View Full Version : Awesome stories and mental imagery to paint?

04-23-2013, 04:04 PM
I'm always looking for awesome images in stories, and this one struck me today:

10:05 p.m. Police received a call from a woman who said her juvenile granddaughter was at the ski area last week and ran into a person who was selling bags of what she thought were portobello mushrooms dipped in chocolate for $30. Police said the granddaughter further informed her grandmother that giraffes were chasing her down the hill after she ate the mushrooms.


There are so many images there! Mushrooms dipped in chocolate, a skiing teenager, the giraffes...and even (likely, I think) the woman being arrested for selling mushrooms that were probably not portobellos....;)

I thought a topic full of news topics, urban legends, colorful metaphors and such might be fun to browse through when we're looking for inspiration?