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04-16-2013, 10:54 PM
Don't know about blue ears but I'm not doing well with the time change.

Re: ** Daily Wash Tuesday 16th April 2012**
Popping in from Reykjavik which is as lovely as Oskar's painting on Wet Canvas. The weather has been beautiful but that apparently will change today. Taking photos but can't post until I get back.

My daughter and step- son are both in Boston which brings an immediacy to the horror and I celebrated my 60th birthday ( a long time ago) at the Hotel involved.

(((((Henry and Lesley))))



04-17-2013, 12:40 AM
Hello Everyone:wave: :wave:

First :grouphug: Henry and Leslie certainly in my thoughts

Doris - Take care of yourself ---from what I am hearing in healthcare this stuff wastes no time going into bronchitis and straight to pneumonia. Also they are seeing pneumonia that is resistant to current antibiotics. Don't hesitate to see your Dr. if you feel what is prescribed is not working.

Let's see ---I was busy last week with my son Josh getting some bad back teeth pulled. He had a rough time of it. The week before that it was my stepmom being in the hospital and all that jazz.

As soon as I got Josh home from the oral surgeon I started feeling bad. Started aching everywhere with my fibromyalgia. We also had a weather front coming in and bringing rain and cold. Anyway, I spent the best part of last week taking Aleve and stretched out on my bed. Hurt like hell.

This week is much better.

Must have been the day for dental cleaning. I had that done too.

Between everyday life ups and downs I am doing some artwork with friends and participate in a UStream Coffee and Art in the Morning on Wed mornings.

I volunteer at the Museum Store on Thursday's from 3:30pm to 8pm.

And so it goes

Wishing everyone well


04-17-2013, 02:33 AM
Hi Karl and Anita and all to follow.

In keeping with the age old Simpson household tradition, one disaster generates the next. Our PC hard drive is on teetering fail. Roger took it down to our computer geek and it is salvable and should come back better than before. no photos then. next the fridge will blow up, tyres will go flat, TV will pfutt out ...

He is really short fused and not handling his sudden enforced retirement well, I must say. But then I wouldn't either. Dust will settle and new directions will be taken ..... time ..... and a computer which doesn't decide to spit when he's low.

In the meantime worky wobbles for me. All good apart from worry about Roger.


04-17-2013, 02:40 AM
Morning all.

Nice tobhave you as Wash starter and finisher Karl even though your story has grim overtones.

Annie, old English expression " when one door closes another slams in your face!"

Off to Wednesday market and to buy a canvas as a birthday present painting needed in a hurry.


04-17-2013, 03:00 AM
Good morning all from a damp West Lancashire.

Hi Karl, good to see you check in. I'm getting quite familiar with Reykjavik after reading many Michael Ridpath thrillers :)

Hi Anita, stress always has an effect on fibromyalgia. Hope you are feeling better today.

Hi Annie, poor Roger, it takes some getting used to retirement. First 6 moths of daytime TV nearly drove me mad :rolleyes:

Hi Geoff :wave:

Probus lunch day and Probus ladies' get together.


04-17-2013, 03:56 AM
Geoff, Roger appreciates that :lol::wave: Just like when the light in the tunnel is an oncoming train. :lol: He is OK it is the luck of the household.

Doug, when I broke an ankle years ago I spent more time than I want to admit watching daytime TV. Madness yes, but not sure how you act it out with a leg in plaster and I had cricked my neck standing on one leg trying doing my hair. Hunchback was I. Roger bought a model ship kit, Blue Nose, and I built it up over the ensuing three weeks. Covered in cobwebs now ..... and after all that sitting I called it Blue Toes.

Got a thunder rumbly coming now. cats are in and were feeding until I dropped my iPad on the timber floor. Obviously no damage, except to feline wide eyed and thwarted appetites.


04-17-2013, 04:59 AM
Hi All,

Just popping in to wish((( Henry and Leslie ))) all the best for the months ahead. Stay positive, keep believing.


04-17-2013, 05:15 AM
Bitter cold here and wet.........got canvas but had to wait an hour as shop changed its opening hours!

Eileen watching M.T. Funeral and starting to mass-iron....me, into studio for rare visit to prime the canvas....


Scene Chaser
04-17-2013, 06:42 AM
Good Day All,
The sun is rising, so far clear skies, but cold at 37 F. A beautiful day yesterday, so after dentist I just sat on the deck with a glass of wine and my Kindle.
I'll be back to chores today.

((Anita)) perhaps some stress reduction techniques would help with your pain.

I hate daytime TV. When I was first retired a couple of years ago, I watched the morning news, but it soon became just a show, as I usually knew more than they were telling from reading it on the internet. They never tell us the real news because it's not entertaining or showy enough. People are too passive to care, it seems.

((Henry and Leslie))


04-17-2013, 06:55 AM
Good morning all, long time no visit to this site must apologise but a lot of work in the dahlia world has blighted my path in the watercolour world at the moment, hopefully get back into it soon but I'm not holding my breath on that one LOL.
Nice to see some old faces still on here, no offence Doug Ha.
Best regards Jim.

04-17-2013, 07:45 AM
Hey there..........

Been out to Elise's gymnastics practice. She is part of a group of three girls, and their routine is amazing. They are really good. I have my fingers crossed for them in their competition on Sunday morning. Wild horses wont keep me away from that!

Wonderful to see you Jim!!

Oh I absolutely loathe the TV on during the day. I hardly have it on in the evening, but sometimes I do. I like the Detective shows.

(((((Roger))))) <3 Annie

Yay Carolynn and Hap, great to "see" you both..

Uschi, way to go Ava!!!

JJ, you like my bunny stories because they aren't eating the flowers in YOUR garden:D Of course!!! :p :thumbsup:

JJ, sounds like a great idea travelling around Canada and Scotland. Of course, youíll have to buy two motor homes. Just donít do either in the winter.Spoil sport..

Henry and Lesley, I am thinking of you and blasting healing vibes from down under..


04-17-2013, 08:13 AM
Good morning Washer Buds! We have a beautiful day in the making with lots of brilliant sunshine and gentle, warm air... the weatherman tells us to enjoy it because the temperatures are getting ready to dip down to freezing again over the next couple of days. Such is Spring in SW Ontario.

Yesterday was a busy one. My session at the gym was interesting and tiring... My Trainer used several techniques designed to ease the pain of fibromyalgia. She taught me several new stretches and worked on my balance... We didn't do any cardio work at all, but focused on improving strength. During one of the stretching exercises, I actually felt a little relief for a few minutes. That's so encouraging.

Of course, I had to race home to get ready for my afternoon's Class... it was a great session as we focus on both colour and varied edges. I love it when they *get* it.

After class, I tidied up my art stuff and thought I'd take a short nap... my neighbour dropped by for coffee and a nice visit... :)

My only commitment today is my Class at the Centre. They're working on values this week, and doing a monochromatic painting. It's always a fun exercise.

Wow, Uschi... Ava conquered two major challenges in one day! :clap:

Hap, it sounds like you're busier than a one-armed paper hanger! :) That's a good thing.

Carolynn, I'm looking forward to your news. It sounds like you've sure been busy too!

You packed lots of news in your short post, Karl!

Anita, have you done any physio for your fibromyalgia? One of the exercises I did yesterday used a small, hard ball to roll over trigger points... it was really effective.

Annie, Murphy seems to have lots of doppelgangers. :crossfingers: that your computer's problems are easily fixed. ((Roger)) Sometimes it's very difficult to move from a routine of structured purpose to self motivated activities. You dropped you ipad? :eek:

What are planning to paint, Geoff? I don't iron anything.

Doug, daytime tv really does leave a lot to be desired... I like to watch a news magazine programme (Canada AM) in the morning as I work through my morning chores... but I've never, ever watched a soap opera or game show.

Hi Tony... and good to see you, Jimmy!

What a nice way to spend your afternoon, Bill!

How nice that Elise is so athletic, JJ. I'm sure you'll take lots of photos.

I think I'll get another cup of coffee (I sure do miss sharing my first cup with Magoo) and browse a little longer. Then, I need to get ready to head into town. I hope that everyone has the best possible day. :heart:

04-17-2013, 08:20 AM
Good Morning!!!

Sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky!! Temps going up to 10C and the wind is changing from North to East:thumbsup: What that means is that rain is arriving tonight.

Table tennis this morning, then I hope to get that bottom garden bed cleaned out. Still a bit wet but with more rain coming it has to be done.

Hi Karl, glad you are enjoying your vacation!!

JJ, gymnastics is such a beautiful sport, totally amazing what the body can do. :crossfingers: :crossfingers: for Elise!!!

I never watch daytime television, never have.

Hi Jim, good to see you drop in!!

Annie, with the abrupt move into retirement Roger wouldn't have had any time to plan for it. He'll steal all the cooking and gardening activities away from you:)

Anita, sorry you've had such a difficult time of it.

Geoff, from Finland to Florida, that's a long way to go. Wonder why they didn't go to Spain:) Happy painting!

:wave: to Doug, Tony and Bill!!!

Thinking of our sick friends!!!

EDIT: Char, I think this is the third day I am cross posting with you. Is this YOUR trainer or is it a group of people. Great that you got relief for some of the pain. I didn't know you had Fibermayalgia (sp?), OUCH!!


04-17-2013, 08:38 AM
HAPPY HUMP DAY !!!:wave:

It's another sunny lovely morning. TEmps are to plummet on Friday but tomorrow could reach 70F!:cool: This weekend looks cold and rainy. We'll take every bit of sunshine that we can get.

Karl, glad you are enjoying your vacation.

Jim, glad you are well and busy with your dahlias; good to see you in the wash.

Char, I'm so glad your physio is working and that you are finding some relief from the exercises they are helping you through. I'm also glad that your students are "getting it!":thumbsup:

JJ, I LOVE watching gymnastics and the competitions can be so exciting.

Annie, I'm glad your I-pad wasn't damaged when you dropped it. Poor (((Roger))) forced to watch daytime TV.

Bill, good for you relaxing yesterday while reading outside.

Doug, it's still damp here even though we haven't had any rain for a few days. We got SO much of it last week. They are saying we could get another 2-3" of it tomorrow!:eek: At least we've had a few dry days for the puddles to recede. (six weeks from yesterday!)

Anita, I'm glad you are feeling better now but so sorry you were in so much pain last week. I trust your son's mouth/teeth feel better after the extraction.

Geoff, I hope you get the painting done in time.

Waving to you Tony!

Uschi, have a wonderful day!

I have a Dr's appt later this morning and a chiropractor appt after work; busy day for me.

Sending hugs and white light to all in need(HAWLTAIN).:grouphug:

Waving to all who are yet to come (AWAYTC):wave: :heart:

04-17-2013, 09:09 AM
:wave: Good morning! Lovely sun here too, will get out to walk this afternoon. Have to finish dress, BBL....................

04-17-2013, 09:13 AM
Quick post before I plunge into my work.

Henry, Lots of white healing light for you and Lesley.

Annie, It is rough when you face a sudden change in your life without forewarning. I am sure Roger will bounce back soon. Hope your iPad is OK.

Doug, I love my new hearing aid. Did you have a choice of what model you wanted? Mine is a Phonak behind the ear with a little wire that goes into your ear canal. It is like normal hearing because you still get sounds from your surroundings, but they are not amplified.

Anita, Char, Ushci, I understand about the pains that just appear. I have not done anything; but everytime there is an approaching storm, I ache all over. Alleve is my best friend lately.

Kay, Yes I am still working with Zentangles. Great fun and no rules.

JJ and all, I hate daytime TV. I listen to the radio, play music, or watch a movie. In my other life many years ago, I was hooked on soap operas. I gave them up when my life became a soap opera--divorce, single mom, etc.

Everyone have a wonderful day. And hugs to everyone in need.

04-17-2013, 09:18 AM
Char, I think this is the third day I am cross posting with you. Is this YOUR trainer or is it a group of people. Great that you got relief for some of the pain. I didn't know you had Fibermayalgia (sp?), OUCH!!

I have signed on to Goodlife, with a Personal Trainer for three sessions. Then, I'll work on my own for about three months and I'll sign up for another three sessions with the Trainer. I have a gift card for that three.

I don't have fibromyalgia. But, my Trainer says that our approach will be similar, to improve my strength, mobility and balance. Once I have improved those, I'll be able to start working the cardio portion of my programme.

Working the "trigger points" is very similar to myofacial release... and the pain relief is quite short lived. But, I hope that with each session, it'll last longer and longer... I live in hope... :lol:

Darla, I hope your chiropractor can help ease your pain!

04-17-2013, 11:01 AM
Good Morning all :)

I keep the radio or the tv on in the background all day, but I'm not in front of it. Daytime TV here consists of Dennis the Menice, Dragnet, and Adam-12. Super TV!

Heading over 90 today, a HUMID dripping 90. The AC is on for the moisture control, but not the heat. We like the heat. It's set at 78.

::waving to all::

04-17-2013, 11:28 AM
Good Morning, sun is shining! Yesterday was beautiful, but tomorrow it is to rain all day. They came and cleaned up our yard yesterday, so spring is officially here. We have to empty out our patio flower box(it has Christmas stuff in it) yet, and now would be a great time, but I have dental appt. in pm, and I don't want to have to shower again before I go. So another day.

First of all, I have scanned the wash and want to say to Henry and Leslie that I am sad that the news was not good. The waiting to find out what you are up against and the plan of attack is not easy. I pray that the doctors will soon figure out what that plan should be and you can start to move forward to wellness.

Went to an interesting talk at the Center over the week-end by two local nationally known artists who showed slides of their work, talked about their art path, and how they have promoted their art. They are a father and daughter, so they talked about growing up in an art family, and also how promoting themselves has taken a different path. The father went via art fairs and commissions. The daughter has used the internet and galleries. Her work can be see at Michelle Courier. She paints in acrylic, in the style of the impressionists, so up close it looks like a bunch of dots and dashes, but step back and it becomes a beautiful landscape.

I have started painting a pitcher plant(eats insects).

Have a great day.


04-17-2013, 11:49 AM
Hi :wave:
Kids have just left for school, Lauren and I had to do some emergency shopping yesterday, that new Wallyworld (Walmart) has been very useful, I took the chance to pick up some summer clothes for the kids to keep here, shorts and shirts and a $5 pair of shoes for Lauren. But I need to go back, I swear Spencer would wear the same pair of socks for a week, I had to nick a pair from Jack. I had to do the same last week, odd, he didn't return them, hmmm must talk to Jen.

Windy today and Lauren wanted me to let her drive to school,(too windy for bikes?) I had to tell her that will happen after she has had her licence for 3 years, maybe. Jack got up, he's a lamb.

I hate to admit I love daytime telly, cooking shows and the history channel etc.


04-17-2013, 12:11 PM

Just popping in - busy busy busy.......

Took Mum for her check up on her eye - Doc wants to see her again in 3 weeks then hopefully will discuss her other eye being operated on.

Spent a lot of time yesterday trying to organise for Mum to see the consultant re her shoulder - managed to get her an appt for Tuesday so hopefully things will move apace from there.

She fell last night - again....am sick of telling her to make sure her legs are touching the chair before she attempts to sit down - luckily she wasn't hurt - I think she must bounce. :eek:

Very windy here in downtown Wigan - fortunately no tree branches have blown down.

Restarted my portrait again last night - completely wiped it out and started again - am determined not to be beaten....lol.

Well better make a move......waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

04-17-2013, 12:16 PM
Well, dress almost out the door, just a few minor adjustments and it goes tomorrow. I'm off for my walk and shopping in a few minutes, looking forward to getting out in the sun.....won't be saying that in a couple of months:lol:

Daytime TV, I used to be hooked on the soaps, too, Nancy, when I was home with the kiddies, but since I went back to work, and then retired, have a firm rule, no TV before 6 PM. I watch enough every evening to make up for that, I am afraid. I listen to CBC 2, music and short news breaks, instead, it keeps me company. Of course on the weekend, with sports, I relax that rule often!

Nice to see Jim, and Hap, and Carolynn in for visit. Thinking of you too, Lyn, and Lynn/LC, hope you are doing OK.

Great that it sounds like they can help you, Char, I got so much from my physios, especially the core exercises for balance. I do stretches every day that they taught me, and need to do my strength training.....so many things to do in a day!

Also glad that you are sticking with it, Uschi, can you get some advice on how best to tone down the walking and prepare for it better?

I love Oskar's paintings too, Karl, I hope you can adjust to the time change before you have to leave.

Have a good day all!

((((Lesley and Henry)))), ((((Doris)))), ((((Anita)))) and everyone else hurting :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

04-17-2013, 12:23 PM
Oh I was able to cut my addiction to the Soaps, I was introduced to them by my Mom, who was a teacher and came home and sat down to watch the soaps.
I was able to quit when we were in the Azores, I realized I was getting upset by people WHO WERE NOT REAL! It was funny though, we would get lunch at the NCO club, and it was full of uniforms watching the soap while eating.

I watch renovation and cooking shows usually.

Oh Pat, please give Winnie a gentle hug from us.

04-17-2013, 12:25 PM
Well, back from the supermarket. I'm cooking a 3 course pre-theatre meal tomorrow evening so had to get supplies. Will be baking an apple pie shortly.

Good to see Jimmy popping in again.

(((Winnie))) hope she can get some relief for her shoulder pain.


04-17-2013, 02:32 PM
Evening all

Pat.....My Mother was like yours ...always falling over but couldn't ever remember why.......hugs to Winnie.

My painting is two straight lines of pencil at moment, other things got in the way today......


04-17-2013, 05:26 PM
Gorgeous day here:thumbsup:

Garedened for 2 1/2 hours then took it all to the recycle center and that is all the news I have:lol: :lol:

Char, good for you. I am going to inquire about a personal trainer for a few sessions. I had a chat with a nice young woman (a trainer) and the cheapest personal trainer came for $ 1000, mind you that was for many sessions, I think like 18, so the price was no more than other places charge but I didn't want 18 sessions just want to know some basics, like you do.

My balance couldn't be all bad, with table tennis etc and I can stand on one leg without falling over:lol:

Nancy, I had the hip replacement because my hip hurt when I walked. Well something isn't right with the muscles at the hip because it still hurts when I walk and on top of that my knee hurt right after the hip replacement which never hurt before, so don't know what they did. Now with age, my back is starting to hurt too:rolleyes::rolleyes: :D

Pat, you'd think that your mom herself would be sick of falling by now and be a bit more careful. Well, I hope I'll remember that if ever I get that old:angel:

Geoff, I am sure something will appear:D

It is still lovely outside so I am going to sit on my deck and read.

:wave: Uschi

04-17-2013, 09:14 PM
Ushci, I understand about things not being right. I had knee surgery 11 years ago, and it hurt more after my surgery than before. Both of knees are killing me, because I thought i could wear slippers instead of shoes around the house. Big mistake, there was no support, and I decided to clean the house. Within 24 hours I knew I made a mistake. I refuse to go to the doctor, because they will want to take a knife to my knees. Alleve is my best friend.

04-17-2013, 09:34 PM
I'm posting this from Matt's tablet and it's kind of awkward to type on the screen. My laptop overheated, so it's shut down to cool off. We're getting lot's of thunder and lightening and the rain is coming.

Uschi, I can't afford a full time trainer, either... Not would I want one truthfully. I'm determined to get back to some state of normalcy!

Pat, could your Mom have an inner ear problem?

Lynn, I hope you took some photos of the new dress!

The storm's arrived!!!

Shutting Down! G'nite All!

04-17-2013, 10:28 PM
Char, I was never informed that there is another option:rolleyes:

Nancy, yes, such is life. Would definitely think about it ten times in the future.

The storm is arriving, took it an hour to get here, that's quicker than it takes me to do the distance:lol: :lol: