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04-22-2013, 02:19 AM
Well, her goes! :clear:

Good morning all.

It's bright morning here but a bit cooler at 5C.

Good to see old friends (Patty and Lyn) and new friends popping in yesterday. This is a community and we care about each other.


04-22-2013, 02:39 AM
Good evening Doug and all to follow.

Had a very busy weekend in the garden. We both mowed until headache and exhaustion checked in. Well worth it though. Roger got the brushcutter that wouldn't start, so he got the headache earlier than I.:rolleyes:

Got to work this morning to find a reeling rainbow lorikeet in front of the glass doors. It had hit the glass. It could hop and walk but not fly. I enlisted the aid of a small child to watch it and went inside and got a box. Managed to scoop it up and put it in without being bitten and before it got onto the road, then rang the RSPCA animal ambulance which duly turned up to take it to their native care hospital. It should recover, but it can take a few days, from the concussion.

Hi to the newcomers.

Hugs to Nipper Geoff .... where there is a will there is a way.

Lyn ... good to see you too.

Forgotten most of the rest :rolleyes:


04-22-2013, 04:38 AM
OK where are they all hiding??

Packing,mine, complete, foodstuffs,complete, Eileen, just starting as hobbling around very slowly.....hope she can get into car otherwise it will be unpacking time again...


04-22-2013, 04:57 AM
I guess I'm one of the newcomers!

Today, I need to put the art away and do some corrections to my thesis. As usual, it's a grey, cloudy day in Ireland so I am sure my expression is one of disgust! My Mum is in Florida at the moment and she keeps texting me to tell me what temperature it says on the car dashboard. Looking forward to this evening when I get put away the thesis, get out the paint, watch Game Of Thrones :)

04-22-2013, 04:58 AM

Happy camping Geoff.


04-22-2013, 05:19 AM
Good Morning One and All!

Had a moment thought I would drop in on todays discussion.

Welcome Laura. From what part of Ireland do you hail? I work with a guy from Cork and my son's roomate is from Dublin. Good luck on the thesis and don't let the weather reports from Florida get you down. They have bugs down there you could strap a saddle to and ride. That is one reason my wife will never go back to Florida.

Only a couple of hours left of shift and then I can go to BED. Have the next couple of nights off, and besides painting, not sure what I am going to do. Talking rain and some snow possible, so going plein air may have to wait.

I also need to see about a dentist. Haven't found one up here yet, but I took a huge divot out of one of my pre-molars and it needs to be addressed.


04-22-2013, 05:29 AM
Hi Andrew - I'm from Cork! I live outside the city, and have been doing my neverending PhD in UCC :) Ohhh those bugs in Florida! And don't get me started on the alligators ;)

Scene Chaser
04-22-2013, 06:52 AM
Good Day All,
It's cold at 35 F and will only warm to 50 today.

Hi Doug. Hope your meal went well the other day. Now to get back on that diet. :)

I worked outside cleaning the lawn and getting ready for a tree removal service. Not sure what day they will come, but things will have to dry up a bit first.

Good to hear from you, Andrew.

Laura, welcome to the community. Ireland is a great place. I've been there several times and am planning another visit as soon as my wife is able to travel.
I enjoyed looking through your gallery. You would love drawing alligators. Their textures are perfect for your pencil art.

Geoff, I hope Eileen is alright and able to get into the car. Have a good trip.

Annie, we often have birds slam into our windows. If I hear it I rush out before the cat gets to them and put them in a covered box until they can fly away. Many do not make it due to internal bleeding. But I rejoice in those that do.

Ms. Feral has been in, fed, petted and returned to the great outdoors to tour her territory.

I am going to get the tv news and then read a bit.


04-22-2013, 07:36 AM
Looks like actual sun today.
Need to refil the bird feeders, and make a thousand phone calls on pidly stuff.

Hoping I get to paint again soon.

04-22-2013, 08:11 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

Sunny, not a cloud in the sky and temperature will go up to 13C and no nasty NORTH wind. So will be a lovely day.

Today I need to call my daughter, it is her 52nd birthday. This is always a bit of a dodgy situation because she lives in Vancouver and they are three hours behind us so by the time she gets home from work it is night here and I am settled into my TV & relax mode and tend to forget to call.

I'll probably spend some time in the garden and then play table tennis in the afternoon.

Doug, thank you for the link in yesterday's wash. Very fascinating and informative and hopeful.

Kay, subscribing to that magazine is a MUST:)

Andrew and Caryl, it will be exciting to see what you two (and others) come up with:thumbsup:

Annie, it is sooooooo frustrating when machinery doesn't start when you turn the key or pull the string. Hope the birdie makes it, you did your part:thumbsup:

Happy caravaning Geoff, I didn't know Eileen was having problems, I hope all goes well.

WELCOME Laura!!!

:wave: to Bill, JJ, Dave and all yet to come!!!

:wave: Uschi

04-22-2013, 08:36 AM
Good morning! Oh the blessed sun is shining brilliantly, casting long dark shadows against the budding trees... Too bad it's only 3C!

Friends dropped by yesterday afternoon for coffee. They brought a big stack of canvases that Deb said she didn't need and I could use for gallery wrapping. :)

We had a TON of laundry that needed to be done... and I got our bread baked... varnished a couple of little demo paintings... I stretched paper over a 16x20" frame and plan to do an Arctic Fox as a partner for my Grey Fox.

I finally decided to give my Grey Fox a background. It took me more than three weeks to figure out what to do for him. I'm happy with how the background turned out, though, and in his floater frame he looks pretty handsome. I varnished him, so that's that! :)

I have most of my art materials set up for this morning's Class. I need to tidy a couple things but there's not much left to do. I get to work on my iris today... I don't do many florals these days, and that's still where my heart is. :)

Kay, your jewelry designs are so beautiful... yes, subscribe to that magazine.

Lyn, how wonderful that you're doing so much better! Yes! Get out into the world and have some FUN! :clap:

Nipper, I'm so sorry that you're losing the use of your arm... I really appreciate your frank discussions concerning your health. It helps all of us.

Welcome to the Wash, Laura! Working on your PhD is quite an achievement! What's your field?

Doug, I was paging through your Challenge this month... it's amazing how everyone has interpreted your "rocks" reference!

((Annie)) for rescuing the lorikeet! Ted saved a ring neck dove some years ago after he'd flown into the Ambulance Base doors, and brought him home. We had a parrot cage (for reasons I don't remember) and put him in it. The boys named him Dexter. Dexter Dove. Dexter cooed 24 hours a day. Loudly. :lol: We found an wonderful Aviary (and Petting Zoo) that wanted him and he was able to finally live with other birds. Our house was so nice and quiet.

Geoff's ((Eileen)). I hope that all will be ok.

Oh, Andrew! I sure hope you find a Dentist quickly... you'll be running your tongue over that that tooth constantly making it tender and raw, to make sure the hole is still there nice and rough! :eek:

Bill, have you tried putting bird silhouettes on your windows?

Hi Dave... don't we all put off having to make those thousand piddly phone calls? Good luck with yours as you press 1 for English, press 2 for....

Uschi, if she has an answering service, call and leave a message. Then, you can call again later if you remember.

The clock is ticking away and my time for loafing has run out... I hope that everyone has the very best possible day... hug a loved one. :heart:

04-22-2013, 09:01 AM
Hello all,

We got home around 7pm last night and had a nice weekend. My Mom is doing so well; she was so happy to see us. I was able to see a couple of my brothers and a sister while up there. (I have 6 brothers and sisters):thumbsup:

I could NOT fall asleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock was 1:45am!:confused: I don't know why I've been having trouble falling asleep but Larry was snoring for hours before I was able to get some shut-eye.:rolleyes:

(((NIPPER/GEOFF))) I hope you can find a way to paint because I know you love to. :grouphug:

YEs it was nice to have Patty and Lyn drop into the wash and update us on what's happening in their lives. Like Doug said we all care about each other and are here for each other.

It's sunny and mild and promises to be a fine Spring day today. WHOOHOO:clap: I actually had to wear my :cool: this morning.

My hyacinths and daffs are in full bloom now and they smell heavenly.

Larry's tomato plants are growing by leaps and bounds under the light. He'll have to transplant them soon.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day and make it a great one.

BBL:wave: :heart:

Ellen in Ont
04-22-2013, 09:13 AM
:wave: everyone,
The temps have turned from winter to spring overnight. I hope we don't have flooding as the waist deep snow drops quickly with rain forecast as well. There is major flooding south of us already.

Most of the work for the workshop this weekend is done. Just highlights to mask and the handouts to get printed. I'm nightshift tonight and tomorrow so just in time.

Uschi - set an alarm clock beside you. I do this when I have to make a call at a certain time. You can even press snooze if you want to wait for a commercial.

I used to have birds hit our window all the time in our old house. Handling them can be so stressful it can kill them, so all I did was wrap a little towel around them loosely to keep them warm to avoid shock. It was loose enough that they could just walk out of it when they recovered, they were warm but could see familiar surrounding and relax, and covered from being seen by preditors. I never lost a bird that was alive when I reached it. :thumbsup:

Welcome Laura. Nice to meet you.

Gotta run and get a bite of breakfast before running errands. Have a great start to your week.

04-22-2013, 09:55 AM
Thank you all for the welcomes :D

CharM - My field is experimental physics. If you want to do some googling, you can look up topics like 'laser cooling' and 'optical nanofibres'... That's what I do!

SceneChaser - Oooh alligators, yes, what a great idea! It's got me thinking now :thumbsup:

Strawberry Wine
04-22-2013, 10:03 AM
Good Day Washers

It is a beautiful Spring morning here in the Grove, as well. A little chilly but the sun is shining... We have to go into Newmarket this afternoon for Dan's post op check... I did quite a bit of driving over the weekend with no issues so I am good for the big trip to Newmarket. :D Dan should get the OK to drive from the surgeon today. MY DIL heard a loon on the lake yesterday.

Ellen, I do exactly what you did when the birds fly into our windows and I have never lost one yet either. Over the winter, I have a spare cage set up if they have not recovered by dusk that I can place in the mudroom.
The flooding in Huntsville and Bracebridge is terrible and we are expecting more rain this week.

Welcome to the Wash Laura ! We are all on a first name basis and you will get to know us all in no time.

Dave, I filled all the feeders a couple of days ago knowing that it was going to be frigid and windy yesterday. Soon the suet feeder will come down and the Oriole and Hummingbird feeders will be filled and put in their place. \

Char, Can we see a photo of your fox with a background please.

Lyn, :thumbsup: that you are feeling better and stick with your plan to get out more often.

Darla, after all that driving, does Larry feel like he had the weekend off ? Glad your Mom is doing so well and that you had a good visit with her and your sisters.

I need to shower and get dressed so I will :wave: to all and BBL



04-22-2013, 10:25 AM
Laura, absolutely fascinating field of which I understand about 2% and WISH I could understand more.

Darla, I too am really glad that your mom is doing so well!!!

Gail, Dan's vision will be better than yours:) So gald all went well!!

Ellen, I hope the melting snow goes where it is supposed to go. Great that you are getting warmer weather too. Yes, I think I'll set the alarm.

Char, what Gail said about the fox!!!!


04-22-2013, 10:29 AM
Good morning all! Just a quick stop in before I hop in the shower and then we head off to Burlington to shop for work clothes. We'll make an afternoon of it. It is such a beautiful city up on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain. Will try remember to take some pics.

Darla-glad you had a good trip to your Mom's!

Nipper- hugs to you!

Til llater! Have a great day all!


04-22-2013, 11:03 AM
Hiya :wave: First of all a warm welcome to our newbys, you will be members of our family soon, and oh, North Yorkshire :heart: we lived in Knaresborough for 11 years and have just returned to the Sacramento last year, check out the Marigold at the Nidd and Hannahs in town.

Oh Florida, don't get me started:eek: (too late!) We lived in Pensacola for 5 years, and I hated it the whole time! Of course Pensacola is way west, and we felt that it was really Eastern Mobile Alabama. Some of the things I heard astonished me, really! Some from ladies of a certain age, in an art class I was taking, I finally quit because I just could not stand to listen to that rubbish, I knew I could not change their minds. (also the teacher was one of those who could not keep her brush out of my painting :mad:) But yes, the bugs are amazing there, and I did see an alligator on occaision.

Kids have come and after a bit of a "Spencer Moment" off, he could not find his key to the bike lock, was wearing his sisters jeans and had no breakfast!
He ran upstairs to find some jeans he left here, I made him a PB&J and milk, while Jack found a lock he could use, I sense it will be an interesting week!
Oh and one of their cats is on the missing list, they do live on a farm surrounded by cows, so he may be hunting, (just got a call from Mom, it would not have made any difference if he had found the key the lock was in her car :rolleyes: )

I need to stir my stumps, bbl.

04-22-2013, 12:35 PM
Finishing up lunch. We have been out in the garden in the glorious sunshine! So good to be out there. Don put away the Christmas decorations in the planter box and I put Preen on half of the garden. Have to get more at the store, and besides, half the garden is enough for today.

Welcome, Laura. Glad you have joined us.
Darla, so glad you had a nice visit with your mom and that she is doing well. I will help to ease your mind. Maybe all the visiting kept you awake.

Today is my birthday and I got some beautiful flowers from Don, tulips, little yellow roses, lilies, liatris. Daughter and granddaughter are coming over later. Hubby and I decided to go out to dinner later this week since the restaurant we wanted to go to is closed on Mondays.

Off to do a bit of reading and then maybe some painting.


04-22-2013, 12:43 PM
Edit: Happy Birthday Shirley!!!

Hey all,

First of all -- welcome to Dave and Straydragon and Laura.

Thanks Shirley, Sylvia and Lynn for your concern about my thumb. I do try to baby it, but sometimes you do something inadvertent that causes pain. It's hard trying to hold bits of jewelry. They are so small. I am trying to be careful because I don't want to have to give it up -- yet!

Speaking of -- I finished a pair of earrings yesterday for my friend and neighbor. I actually bought these stones last year to make her a pair, but it used to take me so dang long to make anything that I never got around to it. I made my other neighbor earrings that took weeks last year. I was able to make these in about 5 hours or so. I'm either getting better or smarter about the designs. :rolleyes: :lol:


Laura your art is beautiful. I've been to Cork and the west coast of Ireland. Just beautiful.

Gail glad you are able to drive again. :crossfingers: for Dan's check up.

((((Pat)))))) Vent any time you want. We are here to listen.

Judy :lol: :lol: about Spencer and his bike lock. However if we did that we would ascribe it to getting old.

Geoff hope you and ((((Eileen)))) can get away in your caravan today.

Char and Uschi -- Yes I am strongly thinking of subscribing. Nine issues a year is only $24.95. One issue cost me $6.99!!! :eek:

Happy shopping Reggie.

Good on you Annie for saving that lorikeet. They are such beautiful birds.

Only a couple of hours left of shift and then I can go to BED. Have the next couple of nights off, and besides painting, not sure what I am going to do. Talking rain and some snow possible, so going plein air may have to wait.

What! You aren't going out in the rain and snow in your down vest and fingerless gloves to paint? :evil: I wouldn't either. Find a dentist. Much more fun.

:wave: :wave: to all I haven't addressed and Big HAWLTAIN!


Wind Song
04-22-2013, 12:52 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:

Well after a few brown outs of power 3 of our computers crashed!!!

Just got my laptop back today and am still waiting on my main computer to return although apparently part of the hardrive is toast,

The joys of technology:eek:

On this computer I have no contacts and lost all of my mail and all of my photos but was able to retrieve some from my camera!

Lots to catch up on!

Happy Birthday Shirley!!!

Kay beautiful jewellery!!!

Have a great one!

04-22-2013, 01:01 PM
Morning all, three minutes left to the morning.

I was up several hours in the wee hours watching the meteor shower. Not a great show, but still.

Ah Florida, I miss it horribly - the landscape, not the people. Judy, OH MY YES! the Redneck Riviera. The mind set is still a mess down here. Sad and sickening all at the same time.

Managed a Plein Air this weekend, which was stunningly cool, dry and breezy, WITHOUT being downwind of the big stink.

::Hugs and white light to all those in need!::

39 days and counting until we are outta here!

04-22-2013, 01:21 PM
Kay I am begining to think that 13 year old boys have a dimentia of their own! They just cannot be trusted on their own.

"get up" "take a shower" "have you done your homework" "do your homework!...now!" "put down that game/phone/whatever"


04-22-2013, 04:43 PM
Hi to All

A really stressful day here re Lesley's pain, she is on max dosage of pain medication, praying for an early MRI of the tumour, it is really distressing to see the one you love in such pain.

Painting does divert my mind for a moment

Laura, nice to meet you, the Physics you are perusing is fascinating, a question! assuming the universe infinite, is it possible to magnify a particle to the opposite infinity....maybe to two meet eventually!


04-22-2013, 06:26 PM
((((((((Henry))))))))) for having to watch it and ((((((((((((Lesley)))))))))) for having to experience it. I really feel for you both!!!!


Caryl, GREAT job!!!

Sharon, you need one of those protective power bars.

Kay, the earrings look wonderful!!!!!

Gorgeous day here!!! I spent some of the morning with my continuing quest to bunny proof my yard. Time is of the essence because won't be long and mommy will bring babies along:rolleyes: :lol: Also once the greenery has grown some more I can't see where they get in and out.

Just back from playing, am going to sit for a while and then pump up the bike and head to the store to buy some milk.

:wave: Uschi

04-22-2013, 06:56 PM
Bed time here...

((((Henry and Lesley))))

Happy Birthday Shirley.


04-22-2013, 10:01 PM
(((((((Henry)))))) It is so hard to see someone you care about in pain and you cannot stop it.

Take care of her, but do not forget to take care of yourself as well.