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04-20-2013, 12:18 AM
Morning all.

Birds woke me short while ago....

Grey but settled out there but as I cut the grass last evening and studio mow waterproof again I dont mind an odd shower now!

Back later


04-20-2013, 02:18 AM
Glad to report they got the other Boston bomber, in bad shape in a boat in someones back yard. The people of Watertown / Boston cheered the police as they left. :clap:

Went to a High School play, "Sound of Music" a noble effort, the male lead was not well, lost his voice, as a matter of fact not many of the male actors could brag about their singing.

Really tired, heading for bed, night :wave:

04-20-2013, 02:36 AM
Another quick pop in....:angel: 2330 here in the great northwet...and it is decidedly WET! Darla's Detroit Tigers beat my Mariners 2 games out of three, all low scoring tough games for both teams...Wednesday's game went 14 innings and I got home around 0130 and had to be back at the ball park before 0900 on Thursday for a day game:eek: .

I have the next 5 days off as the team is "on the road" in Texas until next Thursday. I am HOPING to get to the studio and maybe even wet some paper!

Today has been a long day of catching up on chores left undone. Laundry will be next, then dishes, and perhaps even some cooking!

Hugs to those who need em and even those that don't!


04-20-2013, 03:05 AM
Good morning all. It's a lovely sunny morning here, not a cloud in the sky.

The big clear up is on after yesterday's dinner.

Good job on catching the second bomber alive. Let's hope they can glean some intelligence from him and what their motivation was for such carnage.

Hi Judy, it was a live performance and that's good.

Hi hap, good to see you. You are a busy man. Enjoy your 5 days off.

This evening we have another dinner celebrating 25 years of twinning with our German twin town of Erkrath near Düsseldorf. I was chairman of the Twinning Association for several years and took parties of runners and disabled people on many visits. It will be good to see some of our German friends again. Must brush up my Deutsch :)


04-20-2013, 04:20 AM
Hi all.

Busy day dealing with the hundred weight of weeds that have grown everywhere. I groan too.

Judy, I saw that they caught him. What sort of mind does that???? :confused:

Hi Doug and Geoff. Off to burn dinner now. :wave:

PS Hap what did your team do to Darlas ....:rolleyes:

04-20-2013, 06:28 AM
Good morning all - about 25 degrees (F) cooler here this morning than yesterday. Think I will stay inside for a bit longer. I do hope to get the oil and filter changed in the motorcycle today.

Really like the windows on the front of your camping trailer, Geoff. Mine is all solid.

Have to make the most of today as I have to work tomorrow, from 0600 until at least noon, maybe later. I would like to get another painting started too.

04-20-2013, 06:45 AM
:wave: Good Day all! birds singing, early day for me, I seem to be in 'wake early and nap' mode too.

Preparing for Johannes paintalong this aft, pastel this time, looking forward to having more choice of colour now that I have the complete spectrum that he recommends for landscape.

Glad there was some resolution of the tense situation in Boston, hope they can get to the bottom of it.

Hope everyone has a rewarding day!:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

04-20-2013, 07:25 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Guess what, it's snowing and quite heavily at that. Won't last but still a shocker after the two warm days we had. I see blue sky at the other end.

Busy day ahead because after playing table tennis in the morning I need to prepare for having the family over for dinner. I did cook the meat sauce for the spaghetti yesterday.

EDIT: Well 10 minutes later the sun is shining brightly , we have blue sky and white roofs, pretty if it were in the middle of winter LOL

BBL Uschi

04-20-2013, 07:35 AM
Bit quiet around here since Lulu flew out is't it??

Whilst a slight chill in the air...and studio where I washed off my acrylic!!
am going to clean the outside of the caravan this afternoon if it stays as nice..just off to Thirsk for some shopping and then some Asparagus Soup with some crusty Artisan Bread bought this morning.


04-20-2013, 08:00 AM
Good morning Washers! We have a bit of sun that's rapidly disappearing behind the cloud cover... our temperature is just above freezing and the wind is making it seem even colder. Our daffodils are braving the cold, cheering us on in hope of warmer days as the tulips await their turn to bloom.

It's my day to go to the gym, but I have a baby shower to attend this afternoon and I don't feel much like driving to town twice... :rolleyes:

I've been braiding up kumihimo bracelets like mad and have five of them finished. I bought some died hemp cording which looks very nice. I had to order end caps from Amazon (of all places) and I'm waiting for them so I can finish these pieces.

:wave: All... have a peacefully creative and happy day...

04-20-2013, 08:39 AM
Would love to see your bracelets, Char, photo?

We had a snow whiteout earlier, Uschi, now the sun is shining here too! all is green.

Asparagus soup sounds very appetizing Geoff ....I had a stir fry with asparagus and shrimp yesterday, lovely stuff!

Struggling here learning PSP, thanks to Doug for his help, it's slowly getting better. I do miss my Elements!

04-20-2013, 09:03 AM
Would love to see your bracelets, Char, photo?

Me too!!!

Whiteouts, sun, whiteouts, sun and very windy, cold wind:rolleyes: No green here Lynn!

re Boston bombers - I am absolutely amazed how the authorities managed to find these two guys our of all the people milling around considering they had no idea whatsoever what they would look like. Amazing!!

Showered, breakfasted and I am ready to go. Wishing everyone a good day and :grouphug: to our friends sho aren't well!!

:wave: Uschi

04-20-2013, 09:57 AM
Hello all!

What a day yesterday! Windy with gusts of 40 MPH. Thought I was in Kansas. Then the thunderstorms. Yikes! The rain wasn't coming down so much as blowing sideways for about an hour. My furkids cuddled in my lap and on top of each other. They felt safe and when it was over they went to the window to watch the birds.
Today it is sunny at 40F and they are calling for some snow? Don't like it but cannot change it.

I am so glad they caught the other bomber. I applaud Boston's finest and the FBI for catching him as quickly as they did. Also the people of Watertown who cooperated and stayed inside as they were asked to. Now maybe we will have some answers as to WHY?

I have a class today and we are going to do some color mixing on the paper. I want to show the difference of mixing on the palette and mixing on paper letting the colors do their thing. We will end up doing a card similar to a line and wash that Char showed on a KIUAN awhile back. I wonder why beginners are "afraid" to play and see what their colors will do? I keep telling them that there really aren't any rules and if they find something they like, then do it. Go and have at it and play a bit. I hope that today's lesson will get them to loosen up and have at it.

Well, I guess I best be off and get some breakfast. Fresh strawberries and my homemade Greek yogurt. I put together a kale, onion, mushroom and cheese strata to have for supper and some lunches next week. My sugar readings haven't been the greatest lately. I have been under a great deal of stress lately. First, am waiting for May 1 and my Medicare will kickin and I can go back to the pain clinic and get an injection for my back. The insurance I have now will not cover pre-existing conditions. Also, all my prescriptions have been out-of-pocket since the beginning of the year.

Second, I have a friend who has developed either sever dementia or moderate Alzheimer's over the past year and it has been a rapid progression. She won't go to the doctor as "there is nothing wrong with me. I take vitamins" She will call me 6-8 times a day asking me the same questions or telling me the same thing. The latest thing is that she has had a security sytem installed. (She has seen "people" in her hoqtuse. She says that a person will come inwhen she is not there and taken her clothes, makeup, purse, passport.) She went away for about 2 weeks and when she entered the house and didn't remember what she needed to do and the police were there in about 5 minutes. I have shown her 7-8 times how to use her clicker so that she doesn't have to remember a code. Usually these sessions of teaching her are about an hour or more. She will write it down and then lose the paper and a couple hours later she will call me to teach her the system and has no clue that I was there a couple hours before.

Well, thank you for listening. I just feel frustrated and stressed. So, those two things have caused my sugar to go a bit haywire. I get to see my primary doctor on May 8.

Hope everyone has a spectacular day! So sorry to be so chatty.


Scene Chaser
04-20-2013, 10:05 AM
Good Day All,
Yes, it is not a comforting scene outside with snow on the ground, though it is a small amount.

Pat, nice of you to standby your friend. Such a disheartening disability. Hope your class goes well.

I think we can thank the numerous videos and photos caught by cell phones, and the extraordinary cooperation of the law enforcement and citizens of Boston for finding the two heartless individuals.

Doug, I'm using your idea of following towns and locations on Street View from the books I'm reading. I'm presently reading mysteries that take place in the Cotswolds, so it is quite fun. Such a beautiful area.

Must clean the floors.

Ellen in Ont
04-20-2013, 10:45 AM
:wave: everyone,
Another cold grey day here. We still have about two feet of snow in the yard and the temps have been about 10 degrees C below our seasonal a average. :( We are really getting tired of winter. A lot of the family joked months ago that there will still be snow when we go to Jamaica next month so it will seem like a winter holiday. Now, it doesn't seem so far fetched. :rolleyes: I just hope birds won't try coming back at their usual time as there is nothing here for them to eat!

I am teaching my workshop next weekend so I just have three days to get everything ready (I have to work two nightshifts next week) so that will be my focus this weekend. Char keeps telling me I baby my students. :D But my workshops are very different from hers. She sees the same students weekly and can make long term teaching goals. My workshops include people who have never held a paintbrush before, up to nearly professionals. This might also be the only time i see them so no saving instructions for next time. I have to get everyone going at the same time, starting off at the same place. Beginners might try and save money on paper etc which would guarantee they would be disappointed. I provide the drawing already mounted on core board, masked, and drawn on 300 lb paper so we can immediately start. I also provide a palette with all the colours they will need so everyone has similar results instead of them substituting whatever colours they own to save money. Using Pthalo blue instead of ultramarine would be disaster (I am teaching portraits). :rolleyes: So lots of prep work for each workshop. I wish I could give lessons like Char does but that will have to wait until I retire:D

Enough from me. I'm off to get things done. Have a wonderful weekend.

Strawberry Wine
04-20-2013, 10:53 AM
Morning Washers !

Snow off and on here as well then the sun peeks out for a bit. We are in sun mode for the moment. Spring is being very flirty and flighty this year.. We still have Junco's who usually have headed north to the Boreal Forest and the Humming Birds and Orioles ususally arrive here the end of the first week of May. I think they should stay a bit further south for an extra week.

Uschi, I heard on the live coverage yesterday afternoon, that the man who lost both his legs identified one of the bombers in the video playback. Apparently, he saw his face clearly when he placed the back pack containing the bomb down on the ground almost right beside him. Enjoy your family dinner. Is it a special occasion?

Char, you can do the exercises from home today and then head out to the baby shower.

Judy, I have sent you a P.M. regarding the cloud photo.

Pat, you are an :angel: I know how frustrating helping a person with dementia can be... Does your friend have family close by who is aware of the rapid deterioration?

Patty, lucky lady, love that painting of Henry's .

Nice to see you pop in Hap. Enjoy your 5 days off. Hope you find time to get your brushes wet.




04-20-2013, 10:56 AM
Good Morning all!!! I started a post yesterday then had to go out and by accident I deleted it. So here I am again this am. It is 45F and trying to clear up from last night's heavy rain and wind. Yesterday it was 72!!! Today it is supposed to be 55.

I got up this morning and when Al got up he reminded me that it is his birthday today!!!!! I kept thinking aobut it all week and forgot today!!! He is 64, only 1 more yr 'til he can collect Medicare. Time sure flies! He was only 23 when we got married!!

I have been very busy getting ready to go back to work. I spent several weeks getting all my info in to the VT Board of Medical Licensing. My new boss dallied around getting all his paperwork in and I didn't make the board meeting on April 9 so now on the next board meeting is on May 1. Once I know I have been granted my license, I can work the next day. Can't wait and yet I am terrified. I suppose in a few weeks I'll laugh at this.

I think the whole world is relieved today now that the Boston Bomber #2 is caught. What an awful event! My cousin and her brother in laws were all running in the race. Thank God they are ok! My heart goes out to all those who family members were killed including the policeman at MIT! I pray for all those injured!
What is happening to the world??

Darla- I hope you had a safe trip to your Mom's! HAve a nice weekend! When you do leave fo England?

Doug- your pie sounded delicious! Have a good time at the Twinning party!!

Char- I hope Matt finds a full time Nursing job soon! He found a great career that is so rewarding! As a PA I don't know what I would do without nurses! They are my right arm, I depend on them so much! Patients are so grateful for the wonderful care they give them!

Gail- I hope Dan is doing well after his surgery. Are you working on your garden yet? Don't overdo it! You have such a beautiful yard!

Bill- I guess you realy got hit with alot of rain. I hope it is drying up now. Ms Feral cat is really warming up to you it seems. She is a very pretty kitty!!!

Anita- it sounds like you have been real busy! Any jobs on the hroizon yet?

Patty- your Henry painting is gorgeous! I remember it well! Enjoy it ! I cherish my Ona painting!! We should have "Post your collected artwork" thread! It would be interesting to see what people collect being artists ourselves!

Geoff- I hope you are getting to play golf this weekend. I hope you're sleeping better these days.

Sylvia- I guess you have had some nice warm weather. I hope you don't have too much of a squirrel problem this year in your garden. Al isn't going to do a garden this year. He says he thinks it is too much work and he can't get much else done. We will plant rosemary ( our favorite) and basil. We already have oregano which grows bigger each year and thyme that spreads like crazy along with lemon balm.

Uschi- it sounds like you are on the run as usual! Have a great day!

Lynn- Snow this am? We had what I hope was our last, last week.

Don- motorcycle season , you must be thrilled!!!

Annie- Hi! How are your kitties?

Hap- Lulu's painting of you is great!!! Enjoy it! Give my best to Annie!
Enjoy your time off!

Judy- sorry the play wasn't better. Sometimes high school plays can be really good, others times not.

Well, off to house clean. I am having dinner guests tonight, our next door neighbor, (He is from our hometown in CT and this house is his vacation home.) and our good friends from CT who moved up here 10 yrs before we did. This will end up to be a party for Al's BD so that will be nice! I'm making 2 breaded pork tenderloin roasts, and veggies and scored potatoes. I'm getting a Carvel birthday cake (Al's favorite) for dessert.

To all and all to come, have a wonderful day!


04-20-2013, 11:06 AM
What a day yesterday! Windy with gusts of 40 MPH. Thought I was in Kansas. Pat

I resemble that remark Pat! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/20-Apr-2013/6385-wx-forecast-7day-SC.jpg
It's "Breezy" in Kansas most days! :lol:

I can understand your frustration about your friend's sudden forgetfullness. It does sound like she has moderate Alzheimer's, and should definitely get it checked out at her doctor. Does she have any family that you can contact? Also, have you checked on line sources such as: http://www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers

My mom was diagnosed just last year with mild onset of Alzheimer's and fortunately has not been rapidly progressive. She does repeat stories that she has told you a couple of hours ago. We just act like its the first time we have heard them. Fortunately she has my dad to take care of her and he is taking care of her very well. It's such a sad thing to see in a friend or loved one. My sister and I and her two daughters are taking her on a Caribbean cruise this June to spend some time with her. She has been on several cruises before and loves them. This will be my first cruise, however and I am a little worried about it, its' on a Carnival ship out of New Orleans, but hopefully will not have any problems like the Triumph had awhile back! :eek:

In case you missed seeing the painting I acquired from Henry i.e. Flattwo, here it is again. I just got it framed and am soooooo fortunate and happy to have it!!!! Thanks again Henry and I hope that Lesley is out of the hospital now and you are both doing well! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/20-Apr-2013/6385-IMG_1600.JPG1_600_x_479.jpg

Everyone have a great day!!!!

P.S. Sorry Reggie, we crossposted. You said: Patty- your Henry painting is gorgeous! I remember it well! Enjoy it ! I cherish my Ona painting!! We should have "Post your collected artwork" thread! It would be interesting to see what people collect being artists ourselves!
That is a great idea!! :thumbsup:

04-20-2013, 11:36 AM
Good afternoon all....

Pat///Second, I have a friend who has developed either sever dementia or moderate Alzheimer's over the past year and it has been a rapid progression. She won't go to the doctor as "there is nothing wrong with me. I take vitamins" She will call me 6-8 times a day asking me the same questions or telling me the same thing. The latest thing is that she has had a security sytem installed. (She has seen "people" in her hoqtuse. She says that a person will come inwhen she is not there and taken her clothes, makeup, purse, passport.) She went away for about 2 weeks and when she entered the house and didn't remember what she needed to do and the police were there in about 5 minutes. I have shown her 7-8 times how to use her clicker so that she doesn't have to remember a code. Usually these sessions of teaching her are about an hour or more. She will write it down and then lose the paper and a couple hours later she will call me to teach her the system and has no clue that I was there a couple hours before.

Almost identical symptons to my late Mother, we had to show her how to use the TV buttons every time we went to the home, and her carers did too.
She believed for last two weeks before final hospitalization that her recent operation was being shown on a loop every evening........she also felt that one of her carers who she had always been close to was passing her movements on to the hospital and she refused to speak to her or any of the nurses...........very painful for us all.....

Yes I have a Henry too!..........passed onto me by the man himself when we met at Loch Lomond about 18 months ago............(((((((((((Lesley))))))))))).

We also have a Ruth elephant from her stay here...


04-20-2013, 11:46 AM
I'm on my I-pad at my moms place. We r going into town to a store and then heading out to my sisters for dinner. Mom is doing good. She looks great. :thumbsup:

I've read everyone's post but cannot linger. Here.

B good. And enjoy your day.:clap:

04-20-2013, 11:58 AM
Patty and Geoff-
My Mom had Alzeimer's too. Hers took a very slow progression, almost 20 yrs. It was very long and sad and broke my heart. She never wanted to know, and denied it so I never really got to say the kind of goodbye I wanted to say. I miss her terribly!

Darla- you will love your iPad! I love mine!


04-20-2013, 12:02 PM
Patty, (we have a lot of Pat and Patty's around. Kind of like our Geoffs)
You asked if her family knows. Yes they do. Her sister and brother live in different states. Her husband moved out a bit over a year ago. He lives across town and comes to the house every day. He takes her to get groceries, out to dinner, movies etc. She views him as the "villan" and accuses him of an affair but we, (sister, brother and I) know different. She has given this woman a name and where she has been seen etc. Her husband tries to reassure her that this isn't true, but she won't believe him.
When she gets too much he goes to his apartment and then she starts calling me. They just got back from a two week vacation, but as soon as she got back we were bavk to square one.

She has wanted me to stay at her house when she is gone so this girl won't get in. It is just a bad situation and we are concerned. But she refuses to go to a doctor and keeps ordering vitamins for her memory. She hides them, forgets where she hid them and orders more!

I am sorry that I have talked to long. I am frustrated and concerned. She and her husband will be leaving for a week. I know that it will start over again when she returns and will probably be worse. I have been on several sites about Alzheimers and dementia. The problem is that she won't go to a doctor as she doesn't believe there is anything wrong.

Sorry, yesterday and last night were bad. Thanks again for listening. I will go and get ready for my lesson and relax with my students and paint!


04-20-2013, 12:06 PM
Geoff and Reggie, we cross posted. Thanks for the kind words. It is hard. Well I have painting to relax and have fun with. Thankx again.


04-20-2013, 12:11 PM
Pat......Listening is what we are good at......along with sharing peoples grief and sometimes happiness.......there are some amongst us who have no other avenue of expression.

Unlike Eileens Mother who was ill with dementia for years in my Mothers case it was downhill very quickly,in weeks, and aggrevated by the infections she had picked up following skin grafts,at 97.........no two cases are the same but it is an awful illness.........


04-20-2013, 12:53 PM
Gram-Pat, enjoy your students and painting time. You need to take care of yourself and try to relax and enjoy yourself. :)

I have read a lot about Alzheimer's on the internet and have a free booklet I acquired about it. From what I have read, when someone has reached the stage your friend is in, it is futile to try to reason with them, so the least stressful thing you can do for yourself and her is to just agree with her, even though her accusations about her husband having an affair are not true. She doesn't have the ability to listen to people's reasoning and understand. I would just listen to her and say simple words, like yes and no and try to remain as calm as I can. A doctor would be good to help, not sure how you could get her there though. Maybe her husband can say she needs a yearly exam to make sure her health is good or if she has another physical problem, use that as an excuse.

Take care!

Sorry to hear about your mom Reggie and your mom and wife's mother also Geoff. I wish they would come up with a cure for it soon!!

Now on to painting myself and then to a movie with my sister.:thumbsup:

04-20-2013, 12:58 PM
((((Pat)))) Both my parents were a bit Doolally, in different ways. My Dad was what they called a "midnighter" who would go to sleep and when he woke up was convinced he had to "go home, Mom is waiting dinner" some times in Chicago, depending on what he was watching on telly.

Mom was different, mostly just old and needed care, so went into a senior residence, an apartment, bedroom, kitchenette, bath living room, very nice. A dining room and on her floor, the staff would make sure she got her meds, watched her blood sugar, and helped in the bath, they had a dining room, and made sure she did not get what she could not have, or she could have her meals in her apartment. Really nice. Her oddities were a bit fun? She thought God was sending people back, and "would need clothes" and "Dad is here but he won't come to see me" I told her (I know I have told you guy this before) "God will send him back with clothes on" and "Dad was told he could come back but is not allowed to see you" Oh yes she was convinced she had breast cancer (probably because my sister had cancer) I told her (I was a bit fed up by then) that she 'didn't have any breasts' she just said "Oh that's right"
Bit of a hypocondriac, always was going to the ER (A&E) for a heart attack, doctors told her she had GERD. :rolleyes:

Pat, you may have to come up with a "reason" why she needs to go to see the doctor, maybe the doctor needs her help? or can you get a doctor to come see her?

Good luck!

Strawberry Wine
04-20-2013, 01:23 PM
Reggie, Dan is doing well. He has a follow up appointment on Monday with the surgeon.

Lots of snow and rain so it is still rice paddy soggy. Hoping we have a week of dry weather so I can get started in the beds and fully open up the pond. After a few years of early Springs I am impatient even though I know this is more the norm than the exception.

Judy, are you getting your PM's?

Darla, I am so glad to read how well your Mom is doing. :thumbsup:

Time to put the last load of laundry in the machine.



04-20-2013, 03:07 PM
Hi to All

It was nice of Patty to post my painting framed up!

Talking about Prince Charles and his paintings reminded of the time a couple of years ago that my niece Julie met him, she liked him

A photo of Julie with him is on page 12 of this document


04-20-2013, 03:31 PM
We went to a walk this morning I almost have to trot to keep up with Jack but I managed today. We walked to Starbucks, about an mile away. They know Jack by name, as he used to run there daily. Now he runs ususally 3 times a week, they were impressed by our Brit Starbucks cards (the one with the Union flag) they are begining to know me, and what I like ususally a refresher in the warm weather (it's 80 today) sometimes they call me Jill :rolleyes:
Think I will skip the shower today, the pool is at 75 :smug:

Kids are in Oakland helping Aunt Kris renovate her new house.


Scene Chaser
04-20-2013, 03:38 PM
Henry, sure are a lot of pretty girls in your family.

I am very grateful that there is no dimentia in my family history. That doesn't mean it could not arise. But I have not had to deal with that in my parents. My father, however, died from complications of Parkinsons Desease, which incapacitated him in ways resembling dimentia. He was only seventy-five.


04-20-2013, 04:06 PM
Just taking a short break. Having dinner for the family (9 without the other set of grandkids), when I am only used to serve myself in front of the TV, seems like a lot of work, even if it is only spaghetti and ceasar salad (buying the cake).

Gail, it is my DIL's mother's birthday and since DIL is in the USA "shopping" I thought I'd do the dinner (was overdue for one anyway).

My mother showed no sign of dementia until she was 93, so I guess I don't want to grow that old. For a while she KNEW, would say to my siser "I was at that place again, wasn't I". Since she lived in Austria I never had to deal with it.

Judy, 75F would be too cold for me, at the pool it is 84:thumbsup:

Reggie and Paddy , good to see you drop in!

The snow and sun continued throughout the day and the wind is BITTER COLD.

:wave: Uschi

04-20-2013, 04:28 PM
Reggie -- Happy Birthday to Al!!!

Hi all,

Had a lovely dinner with my SIL last evening. Very nice place called "The Tin Bistro" in Manhattan Beach. Actually it was in a shopping center in MB. Told her I'd never been to MB. "Why not?" "Because I don't live near there, have no friends near there and have no reason to go there." "Oh." She comes down to LA for conferences. Unless they want to eat in the hotel at the airport (LAX) -- blecch -- they have to go out. And what's near? MB. So there you go. I have made my first foray to Manhattan Beach. :lol:

Bill I, like Lynn have to be careful about taking any new supplements as well. They can cause me worse grief than not, so I am always careful. I will ask my NAET practitioner about that. See what she says. My migraines are caused by hormonal shifts and allergic reactions.

Patty love Henry's painting all duded up.

Uschi I'm with you -- pool has to be at least 80F. 82F would be even better.

:thumbsup: for Dan Gail. Hope the follow up goes well.

My father's dementia was caused by cluster strokes. Little brain hemorrhages. My mother just seemed to get confused near the end-- maybe two or three years before she died -- having to repeat things, not really bad though. It was the poor circulation and an infected leg wound that wouldn't heal because of that.

Hope everyone is doing something fun today. That said -- I need to wash some dishes. :eek:


:wave: :wave:


04-20-2013, 05:50 PM
Hi everyone... back from the Baby Shower... things have certainly changed since I had my children! :lol: It was a good time, even though we played dopey games, drank bad coffee and were offered lots of finger foods... My Niece looks positively lovely and still has 9 more weeks before her due date!

We're going to have lunch for dinner... homemade cream of tomato soup and fresh tomato sandwiches. Ted will have bacon on his. I have a handful of apples that are getting too soft to eat as fresh fruit, so I'll make a compote of some kind for our dessert.

Lynn and Uschi, as soon as the clasp ends arrive and I can finish the bracelets, I'll photograph them... they're a lot of fun to make, and they braid up very quckly.

Henry, your Niece is a lovely young woman... and how wonderful that she was able to meet Prince Charles...

Pat, we're always here to lend a strong shoulder for support... My Mother is in her beginning stages of dementia. Her best friend is going to need a Nursing Home soon because she's completely lost her short term memory. Listening to the two of them banter is an absolute riot. They can have a knock down drag out fight and completely forget it just a few minutes later! :lol:

Happy Birthday to Al, Reggie! Matt thinks he'll continue going to school with the ultimate goal of becoming a Physician's Assistant.

Patty, taking a trip with your Mom now is such a great idea... :heart:

Uschi, your dinner will be delicious and that's all that matters...

Gail, you're right... this is a more traditional Spring and everyone is itching to get outside and garden! ((Dan))

Ellen, I really enjoy the six-week sessions. But, I've done a couple of one-day workshops also... It's hectic, I'll sure agree with you there!

:wave: to All I've missed by name... I'm off to put some kind of dinner on our table... Have a great evening!

04-20-2013, 06:43 PM
I agree with everyone who said 75 is too cold! I should have known better than to take Jack at his word, he is not normal in certain things!

80 85 yeah, in the mean time, I have the hot tub!

04-21-2013, 12:33 AM
Good morning from The Middle East! Having amazingly good time Travelled 700 km to a reort on the coast beyond Muscat on Thursday then home last night. Very hard to put into words what we have seen and experienced so far - people and landscape amazing and best of all seeing it with our family:heart: They have taken to the lifestyle like ducks to water, Arabic place names and words roll off their tongues so easily. We feel so blessed to be here and will now know what they are talking about. The heat is fierce - mid 40c in Oman @ the wkend and a cooler day today of 38C. Will spend the day at the pool apart from sleeping and a little grocery shopping.

04-21-2013, 01:09 AM
Enjoy your trip Lulu!

04-21-2013, 04:22 AM
Good to hear from you Lulu.

Judy I would be melting at 85F :eek:


04-21-2013, 08:43 AM
:wave: Lulu... yah... but it's a dry heat, right? :lol: Hot is hot. SO glad you're having a great time with your family... somehow, I knew that you would!