicken wire, but is having trouble with the proper angles for his board cuts.

Break time is over... I shall get my last chore done and then cook dinner... have a wonderful evening, everyone... or morning if you're down under! :)

04-28-2013, 04:38 PM
Only got to paint at the picnic table for about an hour and it started to rain. Pack up and back in the house. Had fur creatures checking everything as I was setting up. Of couse they had to play with my Rinse Well so they could have a drink of water and watch the water disappear. Isis continued to play until I picked her up and put her on the floor. Simba and Smudge stayed on the floor, but Isis wasn't satisfied until she put her paw in the paint. Oh the fuss when I was cleaning her paw. With Isis, every day is a new adventure!

Am working on the angel stones and will put magnets on some of them.

Thanks for the tip, Kay. I have been using a roll-on called Stopain and a Capzasin cream. Have to really wash your hands well when using Capzasin. Between those and an ice pack I have been somewhat comfortable. I have an appointment at the Pain Clinic on Wednesday and we will schedule an injection in my back.

I have some clay pots to seal, but that will have to wait until later this week. Well, back to some painting and then think about supper.

Good thoughts to everyone and hope you have had a nice day.


04-28-2013, 04:57 PM
:clap: Sharon :clap: So glad to see you in the Wash again! :) I have your painting of Kettlewell (and Dougs of Knaresborugh) in our new house in Elk Grove (near Sacramento) we moved here just over a year ago, Jack retired and we get to have the Grandkids daily, before and after school. He also oversaw the builing of our pool and hot tub, and is working on the garden, (oh that does sound posh but we got a deal on the house and got that one as it had the huge yard)
I will check your blogs.

This will be short as we are supposed to go to a Stockton Thunder Hockey game. I find I like hockey better when I am there in person.

Mustache, BBL

Stay well and be happy y'all

04-28-2013, 05:27 PM
Good afternoon from Texas. We have sunshine and very warm 80 degree temperatures.

Yesterday, I worked in the backyard. I moved rocks to a different area, moved and laid my brick, and even moved some of my pavers. I made a fountain out of a large plastic tub. I had a pump and the fountain attachment for a few years. So, it only cost me $7. I love the sound of running water.

Last night we went to Oklahoma. I went back to my old way of gambling and had a blast. At the end of the night I was ahead by $10. :clap: By only putting in a dollar at a machine and playing only 10 lines, I lasted for two hours of straight playing. This is good, because when we go the Shreveport, LA, I always lose. But if I play the same way, it won't hurt too much. And I still have fun going to bonus rounds.

Visited my mother today and went grocery shopping. Threw baby back ribs in the oven to steam cook over water, and I will brown them on the new grill. They fall off the bone.

I also went to Lowes and bought a palm tree that will survive low temperatures to the low 20s. I have been looking for years for one of them. I have a large container I will plant it in tonight with a hibiscus. Uschi, I haven't forgotten about taking photos. I promise to get to it later this week.

It was a fun-filled weekend, so I will be glad to be back at work tomorrow. There are too many to reply to this late in the afternoon. White light to all in need.:wave:

04-28-2013, 06:17 PM
Wonderfylly chatty Wash today, loved reading everyone's news!!

Ava "got it"!!!!! She can now swim across the pool without stopping:thumbsup: The 5 minutes each child gets in class once a week just isn't enough to learn what they have to. Like everything else, it needs practice:)

I have been busy packaging up stuff that needs to get into the mail tomorrow. Also printing out business cards. The rain (actually drizzle) arrived here at around 5:00 p.m. and no, I didn't have time to ride the bike.

I am going to say exactly what Darla and Char said. Still have stuff to do.

:wave: Uschi