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04-23-2013, 02:52 AM
Well, I'll make a start and bbl.

Meeting Geoff and Eileen this afternoon:thumbsup:


04-23-2013, 03:07 AM
Have a good meet up with Geoff, Doug.

Henry (((()))) Surely given Lesley's pain and the problem they would expedite the investigations??? Huge hugs to you both.

Usual day here. NOT. Delivered the car and credit card for their major extractive surgery. :rolleyes: Courtesy car is new and has all sorts of electronic stuff I don't understand despite random stabbing with the index finger .... so I had to listen to rap music all the way home or else hear my own teeth grinding. :lol: It is gutless up hill too unless there is a booster switch. Couldn't find it so we roared uphill getting slower and slower. Better than walking home though.

Got home in time to see Roger weeding his broad beans. Would not have had to had he mulched before planting them. That piece of advice went to the four winds.

Gosh, I'm sounding cranky :lol: :thumbsup: One more day of work tomorrow, pick up the car, return the courtesy slug, weep gently at the bill and then drive home without rap music :thumbsup:

Anzac Day is Thursday.


04-23-2013, 03:26 AM
Poor Annie, what a trial your day has been :heart:

Hope the bill is less than the car is worth :rolleyes: Son David just spent 700 getting his fuel injectors changed. Sounds like extortion to me, but then again it was a garage :mad:

Yes, we're looking forward to seeing Geoff and Eileen again, the morning has started bright, I hope it stays like that. Luckily whilst ever Ruth has a Motability car she doesn't have to pay for services.

Garden is waking up at last. The yellow Camellia is out and the Magnolia Stellata is breaking its buds. No sign of leaves on the Acer though, hope it survived the long winter :crossfingers:

A week tomorrow we go away to Ilfracombe. Can't wait.


04-23-2013, 03:32 AM
Mornin' each.....:wave:

Just got back from a wonderful 14 days on an island in the Maldives, it was beautiful a real paradise in the sun. It was sunny every day and temps of 33 - 34 degrees so very hot too. With all the pressures Chris and I had been feeling it was a truly welcome break.

My hip behaved well too and so we were able to snorkel every day and the fish were amazing, we saw turtles, reef sharks and rays together with all manner of different multi-coloured fish.

Although we have come back to 7 degrees I feel like I have recharged my batteries and the old Kev is back .......... hope that remains he has been away for such a long time ......... :lol:

Here's a view from over the pool and sea to the jetty from where we could snorkel just off the reef.


Hope all are well sending thoughts to those who are feeling under the weather.

See you soon ........... :wave:

04-23-2013, 03:40 AM
GOOD to hear from you Kev. What ... no sunburn???

Sounds like extortion to me too, Doug. But what do you do? To get a comfortable reliable economical quiet car back that accelerates up hills is worth it. I do accelerate a wee bit on the way home. :cool: The morning drive is much more sedate.

04-23-2013, 03:43 AM
Hi Kev, good to hear from you and that your hip is behaving this time.

Yes Annie putting your foot down going down the hill would be suicidal :eek:


04-23-2013, 03:53 AM
:wave: :grouphug:

Well, I did it, I bought my "new" car. I bought a Subaru Forester 2006, AWD model, with only 92000 km on the clock. It is silver in colour, and in awesome condition. It is being detailed at present, and I pick it up on Friday.

Love and hugs :grouphug:

04-23-2013, 03:59 AM
Great choice JJ, I had a Subaru Imprezza Turbo estate, - great car.


04-23-2013, 04:03 AM
Doug ... going down sedateness is because I don't want to go. Coming home reaches the speed limit where one can of 80kph. Not much at that speed.

JJ :thumbsup:

04-23-2013, 04:12 AM
Hi washers,

JJ - congrats on the new car.
Annie - condolences on the old car.
Kev - sounds like a heavenly vacay.
Doug - enjoy your day with Geoff and Eileen.

I am back from the depths of flu. I think this should be called "Rubberband Flu" because it keeps coming back. After the first bout, I had the serious bronchitis. Barely got some respite from that - cant say I am 'cured' yet, but doing a little better - when the flu returned.

My fever finally broke, so I went out for a little walk today, for the first time in a week. I walked the 1/2 block to the supermarket, and the day was perfect. The Bradford Pears are in bloom, the Flowering Cherry are at their peak, the forsythia are golden and full, and the crocus and tulips are finally starting to pop up. Spring, Finally.

OK. Back to bed for me. BBL.


04-23-2013, 04:13 AM
And the pretty magnolias.
And the noisy, chirping birds all happy and excited and making a racket.

04-23-2013, 04:23 AM
Good to see you re-surface Doris. Isn't Springtime wonderful?


04-23-2013, 04:26 AM
Kev - I don't think that is a real photo, it's too beautiful!

Don't get me started on cars, mine is like a black hole for money. It's a Japanese import Integra, and it is not aging well. I love her to pieces though and wow she can move when you put your foot down!

Today, I have to meet my PhD supervisor for "lunch"... And I think "lunch" really is a disguise for a grueling discussion about my thesis and exam, *shiver*. Again, I'm looking forward to this evening so I can give my lionfish picture all my attention :)

04-23-2013, 05:07 AM
I am back from the depths of flu. I think this should be called "Rubberband Flu" because it keeps coming back. After the first bout, I had the serious bronchitis. Barely got some respite from that - cant say I am 'cured' yet, but doing a little better - when the flu returned.Thank you Doris, glad you are well again.. I had my flu shot yesterday, and feel like I have been punched in my arm today, and on top of that, I had blood taken from the dame arm today. Ouch...

Thanks guys, I am looking forward to taking possession of my "new" car. I am very happy with my purchase, all the reports I have read are so very favourable. Including the safety report! :thumbsup:

((((Kev)))) :thumbsup: Glad you are feeling better, and brighter..

04-23-2013, 05:40 AM
Good morning everyone, bright and cold here in Harrogate, just seen a small flock of waxwings, while out walking the dog, thats only the second time in my life i've seen them, and the last time was 40 years ago, didn't have my camera of course. No new car for me today, but i'm awaiting 2 riggers I ordered of E.bay. I seem to be falling in to the trap of buying too many small brushes, but still I enjoy opening a padded envelope with bubble wrap inside. :clap:

Ellen in Ont
04-23-2013, 05:47 AM
:wave: everyone,
I'm still at work so I am just popping in for a minute. Two more hours and home to bed.

Kevin - good to hear you are more like your old self.:heart: :thumbsup:

No time to reply to everyone but I enjoyed reading the wash. Gotta run.

04-23-2013, 06:28 AM
Laura, lunches like that .... keep your mouth full, chew, nod or shake head as required. Good luck :thumbsup:

Doris, glad you are better. :heart: How is your aristoCAT Louie ? I love the photo you posted of him. OK to paint?

JJ we expect photos.

Straydragon, sending oneself presents is the best. Do you pop the bubble wrap cells individually? I do. Simple mindless thing to do in front of telly.Makes for endless domestic arguments. Stop that. OK. You stop that! But it's fun. It's my bubble wrap.I've got it now. Give it back. Oh no ...The cat has got it now and it is spoiled and everything is popped.

Ellen :wave:

Sleep beckons .... Thankfully for all.:lol:

04-23-2013, 06:40 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 6:30 a.m. here in getting light Oakwood. Birds are singing gaily outside my window.

Worked on Gail's photo in art class yesterday. Need to do a bit more on the foreground weeds, concentrated mostly on those glorious storm clouds.

Larry and I will go shopping today and maybe I'll plant my lettuce. Didn't do it the other day because they were warning about a big storm that night. I'll have to see what the forecast is for today.

Welcome back Old Kev. We enjoy seeing all versions of you, but happy you had such a wonderful vacation. :D

Doris, That flu really did hang on for a long time with you. Hope you are finally completely over it and feeling much better. The spring flowers are looking beautiful right now around here too. Lots of tulips blooming, red bud trees, magnolias, and flowering pears everywhere we look.

Laura, Hope your luncheon with the PhD advisor goes well. Probably too much tension to really enjoy it though, eh. ;)

JJ, Congratulations on the new car. I'm sure you are going to enjoy it. Whenever we get a shot, the techs always tell us to keep moving the arm even if it is a little tender because it helps keep the pain down. ;)

Hi StrayDragon (do you have a first name we can call you? ;) ), Enjoy opening your package and testing your new brushes. :D

Ellen, Enjoy your sleep and then I know you'll be doing more prep work on your workshop. :D

Doug, Say HI to Geoff and his Eileen today. Hope the weather stays nice for your visit.

:wave: to all who are on their way.



Annie, Your description of the loaner vehicle made me smile. One time we flew out to Seattle, Washington, for a visit and rented a small car (don't remember the name). Anyway, we kept saying "There are so many planes flying low....must be coming in for a landing at the airport" because we heard so much noise. Then we realized that weren't no plane...it were US! Didn't realize a little car could be so noisy as it strained to run. :lol:

04-23-2013, 07:06 AM
well yes under normal circumstances, I could go for a bit of bubble wrap popping, but as my good lady as forbid be to spend anymore money on art products, I'm hoping to get the post and hide the evidence, at least untill she spots it on our bank statement:crossfingers: :eek: :clear: :angel:

04-23-2013, 07:24 AM
LOL Alan, once it is ordered online the deed is done. That's my ploy too :D

Hi Laura, Ellen, Sylvia :wave:


04-23-2013, 08:04 AM
LOL Annie!! I despise rap music too, especially when you can hear and feel the speakers because the bass is turned up so loud.... in cars going down the street.

I plan on renting a mini-van and driving to Missouri, picking up my mom, sister Debbi and her 2 daughters and we are driving to New Orleans in it to the port to go on a cruise in June. I sure hope our rental van is nice, it's supposed to be a 2013 model. There will be NO rap music playing in that van! LOL

it stormed buckets of rain and I thought I heard some hail last night. We need it though as we are in drought conditions here in Kansas.

better get to work!

((((((Lesley and Henry)))))

04-23-2013, 08:05 AM
Good morning! Sunshiney and breezy here in SW Ontario today. The tree buds are exploding and it won't be long before that first yellow green begins to leaf out. I love this time of year. My daffodils will be nodding their heads today, I think.

Lots of painting yesterday with my Classes, but nothing done on my own stuff... ah well... I'll be off to the gym this morning and back home to teach Class this afternoon... more work on the iris.

Belated Happy Birthday, Shirley! I hope your special day was fantastic!

Kay, your pieces are just beautiful... I hope that your poor thumb is healing.

Henry... ((Lesley)) I have no words of comfort that can ease the stress and pain you and your wife are suffering... but you're sure in my thoughts and prayers.

Doug and Ruth, Geoff and Eileen... have a great afternoon!!!! What did you bake for the occasion, Doug? :p

((Annie)) Just seems like a hug would be a good thing.

Hi Kev... Your Holiday sounds wonderful and I'm happy that you're feeling energized and SO glad that your hip is feeling better! Gorgeous photo!

JJ, I'm never quite sure if congratulations are in order when someone buys a car... it's rather a double edged sword... but, enjoy your freedom!

Wow, Doris... welcome back, just in time to enjoy all that Spring that's sprung up around you!

Laura, getting through your "lunch" will be a weight off your shoulders, I think... I'm sure you're prepared to defend your thesis and will do just fine... kind of like a practice session, eh?

Alan... riggers??? That's pretty small... :) Popping those bubbles is addictive... Ebay is addictive!!!

Hi Ellen... :wave:

How neat that you're painting Gail's lighthouse photo, Sylvia!!! I can't wait to see it! I'd love to know more about your "weather" classes.

Well... I'd better get into my gym gear... I hope that everyone enjoys a happy and creative day... :heart: Hawltain... :heart:

We x-posted Patty... wow... your trip sounds wonderful!

04-23-2013, 08:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

Another glorious day in the making. Blue sky, sunshine and lacking the nasty north wind. We are to go up to 15C:thumbsup:

The excitement is building but it will be another two weeks at least before our forsythia blooms so we have all this beautiful Spring stuff to look forward to, the daffodils are blooming!!!!

Lunch with my friend, followed by gardening, followed by taking Ava for swimming lesson, followed by dinner at their house, followed by watching TV:D

Annie, LOL, exactly the same thing happened to me last time I had a rental. Also, :heart: the bubbles!

Kev, what a beautiful place, so glad you enjoyed it so much!!!!!

(((((((((Henry and Leslie)))))))) I hope today is a better day!!!

Doris, I hope that bug is finally out of your system, take care!!

JJ :clap: :clap:

Doug and Geoff, enjoy your MEET!!!

Laura, I hope he/she loves every word you wrote!!!

Bill and Char, I bought some of those healthy "flakes" you two were raving about so will give my oatmeal a break and have those - right now, because I am starving.

:wave: to all here and all yet to come and :grouphug: to our friends in need!!


Island Nipper
04-23-2013, 08:39 AM
Hi everyone, 14 deg! Sunny, 7 knot westerly sea flat. Mmm.

Thanks for the suggestions for speech to text. I am on the Ipad and will try now.....

I have nearly finished my painting and as usual not too pleased with it, Hey this really works that's great so I shall be posting more often thanks again by Fernau...he he should bye for now! Isle of Wight accent!:wave:

04-23-2013, 08:40 AM
That's great Nipper, isn't technology wonderful?


Strawberry Wine
04-23-2013, 08:42 AM
:) Morning Washers from a glorious sun filled day in the Grove. Cool this morning but it promises to warm up as the day progresses. We are planning on completely removing the pond cover today. :thumbsup

I also need te rebuild a portion of the waterfall because I poked a hole in the rubber hosing removing a huge dandelion with my sharp (duh) dandelion removal tool :eek: Dan repaired it by cutting out the pierced piece and relplaced that section with a new solid piece and couplings so it is as good as new. I also want to wash the kitchen windows and put the screens back into them.

Sylvia, I am so looking forward to seeing your painted version of the cloud formation. I would even consider leaving out the light house .

Henry and Lesley :grouphug: I am so sorry that you are in such pain Lesley, and Henry that you are unable to do anything to ease it. Does the hospital have " self management pain pumps" I have used one for severe pain and found it very helpful.

Kev, glad you and Chris had a wonderful holiday that re charged your batteries. :thumbsup:

JJ, enjoy your new vehicle.

Belated :music: Happy Birthday :music: to you Shirley ...

Alan, welcome to the wash I love opening packages that have arrived from on line purchases.. Feels like Christmas to me

Doris, this flu, that is making it's Spring visit is notorious for its repeat visits, so please still take it really, really, easy for another week at least.

Patty, yuor planned trip sounds wonderful.

Annie, I agree, what is the rush in the morning.... you are only heading into work, afterall.

It is supposed to rain tommorow and Thursday and I have a lot I want to get done today so I better get a "wiggle on" BBL

EDIT: Nipper Geoff, so glad you are trying the voice to text and my :crossfingers: that it works well for you.



04-23-2013, 08:50 AM
yeah riggers are small, I guess I don't really need them, I,m very new to watercolor, and a bit naive, I bought a winsor & newton sable rigger 2 and it held so much paint it was a bit of a disaster for me, I guess I,m just not used to quality brushes, anyway I came to the conclusion I should have got a number 1, so I ordered one on ebay and while a was doing that, I came to the conclusion it might not be that much diffrent from the number 2 I already had, so in a flash and click of a mouse I ordered a 0 sized one as well. I guess the morale of the story is you can't try before you buy on line, and E,bay is very addictive.

04-23-2013, 08:58 AM
Just a quick good morning from Texas. We are in the 60s right now, by lunchtime we will be in the 50s with rain and then in the 40s tonight. Another "Blue Norther" blowing through. This is about the 5th one to hit us.

JJ-You will love your Forrester. We had one, and it is a good car and should give you many years of faithful service.

Nipper-So glad that you can join us more often just by talking. I love technology.

Henry and Lesley-:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I don't know what else to say except lots of white healing light is being sent your way.

Annie-I hate driving rentals.

Geoff and Doug-Have fun!

:wave: to everyone I have missed by name. Thursday I am taking the day off to take my mother to the doctor in the morning. By the time I get her in and out of the car twice, I will be totally exhausted and unable to work. :eek:

Have a great day.

04-23-2013, 09:16 AM
HAppy Tuesday Washers,

It was sunny this morning but since arriving at work the clouds are moving in. Rain in the forecast for three days, then sunshine for the weekend.:crossfingers:

Jen and Matt had a showing on their house yesterday and four today. THey have had it for sale. They want out of that neighborhood, it's getting bad. I'm hoping they sell soon....BUT.....if they don't have a place to go guess where they will be coming?:confused: We will have to have a talk; it hopefully wouldn't be for long or both Larry and I would be crazy. (They have three dogs and three cats and three girls.:rolleyes:

Congratulations JJ on your new vehicle; you'll love it.

Annie, I had a good chuckle reading about your loaner car mishaps. I too like to pop bubble wrap. FUN.

Shirley, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY; I'm hoping you had a nice celebration.:thumbsup:

Nipper/Geoff, yes modern technology is great; ahh a smooth sea is always good.

Doug you and Ruth have a great visit with Geoff and Eileen!

Doris, ugh.....that nasty flu was horrible this year; I'm :crossfingers: that you are well on your way to good health again.

It sounds like everyone's flowers and trees are blooming; Spring is so lovely, it smells fresh and new.:clap:

I'm starting to gather things that we will be packing for our trip. Only 35 more sleeps!:D

We talked to Josh last night for just a little bit; he has just returned home from the Columbus, Ohio convention. He is a busy guy but he's talking about flying the two girls down there for a front row seat at a concert of one of their favorite bands. He'll get backstage passes for them as he tattoo's one of the band members. THey'll sure be surprised. A nice treat for their great grades this marking period.

Larry's tomatoes are growing so fast; it's time to transfer them to flats now. I love to watch things grow...that is except my waistline:lol:

I hope you all have a most remarkable day and are able to do something creative too.

Sending hugs to ((((HENRY'S LESLEY))) (((LYN))) and anyone else in need.:grouphug:

BBL:wave: :heart:

04-23-2013, 09:18 AM
Nipper Geoff :clap: :clap: :clap:

Alan, welcome to the brush colloector's society:lol:

Those healthy flakes tasted a bit flat, I guess they are missing the sugar and salt:lol: :lol: :lol:


04-23-2013, 10:46 AM
:wave: Sun here, it really is spring! Yesterday was beautiful, wind still a bit chill, but everything spring like, and we are getting longer for the bloom. Often it has gone from melting snow to summer weather within a few weeks, but not this year :thumbsup:

Fashion show went well, lots of rushing about as we were short of people so most had to do double duty, and of course I got my drawstrings tangled up and was late to enter. Luckily we are pretty relaxed about things and the next person just went on. Our commentator is quick on the uptake! Our audience of seniors were very appreciative, so it was fun. I wish I had taken my i-pad, I hope to get some photos as one of the staff was taking a photo with hers as everyone came off the stage.

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shirley!

(((((Henry and Lesley)))))

Wonderful view, Kev, glad you continue to recover :)

Congrats JJ, so much fun to have a new vehicle, I hope it looks after you well! Do they have warning buttons when you try to take too steep a hill ?:lol:

Welcome Alan, my downfall was mop brushes, I have more than I could possibly need!

And welcome Laura, good luck with your lunch, I can sympathize. That's a challenging field, you have my admiration! I can see why you like the painting, a total change of subject!

Have fun in the garden Gail!

That's great that it works, Nipper!

Time to get busy, hope everyone has a rewarding day! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

edit: Uschi, you have to add your fruit etc, then it should be fine. Yes, everything has gobs of sugar in it these days, have to watch like a hawk.

Char, I hope we get to see the irises when you finish :)

04-23-2013, 10:47 AM
Hi :wave:
No kids tonight, they are involved with testing and there will be no "late start Wednesday" so we will be kidless tonight.

Alan, as I recall there are not many art shops in Harrgate, but there was one I used to haunt when I was wandering around the town looking for the Mexican Restaurant, that I never found. Did find lovely art shops in Leeds and York :smug: I used to go to York just to light candles in the York Minster, for ailing family members, (the only thing I could do also it was free to get in the Minster when you were lighting candles )

Nevada is in trouble here, they have been found to be "dumping" mentally ill patients in other states. This came to light when a guy was bussed to Sacramento, and knew no one there and did not know were to go, so talked to a policeman. Well the Sh*t has hit the fan and Nevada is facing lawsuits from other states. Turns out they put the released patients on busses with Ensure and a bus ticket.

I bought a canvas to put a painting (acr**ic) over the mantle the one we have annoys me, too small and not "real" Let you know.


04-23-2013, 12:11 PM
Afternoon all.

Been missing as could not update my mobile wifi for this iPod.

Had a very pleasant afternoon with Doug & Ruth and sampled the famous chocolate cake......highly recommended!

Back later as tea calls.


ps Doug sent u a pm as mobile signal non-existant here again.

04-23-2013, 12:14 PM
No pm received yet Geoff.

OK it arrived :thumbsup:


04-23-2013, 01:21 PM
'Lo all,

Well I gave my neighbor her birthday present yesterday. She was very pleased and put them right on. I am relieved she liked them that much.

Hate to say it to you more northern folks -- but ---- my roses are in bloom. We've had days in the 80's and 70's F, so BOOM, out they came. Will try to get a picture.

Doug -- yellow camellia? Never seen one. Can you show us a picture?

JJ :thumbsup: Googled pix. Really nice. But not red? :D

Annie loaner cars can be such a trial. I once got one when my car was in the shop -- a Dodge Neon subcompact. For such a tiny car it guzzled so much gas I nearly had to stop every two blocks to fill it up. :eek: So much for a "free" loaner. My cats jump three feet in the air when that bubble wrap pops.

Doris so glad you are feeling better. Do as Gail says though! Take it easy.

Judy that is horrible.

:clap: :clap: Kev! That resort looks just wonderful. Any pix of the fish? Welcome back.

Lynn sounds like your evening was a whirlwind but fun.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Nipper Geoff.

(((((Henry and Lesley)))))) I hope they get this under control for you both soon.

Darla not long now. The girls will be so thrilled.

Uschi try chopping up a few dates in your cereal. Just enough sweet. I've never been one for salt though so can't help you with that one.

:lol: :lol: Alan. I can't go into art stores without coming out with something.

((((Nancy))))) Hope Thursday isn't too much for you.

Patty that sounds like a wonderful trip.

Char I hope you get some time to paint on your own soon.

Laura try ordering soup and slurping it noisily. Maybe he'll be so horrified he'll end lunch early. :evil:

Gail perhaps you felt that bit of the waterfall needed a bit of redoing anyway.

Sylvia looking forward to seeing the new painting.

Glad you had a nice meet up Geoff.

:wave: :wave: to all and HAWLTAIN


04-23-2013, 01:30 PM
Lunch time! Nibbling as I type. We just came back from art class. It is raining, but yesterday was beautiful. Sat on the deck in the warm sunshine in the pm.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They were much appreciated.
I did have a nice day. Got some more cards at class today, all painted by the artists. I save them all.

Henry and Leslie-I am so sorry Leslie is in so much pain and you are unable to help much, Henry. I hope they can get her on some better pain control.
Kay-Your earrings are lovely. What a nice talent to have.
Char-Hope your PT sessions bring you great relief and let you move more freely.
JJ-Enjoy your new car!

Did some painting yesterday and today. I am doing pitcher plants at the moment. Working on the dreaded BG.


04-23-2013, 01:38 PM
Doug -- yellow camellia? Never seen one. Can you show us a picture?
Hi Kay, well, compared to my Magnolia it is yellow, but I suppose it could be classed as white:


Unfortunately it turns an ugly brown as it ages.


04-23-2013, 03:42 PM
Shirley, Happy Birthday a little late. I hope you had a wonderful time!

Kay, This trip to our family doctor is much needed. The "doctor and nurse practitioner" that were tending to my mother in assisted living have done nothing but cause more problems than good. I will be getting our doctor to issue all her RXs and check out a few issues she is having. This way, I can get help for her 24/7 with minor problems. Ironically, he and his family came to the States from Canada. I was one of his first patients, and he has gotten better over the years. His father was a very famous OB/GYN in Toronto, Canada.

My roses are blooming profusely, too. I have had orange poppies for about a month that survived our winter.

Doug, I would call that flower yellow, too.

Have a great evening everyone. DH and I are going out to dinner since I cannot grill today.

New Gamboge
04-23-2013, 03:54 PM
Good afternoon everyone - I have had enough "excitement" to last a while - late Saturday night some idiot took out the road sign right across from us, then did a huge donut in the upper end of our driveway, almost sliding down the bank, which would have taken out our fence, and possibly living room. TG that didn't happen. We didn't hear anything, and only figured it out the next morning. Then yesterday SIL and I heard a small bump, looked out my window and thought it was a rear-ender - only after all the emergency vehicles arrive a few minutes later did we find out a car turning up the road opposite us was t-boned - one person was taken on a back board, the other walked to the ambulance.

Then this am SIL was looking out my window and saw a very scruffy black bear in the wetland next door, so now he's concerned about our ducks. It lumbered off, and I haven't seen it since.

JJ - D and A were also looking at a Subaru but ended up getting an X-terra (which they really like). And my Toyota place told me that Toyota uses the Subaru AWD in its Matrix and Rav4- enjoy your new beastie.


04-23-2013, 03:55 PM
Wow Doug. I have never seen a yellow Camellia anywhere. It is beautiful. That brown is caused by a fungus. You have to make sure to rake up all the fallen flowers off the ground, and that will help minimize the browning. That is what my father said. He planted dozens of camellias around the yard, pink, red, white, striped -- no yellow! -- and that is what the nursery told him. When we sold my parent's house those camellias were about twenty feet high. :crying:

Oh Nancy how awful for you both. But a good thing you have that doctor.


04-23-2013, 04:06 PM
Thanks for the tip Kay.

It always flowers well, unlike my red one which only has a few flowers this year.

A close shave Betty :eek:


04-23-2013, 04:22 PM

Thanks to everyone regarding Lesley's pain, she is on max dose of morphine and it is causing toxic shock to her body, they are also giving her Pregabalin and Diazepam. We will be seeing the Renal Oncologist within a few days (chased them up today) to discuss treatment ie surgery or chemo or radiotherapy or a combination.

Good to hear that Doug and Geoff met up and had cake!

JJ, happy motoring in your new car!

Speak later


04-23-2013, 05:01 PM
Good afternoon all! Wow,lots of posts, everyone is so busy! Im laying low today. Yesterday was a long day, 4 hrs driving time up and back to Burlington, Lots of walking around the mall. I bought 3 very pretty and comy pairs of linen and siik slacks that are about 6 inches too long. So, tomorrow off to Rutland get them to the alterations lady at the dry cleaners. Also bought a cute top called "watercolor". It looks like wet on wet. Stopped along the way home at cozy family style restaurant and had dinner (Mac and cheese). It was good. It was a sunny but very windy and chilly. Today is grey and dreary and only 39F! It is supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow. I am so envious of all of you with daffs and tulips blooming! It seems like ours will never bloom.

Well, by next Weds I will have been granted my medical license from the state of VT and should be starting work on Thurs!! I can't wait and yet I am terrified! I guess that is normal with any new job! I really look forward to seeing patients again, prisoners or not, they are people who need medical care and comfort.

Doug- lovely camelias! Glad you and Ruth had a nice time with Geoff and

Geoff- Glad to hear you and Eileen had fun with Doug and Ruth!

Shirley- Happy Belated Birthday!!

Kay- the earrings are beautiful! I hope your friend enjoys them!

JJ- good luck with your new car! I had one as a loaner once and really liked it!!

Doris- glad you are feeling better finally! Enjoy the signs of Spring in NYC! I enjoyed it when I lived there.

Patty- It sounds like you have a nice trip planned!!

Lynn- I'm glad to hear your fashion show went well!

Welcome Alan and Laura!!

Judy- the dumping that Nevada is doing is disgusting, It happens all over and it is awful and so cruel to the poor psych patients!

Gail- can't wait to see pics of your garden and pond when it's all set and everything is blooming!

Sylvia- look forward to seeing your painting when it is done!

(( Henry and Leslie))

Nipper- glad the voice to text is working for you!!

Char - I bet your iris painting will be beautiful!!

Annie- loaner cars can be hit or miss. I hope you don't have to get another for some time!

:wave: Nancy!

Kevin - the resort pic looks great!!! I'm glad you got to relax and that your hip feels better!

Well, time to take a shower and then cook dinner!

Have a good night all!