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04-26-2013, 12:44 AM
Morning all.

Blue ears territory again??

Little rain during night otherwise mot too bad but there is a cockerel here that favours 0530 and 1630 for vocal exercise, no plans for day yet but meeting Doug & Ruth this evening.


04-26-2013, 02:05 AM
Good morning Geoff and all to follow.

Fine so far but a cold snap is forecast.

See you at seven Geoff.


04-26-2013, 02:55 AM
Friday. :thumbsup: A friend wanted a lift down to Samford for her work (her son totalled her car and her husband needs his for work and I go to Samford Friday any old ways ... So what ... Yep! ) and she had the same reaction I had when I saw the slug. Yes it is sign written. :lol: She did manage to find AM radio by intelligent finger stabbing on the way down, so rap is off the agenda and talking funny heads is back on. I like 612 ABC. I invited Roger to come too and he was a little too relieved for my liking to be able to say no. FROWN. :lol:

We pondered the gear box together and decided that S must stand for sports mode. Mine has one. Only on the way up the really steep Mt Glorious road with a boot full of yummies, did I realise it stood for Second gear or rather Slow. Saved from embarrassment by the Nissan Pulseless going at 40, no 30, then 20 kph idling along in front. I shall give her a laugh and let her know.

Beautiful day here .... clouds and spits of rain came over just as Roger was going out to photograph something in the sun :lol: :lol:

Dinner is on, cats are in, we are happy and ..... ooopss .. I haven't done my quarterly taxes yet. TOMORROW!!! :crossfingers: :lol: :lol: BBL

04-26-2013, 03:57 AM
Hi Geoff, Doug and Annie :D
Good morning to everyone else following :D

Was up bright and early this morning because the weather is beautiful. If anyone knows about aviation forecasting, the official term is "CAVOK" - ceiling and visibility are okay! A rare event in Ireland...

04-26-2013, 04:41 AM
We pondered the gear box together and decided that S must stand for sports mode. Mine has one. Only on the way up the really steep Mt Glorious road with a boot full of yummies, did I realise it stood for Second gear or rather Slow. Saved from embarrassment by the Nissan Pulseless going at 40, no 30, then 20 kph idling along in front. I shall give her a laugh and let her know.

My car has a stick thingy with Hi/Lo on it. Haven't worked how to use that yet.
I was going to engage it driving on the test run, but housemate svreeched "leave it alone" :o :confused: :lol:

If anyone knows about aviation forecasting, the official term is "CAVOK" - ceiling and visibility are okay! A rare event in Ireland...Well that is so cool. Now I know something new. Thank you.. :)

I love Ireland, such a beautiful country steeped in history. I walked 70 miles in two and a half weeks with my dear friend Annie when I stayed in Ballycastle in 2009. I will go bac one day, but first I have to visit Scotland. I have a burning desire to travel to Inverness now I have been reading Diana Gabaldon's novels..

We had a CAVOK day here.:thumbsup:


04-26-2013, 04:49 AM
Talk of Ireland.....Bill has Janet done your Agenda for next month yet???

Very breezy here now.


04-26-2013, 04:55 AM
But sunny with it Geoff :thumbsup:


04-26-2013, 05:18 AM
I apparently don't know anything OH dear :lol: :lol:

Husband jogged my worn out cooking elbow. But not my spelling.

Ceiling wherever, ours is still above our head despite summer storms., Visibilty quite good, to 10km or so if I open eyes and there are no clouds below 5000ft whatever that be above aerodrome level, and then I shall CAVORK.

Badly. NO ??? :lol: :lol: Yes.

My husband will kill me for the "translation" :cool:

It was no significant weather.

04-26-2013, 05:40 AM
Doug// I have to hurry and go outside and catch those wonderful billowing clouds and blue patches among the wonderful greys,, a dream sky today who says they need inspiration .ta ta for now

04-26-2013, 05:50 AM

Well it is 5:30 AM here in OHIO - the birds just started chirping.

The full moon was beautiful last night. On my drive home from the museum it was a joy to see over the city.

I enjoy my shift at the museum --always meeting interesting people and the museum store is really nice. Lots of interesting items.

I am volunteering on Tuesday morning to help stuff the Art Ball invitations. I have never attended - always too costly for us but I hear it is beautiful. It is on June 8th this year so I can not volunteer to help either it is one of my closest girlfriends 60th birthday. Her daughters are throwing her a surprise party.

Today just going to enjoy myself this morning at coffee shop, then visit dad this afternoon.

Caryl - Yes sorry that you will miss my son. I think he said that several from N. Carolina base are coming in that time frame. You will be on the road to your new home. That sounds like a good assignment. How many years till your husband would retire???

Darla - I'm really excited about your trip. That is awesome. Can't wait to hear about it. How long will you be gone??? One day we're gonna do something like that.

Judy - Loved your comment on 13 yo boys. LOL

Henry - That stool is a hoot.

I see a lot of men carrying messenger bags with their laptops --I think they invented laptops to just carry the bags. LOL

My boys used to just die when I called their GJ Joe's dolls ---they would say Mom, they're not dolls ---they are action figures.

Pat - Sorry to hear your Mom is not feeling well. Hope you get to enjoy some time out for yourself and that she has some good days ahead.

Well that is all I can remember so a Hello to all still to come


04-26-2013, 06:25 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just after 6:15 a.m. here in getting light Oakwood. Chilly temps this morning, I think we have a frost warning again. :rolleyes: The morning wake up bird is outside my window singing to beat the band. :D

I'm off to a meeting of the Tri-Art Club this morning. There is an interesting guest speaker named Rosie Huart. (http://rosiehuart.com/aboutrosie.htm)She is a papermaker, calligrapher, abstract impressionist artist who combines all those talents into wonderful works of art. I've heard her speak before and find her art fascinating. We are so lucky here in the Dayton area to have some really talented artists we can call on for events like this. :D

I remember when we were in Florence, Italy, many years ago, men were sporting "man bags". Fortunately or unfortunately however you view it, the style didn't seem to catch on. :lol:

I planted my lettuce and swiss chard seeds the other day and they've been blessed with rain by Mother Nature. I've laid a plastic net over them to try to keep the squirrels from digging in the soft dirt. :crossfingers: they'll begin to sprout soon.

Pat, Hope Winnie is feeling better today.

Nipper, Glad you are able to use the voice activated feature on the computer so you can pop in here and say "Hi" to your Wash friends. :D

:wave: to all who were here before me and to all who are on their way.



04-26-2013, 07:19 AM
Good morning from a sunny SW of Ontario... with a 60% chance of showers, it will likely cloud over... and it's chilly at 1c...

After my workout yesterday, I saw that Ted had found Matt at the Superstore, and they were in the little cafe having a coffee. My gym is on the mezanine at the store, so it's neat to be able to run into Magoo now and again when I come downstairs. Anyway, Matt was on his lunch break, so we were able to spend a nice amount of time with him.

We hurried home while the sun was still out (expecting thunderstorms) so that Ted could finish building his *run* for the chickens. It's attached to the coop and now just needs to have its roof canopy finished. Looks great...

It rained. Thunder stormed.

Today is the day I get our taxes done. I hate doing them.

Pat, I sure hope that your Mom gets to feeling better... a virus perhaps?

Darla, the excitement is starting to build eh? :clap:

Doug and Geoff (along with your Significant Others)... enjoy your visit!

Annie, I'm thrilled that I don't have to do ours quarterly! Tax prep once a year is enough to force me into procrastination...

No CAVOK here today Laura! :)

Here's a thought, JJ... read your car's manual... :lol:

Alan, I'm sure you found lots of inspiration in those clouds and look forward to the result!

:lol: about the GI Joe dolls, Anita... same thing here... oh... and Stre-e-etch Armstrong!

Raising three boys (along with their friends), I called all the 13 year olds PodPeople... they emerged again in about 4 years as much nicer humans... :)

Sylvia, I'm always a little :envy: of the art and artists in your area... I'm sure you'll enjoy this meeting!

After taxes, I hope to relieve a little stress with a paintbrush... I hope that your day, everyone, is the very best possible! :heart:

04-26-2013, 07:35 AM
Here's a thought, JJ... read your car's manual... :lol::p

04-26-2013, 07:51 AM
Good Morning!!!!!

White roofs (frost), blue sky, sun and temperature (now 1C) to go up to 11C. After today both nights and days are to be warmer.

Nothing exciting happening here, had lots of fun and good cake at scrabble yesterday and playing table tennis today.

Char, is Matt enjoying his independence????

Henry, that stool - hillarious!!!!! Are things a little better with Leslie??

Kev, :clap: :clap: for improvements in your hip!!

Lots of vacation plans happening here:thumbsup:

Breakfast is calling, BBL.

:wave: Uschi

Scene Chaser
04-26-2013, 08:22 AM
Good Day All,
Sunny and will reach a high of 60 F for the next few days. A CAVOK morning.:)

Ms. Feral is in and in the chair next to me cleaning up for a nap, I suppose.
Yes, the door is open. :( Just a crack, though.

Annie, taxes to do every quarter? :(

Char, so envious of Ted's chicken enterprise. What kind of laying chickens will he be getting?

Financial business to do today. Plus a trip to the local nursery to get some garden plants.

04-26-2013, 08:46 AM

TGIF and not a moment too soon. It's a GORGEOUS morning, cold but sunny and promising to warm up nicely.:thumbsup:

Larry has to work tomorrow but gets Sunday off this week.

I'm going to get up early when he leaves for work and clean my house then I will have the rest of the day to play.;) I want to paint for a bit, visit the bookstore, and a few other important things.

Geoff, we to have a rooster not too far from us and we can hear him faintly at sunrise.

Doug I hope you and Ruth enjoy your evening with Geoff and Eileen!

Aww Pat, I hope that (((WINNIE))) will start to feel better; that is a long time to wait for the shoulder operation. I'm sorry you had to cancel it.

Anita, the surprise party sounds like fun. A friend of mine is attending one this weekend for her friend who also is turning 60. I'm glad you enjoy volunteering at the museum; what a fun way to meet people. We will be gone 14 days on our trip.

Sylvia, I'll be :crossfingers: that no critters find your seeds.

Bill, aww Ms Feral must like napping on the chair in the sun. Are you and Janet going back to Ireland soon?

Char, wow that is great that you and Ted got to chat with Matthew. I bet you'll have more opportunities for future visits.

Annie, you crack me up!:lol:

Uschi, yes warmer weather is heading our way. About time I say.

JJ, I had a chuckle when Char suggested reading the manual. That is always an option.:D

Hello ALAN!

I hope you all have a most wonderful day!

BBL:wave: :heart:

04-26-2013, 09:04 AM
:wave: Lovely sun here, must walk while it is shining.....BBL

Scene Chaser
04-26-2013, 10:16 AM
Darla, we've had some delays in planning for our trip. So, we will be postponing our travels for a few weeks. You will love your trip. England is a great place to visit.

We have numerous trees dying and must be removed before we leave. But, there has been so much flooding that it is difficult to reach some of them until it dries. Also, arranging for home security installation. All for peace of mind when away from the home.



04-26-2013, 10:45 AM
Hi to all

Sunny day here

Char, things are just the same with Lesley, still waiting for news of an MRI, her GP is in daily contact

JJ, "I walked 70 miles in two and a half weeks with my dear friend Annie" I hope you got the bus back!

Speak later


04-26-2013, 11:00 AM
Kidlets come and went, along with BF, they are going to a movie after school Larval boy not going but they will drop him off after school.

I must ask what is CAVORK?

Bill what will you do about Ms Feral when you are on your holiday?

I am struggling with that 5 pounds I have gained this year, think I must bite the bullet and go back to WW tomorrow. Means I will have to pay :o

Looks like a nice day here, the Stockton Asparagus Festival is on this weekend, don't think we'll go but interesting recipes popping up on the news.

Just read some of yesterdays wash, and I really like a rutabaga in my soup, it took me awhile to realize that what we call a rutabaga, the Brits call a Swede.

Mustache, bbl

04-26-2013, 11:33 AM
Breezy with an odd shower and a darkening sky.
Otherwise a decent day......went into town for an ice cream and didn't get one.

See you at 7 Doug.


04-26-2013, 11:55 AM
Quick hello from warm but overcast Texas. The morning has flown by.

Yesterday went well with my mother. I even took her to Target and picked up baby back ribs for her lunch. It was a fun day. Her lungs are clear, and her heart is strong. She did not have too much trouble getting in and out of the car.

Everyone have a great weekend. Hugs to all in need.

04-26-2013, 12:12 PM
Hi washgang,

Well bright and sunny here. Definitely CAVOK. Also, unfortunately going up into the 80'sF today. :crying: That's not tears; it's sweat dropping in my eyes.

No jewelry yesterday. Was hoping, but it was all housework, dishes, laundry, clean the litter box, clean the bathroom, water the plants, take out the garbage, drop exhausted onto the sofa. Did have a chat with the vet.

You may (or maybe not) remember I was concerned Esme was still getting too much insulin even after we dropped her dose down to 2 units 2X a day. He had said to wait a whole week, but after two weeks she was still doing the same old, same old, plus she seemed tired and unsteady on her legs and having trouble jumping. So we talked about having her in today for a blood glucose monitoring, but he said to drop it down to 1 unit twice a day, watch her closely. If no improvement in 48 hours -- call. If she seemed better, bring her in in 7 to 10 days.

Of course this morning she was frightened out of her mind which probably raised her sugar levels to astronomical highs this morning. I have the windows open and the bathroom one faces the courtyard. Everything echoes around that space, and someone had a load of laundry that went off balance and was thumping around to beat the band. Poor little thing was clawing the door trying to get out. Her tail was fluffed enough to clean a gallon milk jug. I finally got her calmed down enough to give her a shot. Sigh.

I'm already exhausted. Can't decide whether to do jewelry or give up and just go off to the museum today.

Well, I'lll just wish everyone a great day and lots and lots of HAWLTAIN.

Oh!! Been meaning to say -- Lynn yes I did like the S.J. Rozan mystery. Got another one out of the library.


04-26-2013, 12:32 PM
Wonderful spring day out there, people out all along the rail trail, nice to see! Got a couple of nice photos on my phone, will see if I can get them onto my new computer.

(((Kay))) being a cat mother can be trying :heart: I'll look for that author. My friend gave me 4 books yesterday, so she drove me home to deliver them and me and my groceries! Last thing I need is more books, so will find new homes for them once I have read them. I'm going to start with Kate Atkinson's Started Early, Took my Dog, sounds interesting and I think I recognize the lovely ruin on the cover.

Glad your day was not as bad as you feared, Nancy.

(((Henry and Lesley)))

I'll be interested to see what chickens Ted gets, Char. I loved my Rhode Island reds, so did our golden.....he used to lie down beside their pen and wag his tail, I think he saw them as his pets, and not a culinary delight :)

I hope everyone has a rewarding day, and hugs to those in need :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
04-26-2013, 01:56 PM
Her tail was fluffed enough to clean a gallon milk jug.

:cat: :lol:

Judy, Thanks for your concern for Ms. Feral. My dental hygienist lives two miles away and we are paying her sixteen year old daughter to care for her. It's nice to have someone near that can be trusted.

Off to the nursery, soon. It's 15 miles from here but well stocked with a large variety of plants.


04-26-2013, 05:00 PM
Well just rwturned from a splendid meal with Doug & Ruth in Southport......an Italian feast excellent in quality and quality

Been raining here but sky clear.

Goodnight all


04-26-2013, 05:02 PM
Lovely to meet you again Geoff. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


04-26-2013, 07:31 PM
JJ, "I walked 70 miles in two and a half weeks with my dear friend Annie" I hope you got the bus back!:lol: :p :grouphug: Lesley :grouphug:

Kay hugs..

((((((((((NAN & Pat))))))))))

Got to run, Tania will be here in a minute for brunch..

Happy Saturday.. :wave:

04-26-2013, 11:31 PM
Bill, good to hear about the cat sitter, I hope that Ms Feral will enjoy the company.

Again people what is a CAVOK ?

04-26-2013, 11:58 PM
is an term used among pilots to describe weather/flying conditions, it's slang for
Ceiling And Visibility are OKay

Nothing but Blue Skies :D